Protests Are Scheduled Today Regarding Outcome of Pemberton Case

Protests are scheduled for Tuesday, 1 Dec in various parts of the Philippines, including Manila and Olongapo.

The verdict in the Lance Cpl. Joseph Scott Pemberton case is expected to be announced today by the Olongapo City Regional Trial Court.

The high-profile trial of the American Marine accused of killing a Filipino transgender in a motel last year comes to a conclusion when Judge Roline Ginez-Jabalde hands down her verdict today.

US Marine Lance Corporal Joseph Scott Pemberton was charged with murder for the death of transgender Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude on the evening of Oct. 11, 2014.

Olongapo City Mayor Rolen Paulino said security will be tight at the Hall of Justice with some 1,000 policemen expected to be deployed to secure the perimeter of the court as well as Pemberton.

Private prosecutor Virgie Suarez told media that two rallies will be held today – one in Mendiola, Manila starting at 10 a.m. until the promulgation time, and another in front of the Hall of Justice here starting at 7 a.m.

Travelers are reminded that even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn violent. Avoid the areas where demonstrations are occurring and exercise caution if within the vicinity of any large gatherings. Stay current with media coverage of local events, be aware of your surroundings, and practice personal security awareness at all times.

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  1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    If you die in the Philippines. Good luck.
    The cops in most cases won’t do a thing unless a case is filed. Thats how I see it.
    Unlike the west where the police will be on your ass with little problem and no exercising of discretion
    in the Philippines the police will take a “hands off” approach unless their reputation
    is at stake.
    Just have a look at the cases eg. hit and run or murder where it says no action has been taken
    or where they are waiting for the victim (of a hit and run) to file a case
    or i saw a case of a drunk driving cop in Cebu hit a girl and as he paid the costs of her medical

    Have you seen how they lock up drivers?
    I saw another case of a mentally ill guy jumping in front of a truck.
    Despite witnesses, the paper was quoted that after 3 days the driver was released as no
    member of the family had come forward to file charges.

    There are many foreigners who die in this country and many cases
    which sound … well, plain fucking weird.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      I’ve been to that resort. Too sad a guy who was working there and catering to tourists was killed.
      Murderers can get away so easily in the Philippines. Unless its caught on camera or it happens directly in front of the police, then the killer is free to do it again. The reason you put people in jail is to prevent to make them pay for their crimes, but more importantly to send a message to others to keep them from acting out as well. If we could all get away with it, the only thing stopping us from killing other people is basic morals, which filipinos do not seem to have a lot of.
      Filipinos have a lot of religion, but no morals.

  2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    I remember going on abc-cbn when Pemberton made his first appearance in court. It was plastered all over the top of the page. Right down the bottom was a very small headline of the pinoy nurse who had been sentenced in the UK for three murders. Typically biased pinoy media. When a foreigner is accused of something it’s major news, a pinoy actually gets sentenced for doing something and it gets buried.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Such a bunch of dummies.
      A tranny scamming straight guys into sex for money is made out to be an angel when they play this fake outrage game. I like when the tranny’s sister was putting up picture of her BROTHER saying what a great Catholic he was.
      Not to mention the prosti-dude had a german fiance sending money to the Philippines. So he/she was cheating on the fiance. Thats sin #1.
      #2 is trying to get money by tricking straight men into sex.
      #3 Prostituting oneself is not exactly good Catholic behavior.
      Sin #1A was the german guy actually had a wife in Germany he was cheating on.
      I feel badly for the Marine actually. At 19, he was just a kid. A 26 year old Filipino scammer tried to take advantage of him and got caught. This kid was drunk, on leave, and looking to get laid. Instead, he got someone trying to trick him and has severely damaged a good portion of his life.

      Btw, did you know the family and lawyer initially asked for P100 Million Pesos? Instead the judge awarded P4 Million, plus some damages of like another P200,000. Even though that is excessive, at least the judge used some kind of sense in the matter.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        I watched it on Australian TV this morning, “GREAT FOR TOURISM”” anyway back to the fucking family, yup I heard they wanted money from the get go, as on the day they found him dead , the Mother cried on TV we have lost the Bread winner of the family. Before I gave them any money I would want to see proof of income, like a tax return or two. fat chance of that.

        I feel this is a Failure on the Marine Corps, this was a young horny 19 year old, looking to get laid, and what did he find a lady boy, he was shocked , why ???
        Because no one told him they were out their in Olongapo, and this was in the DESIGNATED RNR AREA TO VISIT. not off in the boonies .

        All in all I think its was a sensible judge too, she realized there was no PREMEDITATION I’m sure they all laughed to themselves at the stupid young bloke.

        I hope the NAVY never allows any service man off their ships into the SBMA ever again, not great for business, but the bastards who run these Baklas Bars will suffer, and they are all over the base .SBMA will never change they are just there to rip off the sailors and marines.o skin off the Military but as all the bars in sbma are operated by min 60% Flips, hurt them

      2. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
        Random Numbers

        Well, he didn’t get that long for a killing. If he had beaten the ladyboy up and left, then I would feel for him, but 6-12 years for killing someone isn’t bad. Of all the excuses to kill someone, I thought he was a she is WAY down my list of acceptable reasons. Considering how many people get lied to and tricked all the time here, if we condone something like this, the Philippines will become even more violent than it already is.

        I did get tired very quickly of listening to the family deny that the ladyboy was a sex worker. It’s too bad they won’t go to jail for such obvious perjury. They are sad that she can’t continue to work and give them money. That’s why she was a “saint” to the family, she could be a sex worker and never worry about getting pregnant!

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          The family admitted he was the breadwinner, so does that include a charge of LIVING OFF THE PROCEEDS OF PROSTITUTION ???
          In OZ that is the crime, not the prostitution.
          Arrest the fucking lot of them.

        2. Profile gravatar of Johnny


          I have to disagree with you. I don’t think the prosti-dude Jeffrey Laude deserved to be murdered. However, the Marine should have gotten a much lighter sentence.
          Laude was in the act of cheating someone. He/she was walking about minding his/ her business and then drug against his/ her will into a hotel room. Laude was making a living scamming straight men into sex.
          Again, he/ she may not deserve to die, but very little charges should have been brought against Pemberton. Pemberton was a 19 y/o kid drinking for the first time in a very long time, been on a ship for months, and looking for sex. Laude, the 26 year old MAN was fully aware of his intentions to deceive a drunken 19 y/o Marine new in the area. Laude put himself in the situation by doing a deceptive act in order to make money. Had Laude have simply stayed home and been faithful to his german fiance (who was sending money to the Ph) or simply gone out for drinks with friends, the situation would have been avoided.
          Pemberton was not intent on killing him/ her or anyone that night. Laude led the course of the night by wanting to scam Pemberton and once they were locked in that room with the scenario unfolding, Laude then lost control of the situation.
          Again, Pemberton was not looking to kill Laude or anyone else that night. Laude was looking to scam a straight man into gay sex (unknowingly) for money. The deception of Laude led him/ her to a deadly situation he/ she willingly created under false pretenses.
          In my opinion, time served, a P500,000 fine, and whatever the military does to him (which would have been worse) would have been appropriate. If Laude was drug into the hotel room against his/her will, then life in prison or death penalty would be appropriate. However, A strong lesson needs to be taught it is NEVER ok to scam people and people like Laude can become the victim of their own circumstances.

          1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers

            6-12 years is basically a manslaughter sentence in the USA, not a murder sentence. So he basically got a manslaughter sentence. How much lighter a sentence do you want for killing someone? Especially when the accused confessed. It seems the punishment fits the crime in this instance, which is rare to see over here. So you think 1 year plus 500,000 pesos for killing someone is the appropriate sentence? If you accidentally kill someone in a bar fight in the USA 6-12 years is about all you can hope for. Pemberton admit that he had overpowered Laude, but rather than knock Laude out or just leave, he CHOSE to drown Laude! Shit, he probably hadn’t even paid Laude yet, and even if he had, is less that $100 US worth KILLING over?!!! I think what happened is he was having fun right up to the moment that he saw the bulge from an erect penis, then his sexual identity was challenged, and he lashed out.

