Proud and Smart Filipinos

Hi everybody,

here a joke that I heard recently. But it’s so close to reality that it is almost a story that could be true:

During President Estrada’s (that’s the actor who became president, plundered the the country big time, then got convicted and arrested in jail, then pardoned by the following governement and is now mayor of Manila…) there was a discussion of the ASEAN community member countries to form the “ASA” (Asian Space Association), the equivalent to the NASA in the United States or the ESA in Europe.

So all delegations of the member countries met in Hongkong and had a meeting to discuss who is doing what and who is paying what. So the discussion went on in the big conference room of the 5-star hotel where they all stayed.

A reporter walked by the hotel bar where he saw President Estrada sitting at the bar and got himself dead drunk with rum and coke. The reporter asked him: “Pres. Estrada. don’t you attend the discussion about the forming of ASA? ”

Estrada answered: “We don’t need partners for that. We are proud Filipinos and doing it on our own! ”

The reporter goes: But Mr. Estrada, just imagine all ASEAN countries do a project like this together and become the THird power to go to the moon. ”

Estrada: “Listen, I told you already, we don’t need anybody to to that. We are proud Filipinos. We do it on our own! ”

Reporter: “But Mr. Estrada, imagine, we all go together to the moon! Wouldn’t that be good for country ties within ASIA? ”

Estrada: ” Listen now. For the last time. We do it alone. And since everybody is going to the moon, we show them what we Filipinos can do. We are not going to the moon. We are going to the sun!!! ”

The reporter is a little irritated and says: “But Mr. Estrada, how can you go to the sun? It’s to hot! The spacecraft will be destroyed! ”

Then Estrada answered him: Look Sir, we are not only proud Filipinos, we are also very smart. We are flying only by night. ”

This is a joke. But honestly. After all that I have seen and heard here, it could as well be true. Just reply to me if you think that I’m wrong.


Your’s all, kallimann

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    And the space capsule designed by NASA to accommodate 4 would be packed with 34 pinoys and 8 rice cookers!
    After all, you have to remember that the NASA moon buggy was designed by a Pinoy and a Pinoy has gone into space. Even though these are all discredited, I hear them all the fucking time.