Religion Should Be Put In Its Place In The Philippines.

Filipinos are blinded by religion.  They might talk the talk and walk the walk but that only applies to themselves and within the family.  Outside of that sphere eg. the evironment, other filipinos Gods rules don’t apply.

Corruption flourishes, Tax avoidance, scamming tourists and people including themselves, killing each other – all flourishes in a country claiming it honours God and its teachings. 

So when will we see an investigation into religious establishments in the Philippines?  Many countries overseas are investigating religious groups eg. Catholic church for the money flows, sexual abuse and coverups especially of paedophile priests.  Do you think it only happens in the US, UK, Canada, Australia etc or would it be happening in the Philippines.

The church has too much power in the Philippines and abuses that power.  They even used church money to fight for the reproductive health bill.

I have been following the Royal Commission enquiries in Australia.  The Sydney Catholic Dioscese is a billion dollar empire.  They have a large real estate portfolio (as all around the world) which would be the envy of any manager.  They pay no rates for these properties most of which sit there unused.
“The Royal Commission just reported the Archdiocese of Sydney’s assets are $1.2 billion and it makes hundreds of millions in profit a year and pays no tax or capital gains tax”.

I remember living next to various churches and on Sunday mornings being woken at 5:30am to speakers being placed outside the church loudly broadcasting the mass.  To make matters worse, these empty headed, religiously abused nutters would walk past my place at 4:30am with loudhailers and singing.
Absolutely no respect.  Listen to the cars tooting at 4:30am – like ZERO respect for peoples sleep.


Next time you go past a Mormon church, notice something? How much money has been spent for a start but that the basketball courts behind high security fences are never used OR SHARED. The “other kids” in the area have to play on the street.

The church refuses to embrace equality, both internally and move forward the theoligical development into modern times, adopting modern concepts especially thar of gender equality.  I don’t know about democracy within the church but it doesn’t seem that democratic – its all men!

Religious groups, catholic, chistian, muslims condemn homosexuals and homsexuality as sinful defining them as disordered even if they are acting in a mutually loving, monogamous relationship.

These groups largely deny women th ability to use modern technology and medicine to control their fertility, even though Pope Francis told us this year that we no longer “need to breed like rabbits.”  They used parishner money to fight to the highest courts in the Philippines against the governments birth control measures.

Divorce is illegal in the Philippines.  Another fucked up church edict.  Divorce basically is the churches way of saying  people they have failed as Christians – even if the marriage was abusive or if their spouse was cheating on them – and denies them access to the sacraments.  Cheating is a common thing in the Philippines as is lying and abusing another persons trust.

Priests are no doubt appointed without any consultation and moved around parishes.  Bishops and Cardinals are appointed with no consultation of the people.  Have you ever tried to consult with a filipino anyway?  The church also thinks having celibate (how do we know?) male priests and bishops will tell us the proper role about sexuality and relationships, or what it is to be a good parent and run a proper family and address childs needs.  What the fuck? They have no experience to direct appropriately.  Supposedly being celebate means they have ZERO experience to direct guidance on sexual and family relationships.

Its obvious that the church tells women they are not capable of representing Jesus Christ in the role of a priest.

Filipinos are blinded by an outdated institution that doesnt embrace modernity, outdated theology, structures and rules.
Its all about maintaining the assets, the properties, getting in more money, building the parish.
In one word – ITS A BUSINESS.

What about the way the Filipinos treat children?  Not very well.  When theres a major conference of overseas delegates the children are rounded up and taken to other parts of the country.

And one word on how the Churches see Children and clamping down on rogues in the service.  Think about how our church’s rules – enforced celibacy, lack of transparency, secretive processes, no accountability to the people in the pews

In Australia – Archbishop Hart was widely criticised after his appearance at the Victorian inquiry into how the churches handled child sexual abuse when he replied to a question about why it took the church 18 years to ask the Vatican to defrock paedophile Desmond Gannon: ”Better late than never.”  Read more:
YEP… better late than never.  I would say the system of religious organisations in the Philippines would be cut with the same cloth.  But investigating them … never gonna happen in the Philippines.  Abuse in the church… the answer will be Filipino style …. say nothing, let it go away, lock it out, turn it away… everything and anything but dealing with problems.

