Proud Of Being Pinoy! Or Proud Of Being Stupid?

Why are Filipino’s proud of their country when basically 90% of them want out? It would be like me taking a bite out of a muffin with mold in it, spitting the muffin out in disgust and saying “boy, this muffin tastes good but I don’t want this muffin anymore. In fact I will pay the man who made this muffin to make more but I won’t eat any of them. “

Just like a Filipino saying they are proud of their country but as soon as they leave to a 1st world they never want to go back. You ask them why they don’t want to go back and it’s the usual response,”the government is corrupt and there is no work and major poverty”. Ok so what the hell are they proud of?

If you take for example, black panthers, a group of African Americans fighting government corruption and wanting peace and equality yelling”I’m black and I’m proud” it is something I and many others can respect. They identified the slavory and corruption and fought against it.

In Philippines culture, instead of fighting against the countries problems they instead embrace it and yell, “pinoy pride”. For example: they embraced the raping of their country. They celebrate Spanish culture, not native Filipino culture. They disregard the government corruption and instead of fighting against it, they celebrate on how proud they are to be Filipino. Upside down logic don’t you think?

So they have no real native culture, they have a corrupt and abusive government, they allowed the raping of their country by the Spaniards, most of them want out of the country, but yet they are proud? It’s probably the most embarrassing and shameful act a human being with any kind of dignity could do.

On another note, are they proud to bend over and take it up the ass? Because that’s the message that comes across to me. It’s one common Filipino trait that I see here where OFWs just let people walk all over them. Maybe they are just used to this treatment because of the Spaniards. But damn, Jews fought back for their dignity and culture, black panthers fought back for their dignity and culture meanwhile Filipinos banished all their real grass roots culture and embraced the Spaniards with their cheeks spread. I just don’t get it? Monks fought the Chinese for hundreds of years. Thousands of monastery’s were burned down including their biblical books and cultural knowledge yet today, they still hold onto their traditions and beliefs and rejected the Chinese. They never fought back and didn’t believe in violence. Why couldn’t the people of the Philippines do that? Were they just not mentally and physically strong enough? I personally think that is the reason. The were apparently weak to opposing forces and easily manipulated.

So does Pinoy pride mean stupid pride? Are they proud to be stupid? Am I missing something? Is there something valid that they are proud of? If so I would really like an answer.

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    The Catholic church has fucked them up man.

    It has cock blocked them both literally and figuratively for hundreds of years.
    Anything that they attempt to do to progress along with the rest of the world is summarily poo pooed by the Catholic church, which is the height of hypocrisy considering all the things the catholic church lets people do in other places on earth.

    Essentially from what I can see, “The church” basically just holds you down until you actually say “fuck it” and fight back, then they back off and set some new standards.

    Filipino are psychologically diminutive by nature. I know, I know, they were bad ass tribal head hunters or something back in the day. We arent in those days, and they were a different kind of people. I don’t mean this to be an insult as much as an observation. Also doesnt mean its permanent.

    However, NOW they are naturally weak of will power. They don’t stand up for themselves when it counts, only talk the “talk”. They are essentially well trained pets to the Catholic Church. “BLASPHEMY!!!!’……..meh no, reality I’m afraid.

    I believe I asked Filo once before if I was allowed to post links to other sites and he said it was okay.
    For insight into filipino behavior from filipinos themselves who hate their own behavior go here:

    The site is actually pretty good in explaining why things are fucked up. In fact it helps educate the clueless foreigner like myself in the ever elusive “Why’s” of Filipino behavior.

    Plus the angry filipino commenters are hilarious to read, obviously most filipinos don’t like criticism.

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      Pinay Lover Post author

      I’ve read that article. That site has some frickin great info. I especially like the freeloading article. That one really shaped things for me!

      Yes, I think the church has some major control over them and it would seem to me that they are just too weak fight mentally and physically. All it takes is one generation of Filipino’s to brainwash and then the rest down the line continue that trend. Nothing will change until they stop watching their mindless shows and stop the mindless behavior. That will happen when hell freezes over!

    2. Profile gravatar of Penance

      This was my favorite comment:

      “Filipino family ties emphasize on the giving of fish rather than teaching members to catch fish.

