Proof That Filipinos Are Immature

immature filipinosWe already know in general that Filipinos are immature little children pretending to be adults, regardless of whatever age they are at. I’ve met teens in my home country that are more matured than the average adult Filipino, simply by observing body behavior and how they operate in public. Examples would include; patience (waiting in line), compliance in following rules, knowing how to whisper, and of course cleaning up after themselves. Just for the record, the examples I just mentioned are traits that DO NOT described a Filipino, yet the opposite. I didn’t want anybody to get the wrong idea.

This will be another enumeration just like my last post. These are prime examples as to why I believe Filipinos are less mature than normal human beings based on rules and guidelines that are set for Filipinos nationwide.

CENSORED MOVIES: Have any of you watched movies here in Philippines on AXN, STARZ MOVIES, or other movie channels? Those of you who have ever seen the original uncut version of movies have already realized that drastic measures are taken to censure graphic material that are too mature for the Filipino audience. Examples of movies I’ve seen that censored scenes that normally isn’t too graphic for normal teens, but are for Filipinos would be:
SCARY MOVIE 4: Remember the cat and Viagra scene? It pissed me off for them to censor that part; they even censored the part of Micheal Jackson being struck by lightning. WOW! Even lightning is too graphic for Filipinos to watch. What a bunch of pussy-minded sissies!
NINJA ASSASSIN: Enough said, almost every gory scene was censored which made the movie pointless to watch, this movie has been chopped up beyond viewable. Much better they just didn’t air it on TV in Philippines. I’m sure there are much more unmentioned movie examples I didn’t cover.
I’m not a sex addict or anything like that, but have you noticed that nudity is hardly ever displayed in any movie here, even if it was brief nudity? I gotta hand it to them, at least they don’t censor all the swear words, but Filipinos barely pay attention to anything said in English anyway, unless it’s subtitled.

LEGAL AGE TO MARRY: Filipinos do not possess the legal authority to engage in marriage before the age of 25, if so, they require parental consent. Are you supposed to be considered as a grown-ass adult by that age? But of course, when a Filipino is in their twenties, their mindset is less developed and matured than a teen in our respective countries. For the sake of any Filipino spectators, we are already considered as adults by the age of 18 and can marry at our own free will…. w/o parent consent.

COLLEGE STUDENT PERMISSION SLIP: Enough said,permission-slip when you are a college student in this shitty-ass country, you still require your parents to sign a permission slip to embark on field trips in your college years. I’m a student here unfortunately (don’t laugh), and they tried to have me get a parent to sign my permission slip, ARE YOU FUCKIN OUTTA YOUR MIND!!!??? I signed my own fuckin permission slip, fuck that. What am I suppose to do, have it Fed-Ex to America so my lost parents to sign a piece of paper stating that I can travel a few miles away from the school? I’m already over 9,000 miles away from my own country and didn’t require permission for that! These college students are between the ages of 17-23, and even the 23 year olds, who are usually in their 4th year also require permission. Then again, shouldn’t they be old enough at this age to not need a permission slip to go on field trips? This isn’t fuckin elementary school.

STRICT MOVIE RESTRICTIONS: In my time in America, I never in my life been carded to watch a movie, even rated R movies when I was 15, it wasn’t’ that serious. But here at MOA last year, I took this classmate of mine out to watch a movie, they allowed us to buy the tickets, but they denied us entry because the bitch collecting the movie tickets THINKS my date was too young to watch the movie. She was a classmate of mine, 18 years old, and you have to be at least 16 to watch the Rated Film. She didn’t have ID with her, but only because this fucker THOUGHT she was younger than 16, we were not allowed to enter the theaters. Of course being an American, I didn’t back down so easily. I grew a pair, called for the manager, and demanded my money back from the tickets, and a full refund for the popcorn and drinks I bought specifically for the movie, even though my popcorn was already half-finished . The manager didn’t wanna go through all that mess, so she took my word for it and allowed us to proceed with watching the movie. I even got them to apologize, which is a rare thing for Filipinos to do. I shouldn’t have to go through that trouble, especially since the girl I was with was 2 years older than the required age to view the film, so why did I have so much trouble???