Remember, as Jesus says in Matthew 7:5, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of another’s eye.

Religious establishments in the Philippines have a lot of logs to take out before they can say they are providing good guidance to the people of the Philippines.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    Filipinos and religion deserve each other. Both are decades behind the rest of the world and neither contribute anything substantial to the real world. Leave them to it and just laugh at their many contradictions.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        hehe.. This is too much of an ignorant elephant to be able to move @phildoh
        just to say yea i serioiusly don’t give a fuck about the church …
        talking about it won’t change a thing …
        theyre just too far gone ..

        Be nice if the church told these mother fuckers to
        stop throwing their wrappers and shit on the ground – step #1

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          Yeah, mate how hard would that be for the lazy perverts to do.
          Tell the faithfull to clean up there shit holes. at least one thing the Muzzies do ids preach about healthy bodies , living in squalor and filth could be a prerequisite to health
          So let the Imans loose, maybe then the tikes will follow.

  2. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    “The church also thinks having celibate (how do we know?) male priests and bishops will tell us the proper role about sexuality and relationships…”

    Most people don’t realize that celibacy is not the kind of spiritual principle that the Catholic Church likes to represent it as. Basically, there was a time when men of the cloth married and had children. Often, those children would seek to claim property which the church considered its own, upon the deaths of their fathers. Enforcing celibacy simply meant that there were (in theory) no children to make a claim upon church property. In essence, the law of celibacy is really all that simple.

    If you want to dig deeper on this matter, you’ll also find the origins of modern days trusts emanate from this “difficulty” which the church encountered. Eventually, ecclesiastical head heads, such as bishops and cardinals held property “for and on on behalf of” the church, rather than for their own benefit. The entire English common law of trusts and powers has its origins deep inside these arrangements.

    Want some real entertainment – look into the conduct of the early Pope’s – complete with that of their their wives and children, concubines, and whores. Look at the wars they waged, they torture they committed, the deaths they ordered, and the untold misery that they directly caused. It’s all there in plain sight for anyone who wishes to look into it. Of course, that wouldn’t be anyone on the Philippines, where offending “religious feelings” is an actual crime.

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      My step mother was a lay preacher Catholic Church in country NSW she told me this many years ago.
      They use women if they cant get anyone else, HAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Fucking hypocrites.

    2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Anyone who believes that the Catholic priests keep their vows of celibacy need their heads examined. The small rural/provincial areas in the Philippines especially have got their own shares of children fathered by priests. Jose Rizal was very aware of this, hence the character of Maria Clara in his novel Nole Me Tangere, was described as half-Spanish, fathered by Padre Damaso who used to lock himself in the bedroom of Dona Pia Alba (Maria Clara’s mother) on the pretext of confessions. Can you just imagine what sins the priest was committing in that bedroom of a married woman? Of course, it was supposedly Dona Pia who was doing the confessions. 🙂

      If and when the paedophile priests can not get boys, they turn to each other. In the old days the monk would enjoy carnal knowledge, then repent by self-flaggelation. Nowdays, they just enjoy carnal knowledge, and lie through their teeth when caught. And when caught, the church just moved them from Parish to Parish to start their sick predatory behavior again.