      Chinese are loathe to marry off their children to Filipinos. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t an issue of money–who has more or who has less. Rather, it’s the Filipino moocher culture that scares them off — Filipino family members suddenly having a well funded and better still, loaded Chinese member for a benefactor–an inexhaustible, indefatigable human piggybank. It’s a grave no-no to Chinese, the typical Pinoy being mentally laid back with a natural predisposition to “bask in someone else’s light” rather than make it on their own that is most unfortunately prevalent in these islands. You can’t blame the Chinese, because they are the epitome of industry, perhaps on par with the Japanese.”

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        Pinay Lover Post author

        I used to wonder why the Chinese and other Asian countries consider Philippines unworthy, and as time moves on and I discover the true nature of the country and the people, it all makes perfect sense. As they prove as a country and a people to be unworthy, wasteful, mooching freeloaders who continue their life of denial and shouting “Pinoy Pride!” they will continue to earn little to no respect.

        That’s another thing about their “culture”. They love to get respect without earning it. They eat up socialist countries like there is no tomorrow….I’ve seen it first hand, leeching off of 1st worlds while the citizens foot the bill (taxes). Why do they have to be such freakin parasites? It’s the biggest problem I have with them….this freeloading mentality…..I just can’t get over it because it pisses me off soo fucking much!!!!

        1. Profile gravatar of Grumpykano

          Ok, a little bit off topic but I can’t help myself. I have been here on Samal Island for the last week with my wife at a very quiet resort that prides itself on the tranquility of the place. For the last few days I have been woken up with this blasting music at 6:30 am coming from down the beach. I wanted to strangle these people. It turns out that there is another resort being built and it was the construction employees who we’re blasting this loud crap every morning. I told my wife that I bet that there is probably only one or two people there doing this mindless shit. Being a loudmouth big New Yorker. I decided to walk down the beach to see who these assholes were. Sure enough, it was the construction workers after all. As I walked up to their site, they all stared at this big 6’4″ 240 lb angry white man. I gestured wildly to my ear and asked them , in a loud voice if they were out of their mind for waking up the whole neighborhood at this hour? Of course I got the blank stare! I then ordered them to turn off the boom box and they scrambled to do as I bid. What fucking assholes. What bothered me most was the management of my place that espoused the mantra of observing silence and keeping the peace yet they didn’t have the balls or gumption to stop these guys the very first day. Another thing. Why is it that wherever there are Filipinos there are loads of garbage, shit and plastic bags strewn about. My resort is full of foreigners and the place is spotless but right next store the place is a shithole. My dreams of retiring here are fading fast!

          1. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

            I would recommend Red Parrot Inn near Kaputian or Secdea beach resort on the northwest side. Samal was an option for buying land and retirement, but than I realized that these people are going to eventually destroy the place with filipino “culture”. Good luck on retiring in the Philippines, no way in hell i would dream of it now. There are so many other places my retirement dollars can take me around the world with better infrastucture and civilized societies.

          2. Profile gravatar of Grumpykano

            We have been staying at Samal Island Garden Resort and we keep coming back because the place is so clean and all of the employees know us and treat us like royalty. It is also a bargain for the price. Yesterday while snorkeling my wife and I saw two sea turtles and many types of fish. Last year I went to look at places that were for sale located on the beach. The problem that kept arising was the fact that there was always one family member that would object to the sale of the land. What pisses me off is that these people would waste your time by showing you the property, going through the negotiation process while they are fully aware that they don’t have the consensus of the rest of the family. I have been through this several times. My wife and I have farms up in the mountains of Maragusan, which is in Mindanao. We have a total of twelve hectares with 12,000 falcata trees, 5,000 cacao bushes, some coffee and a mix of banana, durian and others as well. I put her brothers and neighbors to work clearing, planting and maintaining the farms. I gave her brothers a small percentage of the falcata and cacao trees as well as giving them all of the other crops. This was my way of teaching them how to fish instead of just giving them fish. I also financed the rice crop for one of the brothers in which I will be paid back within 3-4 months after they harvest and sell the rice crop. This will be his test to see if he will make good on his word. If he knows what is good for him, he will pay it back right away and earn my trust. We are trying to make the family self sufficient because my wife will be coming to the States hopefully soon and they will be on their own. I have so much more that I want to say about all of this but this will have to do for now.

          3. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
            Phil Doh

            “What pisses me off is that these people would waste your time by showing you the property, going through the negotiation process while they are fully aware that they don’t have the consensus of the rest of the family.”

            Sounds like a tactic to get you to offer more money.

