Public Bathrooms

Public Bathrooms, where to even begin? The reason I’m writing this post is because of something that happened earlier.

I was in mega mall. and I go into the bathroom, and like every fucking toilet is being used, the urinals, and the stalls, so I’m standing there waiting, one guy leaves, and boom before I can even take one step, some asshole behind me dives in front, I’m like dude what the fuck? Luckily another guy left right then so I took his spot otherwise there would have been some issues.

So I’m done, I shake off and head to the sink to wash my hands. This is when I realize that this CR only has 2 fucking sinks! There are 10 stalls and 18 urinals, but only 2 sinks! So now I’m waiting for the sinks, and what are the assholes is front of me doing? Basically taking a fucking bath. Both sinks are being used by two preppy looking douchebags the first is literally scrubbing his face, he has two little bottles of face cleanser, and he is going to town sudsing up his neck, face, and ears. I’m like are you kidding me? There’s like 10 dudes standing behind this asshole. Then he starts rinsing which takes for fucking ever, and he’s not done yet he switches to the second little bottle which apparently is some sort of body wash as he then proceeds to use it to wash his hand and arms. The guy next to him, is lathering up his hair with some stupid gel and then proceeds to style his hair basically one hair at a time. This is a public bathroom not your freaking house, this is not a shower! What the hell possesses a person to publicly bathe??

That event got me to thinking how messed up all the bathrooms are here. No toilet paper, no soap, no towels what?

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    Sounds like you need some patience. Here in America, public bathrooms aren’t that glorified either, so I don’t know what you’re expecting.

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      Captain PFB


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      @slash, lets compare apple to apple. US mall toilets vs Phil mall toilets. So far, all the places that ive been thru in the US (malls & international airports) has a better toilets compared to their counter parts in Da Pinas. There are worse than the Phils of course. But…. We are talking SM toilet dude! ES-EM! The biggest mall operator in da shit hood!

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        Oh, man… you hit the nail on the head with the international airports thing. Flying to the Philippines, I went through DTW (Detroit Metro) and NRT (Tokyo Narita). Both those airports kick the shit out of NAIA Terminal 1, especially with the restrooms.

        DTW’s world class appearance says: “Welcome to America, just don’t go into Detroit. If you do, stick to Greektown, the Casinos, and the sports arenas.”

        NAIA Terminal 1’s shit tard look says: “Holy fuck! Turn back now. You think the airport is shit? Wait until you step outside. Go back now. My shittiness is a warning. Go back!”

        DTW’s restrooms alone look better and more modern than all of NAIA Terminal 1. Wake up, Pinoys! Detroit, the blight of America, has a better international airport than Manila, the “Pearl of the Orient”.

        On a side note – DTW is actually located in a city called Romulus. Yeah, Romulus. Ha ha ha. Only Trekkies will understand. 😛

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        NAIA T1 – I realize there were only 2 toilets per rest room (I think). Because last time I poop there I had to several mins for my turn. Being the only “real” international airport in the da country – were they not expecting lots of people? I mean this is common sense right?

        Oh speaking of airports. In the plane going to the Phils – have you observe (sometimes this happens) after the plane has just landed you’ll here the fliptards unbuckle their belts while the plane still taxiing towards the terminal. Well last time I didn’t hear someone unbuckle their belts, so I played a little trick, I deliberately “click” my sit belt pretending to unbuckle it, just to check if some stupids will follow – and guess what – several of them did!

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          Funniest shit ever…CebuPac flight to Singapore and the same thing happened. The flight attendant said as SOON as the plane landed – “Please do NOT get up until the seatbelt light is turned off”. No sooner than 30 seconds later half the plane was up and in the overhead bins while the plane was still moving. Where is the damn fire?? And dont get me started on the cluster fuck BOARDING the plane. Instructions are very very clear –> “Rows 15-31 board now” The ENTIRE fucking place stands and hoards the counter. Moaning and groaning like zombies. NatGeo would make a killing just observing these people…I would watch that documentary no question

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            Don’t forget the cluster fuck at the baggage claim. You only need one member of the family to claim the bags. Perhaps two if the bags are really heavy or unwieldy.

            But in Pinoy land you need the entire fucking family at the carousel. Moms, kids, babies in strollers, and everyone else are at the carousel taking up space.

            If they aren’t texting or eating, they are literally just standing around watching the bags go by. Then when their bags are seen, they’ll stand by and watch the ONE family member pick up the bags and then they all leave.