            I mean, all that was happening was he was getting a blowjob from a ladyboy instead of a girl. Not really scamming him, he was getting the release that he wanted, just with a different gender than he thought. Instead of killing Laude he should have closed his eyes and groped her tits.

            Good job in blaming the victim though. You should probably be a defense lawyer for rape cases too.

      3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        “#3 Prostituting oneself is not exactly good Catholic behavior.”

        Don’t you worry about that Johnny, Laude would have gone to church to confess every Friday, so he’d go home feeling nice and “clean”.

        The Philippine news (Bandila) this morning reported that HIV cases are on the rise in the Philippines. In Cebu city alone, 344 new cases was diagnosed THIS year, including a 7 month old baby, along with a two-year-old boy, a nine-year-old girl, and a 16-year-old boy. And that’s just the cases who were registered as seeking help. What about those who are quietly selling sex and not disclosing their HIV status? A Filipino man openly admitted to a reporter that he knew he was HIV positive but not telling his “customers” of his HIV status. Shouldn’t that man be charged?? Of course not! we are talking about the Failippines!

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          I have been seeing that. Its funny cause there was an article just a couple of months ago from some dumb gov’t flip saying how HIV rates were low in the Philippines.

          I saw a documentary on Youtube regarding prostitution:
          – Its long, kind of boring, and what we already know after living here.

          However, its funny for a couple of reasons, and by funny I mean completely fucking sad.
          #1. We all know how rampant prostitution is here. It’s pretty much one of the largest sectors of employment. However, since prostitution is illegal and the gov’t does not acknowledge them, that means there are zero prostitutes in the Philippines.
          #2. They said the girls are tested and required to see a health clinic. So we all know what that means like anything gov’t. The local gov’t finds a way to profit/ extort from it while providing zero service. They require all bar girls to have a health card. (if there are no prostitutes in the Philippines, then why?)
          So basically we can deduce the gov’t makes them pay for the card, wait in line each month, pay a large, inexplicable fee, get the cheapest test possible, if at all. Then sends them back out with a stamp of approval. Of course, we know they are not testing them whatsoever and the girls are just out there spreading who knows what.

          And of course a Filipino who knows he/ she has something won’t care to get it treated, or stop screwing for money. “Yes po, I know I inpecct other peeple wit viruses, but I need money po”. And of course the police can’t solve any actual murder cases, I doubt they could wrap their heads around the fact they dirty people are essentially dooming thousands of people.

  3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Who paid the 4 million pesos???? That reminds me of the time Aquino flew the family to Indonesia to visit their daughter who wa sgoing to be executed for smuggling drugs, on the way back to Manila, they turned on Aquino and called him every name in the book. They even held a press conference to put him down, The govt paid for their trip too

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      You will never get any thanks from them, did you know it was an Australian Lawyer who stopped the execution?????????
      Nope I bet you heard it was Aquino pleading to JOH JOH , well nope, it was an Ozzie lawyer who started working probono . she was looking at the angle of Human Trafficking, that’s why it was suspended.
      Due to the woman being trafficked first to Malaysia to work as a maid then to Indonesia, and the bag was not hers it was supplied to her in Malaysia.
      I note that Roque is now on the case for her, so there must be a payday somewhere.

    2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      P4 million pesos for loss of earning??? Laude’s family are deluded! That Bakla won’t even earn that in his lifetime! Why was it even allowed?

      Pemberton should have hired the lawyer who defended the four rich Flip men who stabbed to death George Anikow, the ex-US Marine who was stabbed to death in Makati in 2012. They walked!

      At aged 19, Pemberton was only a kid! And if the 2 transgender did not disclose their real gender when they offered sex to Pemberton, couldn’t Pemberton have counter charged with sexual assault since they gave him ‘oral sex’? I think he was given a dud lawyer. There goes a young man’s life and career. Yet another victim of Filipino duplicity, yet he pays, just like many of the other willing victims.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        “You will never get any thanks from them, did you know it was an Australian Lawyer who stopped the execution?????????”

        That’s because they’re Filipinos Don!!! When did a Flip ever gave thanks to anyone for anything????? Oh, they would give thanks and praise to the LORD of course, but they won’t give thanks to the person/Kano/OFW who just spent money to save their miserable lives! They would go to church as soon as they’re out of hospital, walk on their knees from the entrance of the church to the altar,, light candles, give money to the Priest to say a special thank you prayer. But you, the Kano or OFW who paid for the low-life’s hospital bill? You’d be lucky to get offered a drink of water!

      2. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
        Random Numbers

        They didn’t walk because of the lawyer. They walked because of the bribe they paid the judge. How else do you let 4 men who commit a murder on CCTV walk? Money, money, and more money. A child could have been the lawyer as long as they had the right bag man.

  4. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    “The court also ordered Pemberton to pay Laude’s heirs P4.32 million for loss of earning capacity, P155,250 as reimbursement for wake and burial expenses, P50,000 for moral damages, P50,000 as civil indemnity and P30,000 for exemplary damages.

    The court noted that the P100 million in damages being sought by the victim’s heirs was “excessive and outrageous and has no basis at all.””

    Greedy bastards. In a country where prostitution is illegal how do they get P4.32 million for loss of earnings?

  5. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    A ladyboy dies at the hands of a foreigner and the case gets pushed through in less than a year. 6 years after the Maguindanao massacre, with 300 witnesses, and still no convictions. Only in the failippines.

    1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
      Random Numbers

      Yeah, but Pemberton admitted to the killing to 2 of his buddies who testified against him. I don’t know how many of the witnesses of the Maguindanao massacre are willing to testify in open court.

    2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      Yep, but there is an Visiting Forces Agreement that has a twelve month stipulation written into it.
      Methinks the USA was aware of the fucking around forever they would be put through if they followed normal processes in the PI.
      They had a start and finish time, well what an amazing fact, THEY CAN FUCKING DO IT IF THEY WANT TO. they just normally like to stretch it out forever. got to pay for the children’s college
      I hope the poor bastard at least winds up in the brig in the USA , somewhere in the Constitution is a clause about Cruel and Unusual punishment
      I notice the Flips are protesting already as they think he has special treatment as he is not being starved and raped in the Olongapo shit hole goal.

      1. Profile gravatar of TightWired

        I believe the VFA says something to the effect “Under USA confinement until all legal judgements are final”…so as I read it… Until the appeal process is finish, he’ll be under USMC guard at the RP army base.
        1- 2 years for the appeal process (still guilty), and now after time-served…he’s only sent to prison for 1 – 2 yrs.
        Then… He is release after his RP prison time back to the USA… and then the UCMJ (Uniformed Code of Military Justice) system will then take their blood. UCMJ will give him 20 years to life back in USA (with time served).
        Bad judgement is not a valid excuse in the US Military.
        An unfortunate ending for all. Like already mentioned, the USMC failed in providing proper guidance/training to the Young Marine about what to can happen on in the Fili-Fail.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          As I understand it he pleaded guilty, his mitigation was he was getting a blow job off a bloke instead of a girl and when he fucked him off he was attacked .
          If guilty plea there will not be anymore appeals, unless the prosecutor brings it, maybe if the blood money is not paid, I note Roque the attorney was blowing up, which means not enough money for him.!!!!!
          They transferred Smith to Leavenworth to do his sentence, but he never once admitted guilt and as it turned out wisely.
          I don’t see how the JAG can bring charges except Conduct Unbecoming, doesn’t Double Jeopardy apply somewhere in the future, for fuck sake they gave that moron Bergdahl who deserted fuck all of a sentence his family even got to meet Obuma.He got all his back pay everything. although Ive been out of touch for a while on US matters maybe justice has prevailed.
          BUT HE NEVER KILLED A FAG !!!!!!!!!!!!! That will be unforgivable.
          If he gets a trial by his peers in the Marine Corp , make sure they are old crusty bastards, who would have done the fucking same if they were caught.