            Everybody seems to know somebody who has land for sale on Samal, and of course they want their brokerage fee. I went to look at some land over there, just for a day out, not seriously looking to buy. I had seen the same plots for sale online 4 years earlier and they were still vacant that day, but according to this broker many foreigners had bought the plots and would begin building soon. There were only two left so I would need to pay the reservation fee soon to get this bargain of a lifetime. Yeh right.

            In theory you could buy yourself a nice slice paradise over there, but the place is about a century behind the mainland, which is fine if you don’t need a decent internet connection, are happy with brownouts for weeks on end and don’t mind bathing in the sea.

          4. Profile gravatar of Mike

            My wife was going into a side business with some other filipinos about two years ago and talked to me about it. I asked her questions that anyone would ask, how much is your part of the cost, profit, expenses and so on. Well she told me all that and said the rent for the land was P5,000 a month so I agreed to go and take a closer look with her business partner. Now how shameless are filipinos? We get to where the business is to be set up and meet the owners that will rent the land to my wife and her business partner.

            So the land owners start talking in front of my wife and the business partner in tagalog. Now I don’t know what’s being said so I just sit there. Soon my wife and her business partner start talking to the owners and it starts to sound a little like a disagreement to me. Well like I said my wife and her business partner had the deal all set up with the owners, price agreed on for rent and just needed to sign the papers. What happened?

            In front of my wife and her business partner the owners talked among themselves and decided to raise the land rent to P10,000 a month. What made them think my wife did not know what they were saying is beyond me. But they decided that since a Kano was doing some of the funding that the rent should be doubled. The deal never got signed and needless to say they were not ashamed nor embarrassed trying to cheat anyone.

          5. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            I agree with this.
            I tell people now, that if they still feel the need to retire in Asia try Cambodia or Thailand. You will actually get your monies worth, the internet is better, people are generally nice, and certainly quieter from what I have experienced.

          6. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            In 2014 I was living within 10 feet of construction going on for an apartment I was to move into which was next door to where I was sleeping.
            They knew I was a “Kano” and from 6AM until 5PM EVERY DAY some dumbass was playing the song “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen at full blast. Over…….and over…….and over……….and over…….and over again.

            What fresh hell is this?
            I swear they must have been fucking trolling me as they are naturally immune to such torture.

  2. Profile gravatar of constantino

    i used to work in a cruise ship and back then we would have a formal welcome of our guests (usually after the emergency drill). our captain would greet the various nationalities on board. now we would have Filipino-Americans, these people i would later find out migrated to the U.S and made good. as the countries were being roll called the citizens of that country would clap, Australians and Irishmen would cheer the loudest. but when Philippines was called none of these people would clap, but when America was called these Fil-Am’s would clap and cheer along with the natural born Americans. i do understand that the United States has uplifted their lives but this just goes to show the inherent problem with the Filipino as a culture. is that we have no identity and tend to assimilate to the culture to the county we are staying in.

    now as far as corruption goes and the reason why the Philippines is in such a poor state, is the masses are just to distracted. china taking over the spratleys, another scandal on the DAP, senators and congressmen caught stealing, why bother yourself with that when you can be entertained by its showtime, willie revillame or Manny’s nest big fight and dace around like a bunch of drunk chimpanzee’s. now that is pinoy pride for you.

    but there are some who truly want change for the country, but sadly their numbers are very few and their efforts are in vain and i am pretty sure they feel exasperated about this. so i guess when the next roll call for the United States comes and they stand up and cheer, and maybe sing God bless America, i would understand

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      Wow. So these filipino’s felt shame and didn’t want to cheer for their country? Sounds like some intelligence there. I guess after experiencing America, they realized how dis functional the Philippines is.

      That’s actually good news to my ears. Shows they are disappointed and ashamed of their country. You got a good point though. What the hell do they have for grass roots tradition and culture their? It’s all infiltrated by Spanish and western culture. One big shit mix with no real substance. It saddens me.

      I plan on buying books on the real native history to teach my son about his true history. I really don’t want him dumb downed by the nonsense they teach kids over there.

