Receipt Importance

Regarding one recent story about hotel booking and sudden charging for extra person. I mentioned there it’s better to always ask for receipt here. And here’s my story why you always should do that. It’s not really about pinoy stupidity this time, but more about their sneaky nature which I guess forces them to perform some doubtful actions to get extra peso or two.

So one day I was at Ayala mall on my way to buy some food supplements. I do it at GNC shop, so I did this time. Inside there was just one “manager”, one of those guys who always ask “how can I help you”, one of those who you’ll never ask for help actually. I guess all of us tried to ask at least once something like “tell me does it contain blabla component?” As a normal manager operating hardly 50 different titles you will just give prompt response. Pinoy “manager” will get the package and start to read it as if you haven’t tried to read it just 10 seconds ago. I believe they’d like to help and to be useful, but I also believe they’re lazy and incompetent not making even one step to become familiar with goods they sell.

Anyway there was this bored guy who only finished his usual phrase “how may I help you” when I was already pointing to one exact jar. GNC has membership system, so every item has 2 prices, in this case it was 743 for members and 929 for regular customers. I don’t have card, so I usually pay full price. That’s what I told to my “manager” and we proceeded back to the cashier. He gave me 71 change and started to look for plastic bag. I said there’s no need as I had my bag already. I also refused from paper bag which he tried to offer instead.

Now what happens next. He says “thank you sir”, as if this deal is closed and I can get lost. Wait a minute. “Where is my receipt?” – “Oh yes sorry sir, I’ll print it now”. He prints and I leave. I only take one final glance at the paper he gave me: and it says I was offered some “senior discount”, which downs the amount I had to pay exactly to member price: 743 pesos lang. So I’m coming back to ask my questions. To my surprise there was no drama, no scandal, he just gave me extra pesos and I left.

That’s all for today. Be good girls and boys and always ask for receipt, especially in this place where literally everyone is trying to take advantage of you, my fellow walking ATMs.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Ive learned another scam today. It never ends the learning in the PI.
    You know he was going to pocket the difference for himself.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Take 185 peso out of the till before balancing it.So the take is balanced with the receipt roll..
    What a scam, I hope his boss reads this article and puts two and two together.
    Normally they have to get a signature to confirm you are a senior. to get the discount.
    AND it doesn’t happen to us foreigners ever as far as I have heard.
    Ive tried , never got one.
    You certainly fucked his plans.

    1. Profile gravatar of Nik
      Nik Post author

      one of those rare occasions when kano actually earned from pinoy lol. but I didn’t want to pursue it even more, like calling managers etc, 185 plus was enough compensation for me and I really don’t care about him or his shop prosperity.

      1. Profile gravatar of TightWired

        My guess since you a regular customer…nice/polite to him (???) he might have been trying just to do you a favor…or maybe he hit the wrong key and didn’t have the balls to admit he made a mistake.
        Please, Hello, Thank you, etc… goes along way when dealing with the Average worker. Throw in a little “white man envy”, with perhaps a tip every now and then, standard service does improve. Specifically because most Fili-fail just grunt/point when they want something, and thrown a fit if the worker doesn’t kiss their ass in the process.
        Don’t worry…the next time you goes thre the manager will charge you extra, because it all evens out ….nothing is free in the country. LoL

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          Regular Customer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          That means absolutely fucking nothing in the Failopinnes.
          He just screwed up, he will say nothing to anyone.
          He knows where he is really making his salary and it ain’t on commission sales.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          If you think like a filipino it makes perfect sense. Rott might be out throwing someone off a tall building. Hey Rott, throw one for me.

        2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          @Don. Actually it might, not that Mike would actually have a clue (Have another drink Mike 🙂 ). Remember BIR, if you short the sale, you short the VAT.

  2. Profile gravatar of JamesR

    I don’t know about the rest of the Philippines but I know in Davao all stores have to give you a receipt by law.

    That guy was trying to pad his salary with his little scam. His little scam just cost the store and his employer money not so much you (assuming you are not a senior) but you were able to benefit from it . If it were any other country, when his employer see a bunch of senior discounts way outside the normal range (for example: 1 or 2 per hour vs 4 or 5 per hour) they will probably audit him and fire him. In the Philippines he could probably get away with it no problem.