          1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers

            As I understand it, double jeopardy doesn’t apply to the UCMJ. I could be wrong, but that’s how it was explained to me many years ago. It’s a different justice system, I think double jeopardy only applies for same crime in same system.

          2. Profile gravatar of TightWired

            As a former NCO/Supervisor…This 19 year old Marine would have never been allowed off the ship/Liberty/Leave without having to sign a dozen CYA (Cover your Ass) forms.
            Sooooooo ….He’s will be busted on Multiple charges of Disobeying a Direct Order (I promise not to Traffic In Persons, Drink Alcohal off base, Curfew, etc…), and that’s not even touching yet the Conduct Unbecoming charge, and Killing.
            I didn’t really follow the trail too closely, but I was surprised the Lawyers didn’t push a more Phili-Fail defense. “I was drunk, he insulted me, it wasn’t my fault, god told me to do it”.

          3. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers

            Well, they did use a bit of a fail defense, the “I was protecting my honor” type, but you know that they only allow that type of defense for pinoy, foreigners are disqualified from using such defenses. Part of the 3 justice systems of the RP – 1 for the rich, 1 for the poor, and 1 for foreigners (rich foreigners can get access to the rich justice system if they pay for it).

          4. Profile gravatar of Johnny


            – No shit. Just look at the other article someone just posted regarding the American kid in the bullet scam. Open and shut case clearly exposing a circle of corruption they admit is rampant, yet they are still dragging it out. That was like 4-5 months ago and the airport security should be in jail and standing trial, not the victim of their scam. I guess they love scamming young American kids.

  6. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
    Random Numbers

    The only reason anyone heard of this murder is because a kano commited it. I was in Bulacan last December, a ladyboy was killed there, I asked my friends all over if they heard of it. Nope, no one heard because who cares if a ladyboy gets killed, unless a foreigner does the killing, of course!

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      The rules on the Base are, the Navy has a buddy system.
      You are allowed to drink alcohol but every second man can not, there is supposed to be someone who is responsible for the other.
      I know this as I have bought more than one round of drinks for the US Navy guys when I meet up with them, and there is always the DESIGNATED JUICE / SODA DRINKER, this is strictly enforced checks are made when they return to their ship.
      From what they told me his DESIGNATED OTHER is in as much shit as Pemberton , with the Marine Corp.
      The area that he was in was the DESIGNATED AREA for US Military Personnel, as set up by the City of Olongapo with Co ordination with the US Military, lots of Kareoke and discos in that area all built for the Military RNR.
      But they allowed in the Bakla Whores, trust me there are HUNDREDS in that area, Every Marine should have been well informed about them, that is why I say the Marine Corp holds some share of the blame. SOME ONLY!!!!!!!
      He was still an Idiot.

  7. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    I really do not feel sorry for the him/her in this case. He transformed himself into a woman for the purpose of making money out of prostitution! He was so greedy for money, he did not realize the laws of averages will catch up to him. He had a German boyfriend, no doubt sending him/her money too. the German bf with the four dollar haircut came here, tried to climb over the fence of pemberton’s jail and got thrown out of here.
    Pemberton had a local lawyer so you know very well, he is screwed on that alone. He and the lawyer should not have admitted to grabbing her around the neck. He should not have said anything!!! You could not trust a lawyer here for a traffic ticket.
    The BI issued a act that Pemberton would be taken out of this country. Another set of low lifes seeking attention.
    No wonder this country is poor,, they are always protesting, tieing up traffic all over the place. You know they are just a rent a crowd mob hired by somebody with an axe to grind!! If I had a car and money, I would get somebody to throw a box ( fakes) marked ”USA cash and Passports” Property of the USA govt” into that crowd of nitwits and watch the them kill each other off to get the passports and money.
    The family even wanted President Aquino to be at the funeral. What a farce!!!
    This reminds me of the fake rape case against a usa soldier a few years ago. I think the lieing woman is in the usa now??? I wonder why the USA even bothers with this low life country?????
    I am just glad I did not come here in my youth. I would have ended up on a lonely seashore dead!!! hahah.
    I feel sorry for Pemberton, his life is screwed, now.
    Well, last week ,, there were no classes in Pasay, then Bonificio day on Monday, then to day is Pasay Day…maybe the stepson will go to school tomorrow if he has enough rest..
    Well back to writing sermons, All of you are welcome to join my church!! (hint,hint)
    Preacher Al

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Your thinking of the marine Daniel Smith . He met a woman in Olongapo when his ship pilled in. They had sex and then she yelled rape. The woman was given the name “Nicole” in the media. After Smith was convicted Nicole moved to the U.S and she has came out and said that Smith did not rape her, she made that up. So food for thought:
      1.) How come Nicole was not deported after making that admission?
      2.) How come Nicole was never charged with perjury by the philippines?
      3.) How come the philippines is taking no action to overturn the conviction?

      Do a search online,,, daniel smith rape case and you will find interviews Nicole gave after she was in the states saying Daniel did not rape her.

      1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
        Random Numbers


        My question is, how did she land another kano after the crap she pulled with Daniel Smith? Is she that pretty? Or does her pussy spin and vibrate? WTF?!!! Reminds me of a pinay I knew who was being petitioned to the US by 3 different men under 2 different names. Ah, true love!

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          “Reminds me of a pinay I knew who was being petitioned to the US by 3 different men under 2 different names. Ah, true love!”

          Random, do we move in the same circle?? 🙂 I knew a Pinay too who was a bigamist twice over! She married an Aussie once, married an American at the same time. She had 2 cell phones for each men…till she got mixed up with which cell phone for which husband and the American picked up the cell phone for the Aussie one day and that’s when she got busted!

          Well, we’ve always known that these women are not the sharpest tools in the shed 🙂

          1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers

            Oh, the filipinas I met on my first trip I had chatted with them all on Cherry Blossoms, a site I don’t recommend to anyone anymore. The pinay in question had said that she was a beauty pageant winner and a virgin. I don’t know about the beauty pageant, but at the time she was chatting on CB she was married to a pinoy and had a child, so unless it was the second coming of Christ I am guessing she wasn’t a virgin. She didn’t do the annulment right, so when the first kano came to Cebu to marry her, the marriage was not valid. Then, even though he was supporting her and sent enough money for her to buy her family a van, she felt that he “wasn’t there for her” and started chatting with other guys. In the end, she was being petitioned to the US by 3 different men. First of all, what makes her so special I wonder? Spinning, vibrating pussy? Sorry for my crudeness, I didn’t find her that attractive or good company. Secondly, why doesn’t our (US) immigration flag someone like that for obvious fraud and blacklist them for 5 or 10 years? One of the guys realized that he had been duped and stopped, the other 2 fought over her, she went with the guy with more money, siempre. Which was NOT the one who thought that he had married her in Cebu and had sent the money she used to buy her family a van.

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Someone had a good quote. There is basically no need to rape any woman in the Philippines cuz it’s so easy to get sex. He said raping a woman in the Philippines is like stealing free beer.

    2. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
      Random Numbers


      You are blaming the victim for being killed. Pemberton obviously found Laude attractive right up until the point he saw the bulge of Laude’s cock. I could see Pemberton hitting Laude, but when he shoved Laude’s face in the toilet and drowned Laude, he chose to go the extra mile.