      The Catholic priest in my city here in Oz just loves Filipinos because they fill the church! A few times when Mum and I attended some Filipina party, which always start with a mass (yes! at the Filipina’s house!), the priest would ask Mum if she was new. When Mum said “no”, the priest said “oh, it’s just I have not seen you around” – meaning of course, at the church. He was bluntly told “it’s because I don’t go to church”.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Its such a wide secret the priests of the Philippines were the biggest land-grabbers, but the biggest whores around preaching everyone else needs to #1 abstain, #2. Give their money, #3. Follow what we say.
        I wish someone would trace back the ancestry of Filipinos. I’m sure when the priests came to town, the population increased significantly with 5 years. I know a Filipino (family friend) who was descended from a priest who had 23 kids as a “celibate priest”.
        They may not steal directly from the collection plate (although I wouldn’t doubt if they skim a little of what they kick up), but they definitely accept personal donations, free lunches, and “love gifts”. Those love gifts can be clothes, cell phones, computers, or even cars from corrupt politicians.
        Just look at that scammer of a priest who was on the payroll of the Napoles woman. He accepted free rent in one of her luxury homes, salary, gifts, and was running fake charity scams with her putting his “holy name” as a stamp of approval. He would even make sure that dumb black nazarene statue would go directly to her home so she wouldn’t have to be in the crowd to see it.
        It’s really no wonder where Filipinos get their inspiration from.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Your comment reminded me of a Priest in another town, not too far from Mum’s town. Apparently a Priest from this other town tried to steal a golden bell that belonged to the church. I did not get to the bottom of the story whey he would do this, whether it was for his own use or to sell or to use in his church. He did steal the bell…. but he died trying to get away. Obviously, even God did not approved of his behavior. 🙂

          In Mum’s town, there was a small beachfront land that I was interested in buying. When I approached the owner, I was told that I was too late…. it was given to a Priest 2 years ago. The Priest has since built a small comfortable house in it. This was not his main residence by the way. He had a bigger one.

          23 kids from a celibate Priest? That has to be a record!

          1. Profile gravatar of

            There is a mansion down the road from us that looks like it belongs to a drug dealer. It has so many gaudy statues all over the front. Im told it belongs to a priest!

          2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            Don’t you believe in the “Immaculate Conception” I can not believe how many churches there are in the Flipland named that, so maybe the 23 are just that, new messiahs

  3. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

    Yes the life of pope alexander and the borgias makes for interesting reading. And the decapitation of poor beatrice cenci, ordered by the pope, despite the fact that the whole city knew that she had been brutally raped by her father many times!

    So no wonder that injustice is a part of society fabric in catolic countries.
    And because of all nice fiestas the people has no qualms with it! At least its an excuse to sing and dance, drink and eat lechon!:-)

  4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    The fact the church turns such a blind eye to the atrocities in the country where they rule shows they have zero priorities to doing good.
    The Vatican, Pope, bishops, and just decent people should not tolerate children being jailed to “present the image” of a clean society. They should have really spoken out and shamed the Philippines for it, not to mention all the other devilish shit they do.
    I wasn’t the most religious person before I came to tge Philippines. After living here, I’m damn near an atheist.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      What do you expect Johnny? For a religion that practices torture and murder (think the inquisition), it is conceivable for them to condone any cruel acts to maintain the status quo. Ask any Flip nowadays if they know of the history of the Catholic church and the inquisition…. you’d get a blank look and if you’re lucky, you might get “what’s an inquisition?”. But chances are, you won’t even get asked that because that’s knowledge and no money attached to the topic. Unless perhaps for fun, you might offer a reward if they can answer the question. In any case, if you explain what the inquisition is, Flips probably won’t believe you. They are that brain washed by the RCC that the RCC can do no wrong.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        That is another reason Filipinos are doomed. They have such little concept of history for anything. The fact they would allow Imelda Marcos into the country and her son to run for VP shows they are truly doomed.
        Also, they love that demi-god stuff. Meaning, when a politician, priest, minor celebrity, etc is in their presence, they do not have the brain power to comprehend it is just a person who can either be good or bad. They just get all ass-kissy and worshippy right away like they are in the presence of an actual representative of God. I’d like to see a documentary of all the children in the Philippines that the Pope touched 20-30 years ago. I guarantee there is nothing special with their life. Just like that dumb black nazarene statue. They go out their way killing each other to touch it, yet nothing magical happens when they actually do touch it.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Is the RCC the only religion that create Saints?? And of course, Flips must have their own Saint! The Pope gave in during the Papal visit in 1987 and canonized Lorenzo Ruiz as the first Filipino saint. So any church in Manila actually has a statue of him? And Pinoys worshipping Lorenzo Ruiz? And as a Saint, what does he do? I understand the RCC has special Saints for different reasons, i.e. Saint Roque the patron Saint of dogs, plague and pestilence.

