Red tape, yellow tape…what does it matter?

Pinoy repair job

How to fix a rear bumper..Pinoy style!

As I was parking my car at the local mall to avoid yet another flash flood, I came across this beauty.  It got me thinking…..wasn’t this the perfect metaphor for the many things that go wrong around here that never have to go wrong?  Let’s apply this image to other areas of the Philippines, shall we?





With so many problems going on, the government here never fails to nail the not-so-relevant issues first.  I present to you the “Anti-Planking Law”.  For anyone who isn’t in the know about what “planking” is, it’s what young kids were doing a couple of years ago to show off.  They’d lay face down on the ground, stiff as a board.  It was soon followed by “Owling”, which, as you can guess, was perching like an owl on various objects.

How does this come across as a fail?  Well, in the middle of all of the issues that need addressing, such as a divorce bill and anti-poverty laws and increasing the police force, the government thought that this bill was a priority because some college students were doing it in uniform.  This bill was rushed right on through.  Meanwhile, battered and abused and neglected spouses have to wait for it to even be talked about.  To harp on the divorce point a little more, no less than 3 senators filed bills immediately after the RH bill was passed that would make it unconstitutional to even bring up a divorce bill ever again.  Yep.  They don’t fix problems.  They gag them with as much red tape and stupidity as possible.


Most intelligent nations understand that a portion of tax dollars goes towards helping the less fortunate.  You use tax dollars to create jobs, provide low income housing, and initiate programs to care for the sick and the children.  Not here.  The best I’ve seen so far is about 100 USD a year if you keep your kids in school.  Of course, there’s no oversight on it, which is why you see 6 year old girls out at midnight begging from strangers in cars while their parents are nearby passed out drunk.  Yet you’ll hear VP Binay brag about his social welfare programs.

Public Works/construction:

Perhaps one of the best examples.  First, every road is concrete.  Not easily repairable asphalt.  Concrete.  So every repair job is an epic task that has that lane of traffic blocked off for nearly a week.  But it doesn’t stop there.  If there’s a hole in the road, no one can be bothered to block it off with any kind of warnings.  Instead, you might get lucky if someone puts a bucket there…but nobody will.  I’ve already lost one transmission to this gem.  As you move on to building construction, you feel a sense of hope that at least some of these idiots will die.  Just one look at the bamboo (yes, bamboo!) scaffolding 20 stories up…swaying in the breeze…makes you hope for a rapid hurricane to shake off the morons like a bad case of fleas.  It’s a fantasy I live over and over again as there are…I don’t know…thousands of unfinished condo buildings here in the city.  I have no idea what the obsession is with condos around here when most of t he 20 million people in Manila can’t even afford more than 5-10k pesos a month for rent anyways.  But, this is what you get when the president spends millions of pesos to go overseas to beg for more “infrastructure investment”, without specifying what those investments should be.  To the Chinese, it’s happily building cheap buildings with cheap labor to charge stupid amounts of rent.  More tape to hold it together instead of just fixing it right the first time.

Legal Stuff:

I’m often remembering some things about the states that I’ve come to appreciate.  First and foremost is the amount of safety you have in taking things to court when you’ve been wronged.  If someone damages your property, take them to court if they won’t pay.  If your workplace is unsafe, report it to OSHA.  If you get part of a finger in your chili, file a lawsuit.  Some may say that the US is lawsuit happy, but it works in your favor in many ways, not the least of which is a big company afraid of a lawsuit.  It keeps things more honest and safe.

However, that doesn’t work here.  Sure, there IS a process to handle things legally….if you have 2 to 20 years to wait for it to be resolved.  There’s filing it…then the long wait for a response…then you have to file again….then they have to schedule a raffle to judge your case…then you have to file again…and wait for a response again.  And to top it off, they can just decide the case isn’t worth reviewing anymore and shelve it indefinitely.  That, of course, depends on how much of a “donation” you gave to the lucky judge who got your case.  But the point here is that they’ve put up so much red tape in the process, you can’t actually FIX anything.  There are procedures that say you have to talk about whether to even talk about something, and then you have to schedule another couple of readings before a discussion about whether or not to vote on it is possible.  Then they schedule the vote.  Even after a law gets passed around here, it takes 3-5 years before it goes into effect.