      I doubt that ladyboys transform themselves into women just for money. They are looked down on even more than gays and lesbians are, plus getting a boob job isn’t cheap or painless.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Ok I will make light of the situation.
        If his Kraut BF wasn’t so fucking tight , Jeffry would have had the whole package done, apparently it was scheduled.
        The Pemberton would have had no idea at all, nothing would have happened everyone would have lived happy ever after.
        So its the fucking KRAUTS fault

      2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        To Random Numbers
        I meant to say that being a tranny prostitute is not a very safe job. The law of averages are against these people, That is just like kanos going out and getting drunk and stupid, not a good idea.
        I blame the govt here for not providing decent education. I see many smart children here who could do good in their lives,, but the education system here suxs.

        1. Profile gravatar of

          Al, I dont think being a prostitute has ever been safe but I can’t understand why he murdered him/her. I kick in the groin or puch in the face would have been sufficient. Alternatively, no violence and just doing a runner would have not destroyed his life. Seems to me that it was totally over the top reaction.
          I don’t think anyone is really surprised the family have gone for every cent they can get… it’s the Flippo way after all. They are having all their xmases come at once.

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            Hello Wombat.
            I used to work with an international company in the middle east. We had heavy security around the job site. If you set foot off the location, your ass was grass. I do not know why the USA armed forces would let a bunch of young men loose in this country. You mix beer and these women on a bunch of 20 old kids, you WILL have trouble.
            That is like asking for trouble. Many big companies have work guidelines, planning sessions, worst case scenorios and plans to follow.
            I think after the heat dies down,, Pemberton will be sent to a USA jail.

          2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            “I can’t understand why he murdered him/her. I kick in the groin or puch in the face would have been sufficient.”
            – I say the same thing, but Laude was a 26 year old man. Even though he looked like a woman, pretended to be a woman, and prostituted/ sold herself as a woman, it was still a MAN. This 19 year old kid was in the same room with a 26 year old MAN, not a little girl or woman. A 19 y/o overpowering a 26 y/o cannot be easy.
            Also, the guy was a Marine and that is a super-macho branch and I’m sure he was not too happy if he did have sex with a man unknowingly. I’d probably go into a rage as well. Just think of how mad we all get when we get scammed by the taxi drivers in Manila.
            We didn’t get what we paid for and we get mad that we want to strangle a pinoy. Thats without any sex involved.

            Btw, who really knows what happened? It’s all just speculation after the point Laude tricked him and got him into the hotel room.

        2. Profile gravatar of

          Al, when I was in the Navy, we warned the crew of the political and social issues of the countries we visited. Corruption and death penalty, etc were always discussed. We visited Indonesia a lot and you can get in a lot of trouble there too. You are right though, its the young boys full of alcohol and anything can happen. However, I have been quite intoxicated in many countries and never resorted to violence. I think some are disposed to violence. We call them angry drunks. These are the people most likely to get themselves and their mates into the shit overseas.

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            So true, that is why I always traveled alone. I seen too many people get screwed up with boose and traveling!!

  8. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

    I feel for both parties. The bakla was wrong to deceive and should’ve got a real hiding not death. Pemb should’ve been advised what to look out for and we would not have this situation.

    The family of the balk can fuck off though. Probably them that pushed their child forward to leech off him

  9. Profile gravatar of tambok

    As we all know, gays and lesbians are present in all cultures, but are you seeing what I’m seeing recently? There’s an explosion in the number of women dressing, acting and looking like men. Up till about a year ago it was rare to see them, not popular, unlike the male gays who are omnipresent. I don’t know why it’s happening, but it’s scary in the sheer number of them, everywhere. Maybe they don’t want to be single moms like a huge percentage of the population is. I have noticed that many of them are chubby or fat so maybe they are tired of trying to compete with the hoards of attractive women, I really don’t know?
    What really bothers me is when they glorify them on TV. The program, “It’s Show Time”, has a Tomboy contest every day. Unbelievable to glorify people who have mental problems! Maybe it’s because the host, Vice Ganda is gay. Anyway WTF is happening, why the exponential increase? Why does this country accept such weird behavior, I don’t that’s for sure?

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      Maybe because there is over 100 million Filipinos on that small archipelago they seem everywhere. Go to Sydney or Cairns they are everywhere there too.
      Scary ??????????????
      Personally, I don’t look, and the child bride has a brother who is as camp as they come. so we get to meet lots of them, I go to the local hairdressing salon, that’s full of them but who cares.
      Don’t watch her TV buy yourself another one, fuck I cant even stand listening to it let alone watch that shit, and speaking of which when I go to have a hair cut and a beard trim make sure that shit is over, or the hairdressers will be watching that whilst they are trying to cut my hair. I would be very very wary about having a shave when that shit is on TV.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        To Don
        On tvs,, a cat knocked over the small wide screen tv and destroyed it and Destiny cable had ”repairs” to do ( the lieing fucks were bought out) so we had no cable tv,
        PRAISE THE LORD and pass the loot. No flip horror movies ( 10 pesos each) to listen to in the middle of the nite.. The HORROR of it all is why anybody to listen to that crap in the first place. LEARN excel,, nooooo no selfies there!!!!!!!!!! now everyone has a pc, and ear fones. I have my own wide screen tv,,, but no cable
        I told them if they want cable, pay for it themselves,,,hmmmm no takers on that
        Pass the loot

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB Post author

        I guess I have mental problems. I guess the billions of gay folks worldwide have mental problems too. And then if anyone or any group or organization decides to be inclusive with gays and lesbians, they are “glorifying” them.

        The only mental problem I dealt with was the depression that resulted from FUCKING BIGOTS who accuse people who are different of having mental problems.

        The world will always have bigots. Looks like we have another one here.

        1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
          Random Numbers

          I am agnostic, but when I feel like arguing the presence of a divine deity, I postulate that ladyboys are put on earth to test our compassion towards others. Gays and lesbians can dress just like everyone else, you won’t know if they don’t want you to, but because they feel trapped in the wrong body, ladyboys have to get in everyone’s face about it. How better to test our compassion for those different from ourselves than by having those so obviously different? Sadly, the vast majority fail this test. Sadder still, most have failed to show compassion long before they meet a ladyboy.

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            Well said @random-numbers

            We don’t have to fully understand those who choose to NOT deny the outward expression of their inner being. In fact, we as compassionate human beings SHOULD BE MORE ACCOMMODATING to those who HAVE THE COURAGE to be the same person outwardly as they are inwardly and face the largely unaccommodating atmosphere. That takes courage.

            And quite frankly, I hold a loose opinion that those who are so staunchly anti-gay are simply gay men who are far too cowardly to come out. They hate who they know they are, and therefore work double time on trying to convince the world how “straight” they are by being hateful towards those they most closely identify with. Their biggest fear is getting “found out”.

            I was one of those people many years ago.

            Is it any wonder why we see so many news stories of the most outwardly, verbally anti-gay politicians, TV Evangelists, etc getting “found out” by ending up in a big gay sex scandal?

            Think about it…..

        2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          If people want to be gay, then be gay. Who really cares. Just like I don’t go around professing my straightness for anyone within 1000ft of me, I don’t care to see people acting so overly feminine. That takes actual work. Being gay is natural just like someone being straight. These badings, bakla’s, overly feminine little twinks are narcissists who crave so much freaking attention.
          I don’t mean to assume, but @filofail I think you probably shake your head the same as we do when we see these types craving so much attention. They are little attention pinoy attention whores.
          Honestly, I think some of those little twinks were former street kids or poor kids who were seriously prostituted out to dirty old pedophiles causing them to develop in an insane way before they even knew who they were sexually. Just my idea.

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            To be honest, I see just as many straight dudes behaving in “attention whore” ways (in Philippines).

            So you think getting prostituted out to dirty old pedophiles is what made some of them gay? Let my try to help give you a better understanding of these HUMAN BEINGS who are desperately trying to fit in a society that is resistant to accepting them as they are.

