Receipts. Pt.2

Yes it’s me again with receipts. Just found out that even computers can’t be trusted here. Me myself I work as programmer, so when I noticed this glitch I had to double check it several times, even created Excel spreadsheet to do calculation for me. And it’s still the same, horrorful truth – filipino computer at BI office can’t do basic math like summing up several values.

Actually it was double scam. Back in august I was too busy with my work so my mother went to BI together with my friend. They both have basic english level, so it goes alright when it’s normal operation, but this time they were tricked into some shit. There was some “IMPOTENT MITING BA” at bureau of immigration so officer on duty transfered them to next floor to extend their visas. Apparently there’s no BI office, but instead they have NBI there. So they were finger-printed, paid some 150 pesos each (with official receipt not stating what it was paid for though), and were told that visa is valid for one more month. Or so my friend understood them. Anyway, no sticker in their passports whatsoever. So when I heard about it I realised it’s sort of scam, wasn’t able to get how pinoy could get profit here but some regular stupidness could be noticed without any binoculars.

I went to BI together with my mom and of course she was charged with overstaying penalty (500 for 1 month) and plus 500 more for “MOSHON SA REKONSERASHON BA”. You all know they just love these extra fees, right? I imagine there’s some special department which only work is to compose new random titles for additional fees. So she paid that amount, extended with sticker and off we went. And my friend came there later alone and here’s what he was given.

Try to sum it up by yourself and you'll be very surprised.

Try to sum it up by yourself and you’ll be very surprised.

Here’s some payment slip with total amount due 6025, while actual sum of all the fees is 7605 and then there’s also handwritten “total” of 9525. He said that after filipino printer spit out this shit after filipino computer generated this shit there was some other shitty filipino officer who used his ballpen to state correct amount due. Shit! Good thing friend didn’t pay this, and we’ll have to investigate this nonsense later, but for all of you it’s just one more warning, always be alert in this 24/7 circus around.

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      I fuckin love your DBZ reference Angel, you just earned some cool points in my book. Ironically, DBZ evolution is playing on STAR MOVIES now (Time Stamp: 11:24pm), it’s on channel 47 if you have CABLELINK in the metro manila area.

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    Speaking of the BI, I really do find it bogus how they charge an Express lane fee for every transaction. Thing is, it’s not like there is another line? Isn’t there a non-express lane? Nope, EVERY lane by default is an express lane and it’s inevitable that you will pay that bullshit fee just for standing in the same line as everyone else. This is fuckin retarded!

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      Kane Malarky

      FAFI, this reminds me of what happened when I paid for an exit clearance; 500 pesos at the BI in Cebu City, but instead on the receipt the line item was listed as 500 pesos express lane fee. When I got to the airport in Manila I was holding the physical exit clearance, but that wasn’t good enough. They needed to see 500 pesos exit clearance paid on the receipt. They blamed me and insisted the receipt was wrong. I said it is not my problem. So, the jerks kept dicking me around, and caused me to almost miss my flight. OMG, it was really touch and go for a few minutes. Such unbelievable nonsense. What did Forest Gump say

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      Don Quixote

      I asked that exact question, at the Olongapo Office of the BI.
      I was told that the express Fee was so we did not have to go all the way to Manila.
      I asked why do you have an office here, the answer to service all the tourists .
      I assumed that in order to not pay the express fee I could drop everything off and pick it up in a few days, you know NON EXPRESS!!!
      So they charge everyone who uses Olongapo an Express Fee.
      Fucking Thieves doing the job they are paid for.Want extra, I do check it is always on the receipt and written in the passport, so they are obviously not pocketing it, just ripping off tourists.
      Visit the Philippines its more fun.
      Down to two visits a year now.
      The Don

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        Yeah that Olongapo BI officer was just pullin your leg. You are not paying that express lane fee to avoid going to Manila, bcuz why the fuck am I paying an express lane fee, AND I AM IN MANILA!!! It seems like no matter what BI office you visit here in Philippines, an express lane fee will always go with your order like a prize that comes with a box of cereal. They don’t offer a slow way because there is no slow way. I find it utterly pathetic that they charge you an express lane fee because it still take them fuckin ages to still do their job.

        This express lane fee is just the Philippine’s way of saying “FUCK YOU” to all foreigners. That’s why Philippines have KTV bars because it gives foreigners the opportunity to fuck this country right back! I seriously never heard of any country that does this, but Philippines just manages to get away with everything. I can’t wait for the day til this country is blown to hell.

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      Everytime I go through the local airport I give the lady a hard time about the “terminal fee”.
      Me: Why do I have to pay a terminal fee?
      Her: For the terminal
      Me: Isn’t that included in my ticket?
      Her: no
      Me: Do I have to use the terminal? Can I just go around so I don’t use the terminal?
      Her: No.
      Me: So again, why is it not included in the ticket cost?
      Her: Because it is separate sir.
      Me: Why not include it? I mean, in the USA or any other country I’ve traveled, they never ask for more money.
      Her: (Blank stare). 150 pesos sir
      Me: Do I get free breakfast or lunch?
      Her: No
      Me: Do I get free Wi-Fi?
      Her: No sir
      Me: So what do I get? I mean, can you please explain the additional fee to me cause I don’t understand as I’ve already paid for the ticket.
      Her: Terminal fee sir. Use of terminal.
      Me: So, you are charging me something without proper explanation? You are charging me to sit and wait for my airplane. It seems you are just charging me for no reason. Do you think this extra charge is fair? I mean, the x-ray machine and metal detectors are broken so where does the money go?
      Her: (blank stare).
      Me: So is that why the Philippines is always called the “FEE-lippines”? Because of all the excess fees you guys are always charging?
      Her: Please don’t say that.