            Forget NatGeo, imagine a reality series starring the entire Philippine nation. They can call it: “Fail World”. It would be so cheap to produce, just take video of Filipinos going about their daily lives. Dare I say, it would be the highest rated reality show of all time.

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            You are SO right hahaha…at the carousel is LONG right? Why is everyone bunched up around ME? Or in just one small part of the belt? Incredible…

            Dude you are giving me ideas on a great reality series LOL

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    Yeah man in Failippines, toilet paper, soap and towels are seen like luxury products. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the single places I been where the toilet paper was provided was in high class restaurants like Pizza hut, Starbucks cafe, Italiani’s (no big fucking deal for us but for them that’s the high class!).

    The main reason why shops never furnish toilet paper is simply cuz they know that failipinos in general are too greedy and take everything that is free.

    That reminds me something. Once I was in Tarlac and I saw a group of young man working to put the asphalt in the street (it was few days before the elections and the governor wanted to show to people that he’s finally doing something for them). I was new in the country at this moment and stunned to see some dark brown construction workers only wearing sandals and shorts. No security boots, no glove… Almost naked! WTF! (Here in Quebec if ever a construction inspector catch an employe working like that, he and his employer will have to pay a big fine for lack of security). But in the Failippines there`s not any law… So I was fascinated by those guys and I offered a gum to one of them but I did not wanted to take a gum from my pick and giving it in his hand so I just gave him the pack of gum and he left with it.

    So basically it`s the same shit with ketchup, mustard and napkins in restaurants. We must to treat flipies like small kids.

    ( I really hope no filipinos will come to turn this banal conversation into religion with example from the stupid bible like I saw yesterday. That was really pathetic)

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    I went into a shell station to take a leak. There were two urinals. Both were completely full of shit. I had to take a double take because I couldn’t believe it. Until now I still can’t figure out how you shit in a urinal. Do you hang off the pipes? Do you stand on a chair and bend over the urinal? This was in Manila.

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    Was at an Ayala mall today using the CR. A Filipino came in there with me. This was his order of operation:

    1. Rinse hands at sink.
    2. Dry hands at air dryer.
    3. Use urinal.
    4. Leave.

    LOL. Well, I guess that proves that Pinoys really are the best. This guy’s crotch area is such a sanctuary that he needs to rinse his hands before handling his junk. Since his junk is so pristine, no need to wash after handling it.

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      Well, that gook does think his junk is pristine! You see, over in The Land of Imbeciles, boys age 8-12 are sexually mutilated (oops, I mean circumcised) and, among other lies they are told (such as having part of their dicks cut off will make them into “men”) is that they need to be sexually mutilated (oops, I mean circumcised) for “hygiene reasons”. So, presuming that gook was sexually mutilated (oops, I mean circumcised) when he was a boy, he would obviously believe that there is no need to wash his junk because he is “clean” now. Sigh….

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    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the lack of toilet seats in majority of the public restrooms here in PH, even in the nicer malls. They afraid a flip might steal it?

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      Good point. Even when there are toilet seats, which is very unusual, when you go to use the toilet you will see dirty footprints on the toilet seat. So instead of sitting down they still squat on the seat instead of lifting it up. I would have visitors to the house and go to use the toilet and find dirty footprints on the seat. Had to post a sign saying no standing on the fucking toilet seat. Also had several seats cracked that needed replaced because these fucking idiots can’t figure out how to take a shit and squat on the seat and break it. Once we had some elderly women relatives visit right after I had my bathroom remodeled American Style. I went into the tiled bathroom in my stocking feet only to walk onto a floor covered in piss getting my socks soaked in piss. I asked my wife how could these morons be so stupid to piss on the floor when there is a perfectly good toilet to use. She said they are afraid to get germs on there pristine butts by using a toilet someone else used. WHAAAAT THE FUCK? It’s 2014 and Filipinos still can’t figure out how to properly use a bathroom. On top of that they don’t use toilet paper. Isn’t wiping your ass with your bare hand like sticking your hand in a pile of shit? Just asking.

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        Just as I mentioned before, Filipinos are no different than animals. Just the thought of squatting like a primitive beast sounds irregular to me. My idiot wife did it a few times before too, it looks really animal-like (and we still had a toilet seat). From what you said heyjoe, they were afraid of getting germs on their asses, well isn’t it just as disgusting to have germs on your feet from the urine they poured on the floor? They could’ve lifted the toilet seat and squatted like the animals they are, which would’ve prevented germs on their feet and asses. I’m not so worried about germs getting on my ass since I normally take the extra 5 seconds to clean the seat before I sit down, which isn’t so hard. Well anyway, I got about 2 and 1/4 more years in this hell-hole then I’m outta here!