    1. Profile gravatar of Nik
      Nik Post author

      yeah I think receipts policy is kinda strict here in Cebu as well. they always hassle so much with putting in correct VAT values. and I even saw something like “if there’s no receipt you get your goods for free” somewhere. but this guy was all alone there, so I guess he decided it’s perfect time to do some monkey business while nobody watches. unlucky him I was on alert that time.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        receipts also serve a purpose.
        … they have huge problems with staff
        stealing money and stealing product
        have you seen staff photos in the paper as well.

        The receipts provide a record
        of course …

        1. Profile gravatar of Nik
          Nik Post author

          yes i always demand a receipt even at the parking. my girl sometimes asks if it really matters for me who will pocket the money: this parking boy or corrupt government. and i always say: yes, it matters, you can only ask your government for improvement if you follow your own obligations first.

          1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            “you can only ask your government for improvement if you follow your own obligations first. ”
            YES YES YES!!!

  3. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Filipino business treats customers with a take it or leave it attitude. Probably an extension to the overused expression “if you don’t like it …leave”. They quickly want to wipe their hands of you and not deal with customers.

    Ive had situations where
    1. price at 7-11 was 42p. scan .. 78p. i said hey ..this is 42p. yes sir, yes sir, .. thankyou. its 72p now.. wanna buy it or not? (the ticket on rack was changed as we were talking).
    2. ive had products scanned and the wrong change given back .. the product they had scanned was double the price of what was on the shelf. someone had moved products around and not updated the tags. the girl there refused to refund me saying that i should have known what the price was.
    3. Gaisano – i asked the girl for a price check and she stupidly put the product through. when i said did you hear me i wanted a price check .. she said sorry i cannot give you a refund.

    ALL THIS IS ILLEGAL guys. yes, there is a retail sales code and if there is a mistake eg. you picked up a product that was or appeared 35p and was scanned at 78p then you are entitled to refund or cancellation…as you havent left the fucking shop.

    1. Profile gravatar of TightWired

      Last year I was a Hypermart, and it’s highly possible I was in a bad mood (long line, shift change, running out of change). So I finally get to the check-out, I’m watching the items being scanned, and also the digital readout screen. Their was one item left in the basket, I glanced at total screen which said 780p, the last item is scanned and the the final price/receipt goes up 1300p (where did the extra 500p come from ???). Maybe i missed something or blinked but this surprised me enough that I looked at the reciept…and still couldn’t figure out why the final tally was so high or higher than it should have been.
      I briefly questioned the cashier (blank stare), and then I went to “Customer service”… same thing. Manager=no problem sir/Blank Stare. I go home mumbling/cursing etc…
      I might be 100% wrong… but a year later, I still have a feeling I was ripped off.
      Yeah Yeah Yeah I know…Just let it go.

    2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      I was at SM department store buying sheets and pillows, stuff like that. They had what looked like those foam “space age” pillows that conformed to you. They were on sale at something like P299. Bring all our stuff to the checkout. The pillows ring up something like P499. I told the clerk ringing it up and pointed over to the sale sign for the pillows which you could see from the register.
      Clerk: Yes sir they are on sale for P299 but they scan P499.
      Me: Well can you fix it.
      Clerk: No sir, they rang up P499.
      Me: What is this, a scam, on sale P299 but ring up P499?
      Clerk: No sir not a scam.
      Me: Can you get the manager and check it out.
      Wife stays at register, I stroll around looking at things waiting for manager to show up. Wife comes over and tells me manager says it is not a scam, they are on sale for P299.
      Me: So they are going to fix it so they are P299.
      Wife: No, she said they ring up at P499.
      Me: Wait a minute. The manager says they ARE on sale for P299 and it isn’t a scam. But they ring up at P499 and that is what we would have to pay?
      Wife: Yes. The manager says it is not a scam. Do you want them still?
      Me: This can’t be for real. I got to talk to her, she can’t be serious, that makes no sense.
      Wife: But she said it’s not a scam, they are on sale but they just scan the wrong price.
      Me: But they won’t give us the sale price?
      Wife: Yes, but they are on sale.
      Me: Good grief.
      So I go over to the manager to verify what my wife had just told me.
      Me: The pillows are on sale for P299?
      Manager: Yes sir, it’s not a scam.
      Me: So you will correct it and charge me P299 like the sign says.
      Manager: No sir, the register scans P499, but the sale is not a scam.
      Me: Ok, it is not a scam. They are on sale for P299. The register just scans P499. But you are not going to charge me P299, you are going to charge me P499? Is that correct?
      Manager: Yes sir. Do you want them? It is not a scam.
      Me: No!!! Call it what you like, that isn’t right. Take them off, I don’t want them.
      Everything had been rung up and put into bags. It was a good amount of stuff. Do they take the two pillows out and void them on the receipt. NO!!! They void the whole receipt, take everything out of the bags and start all over from the beginning, minus the two pillow.
      I guess as long as it is not a scam it is ok to not charge you the price they are on sale for, lol. wtf.

