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Personally, I blame the Editor that allowed this poorly written piece to be published. And they wonder why 265 journalists have been murdered in the Philippines in the last 10 years. Some might call it quality control, I just think it is part of the tragedy that is the Pinoy concept of English.

Broken-Hearted American Takes Cashier Hostage
Joyce Sazon
– January 14, 2014Posted in: Philippine News, PHILIPPINES


MANILA, Philippines — An American held hostage a cashier named Alma Cordero, an employee of Paradise Apartelle on Timog Avenue, Quezon City, on Sunday.

The hostage-taker was identified by members of the Quezon City Police District (QCPD) Kamuning station as Robert Mark Stasaitis, 57, a retired US Navy from Oregon who was staying in the apartelle.

He has been overstaying in the country and was supposed to return to the US by January 14.

He arrived at the apartelle drunk. Stasaitis became desperate to kill himself after his ex-girlfriend dumped him and refused to speak to him.

Armed with a knife, he took Cordero hostage at around 2 p.m. on Sunday.

He gave the employees of the apartelle a list of names of women he wanted to talk to, threatening to kill himself if he didn’t get to talk to them.

The QCPD Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) and operatives of the Special Reaction Unit were deployed to the area, but P/Supt. Lemuel Obon, chief of Quezon City Police District (QCPD) Kamuning Station, led the negotiations which went on for more than two hours.

The police succeeded in arresting Stasaitis who, according to P/Supt Obon, had initially planned to commit suicide inside his room.

However, he realized he could not do it himself so he held Cordero hostage and left it to the police to kill him for that. He expressed dismay that the police has not shoot him dead.

P/Supt Obon added that after getting documentary requirements from the American, they will turn him over to Quezon City Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit who will then contact the US Embassy regarding his case.

Stasaitis now faces illegal detention raps and may also face charges of frustrated or attempted murder.

Cordero, on the other hand, was not harmed during the hostage incident, but has to rest after the ordeal she went through.

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  1. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
    jimmy smith

    Yeah that IS quality journalism for this country. They will make a big deal out of it when its one of their own who is a victim. When its a foreigner they wont bother to write about it, just like the police wont bother to investigate it. I found 4 Danes killed here in the failippines and not ONE perpetrator has been caught.

    Last article is about a man stabbed 35 times and then had his entire subdivision house looted. Amazing the guards didnt notice anything being wrong with 3 pinoys and his former gf walking away with lcd tv and other things. The police in this case got the ex gf of the stabbed man and released her after taking her phone for further investigation. you wont find those stories in any of their newspapers. But let me go into a 7eleven with a dummy grenade and demand some free bubblegum or I will start kicking asses and you can be sure its on TV PPAAAA…TROLL !!!

    If ever I get into a situation like the mentioned article then it wont be because my gf left me, it will most likely be because I had enough and now its time to go bananas. Steal a tank and make the biggest traffic jam ever seen in Manila, plow through those damn noisy jeepneys while playing “Its the final countdown” by the band Europe on some megaphones I would have to steal before I take the tank. Only problem with this scenario is that the tank will be that I would have to evict a family living inside the tank first and bring my own fuel as it will most likely be out of gasoline. Probably the drivers in Manila wouldnt even notice what was going on, maybe thinking the Americans are making a movie. HERE IN THE PHILIPPINES !!!

    Saw Bourne Legacy on HBO the other night and they were in the PI, the guy kills like 12 guards and cops there in the movie. If it was possible to rewind and watch again and again then I would, but that service is not available here. Was laughing alot when the guy just took out one after another of these pinoys. Now the movie El Presidente on the other hand, a tagalog movie about the first philippine president shows the Americans being really stupid and the pinoys as being brave men. But then again when you see who paid for the production (san miguel breweries and the aquino clan) then you wouldnt expect much truth in that. its made like it was a documentary. And it starts with the young president being fortune told by an old hag in a village where he is supposed to claim taxes. She tells him his whole future in details. I watched it in the cinema here and many pinoys for sure felt proud after seeing it. Pure propaganda, like their peoples revolution against Marcos. People power ??? Cory was hiding in Cebu when she and the priests told the people in Manila to go to the streets, during a military coup. Getting civilians in harms way for them to get power. And people power was 2% of the population….Everything here is fake, everything here is a lie and everything here will NEVER be even close to 2nd world class. There is no freedom of speech, no free press, the people are not free. Hence there can be no talk of journalism here.

    1. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
      jimmy smith

      those 4 mentioned are from last year and 2012. if I look further back and seek all scandinavians killed and robbed then the numbers will increase dramatically. Its more fun in the philippines !

  2. Profile gravatar of CebuBear
    CebuBear Post author

    Actually 74 Filipino journalists have been killed since 1992 and mostly for bravely doing their jobs and trying to expose the political corruption here. While the death of a Dane is big news to a country with only 4 million or so citizens, it means very little to the 100 million plus Philippines. None of which excuses the lack of police action.

    I did like your tank scenario but you are right, there would be no fuel and a family of squatters would have to be evicted (and you would need to find them alternative housing under the Lima Law)and then the tank would break down anyway. We could team up and ride around on a moped with a broken muffler, the pillion passenger lobbing grenades at trikes and sticking limpet mines onto jeepney roofs. Or buy a trike and put blades on the wheel hubs ala Boadicea’s chariot and drive through the fish market…

  3. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    I have actually been thinking of the tank scenario myself for quite awhile. Actually every time I need to drive into or thru Manila. It was several years ago in San Diego when some guy was able to steal a tank and went on a rampage thru the city. I’ve always dreamed of doing that here, but then again, spending time in a Filipino prison is not something I would look forward to. Filipino drivers are one of the things here that annoy me the most. I try to use my motorcycle as much as possible and it is so much easier to get around on. I do have a newer pick-up and when driving that I have to be more careful because I hate to get it banged up but I also have an old ” owner ” jeep. I always thought that was a funny name “owner “. CubeBear probably gets a kick out of that. Anyway, I enjoy driving the ” owner ” because I could care less if it gets dented up or scratched. So when I drive that I drive like a Filipino madman and give the idiots a taste of their own medicine and enjoy every minute of it. Believe me, when I am cutting in front of the guy in his new Toyota land cruiser with my old piece of shit of a jeep he usually gets out of my way.