        2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          To Johnny
          I seen a video of 3 movie actors or actresses going to register for voting. The security gaurds at the government office pushed all the morons lined up for registration. Then they let these grade D assholes in to register.
          After their finished registering,, they come out all smiling and these dumb shits were taking pics etc.
          Of course,, the lineup after that was all fucked up ..

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Thats what I mean. If we were in line and some d-list celebrity came to visit, his ass goes to the back of the line like everyone else who waited. However, this “catholic, no need for material things retard culture” loves to show off and feel important. Then the masses love to worship anything that has stood in front of a camera or claims to be holy.

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      Yep it was on Australian TV this morning, WHO FUCKING CARES!!!!!!!!
      The fucking Catholic Church allows pedophiles to run riot and they worry about this minor thing, give me strength!!!!!!!!!!!
      Speaking of Pedophiles, earlier post re Doug Slade, yup I spoke with someone in the know in AC.
      Read all about it on Harry the Horse blog, December news letter he is in jail in England
      The news letter gives the judge and all details. Back before the beak in January 2016 remanded in Prison, I hope the rock-spider has run out of KY jelly.
      So hopefully he wont be buying his way back to the PI anytime soon.
      Preacher Don
      The Church of the Disgruntled Kanoes.

  5. Profile gravatar of Ken

    Religion, particularly Catholicism has far too much influence in the Phil. When I got married in 1993 my ex wife’s mother, then living, wanted us to wed in the church. Being raised Catholic, I was eligible to marry, but not until after being interrogated by a church official, who said he was going to call the US to verify that I was a practicing Catholic! Also, my wife and I were required to attend a seminar that taught new couples about marriage. Actually, that turned out to be great fun because the ‘teacher’ was a lady younger than myself, and would often call on me to confirm what she said, which would elicit a lot of chuckles in the class. Overall, I’d say that the Catholic church is a curse in the Phil.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Mum married a divorced man (my Dad). We were living in a small town when we were very young. Mum went to church a few times, took communion, unaware of the rules. She was told by another Pinay later (who was active in the church) that she was not allowed communion because in the eyes of the church she was a sinner for marrying a divorced man because their marriage was not recognized by the church. So she checked with the priest who confirmed that yes, she can enter the church and pray but she was not supposed to go to the altar and participate with anything else. They were more than happy to take Mum’s money of course. That was that. Mum told the priest to stick his communion where the sun don’t shine and never entered any RCC church again. Oh, except that time when she was asked to be a Godmother.

      Whenever Flips asks her why she does not go to Church, she tells them “I am sure I do enough good deeds to score points in heaven. What about you?”. 🙂 One Pinay even had the gall to ask Mum if she was heretic because she does not go to church!

  6. Profile gravatar of dpjb2923

    I have been here and there in the Phils bars and coffee shops included
    I asked them if the were chatholic and if they said yes I asked them who the pope was. Many did not even know, most said benedict, and one lost soul in Dumbagueti said John Paul 2. to their credit one woman I asked did get it correct
    Keyword History of Popes on you tube to see what vile people attained the rank of pope. Many more below pope were some of the most disgusting people you would ever meet
    At Lake Constance in Germany, there is a tall statue of a whore, in one hand she holds the devil, in the other a priest with a miter on, not sure if is the pope or not.
    This statue commerates a meeting of bishops in 13 or 14 century attended by 400 bishops and 1200 whores to keep them happy during the seminar?
    I wasted 6 years in a catholic grade school in Minnesota, and 3 of the priest I remembered well. I looked up on Inet to see if I could find out what happen to them, all three were thrown out of the church for getting too friendly with the kids.
    to their credit, they never touched me but one of them used to go for bike rides with me and my friends

  7. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    I watched the Filipino news this morning. Manila is in gridlocked again, almost to a standby. The reporters were advising to avoid the city and if possible avoid travelling altogether. The reason? The celebrations of the Feast of the Black Nazarene. I did not know that Jesus was multi-colored? Anyone can explain to me why we have a white Jesus and a black one?