    3. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      “she said sorry i cannot give you a refund”. Of course it’s illegal. In Davao I have had the prices not match or be more than I wanted to pay for something. But I have never had a problem getting them to take the item off as long as I have not walked away from the register. I watch the prices as they ring up, if they ever refused to fix it I would just walk away and let them keep the shit and not pay it.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Pocket wifi so slow. They stated its unlimited wifi and mobile internet for the 5 days. However halfway through the second day of off, so I went to the store. There they said it is unlimited but you can only download 1.5 gigabytes of data per day then it stops. So then I asked her, then it is not unlimited Internet as there is clearly a limit on it. She said, “no it is unlimited” . We went back and forth for about 10 minutes with me try to explain to her what unlimited means. She still did not get it. I don’t know how you can get away with false advertising like that or just flat out lying to your face.

        1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          They twist the meaning of words and concepts. The “connection” is unlimited for the 5 days. You can connect all you want for the 5 days. Downloading and data transfer is a whole separate thing.

        2. Profile gravatar of TightWired

          Their is no Consumer Protection in the country…Oh wait a Minute…Their is consumer protection dept, BUT the same people that run that part of the gov’t also belong to the same family or are in the pockets of families that run the companies. The gov’t has absolutely no reason so enforce these rules…why the fuck should they…???? As long as the average Fili-Fail continues to keep voting the same families in to office, their is no incentive to fix anything.
          You ever wonder why the TV news never reports on this shit…because the same guy that owns SM also owns the TV station (or controls it).

      2. Profile gravatar of Beavis

        That is exactly what I do. I was just about to say that about the pillows, I would have just walked away from the whole thing. If they refuse to do their jobs correctly like that, then I just refuse to do business there.

        I did run into a problem a while back. My wife started getting pissed at me, because we were in a smaller town and we were running out of places that I would actually go to. The solution is to “reset” every six months or so.

        And believe it or not, that “reset” still doesn’t work. Most recently, we went to a restaurant that I boycotted for the past 6 months. I ordered a beer. “Not in stock, sir”. Long story short, they had 9 kinds of beer on the menu – but only 1 kind was in stock. I told the waitress, fuck it, I will just walk to the 7-Eleven across the parking lot, and I will get my beer there.

        And that’s what I did. The beer there was in stock, and less expensive too. Bye!

  4. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    The stupidity happens when people write out receipts eg.

    2 pesos RECEIPT TICKET – visiting a CR
    buying a beer!
    small items under 20 pesos ….
    full receipts are given

  5. Profile gravatar of Mike

    The apartments I live in rent for 8,500 a month for a two bedroom with cable. Well not too long ago a Puregold opened up in town and the manager was looking for a place to live. Since Puregold moved him here they were paying for his rent and such. So said pinoy manager looks at a few empty apartments and picks one that rents for 8,000 a month and what does he do but ask the owners to write the receipt for 10,000 so he can get a 2,000 a month from Puregold after he submits the rent receipts. Normal for a filipino right? But it gets better.

    While this manager was trying to shaft Puregold for an extra 2,000 a month he was demanding that the owners provide paperwork proving they were the owners, had a legal right to rent and that they did pay taxes to BIR on the apartments. He demanded that they prove they were honest while he was scamming!

  6. Profile gravatar of Mike

    There is another one you need to watch for. Your at the checkout with your full cart, pay and off you go. When home you unpack and put up only to find they scanned something 2 or 3 times that you only had one of. I can see them making the list in their head keeping tally of what they scanned more than once.
    “So when I get off that’s 2 liters of oil, 3 loaves of bread, 1 strip of Pantene, 4 packs of Sky Flakes. Now I’m forgetting something. I should thank the customers I fucked and say a prayer for them.”

