“It’s Raining Men Halleluiah” I Think Not!!

Filipino bakla bulgeI was sitting at home watching TV, and thought to myself, “wow” every television program or movie produced in the Philippines has to have at least one homosexual (Bakla) staring in it.

Why is this necessary? Forgive me if I am coming across as homophobic as I have gay friends but damn. The last thing I want to watch all day is a gay man with a 5 o’clock shadow at 2pm, with his package stuffed in his skin tight pants and his belly protruding over his belt parading around in every program on every station in this country.

I don’t think I would mind it so much if they looked half way like a girl but damn, have they ever looked into a mirror? There is nothing feminine about them at all, most of them are fat and out of shape and look like they have went a few rounds with Manny Pacquiao, at least give me the illusion that you are a girl.

These Ru Paul wannabe’s are in everything, I can’t even sit through a commercial from P&G without one of these no talent dumbasses popping up. I am curious on how it makes the real woman feel having to co star with a person who thinks they are prettier than a real woman, well I have news for you “girls” you could not hold a candle to Bea Alonzo, Lovi Poe, or Ann Curtis in your wildest dreams or on your best day. These are truly beautiful woman with talent, not some sack of sweaty balls running around my TV screen. Damn, where is the pride in that?

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    Many Filipinos now-a-days have no pride in their birth gender, so they decide to change it for one of two main reasons: love or money, and in some cases it’s both. For some odd reason they get the feeling that some people are attracted to a guy who just had their lumpia roll cut off, and they feel that it constitutes as being a woman. I have a saying that goes, “Once a man, always a man.” As for money, the reason is obvious. Female prostitutes and hookers makes more money than male hookers (if there is such thing), so they cut their junk off so they can whore themselves off to the public for monetary contributions. As for the feminine acting guys, I don’t see why that is considered entertaining. There is this feminine Filipino guy at this comedy bar (Barbaric Bar) I visit with my buddies who acts that way, he tries to come on to me but I refuse every time. Sorry, but my backdoor stays closed! lol….
    Despite of their common practice to change their gender, does that go against their RELIGION and their so-called PRIDE in themselves? As GOD-fearing they claim to be, they can’t even accept the way GOD made them, lol. That is just another way of saying, “Fuck you GOD, I’m not meant to be born this way! I’m a woman, not a man!” And pride being accepting who and what you are. If you can’t accept that you were born a man, then you have no pride in yourself. But this country speaks of GOD and PRIDE everyday. What a bunch of hypocrites! I have more respect for a piece of dried up dog shit, than I have for Filipinos.

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    I don’t have a problem with bakla here, it’s just the extremely feminine ones that can be annoying and LOUD for no reason. Other than that, it seems to me that most famous bakla seem to be smarter and more progressive than the typical standbyer POS hanging out drinking Red Horse at the local sari sari. At least the guys changing their gender and cutting off the twig’n’berries are doing SOMETHING to better their lives. I prefer a decent bakla over shit-for-brains dudes I see on a daily basis.

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    Captain PFB

    I think what Gern wrote is kinda funny and kinda true. What I don’t understand is why it offends some people to allow other people their individuality. I don’t think anyone of the “baklas” are being anything but themselves. I applaud their courage to express themselves in being who they are, and they certainly appear to be quite happy people.

    What right do I have to deny them to be who they are, which makes them happy? My eyes are not going to fall out of their sockets if I see them. I think you all can attest that we see much worse sights here every time we go out (like some of the foreigners and the way they dress!! That’s WAY more to cringe at!).

    And why would anyone want to watch those ridiculous shows that the baklas are on anyway? Bakla or no bakla, those shows are appaulingly talentless and unentertaining and just plain ridiculous.

    Yep, in my own opinion, I agree with Gern on the bakla’s dress and sense of fashion. But I certainly don’t cringe or get offended. But what I DO cringe at is seeing a 6’4″ 397lb 82 year old white dude sasquach who really doesn’t need to wear clothes because he’s got a coat of fur so thick it looks like he’ll overheat in the Philippine sun, who looks like he’ll fart dust, walking hand in hand with a gorgeously cute, hot bodied, moderately but stylishly dressed Filipina who looks to be about 19 years old.

    THAT is worth complaining about.

    These girls will let anything fuck them for money. Sus!

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      Oh great, thanks for reminding me how easily I could’ve had a better choice here. If a 19 year old Filipina would date/marry an old man with a hairy and crusty ball sack, I’m sure I could’ve done alot better! I have a filipina friend who is my age, who married a 50 year old (for the sake of the argument, I’m less than 30 years old). After realizing my choices, I could’ve done ALOT better! And here is how:

      My Wife: Not financially stable Better girl: Financially stable/have a job
      My Wife: A fuckin idiot Better girl: College graduate
      My Wife: Semi-hot (pear shaped) Better girl: Hour glass body
      My Wife: Lazy/always indoors Better girl: Adventurous and outgoing
      My Wife: No common sense Better girl: Can think for herself
      My Wife: Anti-Social/loner Better girl: Involved with my hobbies

      These are all just vague descriptions on my idea of having a better wife. I wouldn’t hate the idea of having a Filipina wife if she wasn’t all the negatives that I have described above. But despite standards and low availability of decent men in this country, I could’ve had countless better choices since most women here prefer foreigners, I just didn’t heighten my standards in return and picked a better Filipina girl. At first my wife was fuckin hot, but not as much anymore. Just like with all wives, they get secure, relaxed, and overly comfortable and starts packing on some weight. Oh well, my ex is in town, gonna see what she is up to this weekend.

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        I can deal with all the dummies in this country to a point, my standard in women here will never waiver. My girl is hot and thats the least I deserve for dealing with nonsense everday lmao 🙂

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        Captain PFB

        FAFI, If you’re a foreigner, you got the pick of the litter! I believe there isn’t a single unmarried Filipina here that wouldn’t lunge into marriage with you or any other foriegner.

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          I believe ya, the positive attention I get from the herd of Filipinas at school is proof enough. They just feel so restrained to approach me since they know I’m married, thanks to my teacher making that public knowledge. I had no intention of cheating anyway, but I would love to get this divorce done with so I can be free again. Never gonna get married again! Having somebody who you can’t get rid of is a pain in the ass! Well, I gotta get back to studying, 2 more days of exams. Goodmorning PFB!

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    Hi had to laugh when i saw that pic posted with the tights.

    About a year ago, i was walking near Burgos street here in Makati, an old haggard Ladyboy was walking towards me with a skin tight mini skirt the same color as the pants in this pic, and the POS had a hard on, i almost fell off the curb laughing so hard.