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          Actually, a number of natural health websites and natural health advocates promote “squatting” when you poop. It is based on the fact that, when you squat, your rectum and colon are in a more natural position that will help eliminate the poop more easily and more completely. The Asians got that one right, which is why you will see “squatty-potty”-style toilets in other Asian countries. However, in The Land of Imbeciles, although they seem to be correct as regards to squatting when they poop, the design of their toilets are really not comfortable for that kind of position (unless if you wear sandals, which is why you will often see a pair of “tsinelas” inside a CR), and if you do try to squat-poop on one of their toilets, it will often splash up on your “back porch” because of the distance between your poop-chute and the water in the crapper. Even when they are right in one regard, they still cannot get things right. Sigh….

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            DON QUIXOTE

            I wonder how many of the Fucks have fallen off the top of the shitter because they were wearing THONGS, slippery fucking thongs on porcelain a good combination for an accident.
            That would scare the shit out of me.

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    Selene Pratt

    Filipino toilets ranged from filthy to disgustingly ultra-filthy, (and that is an understatement!). Has anyone ever wondered the Hepatitis A infection rate in that country considering the lack of hygiene, water and other sanitary facilities? You might eat at some westernized establishments like McDonalds, KFC or Jollibee, but how sure are you that the staff there clean their hands properly after bathroom use? I do know that I avoid those places like a plague because everytime I eat there, my stomach gets upset.

    And talking of monopolizing the basins with the mirrors. It’s not just the guy bathrooms that gets occupied in that manner. Try the ladies bathrooms. It’s worse! Women occupying mirrors preening themselves as if it was going to change their monkey features (I’m not being racist here, just telling the truth of what some of the worst offenders of bathroom hogs looked like). Filthy bathrooms in the Philippines is probably the worst of the Philippines failure. Failure to provide sanitation not only to its people, but to its visitors as well.

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      FILTHY AND DISGUSTING that’s the description I would use too.
      I have never ever smelt such stink in a toilet as I do in the PI.
      Would it kill them to use some CLOROX some time and clean the F

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    What bugs me is when you enter the bathroom and suddenly the janitor or whoever runs in and says “Sir!” or some shit. He then points to a urinal you’re already at (thanks for the help mate) then proceeds to fire questions at you while you’re taking a piss. He’s already got the water-a-runnin’ and the paper towels in his hand! Bear in mind he’s ignoring all the locals and got his attention on you big time!

    Then, here’s the twist, I go to a snink, rinse my hands and pull my own towel out the dispenser, leaving Mr Super Janitor feeling rather deflated.

    “Sir! Where’s my….”

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    I recently flew into Terminal 3 in Manila, the A330 has seating for how many???????? we will guess say 350 that have been cooped up on the plane for hours,
    We disembark I wont even go into the fucking rude bitch who stood on my poor gout ridden foot tying to beat me out the door. I was seated in ROW 1 for the extra leg room, where she fucking came from I have no fucking idea.
    If a man he would have been throttled and stomped on.

    We get out, this is my first time in Terminal 3.
    The Travellators pulled apart BROKE. Ive got GOUT and a fucking hole in my foot from the bitch.

    I keep hobbling ever northward looking for a CR. I finally found one half way up the Pier, there was as least 50 people outside trying to get in, No where to sit and wait. I kept on Hobbling.
    300 people and one shitter are they fucking kidding, Singapore they have one every 100 meters or so.along the Pier.

    Got to Immigration area, at Last SYMPATHY THE IMMIGRATION OFFICER standing doing nothing in the APEC and Crew line waved me over and processed me through courteously and efficiently, I asked her if there were any CRs nearby you got it, IT WAS BROKE .
    I was starting to gargle by now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN ALMOST NOW UNDERSTAND WHY FLIPS PISS ALL OVER THE PLACE.
    Well fuck me because I was just lucky no one waiting just me, I sat down near the Carousel straight away a moron came over told me I couldn’t sit there, I had to stand on the fucking gympie leg.
    Luggage arrived quickly and I was off, running the gauntlet of Taxi drivers who couldn’t or wouldn’t understand I didn’t want a FUCKING TAXI I wanted a shitter, and my wife who was there to pick me up.

    The wife was waiting outside, not allowed inside I made the first wall, and FUCK EM ALL, I CAN DO IT TOO. She wasn’t happy.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t think a piss ever felt so good.