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Hi 2RvE1 here, after a month of heavy research (while doing a thesis though so a bit far behind schedule of when I intended to post)


Firstly, I’ll discuss about the how Pinoy earn money and how stupid they are at choosing at it. What I will tell is real and you guys judge how stupid they are. Higher amount equals more income on their brains, while this is partially true, on this country it is the entire truth and will stop from there. Okay what’s the problem and where is the stupidity? Well here you go:


tag-archive-for-atheist-quotes-and-it-is-daily-atheist-quote-about-their-life-atheist-quotes-about-life-and-truth-930x930Five pinoy, my classmates were talking about jobs, and my “friend 1” brag about his job that he earn 500 per day(8 hours of work) and all of them was amaze except me, and they kept on bragging, while I was busy doing my research paper. And they suddenly ask me about what is the highest income rate I have come so far, so I said P150 per hour, and they all said that’s so low and will not make you rich. So basically I stop momentarily on my research paper and listened to those idiots.


Five of them against me so what a unfair fight right, well it was a fun thing to point stupid things on stupid people anyway. So here is what we discussed, in english obviously.


Me: What is the highest you come so far?

Friend 1: 500 per day and that is a straight 8 hours work.

Me: How did you pass grade school with that brain?

Friend 2: Don’t get offended and throw insult because you earn so little.

(All five of them and the people listening to our conversation laugh except the 4 teachers  eating near us)

Me:  So you think earning 500 per day in a straight 8 hours work is better than my 150 per hour salary that I found?

Everyone: Yes (and some other people in the eatery)

Me: How so?

Friend 1: Because 500 is higher than 150…

Friend 4: Yeps, do you even know how to count?

(Me getting annoyed)

Me: Your thinking is amazing…

(Got interrupted)

Friend 1: Thank you, you should just sit and do your stupid work and just don’t  talk to us again.

Me: Well okay, you were the one who asked me first and interrupted me on my work, and I don’t need you anyways, you’re all lazy and our deadline is january 25 and you haven’t even done a single line of text in your documents…

(Got intterupted)

Friend 5: Oooh, so because you’re doing you document you’re better than all of us?

Friend 1: He’s just jealous that we are having fun and I earn a lot of money and all he can do is write documents and programs…

(I interrupted because he is annoying as Fruck)

Me: Get a calculator.

Friend 4: Why should we do that? And are you our boss?

Friend 1 and 3: Yeah, you tell him!

Friend 2: Don’t talk to the stupid guy he might rub some stupidity to you guys.

(So instead of relying on those stupid frucks, I used my laptops calculator and show them.)

Me: You said 150 per hour income is low?

All friends including the bystanders: Yes (except the 2 Math teachers)

Me: Here 150 * 8 =?

(Blank stare from my friends)

Friend 1 and 2: Tell us…

Me: It is P1,200 for straight 8 hours

Friend 4: Why did you multiply it to 8 stupid!(At a yelling voice and everyone laugh)

Me: Because 8 stands for the hours of work, it’s like this 150 * x (My error my classmates here have failing grades on math and can’t understand very very very simple computation)

Friend 5: Then 500 is still higher because 500 * 8 =…(staring at me to compute it)

Me: 4,000…

(got interrupted)

Friend 1: See it is higher! You should be the one going back to the grade school.

Me: Well you earn 500 per 8 hours so you obviously don’t know what you are talking about.

(Blank stare before a reply)

Friend 1: I earn 500 per day, and in 8 hours I earn 4000.

(I wanted to punch him so bad at this point)

Me: Oh god… You are so stupid to talk to, you know that? Firstly you earn 500 ONLY! IF! you stay at work for 8 hours STRAIGHT! AND! 150 per hour means JUST THAT! PER HOUR! NOT PER! DAY!

(Blank stare)

Me: In 31 days I will earn 37,200, while you on the other hand is 15,500.

Friend 3 and 4: You’re calculator is broke… and You’re just jealous.

Me: I did it right, you guys have broken brains.