do_not_sit“THANK YOU FOR NOT SITTING”: How many times have you seen this posted in the furniture department at your local SMs and Hypermarkets? This may be a little irrelevant to this topic, but felt like pointing this out. By saying,”Thank you for not sitting” is a message that should be said in reaction towards the compliance of not sitting down, but it does not specifically state not to sit down. I know they mean for you not to sit on the furniture, so why can’t they say it in a more imperative statement to stress the message they are trying to deliver by saying, “Please do NOT sit.” Filipinos are afraid to grab their balls and stress an issue directly, but they would rather be indirect and beat around the bush by saying it as politely as possible, barely getting the main point across. What a bunch of cowards.

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  1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    I was just looking at furniture in a furniture store not long ago. I saw the thank you for not sitting sigh and got a good laugh. They want to sell you furniture but don’t want you to sit on it to see if it is comfortable. WTF. Why would someone buy furniture if they couldn’t test it out first? These people are truly total fucking idiots.

    1. Profile gravatar of HawkEye

      Not sure where you other readers are from but where I come from “demo models” or “floor displays” are usually the last of that product to be sold and in ALL cases are sold at a significant discount to the original retail price because it is effectively considered as a “”second hand” or “used item”. Possibly, the cost of that floor or display item is built into the selling price of the item or donated by the supplier to help sell the product, I don’t know which applies as I’ve never been involved in retail. Anyway, what these tight ass cunt retailers here really mean by please do not sit or touch item is this; we want to sell the item as if new at regular margins when this becomes the last one in stock. There have been many times when I have bought and then brought some electronic device home opened it up, and returned it when discovering far too many finger prints all over it only to discover that hey yes this was previously a display unit for which I refuse to pay full price. I have always got my cash refund by insisting on my DTI rights. Nowadays, I do not buy anything unless the box in which the item came is SEALED and I certainly don’t buy anything I can’t try beforehand. Look at ALL the FUCKING DOPEY outlets with DUMMY phones you can hold before you buy. HOW FUCKING RIDICULOUS IS THAT? It’s BEYOND STUPIDITY! Overseas, they’re real working units for fuck sake.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        I can’t tell you how many times I have messed around with the display item to see how it works, or sat in the sofa to see if it is comfortable, then decided to buy one. Then they try to go to the display item and re-box it up, and try to give me that one.

        I say “no no no no ….. you go to the stockroom and get me a new, sealed product that has not been opened.”

        Then they try to use the reasoning, “Well we already know that one works sir. If we get a new one, we have to open it up and test it.”

        Why??? It’s brand new in the box! Why wouldn’t it work? and if for some reason it doesn’t, I can promise you I’ll bring it back. It has a warranty right? Why do I need you to open it and test it? I can surely do that at home myself! If you think I’m just going to break it on purpose and bring it back, why would I have bought the fucking thing in the first place???? I’m in a hurry, and I don’t want to spend 15 minutes watching you take it out of the box, assemble it, test it, disassemble it (which you could break something in the process of disassembly, and not know it, then I get it home and it doesn’t work, and I bring it back and you tell me that you tested it and refuse me a refund, which has happened before, so leave the fucking thing in the box and let me check out of here you morons!

        What is the point of having a store guarantee, and a manufacturer’s warranty? What does pulling MY new product out of the box so you can put your grubby little fingers all over it to see if it works prove?? NOTHING! If it’s a cheap-ass product and breaks a week after I bought it, you’re obligated to honor the warranty anyway, so what the fuck man???? Don’t touch my new product!! Just let me pay for it and I’ll let you know if it doesn’t work when I bring it back dipshit!

        1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
          FAFI Post author

          Come to think of it, I had this happen with everything I bought last year when I came here:
          My Refrigerator, TV, TV stand, rice cooker, Mini Oven, and electric stove. All were tested prior to buying them all, as if there was a guarantee that it wasn’t going to work in the first place. I would understand if their product was “Made in Philippines,” but this shitty-ass country don’t posses the knowledge to manufacture home goods that the world would buy except for electric fans and rice cookers, so why even bother testing superior products anyway?