      I look at the extra fees as an excuse to give them a hard time. If I have to pay P150 for no reason, I’m not going to get mad about it, but I will annoy them with as much passive-aggressive BS as I can get away with. Sadly, it makes me feel better.

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        Random Numbers

        In other countries the taxes are hidden, added on to your ticket – sometimes you see them spelled out, but often you don’t. Here they collect it at the airport, partly to give some people jobs, but more I think because they don’t trust the airlines to be honest and remit the taxes owed – a sentiment which I concur with, do you trust the businesses here to act honestly if you aren’t watching? I actually like paying at the airport, because I have bought ridiculously low-priced tickets during fare sales, and not been able to use them. It sucks to be out the money, but at least I didn’t give the government any!

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    Paid customs last month for the package my mom sent to us with the clohes for the baby. Paid 1500. Asked them to call the customs so we could get a explanation on it. They didnt have a no. Ok they shaw us the price and the receipt. We look on it and said ok what to do. We payed and went home. Back home we looked on the receipt sayong P150. I guess we got screwed. 6 months more and Im back in Poland together with my wife. Than al those people that is saying you dont like it go home can fuck themselfs. Yeah Im going home and never return.Before I will go I will close al the doors so I will be sure I will never be able to enter this motherfucking country. Thank you 🙂

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      The idiots who say that care nothing for their country. Sometimes the ones with the most pride are the ones who care less about their country. Not to mention the expats who don’t really complain, but can’t take the corruption anymore or the tourists who got scammed and tell everyone what a corrupt shit-hole the place is. If every foreigner simply went home, it would have a huge impact on local economy. Of course, they don’t care. They only care to show “pride” when insulted, not in the daily life or with actual care for their community.
      Best thing about living in the shit-hole Philippines is you will greatly appreciate your country.

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    Thats why Im tired of this things and dont want to stay here anymore. Dont want to get pissed off every time I go out.

    About complaining; It will not help a shit since majority of the people here dont complain. Before I came here I didint knew a shit. If anybody will ask me if they should go here, I will tell them to visit Thailand or some other country instead.

    “Best thing about living in the shit-hole Philippines is you will greatly appreciate your country. ”

    Amen. I could say it better. Philippines is the best country to see that.

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      Yep, gonna get married soon. The fiance and I are in the planning stage. Basically, I want the smallest wedding possible in the Philippines for the legal purposes and for the local families. Then I want to do a decent size wedding in Thailand where all my friends and family from the USA will attend. Unfortunately, I’m part Filipino so I have ties to the Philippines with my mother here so I have to get married in this dump, and even more annoying is I think I have to get the Catholic Church involved and pay those dirty, corrupt pedophiles.
      I’d much rather my American buddies and family meet me in Thailand. I’d feel responsible if something bad happened to them or I’d feel the need to explain the typical scams and BS fees the country/ culture is always trying to pull. Thailand is so much better. It’s cleaner, safer, more organized, more tourists to make you feel safer, cheaper in many ways, more activities, no random fees, not so many people begging at every turn, not so many people scamming at every turn, easier travel within the country, better airports, and just an overall better experience.

      So when these fuckers say, “If you don’t like it, then leave.” I say, “gladly” and I also say, “I never recommend anyone visit this shithole cause I always tell them to vacation or retire in Thailand”. They want the money, but they don’t want to hear anyone actually state the obvious or make the necessary changes to benefit everyone in society. It makes me feel I’m doing my part to keep this awful culture from scamming more people. Let them have their “pinoy pride” along with their corruption, poverty, stupidity, and filth.

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        Random Numbers

        Thailand recognizes the importance of tourism to their country. They say it is about 6% of their GDP, but I would say probably closer to 12% as much of it is in the untaxed economy, and therefor the government doesn’t really know it’s impact – plus they have pride too, and don’t want to admit how much it is! They make foreigners feel safe, they have Tourist Police to smooth things over with tourists, explain the cultural differences, and you are right, much less polluted and much better street food! If they ever learn English to any extent, I think tourism to the Philippines will drop even more, as I have had other farang in Thailand tell me they didn’t visit Philippines because they didn’t feel safe going there!

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    Yep choose Thailand. I got married here in the PH but away from all that shit. Just me my wife her sister and my friend. Much better and cheaper.

    Now after some months we will go to Thailand for the next 6months since the launch a new 6 months visa over there and fix the papers for my wife and daughter ( there is no polish embassy in this country). I wish we could stay there for longer time but their visa system is little harder.

    But generally a smart choice. Get married over there. Still SEA but better people, better internet, less scam and less fake people. Still Sea but better than Philipinnes.

    PM me we can have a beer in Thailand than 🙂