  7. Profile gravatar of HawkEye

    Ah receipts lol. We employee a large number of sales reps and i could write books on how filipinos scam employers. But my favorite one is reps actually having OR booklets printed which are then used ro liquidate bullshit expenses. Need an accountant with a good eye to catch on to this scam. But geez theyre creative at scamming.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      They are ”resilient”!!!!!
      Because they are quick to scam, steal,, stick their hands and say ”gimme money”, invent all sorts of excuse to charge more money!!
      I see another ”NGO” organisation on my f/book trying to help these people. I googled their outfit and they had about ten white eyed ”directors” on their board of directors. Why do I smell scam and see their hands stuck for more money for 5 star hotels and business class tickets!!!
      He also said he never seen any corruption here! Maybe he is hiding behind a wall of lawyers.

  8. Profile gravatar of pulubi

    Easy scam for theifinoy is “no barya”. They always think that if you speak english and been overseas that you wont bother with the barya. If you ask for it, they get irritated and make you feel guilty. They make you look like your poor asking for the barya. Few pesos here and there sooner or later its thousand pesos. LOL

  9. Profile gravatar of Beavis

    Chris Brown came to the Philippines for a concert, and now he isn’t being allowed to leave the country. Time for another shakedown!

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      You need to read what they did to the Beatles back in the 70’s. They really did a shakedown on then so much, it cost them money to perform in the Philippines. Not to mention they assaulted the Beatles as well. I think it was McCarty who said, ” if I had an atomic bomb I would go there and drop it on them”.
      John Lennon said, “I’ll never go there again, be on a plane that stops there or even fly over it”.
      Several musicians refused to tour in the Philippines for about 20 years after that.
      So more pignoys getting greedy and ruining for everyone. Ah, thats the Filipino way!

  10. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    ”’He performed that night as originally planned, but the order was put in place in an attempt to get Brown to pay back money he was accused of owing to a religious group in the country for not showing up to a performance in 2014.”

    It sounds as though he came back into the country and performed a concert. As usual, they were were waiting for him.. I would think they have insurance for these sorts of things.
    OF COURSE, it all boils to MONEY!!!!!!!!!

  11. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    I never heard of any news items of Chris Brown not attending a concert. A lawsuit could have been launched to settle the issue.
    However dis is da feelippines, this is how we do it.

    1. Profile gravatar of Beavis

      It’s nothing, really. He canceled a concert last year that was supposed to happen at a coliseum that INC owned, and that is why you see the reference to a mysterious “religious organization” in news reports (I knew it had to be INC the moment I saw how intentionally vague the reports were). Happens all the time. It’s not like INC ever suffered any real loss, either, except they probably had to issue refunds which is an affront because it isn’t part of the “culture”.

      And let’s not forget how politically connected INC is, not that that would have anything at all to do with it. Naw, never.

      So Chris Brown was due to perform in Hong Kong in a matter of hours, but he was held back. It’s costing him money, and the longer he stays in the country, the more money it’s costing him. Very clever – too clever by half, really – and an obvious shakedown with no real legal basis. He’s just going to have to pay INC their bribe to “settle”, otherwise he’s stuck. An obvious warning to any foreign performer who might want to come to the Philippines.

      I don’t even like Chris Brown, just it’s instructive to see how they will use the same shakedown tactics against any foreigner, no matter how famous. Fuck the Philippines.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Yeah, they are a large new age Catholic offshoot religion. The guy who started it wreaks of a charlatan. They demand 10% from their members and sell them proper church attire. They do help the followers find jobs if needed, so that’s better than the catholics.
        However, they are very corrupt as well. They are deeply entrenched in politics and other facets of government like customs,fir some reason.
        All politicians have to meet with their leaders cause they tell their flock who to vote for. They receive lots of money and favors to get the masses to vote people into power.
        They are not am old religion, but they are all over the Philippines.

        1. Profile gravatar of JamesR

          That 10% adds up and then they go waste $200 million on the stupid Philippine Arena so they can host Chris Brown and Katy Perry concerts. Chris Brown and Katy Perry are not exactly the word of God.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            What’s going to be interesting is what Brown says about the philippines when he does get out.