  2. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
    Filipino Tantrum

    You’re a student in the Philippines..? How can you expect us to take any of your thoughts or opinions seriously if you’re being educated by the very same individuals that you consistently label as ‘dumb’ and ‘immature’? That very fact negates any kind of truth or merit to your claims. The way I see it, I’m just reading another ‘dumb’ and ‘immature’ plight from a person demonstrating the obvious flaws in the Filipino academic/educational system, right? I mean since we Filipinos are all so stupid and lacking any kind of maturity.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      For the record, I have only been here for 1 year. My education from K-12 came from America, which has proven to be far more efficient, proper, educational, and most importantly of all ‘Logical.’ 1 year of me being here under their educational system is not enough to change me, it will take longer than that to fully convert me to a Filipino idiot. Hahaha…. I’m just here for a long visit, that’s all. I don’t like being predicted, so I’m not going to state my reasons for being here and taking up school in an inferior piece of shit country like Philippines, but if you were a long-term friend or family, I wouldn’t have no problem revealing those reasons to you. You may choose to take me seriously or not, no one is telling you to take me seriously. But I can guarantee that all my words and everything I am preaching about Philippines, would exactly match the same encounters you are soon to experience in Philippines.
      My educational background has nothing to do with who I am, and my awareness of common sense. Gosh dude, my junior year in high school (in America) is more educational than college here. But are gonna take my ONE year of College here as a reference, and say that is not true, because I have personally faced extreme stupidity for 365 consecutive days? I’m not so easily brainwashed, but I get what you are coming from. Which is why I only plan to do 3 years here, then complete my degree in America, so I can say that I completed College in America, and not Philippines, on the account that a Philippines College degree barely hold any significance in the states, and will be greatly depreciated. I wouldn’t take a Filipino College student seriously either, but lets face two facts.
      1) I’m not Filipino
      2) I have embraced common sense and logic long enough in America to not let 1 year of Filipino Stupidity phase my way of thinking.

      OK, I think I said enough. I gotta go and pay bills now. Gotta go!

      1. Profile gravatar of Filipino Tantrum
        Filipino Tantrum

        Being as that I’m a full Filipino, I can attest to your sentiment of using common sense in everyday inferences, the only difference is that I was able to develop my well-developed sense of reasoning due to the lessons that my FILIPINO mother and father instilled in me, not from the US public schools that Ive attended since the age of five. You claim that your well developed use of common sense knowledge and who you are have nothing to do with your educational background, since you are blatantly assuming that Filipino schools lack any real merit, at least compared to the US. In the same sense, although US schools did provide me with an education, I inherited my use of common sense from my Filipino parents, NOT from US schools, so based on your criticisms, I could also argue that the US educational system gave me a decent education, they still failed to instill a logical sense of reasoning in me.

        But that’s neither here nor there, I honestly don’t care for your opinion on Filipino schools, especially since you’re still attending one. Your ‘superior American knowledge’ should have blessed you with enough common sense to not pursue any sort of educational pursuits there for whatever reason, since you look down on Filipinos with such a condescending attitude. In my opinion, you’re the one looking more like a fool here, since you’re continuing to invest your resources and funds into an educational system taught by people that you render so clueless and disreputable.

        Also, don’t assume (like several others on this site have) that I’ve never been to the Philippines or that I’m blissfully and ignorantly unaware of the corruption and less than advantageous living conditions presented there. I am not ignorant to the fact of the chaos and disorder that ensues in the Philippines, seeing as how you’ve only had a year to come to your brilliant conclusions, I can say with confidence that I’ve had longer experiences in the Phil than you. My goal is not to sit here and argue with you about the problems in the Philippines, because I do acknowledge that there are serious problems facing the country….as with every other nation in the world.

        My point is that you shouldn’t use your frustrations with the Philippine educational system and certain Filipinos to infer that ‘Filipinos ARe Fucking Idiots’, because with my experiences as a Filipino growing up in the States, I could easily draw the same conclusion about Americans as well as other races of ignorant people that I’ve encountered here…but I refuse to do so because I value the realization that a few bad apples should not spoil the whole bunch. Yeah, some Filipinos might be idiots as you claim but I know a few American, European, other Asian etc. idiots as well. So please don’t draw conclusions based on such a closed-minded and obviously juvenile way of thinking.