So, in a nutshell, I just wanted to use something stupid I saw to make a point about other stupidity I’ve seen.  It rained today, and because the DPW says that the MMDA won’t give them the permits to upgrade the drainage system, my neighborhood gets flooded unless I move the car to higher ground.  Yep…more pointless tape.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Alicia Cummings
    Alicia Cummings

    On public works/construction I remember a story a long time ago when there was this chemicals company whose manager was so excited to introduce their product in the Philippines/government. They have created this (I don’t know if it’s cement or asphalt but it has a chemical combination w/c will make it very durable so there will be little need for reconstruction, etc.). Pretty soon he found that WILL NOT WORK in the Philippines. This is because the government officials PREFER non-durable materials. They want to construct & reconstruct roads endlessly. This is so they can get “kick-back.” So expect more & more of this till eternity especially they say that now ELECTION IS NEAR (Read: 2016). Politicians need to do EVERYTHING THEY CAN to earn enough money for the campaign.

    1. Profile gravatar of Penance
      Penance Post author

      In a similar story, there was a Filipino that actually invented a car that ran on water. It worked. There was video proof of it. Yet the Philippines government wouldn’t allow him to patent it. He eventually just sold it to NASA. Can you imagine the jobs and economy the Philippines could have had if it was making cars that ran on water??

      No, you can’t. That would require brains on the part of the government.

  2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

    “However, that doesn’t work here. Sure, there IS a process to handle things legally….if you have 2 to 20 years to wait for it to be resolved. There’s filing it…then the long wait for a response…then you have to file again….then they have to schedule a raffle to judge your case…then you have to file again…and wait for a response again. And to top it off, they can just decide the case isn’t worth reviewing anymore and shelve it indefinitely.”
    Which is probably why:

    1. They just opt to kill each other instead
    2. Have no fear of law, and ask for coffee after offing someone a few feet away.

  3. Profile gravatar of Todd

    The tape on that car is hilarious. LOL!!! Of course, what do you expect, that they will really fix the car? After all, these are the same people that totally misunderstand the Calvin pissing on something stickers you see on cars. I mean, these people put the Calvin pissing on the word Diesel on their freaking Diesel pickup truck. They just do not get American culture. Can you imagine seeing an American putting a Calvin pissing on the Ford logo on their Ford pickup truck?

  4. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

    Where I was living was at least 1.5 hours from dumaguete it was north, we had to drive on a sealed road. On that road when they needed to do repairs, they would spread a thin layer of tar then a centimetre thick layer of dirt haha that really fine dirt that clogs everything.. and they would leave it there for a few days EVERYTIME. It was the way they operated. I was always doing max speed when I came across these …these…..unnatural disasters, the top speed of the van was only 113 km/hr or 65mph but these dirt piles would be anywhere the road they needed them, in corners was absolutely not rare, and also I had to vie for position on the country roads with trucks and motorbikes and the other rabble I was overtaking.. true story it was fine dirt that made you skid every time (if you used the brakes while crossing it).

    One of the other road works issues I had was encountered when they decided to tar only one side of the road on a two lane two way highway, and they didn’t put any signs up either . So one side of the road was about 5 inches higher than the other (both were evenly black) there were potholes in the road too on a massive straight near canefields where I also inadvertently was doing top speed of 113kmhr or 65mph, I can imagine if I didn’t see it at daylight first and I was trying to overtake on a motorbike doing just over 113kmr..i would be dead, not just spiritually as I am now..

    Also a few times I came across a pile of nondescript junk on the road at night that was meant to stop you travelling in that lane . This was also on the straight, and it didn’t have any reflectors lol I almost crashed into a pit that was dug in the road of course( probably two feet deep) with squealing brakes in a van that was doing top speed of course at night…in the cheapest van available on earth.

    your’e right yellow tape reed tape what does it matter, just put it on the fucking road to give me some type of warning m&**&*fuk7*%$s