        2. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

          Iglesia in Cristo is what mainstream Christian denominations refer to as a cult, not unlike the Moonies and Jehovah Witnesses, where the leadership wields a lot of power over their members. This cult is one of the largest landowners in the country, thanks in a large part to working with the politicians and gaining government money and land I. Exchange for votes from their members–corrupt to the core like everything else there.

          The comment about dropping an atomic bomb on the country came from George Harrison following the Beatles’ horrific experience in that poor-excuse-for-a-country in 1966. Nothing ever changes there. Sigh….

  12. Profile gravatar of Mike

    INC was started by a filipino named Manalo at the start of WW1. His claim that it is the church Jesus restarted was based on:
    1.) He got his charter to start the church from the PI gov the day actiul shooting started in WW1.
    2.) He quoted a bible passage that said the church would be rebuild in the East and a land of many islands.

    Some other facts to consider:
    1.) The church “leader” who started it was Felix Manalo.
    2.) When Felix died his son took over.
    3.) When the son died the grandson took over.
    4.) Now the great grandson is being groomed to take over.
    Anyone beside me see a trend of a family owned business here?
    5.) INC is mostly a filipino church. If you look at their magazines they issue every few months it will show pics of people in church. No matter what country the church is in most followers are filipino.
    6.) Members of the church are not allowed to run for any elected political office. Yet the INC tells them who to vote for and they do.
    7.) INC followeres are not allowed to marry or date except other INC followers.
    8.) They use 26 different versions of the bible to get the answer that suits their need. Some INC members brought me about 12 of the magazines and in those I counted the 26 different versions of the bible to questions asked by followers.

    Here is the way I see INC. They are in the business of making money just like the catholic church. The difference if the INC is a family run business. Then consider if you will how the filipinos went ape shit when the church made a filipino a saint a few years back. Now if the went ape shit with joy over that then stands to reason they will run to a pinoy who claimed he was Gods prophet and throw money at him. I like how Felix Manalo ignores the fact that the bible says that Jesus warned of one thing:
    “Beware of false prophets. As I am the last and when I am gone there will be no others.”

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Hang on, God just told me that there are two things he wants done:
      1.) Filo change his PFB screen name to Moses The Second as he is leading many people out of insanity with PFB.
      2.) God said all PFB members should open their hearts and send me $100 a month every month for the rest of my life. He said make sure it’s USD. He also said this one is more important than the first one.

    2. Profile gravatar of pulubi

      Manalo fooled a lot of people but at least he earned it. He found a way to make money and he capitalize on it. I believe his son owned a lot of rare muscle car at one point. Not sure if they still have it. Maybe they move on to super cars.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Gotta run. Had the shits since Sunday. Think crapped enough to fill an Olympic size swimming pool already. Ok, everyone can start with the shitty situation jokes now. Wife says I should act more filipino. So, should I go out to the corner and shit under the street light in front of the bars?

        Few things worse than walking around days on end with your asshole puckered to the size of a decimal point.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          MICK, What do you think of us?????????
          C how you are ?????????
          Shitty Jokes NEVER !!!!!!!!!!!!
          There are those that have been there and those that will be there in the same situation.
          Eat that clogging white rice they eat, that would bind up an elephant.
          I hope you haven’t been eating any CHILLI that can be a bummer. DOWN DOWN DOWN!!!!!!!!!!
          Burning Ring of Fire

    3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      Do not be surprised if Brown has to sign a confidentially agreement. The arena owner could have sued him for breach of contract here or in the usa. Some fans were complaining about refunds. Save your breath on that silly notion.
      Anyway I think Brown is up shit creek without a paddle. Of course the lawyers will piss everybody off to make it last longer. Of course all parties will be pointing to at each other.
      It is interesting to note that they informed Brown only when he was to depart.
      Interesting timing!!!!!!

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Its the way they work, wait until the right time when you have him in a vice then squash him.
        Whatever happens too him, I dont really care, there was some shit about him a few years back, with his GF.
        But once he is outside the cuntry, watch the first PRESS CONFRENCE in the USA.
        No freedom of speech in the PI, but they wont be able to touch him there.

