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Occasionally I get some folks that share ,by way of commenting, their own mind-boggling stories of the incredibly stupid and ignorant mindless ways of filipinos. I like to re-post them so they are right up on the front page.

Filipinos think like this: “Yes, most filipinos are dishonest and corupt, except for me. When I lie, cheat, or steal, it’s for a justifiably good reason, and I don’t consider it dishonesty or corrupt.”

Anyway, here’s the reader’s re-post: 


Dude…I have read all of your blog entries and love the honesty and forthrightness in which you write.  I am married to a proud Filipina and have been living in the Philippines since 2005.  I say “proud” because she feels EXACTLY as you do about the issues of her country and I am very lucky to have someone as openminded and intelligent as she is.  When reading your posts I could tell that you are also a proud Filipino and have a genuine love for your country, otherwise this blog would not exist.  This is exactly how change occurs…identifying the issues and painful self introspection. Your blog is a perfect example of that and I think its REALLY awesome man. hurts to see and there will be those that get offended and lash back – but those are the one’s keeping this great country from moving forward past the nonsense.  I won’t drone on speaking on the obvious but I will leave you with a story to add to your collection.

About 2 months ago my family and I were walking through Bonifacio High Street in Global City Taguig.  We were crossing the street near the W building taking care to use the crosswalk as we are teaching our 5 year old son NOT to jaywalk. There are signs posted EVERYWHERE – “Yield to Pedestrians in the Crosswalk”.  Even then, i would not cross if a car was near.  There was a Hyundai Starex about 2 blocks away driving slowly so we felt it was safe to cross.  As SOON as we hit the crosswalk this idiot guns the gas because obviously he can’t take it if someone crosses in front of his path.we get about halfway across the street and he zooms just feet in front of us without even a glance.  Pissed off we keep walking into the promenade area since we know there is nothing we can do except talk to our son and let him know what that guy did was wrong.  Anyway…as luck would have it, that same Starex was parked at the curb and waiting for someone.  I took my chance and made a beeline for the van to talk with the driver.  At that same moment his passengers arrived so PERFECT storm.  I arrived and respectfully asked the driver if her remembered who I was.  Of course he just stares at me with no response.  So  I calmly explained to him the situation that happened earlier at the crosswalk…still just staring at me.  So I turned to his employer and apologized for the interruption…again, no response just indignant stares (what’s up with that anyway??)  I wasn’t hoping for fireworks, just a simple apology…at the very least for my 5 year old. I got crickets…

I could go on and on with all kinds of stories just like those you have already posted. I am shaking my head as we speak after reading an article in the Bulletin on how the Ombudsman has launched an inquiry into our beloved PNP about how/why they needed PHP 450 Million to restore the engine’s of 28 V-150′s..and why the contractors were paid in advance – SIGH.  If more PEOPLE , not just Filipinos, thought as you do, then this country would make some serious progress. Keep posting and I will keep reading…good work man

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    my in/outlaws revert to saying ”i am racist” ”i am a nationalist so therefor i am ”’free” and any and all other kinds of b/s ,, Instead of really thinking about their present situation and examining why..
    there is corruption,,, horrible traffic and public transit ,,bloc voting from religous sects, etc.