“Proud To Be Filipino”….Why???

Filipino Pride hand blown to shredsI sometimes hear guys mindlessly spout off in their online profiles and such, “Proud To Be Filipino”

But funny thing is, when I ask them what the hell are they proud about, they bumble, stumble, and fail. Why? Well come live here for just a few weeks. Look around. Look at the way they treat each other. Look at the rut they’re in, and haven’t the brains or balls to get the hell out of it.


A top 5 most corrupt country on earth status? I mean honestly. I look around here and I swear to god, I cannot find one single thing a filipino has to be proud of being filipino.  That’s somewhat stupid anyway. You didn’t have anything to do with the fact you’re filipino. It’s not an achievment. It’s just what you are and you had no role in becoming a filipino. So this national pride crap is just stupid, regardless of what country you’re from.

Some say they’re proud of Manny Paquiao. (As if they had something to do with his success). The only people allowed to be proud of Manny is himself, his mother, and the team that helped him become the greatest boxer in the world. Only THEY played a role in that achievement.

So that leaves you with nothing to be proud of being a filipino (appropriately).

I mean, filipinos can hardly get water into the pipes of homes above the water level. They just rely on gravity. They make promises to consumers so easily, and those promises are seldom fulfilled. They don’t even enforce law here!

My friend called a taxi for a ride across and within town. They send a non-metered taxi, and the dumbshit overcharged us. My friend reported it to the regulating agency, a hearing was called. All parties show up, the taxi company rep admits to the violation, gives a reason for violating, and the dumbfuck filipino regulating agency says “ok, well don’t do it again” and they weren’t even made to refund the overcharge to my friend!!!” FUCKING DUMB!!! What’s the point of having laws, then having a hearing, being found guilty, and sent home with a handshake and no penalty??? What a complete waste of time that hearing was!! It was pointless. No fine issued, no consequences for breaking the law, not even a slap on the hand. This is why they’re so corrupt. They’re too stupid to be honest, too gutless to fight it, and too ignorant to realize it.  MY GOD FILIPINOS ARE STUPID!!

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    Hi there, I really enjoy this site. I live in the Phils since 1999 so I understand what’s being said here and I fully agree!!! Other than this blog above to be proud to be a Filipino and the others like following trafic rules (or not…) and so on, there’s one thing I didn’t see here yet.
    What about the hearing problem 99% of the Filipinos must have? I mean, there’s not one shopping mall or market where you don’t have to shout to each other because the f***ing RAP-music is so loud that you in most cases get an ear damage…..
    Maybe Philhealth should give all their members hearing aids, to prevent damages to us with no hearing problems. Or maybe, if there’s not enough funds in Philhealth (which wouldn’t surprise me….) they could approach the president for help.

    Regards Karl

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      Captain PFB Post author

      Or when you’re walking into SM or some other shop that is holding a promotion, they have these massive 5 foot high loudspeakers and they are blaring music so loud it can be heard for 5 kilometers or more, and they put them right next to the entrance where you have to walk right by them only to have your eardrums blown the fuck out.

      I swear to Gawd, native filipinos are dumb as fuck, beyond anything imaginable. I mean plain stupid as a block of wood. Just no fucking thought, no consideration, no nothing. It’s just like they put a bunch of 4 year olds on some islands and told them to be a country. My gawd what a nation of complete idiots.

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        I put on my earphones before going inside the mall without turning my player on because although I can still hear the loud music playing inside the mall, at least the damage was not as great as that of a speaker blasted at a full volume.

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    I hate Taxi Drivers in Philippines , one time the taxi driver from Mega Mall to Paranaque wont accept peso. … He want dollars because my husband is American. 🙁 was a bad day.

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    Theyre just as stupid, corrupt and dishonest here in san diego as they are in the p.i. What a lovely group of people. Hahaha.

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    Sadly the dishonesty does seem to be part of the National Pride. Pervasive in the OFW community as well.I’ve come to expect a lie and be pleased when I hear the truth.guard your hearts and your wallets!