            Because it really shows ignorance and prejudice when people talk about homosexuality as if it were some sort of disease or malfunction or result of some kind of childhood trauma. It’s NOT.

            Look folks, either you are gay or you’re not. It happens at birth. Nothing can make you gay or straight. That has been determined at birth. Society raises us (or brainwashes us more like) that heterosexual is the norm, homosexual is abnormal. Even though there have been no more or less homosexuals throughout history since the dawn of man. It has always been human acceptance of it that has skewed our views and created homophobia. Human behavior hasn’t changed, but the way we see and accept it is evolving. Prejudice is taught and learned. Heterosexuality and Homosexuality isn’t.

            I don’t shake my head at anything unless it’s causing me some sort of harm. I have made a CONSCIOUS CHOICE to allow others to be happy and be who they are and enjoy who they are, even celebrate who they are. Because I spent the first 40 years of my life DENYING who I was, which was 40 years of unhappiness. If they’re not hurting me, and I see a smile on their face acting all girly, all power to them. I see their happiness and it does not weird me out. I shake my head at things worthy of shaking my head at. Seeing someone celebrating their life doesn’t make me shake my head.

            So you did assume wrong @johnny55

            Homosexual is not something you DO or CHOOSE. It is WHO you ARE.

            Did you CHOOSE to be straight? Do you have to make a conscious decision to get a boner over that sexy Filipina instead of that hot Filipino dude next to her? Or does it happen without thought? You see her, you are attracted to her, and that’s what is natural to you. Because that’s what is inside you. You don’t even have to think about it. Right?

            Why do some of you UTTERLY FAIL to understand it is NO DIFFERENT the other way around? You want to try to analyse “what made us gay”. You try to figure out “what happened to us?” when the only thing that happened to us is that we were born different than you!!!!! You were born straight, I was born gay. So what?

            A boy feels more like a girl inside NOT BY CHOICE…..

            (Fuck man, WHO WOULD CHOOSE THAT WHEN THE WORLD IS FILLED WITH PEOPLE SO QUICK TO RIDICULE AND SHAKE THEIR HEAD AT YOU FOR IT???? Who the fuck would choose such a miserable way? Keeping it locked inside them, pretending to be what they’re not is MORE miserable),

            ……and at some point in life, those girly attributes makes it’s way out physically when he has overcome the fear of society “looking down on him” for letting what’s inside of him out. Until that happens, he has to WORK at hiding it, and work at trying to behave masculine, because it feels unnatural to him to act masculine.

            I really hope this helps you get a better understanding. I hope this will help you be more willing to share the world with those who are different, and shake your head a little bit less.

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            Do you want to be straight @johnny55?

            Are you actually gay, but choose to be straight because you “want” to be?

            I don’t “want” to be gay. Never did. Fought it for the first 40 years of my life Johnny. But I was. And there is nothing I can do about it other than accept it. Why was it so hard to accept? Because growing up, I was TAUGHT the societal prejudice. I was TAUGHT to believe it was abnormal.

            Forget the fact that homosexuality has been a part of humanity since the dawn of man. We were all TAUGHT to view it as unnatural. So that’s why so many BILLIONS of men and women lived lives that felt unnatural to them. So they could conform and feel one with what society teaches is “normal”.

            Nobody “wants” to be gay or be a ladyboy, or whatever. Many simply stop denying what they know they are inside, and allow it to manifest outwardly, simply because they are more miserable with trying to keep it in to please a society that calls it abnormal.

          3. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
            Phil Doh

            I’m only going off personal observations here and in no way mean to pass judgement, but I often got the impression that many gays in PH see being gay as more of a lifestyle choice rather than a sexual preference. I’ve rarely seen two filipino gay men together. 9 times out of 10 it was one gay in a group of mainly females, being the life and soul of the party, the center of attention.

            I’ve seen many job adverts which read as follows:

            Wanted: Female 18-25 or Gay man.

            Obviously that shit wouldn’t fly in most countries, but obviously it’s rewarding to be gay in the philippines. The gay men I’ve met in the west always seemed to be quite reserved in their mannerisms compared to those I met in the philippines. I’ve honestly never seen such camp behavior, and it comes across as being totally fake.

            Gay or straight, in many cases it has to be just an act right?

          4. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            There’s no doubt that the gay community in Philippines is also shaped and retains general attributes of the culture.
            I would agree in SOME cases, gay men force the feminine thing. But to put on an act everytime you leave the house is not an easy thing to maintain. Believe me.

            I think most people’s mannerisms are not put on. That’s a really fucking hard life to live.

            I sway toward believing that the feminine comes out after one gets tired of trying to suppress it.

          5. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author


            I have employed many young men. Most when I first hired them, act and dress totally masculine. And after they have gotten more familiar with me and the others, I watch the feminine ways coming out, as if they begin to feel comfortable enough to stop suppressing it.

            And being somewhat of an insider in the gay community, and a foreigner, one thing I KNOW is the reason you don’t see much Filo/Filo boyfriends, is because generally, they don’t like their own kind. They all want a hot handsome older foreign white man (like me! LOL!). 90% of them have directly told me that. That’s the God’s honest truth.

          6. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            “So you think getting prostituted out to dirty old pedophiles is what made some of them gay? Let my try to help give you a better understanding of these HUMAN BEINGS who are desperately trying to fit in a society that is resistant to accepting them as they are.”
            – Not exactly what I was saying. What I am saying is dirty pedo’s take advantage of these kids before they they have even hit puberty. They get exposed to some really harsh, deviant shit at what should be the age of innocence in exchange for some money or food. Thus as a kid grows up, I think he is all screwed up, has no true idea what his sexual identity is and needs some serious counseling to heal the mental scars. Since there is no such thing as counseling or many intelligent, caring pinoys to help, a mentally wounded kid simply keeps growing up.
            The Philippines is a pedo’s paradise. Some parents will give a pedo their kid in exchange for money. Then there are so many hungry, homeless, or rugby addicted kids a pedo could take advantage of. Even if it was gay 14 year old boy, it still isn’t right for an older pedophile to take advantage of and it would cause some serious mental damage.
            Even dirty priests in the USA knew they could take advantage of young boys who were gay. They could do this cause they already knew the boy felt isolated and lonely and they molested them. The poor kids had enough personal anguish trying to figure out who they were in a straight environment, then the priest screwed them up in a whole other direction and piled more emotional shit on them to unfairly deal with.

            “when people talk about homosexuality as if it were some sort of disease or malfunction or result of some kind of childhood trauma.”
            – That is not what I’m saying in the least bit. You’ve misunderstood me.
            Let me see if I can explain my side:
            Pinoys are not the brightest bunch to begin with. Next take some street kids with no education and/or no family, who get prostituted out and you’re going to have some really messed up pinoys. The poor street kid may not be gay or know what he is, but he has been forced to perform many gay acts. Younger girls are prostituted to older men and young boys are prostituted to older men as well. Both of them get screwed up mentally from it, but because a young boy (who hasn’t even figured out gay/ straight yet or who he is) is forced into gay acts at an early age with a degenerate pedophile, it can’t help but cause confusion for him and his sexual identity. He may not be gay, but he has been forced to perform many gay acts in the past.
            Does that make sense? If not, then no worries cause I’ve kind of confused myself with this topic and I’m tired from putting it in words.

            Back to the topic. Laude to me actually looked like a girl. I could have easily been fooled if I was Pemberton and had now knowledge of them in the Philippines or that you should always think twice. I feel really bad for the 19 y/o. He was still a kid basically and tricked by a 26 y/o man. Now he has ruined his life for a very long time cause of some scamming Filipino.