    The photos from last year showed literally a sea of humanity, with people getting crushed, trampled, fainting because of dehydration and heat. And for what?? So the can touch a stone statue and kiss it! If that is not idolatry, I will shoot Al! (sorry Al!) 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      That black Nazarene statue is just awesome cause it’s such a highlight of Filipino stupidity. I wish there was decent Philippines media. Tgey could follow around the people who actually touched the statue and show absolutely nothing positive came from it and it healed no one. The irony is more people are killed and injured for this stupid scam.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        I think the RCC came up with all sorts of Saints, statues, holy days, and other schemes to make money. That whole purgatory scam they tried to pull (to get money of course) gave the world protestants. Way to go RCC!

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will hurry the hell up before the catholic church installs toll booths at each end. Amen.”

      2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        Then they yell ”I am poor” when they tie up traffic and waste time and money touching an old hunk of wood!
        Then in true flip fashion leave behind mountains of garbage to be cleaned up city workers.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          Al, I was watching the flip news in Aust. this morning with the child bride, I casually suggested that they take that fucking statue into the hospital where all the idiots were passed out fro m heat stroke and exhaustion, and to televise any miracles see if any of them got up and walked out cured.
          I said it was just a sign of desperate people who will clutch at anything to help them improve their lot in life, happens in Mexico too, something about Corrupt ex Spanish colonies springs too mind.
          Really fuck over the people keep them downtrodden and poor , so they clutch at the RCC and their totems. Desperate means for a Desperate people.
          In the shit again.

      3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        The black Nazarene is finally back to his normal resting place after 20 hours of being paraded along the filthy, crowded Manila streets while the Filipino devotees push, pull and shove in order to get closer to the statue, preferably to kiss it and touch it. It is obvious that majority of Filipinos don’t read the bible. Oh, let me rephrase that. It is obvious the Filipinos don’t read anything unless it’s on a cell phone or Facebook. Fat chance they’ll pick up a bible. It makes sense that they know nothing about the religion they so devoutly followed.

        So, the casualty of this year’s Black Nazarene celebrations are 2 deaths, more than 1200 were injured and only God knows how many wallets and bags were pick pocketed. Rinse and repeat for 2017. Welcome to the RCC, Philippine style where you can buy your way to heaven….. or so the priests will say 🙂

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike

      You forgot something about last year. They had to have fire trucks come in after it was over and hose down the outside of the church and other areas because filipinos were pissing every where.

  8. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “That whole purgatory scam they tried to pull (to get money of course) gave the world protestants.”

    When I was a little girl in the RP, I remembered my Grandad’s sister took me once to a RCC to pay for a mass to be given in honor of one of their ancestors (forgot which one now, they had so many!). I asked Grandad’s sister (who I called Lola) what was the purpose of the mass. Apparently, if a soul was stuck in the purgatory, we can pay the RCC some money, and the soul will be moved forward closer to heaven. What a load of poppycock!! And yet, Filipinos could not see that it’s just a scam?? Now that the RCC has admitted that “purgatory” don’t exist, will they give back the monies paid for masses so the “stranded” souls can move closer to heaven? I guess like most things Filipinos, especially if it concerns the RCC, “No refunds, no exchange and no questions asked”.

    1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      In the good old days, the Catholics said if you weren’t baptized by them, you were going straight to hell.

      The problem with that was that if a baby died during birth, which was very common in those times, then the baby was destined to hell also!

      Eventually Mr Pope thought this whole process of sending dead babies to hellfire was bad PR for the Church (and not so much fun for the mothers who were going through enough distress already) so they came up with a new place to send dead babies which they called Limbo.

      Unfortunately for the Church, people cottoned on to the fact that Limbo isnt such a nice place either and having your baby stuck there isnt exactly fun. So, one of the more recent Popes (ex-Hitler youth of course) decided just to scrap the whole Limbo thing.


      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        I had a catholic priest look me in the eye and say that my unborn daughter “was a bastard in the eyes of god becuase your wife is catholic and you are not.”

  9. Profile gravatar of dpjb2923

    this giving money to the church is actually how the Vatican itself was built,
    the saying goes ” Place your penney upon the drum, the gates spring open and in walks mum.”
    I beleive it was Martin Luther who had a real problem with this method to raise revenue