      1. Profile gravatar of vinzz

        It’s the same thing here.
        In France, many mixed filippino kids cannot stand filippino mentality. I asked to the daughter of one of my friend who study in china now if she would like to make a career in the pi and she replied me she enjoy there for a while but, in fact she cannot bear the mentality of pinoy : since she’s 14, many ake her in marriage… and she she’s fed up to see her french father paying for everything (funerals, health, housing of this leechers).The worst thing is the fact than her uncles are sailors abroad, with decent income (similar as european income) and were allways broke and never able to provide their elementary needs.
        Me too i try to educate my kids in european culture, keeping them away from this shitty traditions& religious belief.
        I know it’s okay now for my son, he even tell he will build a factory in pi to put them at work.
        the problem may be with my daughter who is 3 y old and spent allready 6 month with her mother in pi & who was used to salute with this bulshit of head on the forehead and screamed “papa jesus ” when she see a cross or a painting at the time i reach them last summer.
        But happily it seem to disappear since we are back here.

      2. Profile gravatar of vinzz

        You are right to try to interest them on Native filippino history.I think they will be really interested about it.
        I tried with my wife but the present filipppino are full of spanish beliefs and feel even ashame about their true identity.
        This is the expot i tried to interest my wife before :

        There is a book in english about it if you are interested but i dont know if still available.

      3. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Pinay lover,

        I once had a short chat with a pinoy from Mindanao who wanted to teach me to count in “bisaya”. So he starts off,,, Uno, dous, trese, Quatro, cinco. Well I informed him that was not counting in bisaya but in fact counting in Spanish. To this he refused to admit I was right and he was in fact counting in bisaya. So stupid me I asked him one question. ” How did Lapu Lapu count to five”? No answer just the blank stupid look.

        So I decided to push my luck or logic and told him that was in fact Spanish. Not onlt that but where are the native filipino names? Look at the names of filipinos. Cruz, De grano, Dela Cruz, Lipao, Hernandez just to name a few. ALL Spanish names.

    2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      Jesus dude…

      That story is sad.. Im referring to the cruise ship part. I mean like Im sitting here feeling bad lol, Im not joking. i dont know why that makes me feel bad. I just feel sorry for someone, not even sure who.

      I guess I feel this sad lack of identity for Filipinos when it really matters. When it is in their own country its fine, but put them among others and they sink back into themselves and then cheer for the USSA…

      Good story, just really sad situation.

      Japan is kind of an All american team also. Was watching WoWoW (the Japanese channel) back in around 2004 I guess when it still aired in the Philippines.
      During US movies Oscar nomination night ( Assume thats what it was) The japanese television show put up a green screen and two stools, had their presenters dress in tuxedos, and proceed to talk about what is going on in America at that moment.
      They were not actually there themselves, just “in spirit” I guess.

      While I get that japanese are weird like that, something about it struck me as kind of sad. Like they were not invited, and had to stay behind and pretend to be popular. I guess thats why your story reminds me of, and I guess thats why I feel bad.

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    Steve Declerck

    I asked this question to my wife : why are pinoys so proud of Philippines ?
    Her moron answer was : because of the CELEBRITIES : actors, but esp. great singers 🙂

    She’s watching ABS CBN every day and the only thing I hear and see are annoying TV shows with overacting TV hosts and non stop lauging and teleseryes with the same overacting, dramatic actors/actresses who know nothing better than to cry, yell and scream in every episode.

    That’s indeed something to be proud of….

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      That tells me she’s proud of stupidity. The shows have no substance and are not improving/strengthening the lives of Filipino’s, but only distracting them and subliminally capturing them away from reality.

      I’ve never seen such mindless stupid shows in my life! The ones my wife sees have this annoying guy with an audio sampler pressing this laugh bottom about every 10 seconds. “muhaahaha….muhaahahah..hahahaha”. It’s so fucking annoying, and all they talk about is mindless bullshit…….

      So that tells me they’re proud to be stupid!

        1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
          Pinay Lover Post author

          LOL….and this guy that hits the button probably gets paid more than both of our salaries combined. They always have this fat Filipino girl on there doing a song and dance…..they have the weirdest shows I’ve ever seen. Just totally brainless crap.

      1. Profile gravatar of Steve Declerck
        Steve Declerck

        She’s certainly proud to be stupid, the problem is she doesn’t realize it. She finds herself very bright and intelligent. But in fact, she’s holding a doctorate degree in idiocy.

    2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      lol well yup, there is her problem right there *(points to your wife watching the boob tube all day, everyday)

      Those shows are literally painful to listen to, I can imagine watching them as well. WTF is with the sound FX guy, is he on crack or something for the love of GOD!

  4. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    The story about the flips not cheering their own country is just an extension of the core of modern filipino culture – PRETENDING.