  10. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author


    Maybe it’s because there is a more inviting atmosphere, or an aire of acceptance that you don’t have to hide anymore. You can be who you are, it’s cool. We accept you sort of trend.
    Why does it bother you that ONE TV program has decided to be inclusive to gays and lesbians to the point they offer them a section of their program? Are you saying you ACTUALLY WATCH these Pinoy TV shows?
    I think it’s a step of social progress that this country is becoming accepting of gays and lesbians as who they are. In that respect, Philippines is light years ahead of many other countries. Imagine actually being one and someone saying that about you. How would you feel? They’re not hurting you by being tomboys. Why do you give two shits? Why can’t they be happy? Everyone has a right to be happy. The world needs fewer bigots and more people who can share the world with others.
    Why is it weird behavior? Why can’t some people just allow other people to be who they are? If they’re not hurting others, what’s the problem?

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      I lived the first 40 years of my life trying to please people like you @joekano. I was married to a woman for 18 years. I fathered 3 great sons. Of course there were times of joy and happiness. Being a father was a very cool and rewarding experience. But in general, I was miserable. I knew it wasn’t who I was. I had to fake being attracted to my wife. I had to fake most of my life, because who I really was would not be accepted by a society of joekanos. It was doable for a while.

      But right around age 38, I fell into a severe, crippling depression to the point of hospitalization. My story is NOT AT ALL UNIQUE @joekano.

      A life living in the closet just got WAY TOO FUCKING LONELY. I had tons of “friends”, I had everything that would make any straight man proud. A beautiful wife, 3 sons, a house, 2 cars, a decent career. How could I be depressed??????

      I’ll tell you how;
      I WAS LIVING A LIE. I was living my life pretending to be someone that society would accept. I did so with all good intentions, honestly. But I was fucking miserable. Now here I am, rapidly approaching middle age, and feeling I completely wasted my life pretending to be someone I was NOT.

      I tried so hard for so many years to “turn the gay switch off”. I wanted male companionship. I couldn’t have it. I could not have what felt as natural to me as companionship with a woman feels natural to you. There was a fucking battle all the time. Will I be happier pretending to be what I’m not, with acceptance from society? Or will I be happier being who I know I am, but being shunned and unaccepted by society?

      It was a hard decision to make. All I knew was that I did not want to continue living the way I was. It was crippling me. So I began to reason with myself.

      I could reserve suicide if coming out is worse than remaining in the closet.

      I came out, started living true to who I knew I was, explained it all to my wife, the kids were nearly adults, so I explained to them as well, and that’s when the depression broke. Divorce final, and I was living a life of freedom for the first time ever. And I’ve been about as happy as any man could be ever since. I gave EVERYTHING UP. I left with the clothes on my back. I gave my half of all assets to my ex-wife and children and broke completely free of that pretend life I lived.

      I lost many friends who, in their pure bigotry, could not accept me.

      I didn’t start wearing women’s clothing or anything like that. I remained essentially the same man I was, only difference was, I WAS FREE FROM THAT CLOSET! AND I WAS NEVER HAPPIER.

      Everyone’s closet is different joekano. They are not being tom boys to piss you off. They have just decided to not give two shits about what you think, and move forward with living a life of freedom. And I APPLAUD the TV show that has given a feeling of INCLUSIVENESS to them in their society.

      If seeing girls wear boy’s clothes and haircuts is really making you unhappy, if it’s burning your eyes out of their sockets, I suggest you turn away, or stop watching Pinoy TV shows. Because if there’s anything GOOD happening to Pinoy society, it’s an increase of TOLERANCE AND ACCEPTANCE toward gays and lesbians. They have a right to be free and happy too…wouldn’t you agree?

      “Why does this country accept such weird behavior, I don’t that’s for sure?” <—@joekano I don’t mean to offend you, but this is a very bigoted statement. You can disagree, but truth is, it’s bigotry. Maybe you don’t realize it, and bigots do not like to admit they are bigots. You have a right to be a bigot, as long as you don’t break laws or hurt others. But the change I made in my life was to not allow other’s bigotry to affect me anymore. Now that bigotry only affects the bigot, whether he wants to admit it or not. But I will offer a bit of my story to hopefully give the bigot a little better understanding why people are different. I did not CHOOSE to be gay. But I am. I DID CHOOSE to try to be straight. I really did. It didn’t work. And when I was PRETENDING to be straight, that’s when I had mental problems. But when I came to terms with who I am, that’s when I got healthy in the head.

      noun, plural bigotry.
      1. stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own.

      Bigotry is NEVER EVER EVER a good thing. It’s 100% negative personal attribute, and is only destructive in a society. It is NEVER positive.

      Now….I think it's YOUR turn to make a small change. You can continue to make yourself upset, or you can learn to have a little understanding and share the world with others. OR you can continue to expect everyone to be like you, and get upset when they're not. But I think it’s obvious that the tom boys have overcome giving two shits what you accept and don’t accept. Now your bigotry only affects YOU.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        People are strange, I was at sea for many years saw plenty , I am not that way inclined, but does it matter that I cannot name one mate who does not CRAVE MALE COMPANY .
        Anyone hetro or not that says he doesn’t is lying.
        The shit we put up with women and this blog has a thousand examples??????????? Just to have a sensible conversation with a few mates and have a few beers to escape the child bride.Is pure bliss.
        You are dead right, the ONE THING THE PHILIPPINES has got right is tolerance to Homosexuality,the rest of the world is sadly lagging .
        We see Bigitory everywhere, I heard about it for years, and when I married the child bride, I saw it again. I had heard that my family would disappear from my life well half did, the other half love her company.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          I would have to disagree with you that “the rest of the world is sadly lagging .”

          America is now a country where two men or two women can enjoy the same legal rights as heterosexual couples.
          The Netherlands has been a socially advanced culture for much longer. And there are plenty of other countries that have established that humans have been wrong for a long time about it, and have made the necessary changes to be inclusive to all HUMAN BEINGS.

          Homosexuality has been a fact since the dawn of man. It’s only the social acceptance of it that is relatively new and blossoming. And that is a sign of progress and evolution.

          1. Profile gravatar of

            Captain, the rest of the world may be catching up but Australia is still very intolerant. Its not just regarding gay and lesbians but in our case tolerance of special people. While getting help for our autistic son in PI we found strangers less likely to scold us for our son’s behaviour. I cant count the number of times in aus where we were confronted by obnoxious busy bodies who didn’t like our son screaming. It just never happens here. Some places still have a long way to go.

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            Not so sure I would say the flips are consciously being tolerant. I seldom ever see flip families making their children behave in public, especially in restaurants. It’s just pure ignorance. They’re used to it. That’s why they don’t confront you about your screaming son.

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I did have an experience in Sydney back in 86. My ship was anchored out and we had to take a launch from ship to pier. Well one night a group of us were waiting at the dock for friends to come from the ship in next launch. There was a couple on the pier dressed in black. Well the guy was dressed like a guy and had a woman in his arms laid back kissing her. This guy had long hair and this kiss went on for over a minute and we did not see the womans face. When they did come up for air it was a man he was kissing but his hair hid that.

            I have seen a lot of changes as we all have. But back then it could have been very hazardous to do that in a group of sailors. But nobody said a word just surprised as we were cheering them on then dead silence when they came up for air. In that group of sailors were men off ships from Japan, GB, Oz, NZ and a few others but no one said or did anything. I don’t care if someone is gay or not. I look at the person as a friend or maybe a future friend. Hell just last night I went out for a beer and a couple of gays came and sat at my table. I had a very enjoyable conversation for about an hour or 2 before I left.

        2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          Let’s be real and concise.

          In the same way you and many other heterosexuals feel completely natural being with a woman, including sexual attraction, having sex, and general companionship, I feel completely natural being with a man in regard to sexual attraction, having sex, and general companionship.