        1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          “have him in a vice then squash him”
          Leopards in the reeds…. Beware of that blank stare from your pinay when trying to explain to her the ways of the world, she just may be waiting for the right moment to pounce and teach you the ways of her world….

  13. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Wasn’t Brown the thug who beat up his GF Rhianna years ago? does anyone really pay to watch him sing and dance?
    The guy don’t sing….he makes noises! And he doesn’t dance either. He makes jerky, epileptic kind of movements. I get to watch plenty of that at work…for free!

  14. Profile gravatar of Thunderhead

    My GF is head of HR. She’s caught the janitors screwing off on many occasions and last week laid down the law. Either work or I will terminate your contract with your agency and make sure no one ever hires you again. She’s caught them eating breakfast while on the clock, standing around texting, etc and is plenty ticked over it. She’s prepared the drop the hammer on at least two of them and is waiting. A janitor’s job is much better than working in a field of sugar cane. They might realize what they’ve lost if they exhibit crappy behavior.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      What other country has a core focus of exporting none other than its best workers!! Theres a compete “brain drain” (sorry that’s an oxymoron like applying the words military intelligence in this case) but there’s abbrain drain of the countries best and brightest workers. In your example its a janitor.. It don’t matter. I employed IT workers to maids in the past and I will never again. The people left in the Philippines if they haven’t jumped ship to work overseas are useless!! Fucking useless.

      1. The education system like an IT diploma includes units of PE and English
      2. They are highly distracted. Texting and making calls in work time.
      3. They arrive late.
      4. They use all sorts of excuses not to do what they were told to do.
      5. Given flexible hours

      Because I’m a nice guy and don’t ask them to pay for uniform.. Don’t ask for them to pay searches like school cert..NBI etc AND I lay cash weekly. You would think they would say wow!! Thankyou thanku sir.. I love you..wanna kiss that ass of yours.

      NO!!!! FILIPINO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF NICE PEOPLE like emotional vampires and find an entry point to your nice approach of being “fair” instead they think I’m an easy target and want to dig away at trying it on even more than the rewards they are provided!!

      they are left to go back to working for a Filipino who will treat them like shit. Treat them like dumb monkeys. Yep. The Filipinos gravitate to the hardest road in life as that’s what they like THE HARD ROAD and everyone to see this through their narcissistic ways. After leaving me they have
      1. Pay penalties..get deductions on wages
      1. Buy their uniforms and work gear
      3. Supply clearances.. I’d.. Sss. Nbi etc at their costcost
      4. Fake claims for hours worked

      could be 1500-3000 pesos they’ve just added to getting a new job.

      Don’t that sound dumb?
      It does, but most of the workers that are left are indifferent. Yes.. The financials and the hassle that you and I would normal find is no problem to Filipinos AS THEY ARE INDIFFERENT
      ATTITUDE sucks.. Indifference being couldn’t care a less. They are there or they mihht not as well be there but the job is nothing more than a boredom filler.

      other workers I have had have tried to put fake claims for work time in. I’m talking accountanting staff.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        I had a brother in law working for me, I only needed him two days a week and was flexible on those he could work anywhere if he needed to and I would work in with his schedule.
        He has 3 children and a wife.
        I paid him 1000peso a week plus he was fed and stayed with us overnight, if he worked on weekends he brought the wife and kids who stayed with us and were fed too.
        Did this work out NOPE .
        He kept getting drunk, and trying his macho shit on the child bride the moment I was away.
        The child bride sacked him.
        He now works as a security guard earning 2000 peso a week for working 7 days and he has to pays for everything. So gets some thing like 1500 a week net.
        So that idiot only had to keep his macho shit to himself and stay on the straight and narrow, He now works 5 days for 500 peso. that’s how I measure it.
        What amazed me is where he got the booze, I thought at first he was stealing mine, but nope, we tracked it down to an Illegal Sari sari store in the residential area, since shut down. But the legal shops approx a kilometer away.

  15. Profile gravatar of

    I am a product developer (mostly retailing/POS software) and let me just comment on the computation of Senior Citizen discount. From the selling price of Php929.00, senior discount computation should be;

    DiscountAmt = (Selling Price / 1.12) x 20%

    VAT is 12% and senior discount is another 20%… so the “correct” amount of discount is supposed to be; Php165.89