Friend 1: You’re too stupid! You don’t know how Math works.

Me: I highly doubt that I am the one stupid in this country, well I am in your point of view.

(Blank stare)

Friend 1: Well you are the stupidest person alive anyways.

Friend 3: Don’t go near him, he might rub some stupidity and spread it among us.

(Everyone except the 2 Math teachers laugh)

Friend 4:(While laughing) You’re grades low while ours is higher that proves your intelligence!

Me: Well whose the idiots who keeps using cell phones with notes in it? While having test exams…

(Blank stare)

Me: Also grades will now prove my future job, my skills will tell otherwise what will I get.

Friend 1: All you know is program, do documents and compute wrong computations!

(Another laugh from everyone except the 4 Teachers)

Me: Did you know stupid people don’t know they are stupid?

Friend 1: Yeah, you are stupid but you don’t know it, 150 is higher than 500 ha!

(Another laugh from everyone except 1 Teacher the other 3 left the table to go back to the school)

Me: Well it is. If yours is higher where is the 4000 amount in a single day? You said you earn 4000 in 8 hours right?

(Blank stare for 2 minutes and a few babbling words from the 5 idiots sitting next to me)


And I decided to go back to the student lodge because staying in the eatery is not a wise choice. And the event spread like wildfire on my school and everywhere I walk, I see people talking in the corners. XD like I care lols. This is where I will end this post, I’ll post more of what I found or encountered in this stupid country. Also I don’t really earn money (YET) 😛 but rather that value is what I saw in a job opening I wanted to Apply to.

Have fun and stay safe guys.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    Masters of projecting their faults. When ever they are called out for their mistakes they quickly shift it on you before you can even blink an eye and it just ends with you feeling frustrated and pissed off
    After marrying one and trying so many countless times to correct her and display her mistakes with little to know improvement, I’ve found its much easier just letting them be stupid morons and having a laugh to yourself.

    Rule 1: never help them. You will get punished
    Rule 2: never correct them. You will get punished
    Rule 3: never reason with them unless they are inadvertently effecting you and your life. Either way you get punished.

    And lastly, the final rule and to let them punish themselves with their self induced stupidity. Stand a far and laugh to yourself.

  2. Profile gravatar of

    Two old sayings. Don’t fight with a pig. You both get muddy and the pig enjoys it.
    Dont argue with an idiot. Onlookers can’t tell you apart.

  3. Profile gravatar of Siri

    Are your friends high school or college students? If so, how in the world could they pass grade school without knowing basic mathematics? I mean, these are very simple calculations that even a 1st grader could do.

    1. Profile gravatar of Warlord
      Warlord Post author

      Hi ^_^ sorry for the delay response bit busy doing my paper works XDD. Well I am a college students. They pass by cheating. If only I can bring out a phone during test and picture them using notes, notes on phones and notes written on their palms then I would and will gladly post it here, but too bad I cannot.

      Also they won’t know basic math and other such things. You would be amaze on how many students and general people that do not know how to speak in English very well and how many students and people whom don’t even know how to compute right.

  4. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

    Welcome back, PinayLover! You are absolutely right on with that. As nearly everyone who is a “regular” on this site should know, it is pointless to try to reason with them, teach them, correct them, or help them.

    Wombat said, “Dont argue with an idiot. Onlookers can’t tell you apart.” That is absolutely true; another saying I have is “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience.”

    It is a no win situation with those smooth-skinned baboons. You, as a Kano, are morally and intellectually superior to them, but they will never acknowledge that. Instead, they will do everything they can to drag you down (that is called the “crab mentality”). Best to leave and/or stay away if at all possible, for the sake of your sanity (something I needed to do for the sake of MY sanity–and my bank account).

  5. Profile gravatar of ShootMeNow

    Thanks for the insider’s view. I loved the line: (I wanted to punch him so bad at this point).
    Not just expats who get frustrated by closed-minded Pinoys huh?
    I felt sorry for those teachers!