          Since my divorce, I have been with one man, the same man, in a life commitment and partnership for 14 years. And we have had the same trials and tribulations as any other gay or straight couple. We remain strong in our relationship. And I am finally happy for those past 14 years after 40 years of living in a prison inside myself….better known as the closet.

          20 or 30 years from now, after all the old-school bigots die off, humanity is going to look back at this and shake their heads wondering how humans could have been so fucked up toward the rights of others. Just like they are doing when they look back at the years of slavery in America. How could we ever have thought that way?

          If there is any proof of human evolution, that is proof right there. Man continues to evolve. Some men join the evolution, some men just remain in the dark ages. But you cannot stop evolution. And if you’re one that can’t stand this part of evolution, don’t worry, you’ll be dead and out of your misery soon. Even that is part of the evolution. You can’t stop it. Sorry to disappoint you.

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Hey @filofail,
            I don’t think you are being judged here. It’s sad it took you a while to come out and wasted the younger part of your life hiding it or denying it. It sucks for gay people born in a really strict religious home (I have no idea if you were or not) and/ or in a really small American type town that looks to almost kill gay people. If anyone is gay, the Philippines is definitely the most accepting country maybe next to Thailand.
            However, there are very, very different degrees of gay. For instance, I think you are probably just a normal dude who likes guys like most in the USA or like the guy Neil Patrick Harris. Just an average guy who is gay and does not need any extra attention specifically on his gayness.
            There are so many gay pinoys who just need to do everything in the most feminine manner possible to announce to anyone within 1000ft who they are. Vice Ganda is in his/ her own category, (not to mention how annoying, loud, unfunny, and talent-less he /she is). Then you have the gay pinoys who look like they are trying to become women and give up half-way to the point they simply put on a dress and put their hair in a ponytail; They just look god-awful. Then there are just the faggy little twinks who act so overly feminized I want to punch them for being too faggy cause women don’t even act that feminine.

            If I had a son who was gay, I would not care one bit. If I had a son who became one of those faggy little twinks (most just seem so uneducated) or one of the ugly pinoys wearing a dress, I would have an issue. If my son ever became like Laude and was trying to cheat straight men into sex-for-money, I’d kill him myself, not for being gay, but for cheating people.

          2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Btw, did you know you just broke the stereotype that all gay people would love the Philippines?

          3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            Actually I grew up in a pretty average American home. Supportive parents, there really was no strict adherence to any religious principles. And there really wasn’t any talk one way or the other about homosexuality.

            Society is what taught the prejudice against homosexuality. Society made it hard for gay folks to be who they are. Therefore we did what society expected of us. Get married, buy a house, have kids, a couple of dogs…..

            I totally misjudged my parents. I thought they would be furious if I told them I was gay. When I finally built up the courage to come out, they were like, “ok, so? You want us to fall on the ground kicking and crying? You’re our son and we want you to be happy.” How fortunate I was.

            And yeah, for me, there was no femininity inside me. That doesn’t mean feminine is not inside of others. I STRONGLY believe what is truly inside of someone eventually comes out and “the real you inside” takes over the outside. I am not offended or have any judgement toward feminine males. I have even know one or two guys who were feminine acting, but were straight as a fucking board.

            So really, I don’t think acting feminine has ANYTHING AT ALL to do with wanting attention. I BELIEVE it has everything to do with that person just being who they are inwardly, outwardly as well, and have overcome the fear of the judgement they know is out there. Because living life openly as who you are brings more happiness WITH the inevitable judgement, than it does pretending to be someone your not in order to avoid the judgement.

            Does that make them selfish for not giving two shits what you think of them? I don’t think so. And to me, that is admirable.

          4. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            “There are so many gay pinoys who just need to do everything in the most feminine manner possible to announce to anyone within 1000ft who they are.”

            Maybe they are not announcing. Maybe they are just “being who they are”.

            I don’t mean this to be offending to you, honestly. I’m just trying to get you and others to think a little deeper.

            Could it just be the fact that you feel offended by the simple fact they dress and act girly, that it’s just your PERCEPTION they are trying to “announce” it? Could it prejudice toward girly boys that makes you think they’re “announcing” themselves?

            Keep in mind, I don’t deny these boys are wanting to be seen, they want sex, just like straight guys want sex. Maybe they see you, find you super sexy, and up their flamboyancy to attract your attention JUST IN CASE you might notice them and be attracted. Hey, can’t hurt to try, right? LOL

            Believe me, I observe straight behavior as well. I see straight guys “upping” their behavior, trying to make it look like they’re “announcing” themselves to that group of foxy Filipinas in order to get noticed. This is just simply human sexual behavior gay or straight.

            Same with straight Filipinas. My god, watch them when a handsome man comes within their eyesight. Watch their behavior, watch them “announce” themselves with their behavior.

            So ask yourself, “why am I just pointing out the girly gay boys?” That behavior is present in all sexual orientations.

          5. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Yeah, I’m not a big advocate of loud straight guys screaming at the bars either. I don’t like anyone who is loud and obnoxious. Some of the tranny’s who are overly loud and won’t leave me alone definitely annoy the piss out of me.
            I’ve seen some really good looking trans (especially in Thailand you cannot tell), but I got to say most in the Philippines are just butt-ugly. They simply just put a dress on and put their hair in a pony tail; too lazy to even put make up on. It’s like Bruce Jenner simply putting a dress on and walking around. Caitlyn actually looks like a woman.
            I just look at most those little twinks or the ugly trans. I just see how there always seems to be such a high level of un-education among them. I get annoyed at anyone whose whole identity is screaming their sexuality out loud.

            The irony I’ve seen is the successful Filipinos who are gay feel they need to hide more. I know 4 successful, highly educated Filipino guys who are so scared of being discovered to anyone outside their close friends. One still denies it even though we’ve kind of caught him a couple times. So it seems this society has a mixture of the the out, loud, proud, and the others who feel they have to hide. They are always on “business trips” to get away from their home cities to keep from being found out. They always say Aquino is gay.

            On another note, my friend had a gay son. He said he always could tell his son was gay and at the age of 14- 15, he reassured his son it was perfectly fine if he was. The son denied it and even got mad, but a few years later completely admitted it. Not sure if he had to admit it to himself first or what. The kid is like 24 now and happy.

          6. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            I have to say that I agree with you on the ladyboys. My gawd, I just want to ask them if they own a mirror? But then again, we have all seen the females that apparently don’t own a mirror also.

            I have had straight Filipinas be as annoying to me as any ladyboy. Fuck man, why can’t they take no for an answer…not once, twice, three times…. they keep annoying you until you have no choice to just be plain fucking mean to them and tell them to fuck off.

            Had one the other day approach me and ask “are you alone?” I said “no, I’m waiting for my wife to finish her hair appointment and meet me here.” Well the stupid fuck didn’t quite put the logic together, and proceeded to then ask, “Do you want company?” I looked at her as if she was fucking crazy, and simply said, “no”. “Are you sure?” I said, “Do I seem even remotely interested in you? Would you please go find someone who might be, because it’s definitely NOT ME.”

            I go inside the mall and stand next to the escalator texting my friend. 10 minutes later there she is again, approaches me and starts touching my shoulders with both hands, “Sir could you spare 20 pesos?” I simply said “NO”, “10 pesos?” “NO” and as she walks away she calls me selfish. She was well dressed, and did look nice, certainly didn’t look like she needed 20 pesos. I laughed out loud to the point everyone within ear shot of me was staring.

            I swear, if they can’t get you in the sack for a trick, they’re gonna try to get something out of you…even if it’s just 10 pesos.

          7. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers

            On the ugly ladyboy theme, one time I was walking along a side street in Cebu, and this young ladyboy said to me “I need money for makeups.”, to which I replied “Yes, yes you do!” and kept walking.