    Given the chance to pretend they are not in fact flips, but Americans, especially in front of KANOS is too good to pass up! Let’s show everyone we are KANOS too! 🙂

    Many flips feel the need to talk up their non-existent foreign holidays and travel. But we know it’s all just crap they made up. They never actually went abroad in their life.

    Some flips will go one step further to bolster thier low self esteem and over inflated egos – PRETEND THEY ARE FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE.

    Example. My friend works in a Makati restaurant. A flipo guy comes in and asks, in English for a table. He sits down and waitress hears him speaking Tagalog on his phone. The waitress comes back over and speaks Tagalog to him. He pretends he cant understand Tagalog and only speaks English and then claims to be MALAYSIAN! wow! Later on she hears him speaking Tagalog again on his phone.

  5. Profile gravatar of Penance

    It’s like that teenager that fucked around his whole life. He did crappy in school and couldn’t be bothered to work anywhere. As people start to distance themselves from him, including his parents, you’ll hear him say:

    “I don’t care. I’ve got my music!”

    This, of course, is referring to the Wal-Mart special guitar his parents bought for him and the 4 lessons his parents paid for 6 years ago. He’s proud of those lessons because the guy teaching him was paid to encourage some kind of skill from him…ANY kind of skill from him. But he dropped those lessons because he figured he knew enough already and was going to magically become better than his teacher by listening to a lot of music and daydreaming about being a rock star.

    But, like the common cold, he’ll never go away. He’ll keep trying to sell you that he’s making a change..going to straighten himself out. He just needs some money to go to school or buy some new work clothes or whatever excuse seems to work at the time. Later, when you ask why these things never happened, he’ll have some excuse that typically is an epic reason why it’s not his fault.

    That is the civilized lay-man’s understanding of Pinoy Pride

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      I just noticed the other day when my wife was on Skype with her “beloved” parents and it was a Monday. Mondays means work for Dad. What Dad at work? Nope…..he was having a beer and taking it easy. Can he afford to just take random days off? Sure as hell can’t without his free money handouts. I asked my Wife “why the hell isn’t your Dad at work?” she asks her Mom and they make some bullshit excuse that he has work to do in the house. Ya, my ass he does. They look for any fucking easy short cut out of their petty lives and if some sucker is going to contribute to that (my wife’s sister) they’ll take that in an instant.

      They all pride themselves on using their children too, comparing how much free money they get and who is the best freeloader. Just freaking shameful. As I’ve said before…..A typhoon is needed.

  6. Profile gravatar of Zurina Alvarez
    Zurina Alvarez

    This probably has to do with the fact that Filipinos have nothing to be proud of, so they’re bragging about being Filipino. Speaking of Pinoy Pride, notice how Filipinos are proud whenever someone OUTSIDE of the Philippines achieves something? They yell “Pinoy Pride” whenever someone outside of the Philippines wins some award and want to latch onto their acomplishments. Manny Pacquiao for example. Lea Salonga, Charice, and Jessica Sanchez are another examples. People didn’t give a shit about Charice because she wasn’t pretty but right after Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres gave her the exposure she craves, Filipinos flocked to her and are suddenly proud of her. Same goes for Jessica Sanchez. Jessica didn’t win American Idol and Filipinos cried and felt cheated. They didn’t care about Jessica until they found out that she has a Filipina mother and Filipino blood in her.

  7. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    CODEPENDENTS 🙂 This applies to 95% of females out there in the Philippines. I have dated enough, fucked enough pinay to draw these conclusions. If a girl tells you that “not all filipina are like that” tell her to fuck off. She is female for a start, second, she doesnt date her own kind (filipina) so what basis of proof does she have to say that and third – if i wanted to talk comment about giving birth id ask a girl, i am a male so have no grounds to make comments on giving birth, equally – FILIPINA have ZERO …FUCKING ZERO grounds to talk about MALE FEMALE dating from a males perspective.

    CODEPENDENTS —-Filipinos are people who depend on others for their emotional gratification and the performance of Ego or daily functions. They are needy, demanding, and submissive. They fear abandonment, cling and display immature behaviours in their effort to maintain the “relationship” with their companion or mate upon whom they depend. No matter what abuse is inflicted upon them – they remain in the relationship. By eagerly becoming victims, codependents seek to control their abusers. (BINGO! (and a pinoy would go Bing who?)