  11. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    As we say in Aussie land, TOO RIGHT.!!!!!!!!
    The child bride watches that shit and cackles her head off, keep the wife happy you are happy.
    Marry if you want who fucking cares. Fucking politicians are just too stupid . How hard is it to organize a referendum in Australia concurrent with the next election, and all political parties just say it is a conscience vote to the electorate, Up to you DON’T POLITICIZE IT.
    My only issue is if there are any children , adopted, inseminated or otherwise helped along, ensure there is a system that is in place that is well thought out, or just use the current laws as the apply to Heterosexuals,
    No Discrimination .

    1. Profile gravatar of


      “Marry if you want who fucking cares. ”

      Well I care and many other people do, I dont have a right do that? Should I be political corerct? Sorry Im not.

      “How hard is it to organize a referendum”

      I dont know in your country, but if you choose politicians that want a referendum and your system is good its not hard to make it happend. The country is like the people are. In PH people are corrupt and same with the politicians.

        1. Profile gravatar of

          Okay 🙂 And do you really think they will go through divorce with so much emotions like we do having fmilies with kids? But I guess its a long discussion that we should not start on this forum.

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            What the fuck do you care? I mean honestly, you care if a man marries a man, you care if a man divorcing a man will be as emotional….

            fuck dude, how on earth is that anyone’s business but those getting divorced?? And why the fuck do you care so damn much about gay marriage and divorce?

            Neither have any affect on the life you chose to live. So why the hell do you give a fuck?

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB Post author

        “Well I care and many other people do”

        Yes, and you’re known as “bigots” Because who I love and who I want to commit to has no effect on you whatsoever. But somehow, someway, “you care” that I marry the person I love. Oh you have had the right to marry who you love. Nobody cared. Why should you care about me marrying who I love???? And how the FUCK does it affect your life????? And you don’t want me to have the same right you have, simply because that person is a male, just like me.
        How is allowing another human being the same right to marry who they love as you have, being “politically correct”? It’s just called “being fair to all”

        Homosexuals are not asking for special rights, just EQUAL RIGHTS. Duh.

        1. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

          I don’t know about Captain, but I had an ex-girlfriend years ago who had a daughter. That daughter took my current girlfriend to one side and, in confidence explained to her that she was not a girl, she was a boy.

          She was five at the time.

          Her parents let her grow from being Nicole to Nick and he was in every area, except one, the man he wanted to be.

          He was in a loving, same sex partnership for at least a decade until i left for Asia and probably is still in that relationship.

          Since then, I have found though personal inquisitiveness, that a majority of people experience realisation of their sexuality at around the age of five. Not chosen, just gravitated to.

          Being natural is being true to oneself and those around you. It is healthy.

  12. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    As an side to show how stupid Politicians are, OBAMA and the Supreme Court overruled States rights re marriage between couples of the same sex.
    In Australia our Federal Govt actually has that power and does jack shit, want to delay and fuck around for years because they are worried about what one state will do with another state marrying some one and moving around.
    They actually think we care.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Because marriage is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. And the Bill of Rights ensures that all people be treated EQUALLY UNDER THE LAW. Not according to one’s BIGOTED religious beliefs.

      Restricting marriage between a man and woman is solely a RELIGIOUS belief. And the USA is governed by the Constitution and Bill Of Rights, NOT religion.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        Captain PFB

        Did I understood you right that you are saying that is normal to get a husband when you are a man?
        Than PH must be a perfect country for you with all those wanna be a women people. If this is the case please just delete my account here. No discussion about me here, please.

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            It’s normal for heterosexual men to get a wife. It’s normal for homosexual men to get a husband.

            It’s been normal that way for a long time in many countries.

            Why? Because just as we came to realize slavery was wrong, we as evolving humans (well, most of us anyway), have come to realize denying equality to homosexuals is wrong.

            You should give evolution a try @polish_king, it actually feels good and makes you a better person.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          It’s normal for me @polish_king

          “Did I understood you right that you are saying that is normal to get a husband when you are a man?”

          Yeah, when you are a gay man. You see, that’s what gay is about. Surprised you’re so uninformed. Gay men get husbands. I have two male friends who have been husband and husband for nearly 30 years. I have had 3 gay doctors in my life, one of them delivered my 2nd son. During my divorce (when I decided I couldn’t pretend to be straight anymore), I had a gay lawyer. The Mayor of the city I lived in in USA was gay also. WE’RE ALL OVER THE FUCKIN’ PLACE POLISH!!!

          That must freak you out! GASP!! FAGGOTS EVERYWHERE!!

          It’s normal for millions of gay men to want a life partner (or husband). I didn’t choose to be gay. In fact, I fought it off for 40 years and it never went away. Do I not have the right to be happy and enjoy loving someone like you love someone? Or does the world belong to you?

          I mean honestly, how does someone being gay hurt you? It doesn’t hurt you any more than someone being black hurts you.

          I DO have a husband. And it’s been quite normal for me for over a decade. So now tell me how this hurts you.

          1. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

            I would have thought Polish would celebrate more ppl being gay. He obviously hasn’t thought it though…..more gay ppl mean more ladies available, so its a win win situation!!

            Anyway, good for you Captain and fucking good one on removing the veneer of shite stopping you from happiness.


            I go both ways……..

            MEN AND BOYS!!! Hahahahaha

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            Polish_King has requested I delete his account. I’m quite certain it’s because he cannot stand up against his bigotry being criticized. Sort of like a Pinoy, know what I mean?

            Anyway, nobody can take away my happiness. I won’t allow them to.

            As for @polish_king, he is either severely uninformed, or just plainly, unashamedly a bigot. He certainly has a right to be a bigot.

            Being gay is not a choice. Being a bigot is a choice. And so he chooses to live in his own bubble. Good luck Polish_King.

  13. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    I can name at least 12 murders in the past few years and no outcome around Angeles city and nothing has been done put in the too hard basket.
    But now the big payout and a show trial of sorts and they are full on this is typical Filipino all show and no go —–

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      They don’t care. They are the biggest culture of fake-outrage if they think it will get them something. They wanted P100 USD for a tranny prostitute who was scamming straight men into sex. Basically a criminal, con-artist, liar, and an immoral person. I could care less if Laude was just a simple prostitute since its such a shit country its hard for anyone to make money, but a dead liar, cheater, & scammer is not worth P10,000.
      They owe the American for ruining his life. The guy just wanted to get laid and the best part about going to a prostitute is you get laid and no one talks about it further. I don’t think the guy even got laid or if he did it wasn’t with a woman and now he will be in prison for it.

      I have zero respect for that culture.

    1. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

      You probably never understood the easier subject of quantum physics either, but you probably didn’t give it a thought. Just get over it and as long as nobody is hurting anybody, carry on with your own thing…

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      It’s your fear of them. And you don’t need to understand them in order to be a decent person instead of a bigot. There’s a lot of things of this world I don’t understand. But what I DO understand is that they are human beings who should have the same rights to be happy and be who they are as anyone else.

      Learn to share the world dude.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        I have been watching and waiting for the stereotype to appear, I did see one post about men and boys but I think that was out of context, so I didn’t bite.
        As some one who WAS molested as a child naturally I took an interest in what caused that as I got older,
        I am still thinking of tracking him down and doing him harm.
        But it seems with all the posts no one linked the two so we are not all dumb asses over here.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          Hi Don,

          Those of us who are gay have some terminology that is common. When we say “boys” that is commonly referring to “young men” usually between 18 and 26. I myself don’t like the term, because it DOES sound like a reference to a minor, which I am strictly against sex with minors.

          So I would venture to say that the reference was towards “Men” and “Young adult men”. Not children.

  14. Profile gravatar of Thunderhead

    My GF told me there were complaints when the prison was inspected by the US and found lacking. They are building the guy his own cell, air conditioned , private CR, etc. GF asked if all American prisons are like that . Told her “some are.”