The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.

– George Bernard Shaw

I respect someone’s RIGHT to believe any bat-shit crazy stupid bullshit they want. For without that right, we are not truly free. On the same note, it is MY right to have NO respect for their nutty belief in invisible, genocidal, infanticidal, mass murdering man in the sky they call god.

People sometimes ask me why I criticise religion. They ask me why I don’t just take the attitude of live and let live.

Because religions are just stories and they can be criticised like any other stories.

Because religions are ideas and they can be criticised like any other ideas.

Because religious prophets, messiahs, gurus and the like are just people and what they say can be criticised like anything said by any other person.

Because religious people seem to think they can impose their ideas and “morals” on society, on government and on children.

Because religious people persecute others who don’t hold to their views.

Because basing your life on a book crammed full of heinous immorality is neither good for a person nor for society.

Granted most religious people I know largely cherry pick the nice bits from their religion, but most carry at least some nasty views, and the more fundamentalist types take the whole thing literally. Most religious people are moderate but they pave the way for extremists when they say that faith is a good thing, that believing in something with no evidence is a virtue. This is a toxic idea.

Some of the religious explain away the more ludicrous stories – such as magic fruit and talking snakes – as metaphorical, and they try to ignore the nastier ideas in a similar vein, claiming they’re allegorical, or by arguing that they only apply in a limited context (a fun demolition of the contextual approach is here). The problem is that this pick and mix approach is not taken by all adherents and many do take these ideas literally.

For example the islamic holy book says infidels should be killed; some people will go ahead and do it as their faith in the sanctity of their holy book means they must.

Then the christian holy book says gays should be stoned to death; some people will go ahead and do it as their faith in the sanctity of their holy book means they must.

And I couldn’t leave out the jewish holy book which repeatedly advocates genocide; some people will go ahead and do it as their faith in the sanctity of their holy book means they must.

This assumption that religion provides us with morals – as well as being absurd – is pernicious and dangerous for society.

There’s an assumption floating around these days that saying something about religion is angry, extreme or militant because we have this unwritten social rule that we don’t criticise religious belief. But it’s not, because when you listen to the criticisms it is actually logical and rational to say that religion is silly, and further that it should have no bearing on our moral decisions.

When I realized that there was nothing out there to redeem me, or tell me how to live, or that I needed to obey, I began to take true responsibility for myself. I sought to examine my thoughts and actions more carefully, and established a morality based on reason and humanity.

Many people argue that I should ‘respect’ people’s religious beliefs. This is ridiculous as I patently have no respect for religious beliefs, but that doesn’t mean that I cannot respect a person. One must separate respect for a person from respect for their beliefs.

So in conclusion I defend religious freedom but not religious privilege. I defend the right of anyone to hold a view and discuss it in public, but I will not stand by when views I consider wrong are imposed on others. And I stand up for my right to criticise views with which I disagree.



I actually used to believe all that religious shit (until the age of reason) But I did something most mindless religious idiots don’t do. I began to think. I began to have questions. Because I began to SEEK THE TRUTH. And the more I read and studied the bible, the more appalled I became at this nasty thing called god. I began to investigate the origins of the bible. I began to learn how it was decided that it was “god’s word”. It was all written by the hand of ordinary men, and it was also decided by ordinary men that it was “god’s word”.

I didn’t want to just be a dumb fuckin’ mindless sheep follower. I wanted to know for sure if this god was real. Because if he wasn’t, then I was just wasting my life believing it and living by it’s restrictive, discriminative, hateful guidelines. I learned about science, proof, evidence, history, everything I could inside the bible and outside of it. It became very obvious to me religion is completely man made by men who wanted answers, but didn’t have science at the time, so they made up their own answers.

It blows my mind that in a modern world with scientific facts, that anyone can possibly believe this ancient CRAP.

The bible was written by lesser evolved men of savage ages. This god seems to have taken on all the attributes of the savage men who created him. Ironic isn’t it?



Before Jesus arrived and his divine father chilled out, the Old Testament God was, ironically, kind of a hellraiser. He was not a nice guy. He really liked killing people. And he may have actually been insane, if his willingness to randomly murder devout worshippers like Moses was any indication. Here are the 12 craziest, most awful things God did in the Old Testament, back before that wacked-out hippie Jesus softened him up.

1) Sending Bears to Murder Children

So a guy named Eliseus was traveling to Bethel when a bunch of kids popped up and made fun of him for being bald. That had to suck, and you can’t blame Eliseus for being pissed and cursing them to God. But God had Eliseus’ back, by which I mean he sent two bears to maul 42 of these kids to death. For making fun of a bald dude. I have to think Eliseus was looking for something along the lines of a spanking, or maybe the poetic justice of having the kids go bald, but nope, God went straight for the bear murder. But on the plus side, that pile of 40+ children’s corpses never made fun of anybody again. (4 Kings 2:23-24)

2) Turning Lot’s Wife to Salt

Most folks know about the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, two cities of sin God decided to kill everyone in instead of, you know, making them not full of sin. But this was a town that, when two angels were staying at Lot’s place, gathered en masse and asked if they could rape them. I repeat: They wanted to rape angels. So they kind of had their destruction coming. Lot and his family were sent from the city before things went down, and Lot’s wife looked back, and God turned her into a pillar of salt. It’s generally understood that Lot’s wife was looking back in a wistful kind of way at her angel-raping hometown, but the fact is there’s nothing in the Bible to suggest this. Nor was Lot’s family warned about looking back. Maybe Lot’s wife wanted to see Sodom and Gomorrah get what was coming to it. Maybe she was thinking wistfully of the things she had to leave behind. Maybe she wondered if she left the oven on. We’ll never know, because God turned her into seasoning for breaking a rule she didn’t know existed. (Genesis 19:26)

3) Hating Ugly People

In what should be good news for intolerant religious conservatives, God really does hate people who are different from the norm. Of course, God isn’t as worried about skin color or sexual orientation as he is about whether you’re ugly or not. Because if you’re ugly, you can just go worship some other god, okay? (Even though God will punish you if you do and also they don’t exist.) Here’s the people God does not want coming into his churches: People with blemishes, blind people, the lame, those with flat noses, dwarves, people with scurvy, people with bad eyes, people with bad skin, and those that “hath their stones broken.” Given that God is technically responsible for giving people all of these afflictions in the first place, this is an enormous dick move. (Leviticus 21:17-24)

4) Trying to Kill Moses

In terms of people who God likes, you’d think Moses would be pretty high up on the list, right? I mean, God appointed him to lead the Jews out of Egypt, parted the Red Sea for him, and even picked him to receive the 10 Commandments, right? Yet this didn’t stop God from trying to kill Moses when he ran into him at “a lodging place.” There is literally no explanation given in the Bible for God’s decision to murder one of his chief supporters. The line is “At a lodging place on the way, the Lord met Moses and was about to kill him.” The only sensible explanation for this is that God was drunk out of his mind and looking for a bar fight, and you better hope that’s correct because the alternative is that God’s a psychopath. How was God stopped from murdering his #1 fan? “But [Moses’ wife] Zipporah took a flint knife, cut off her son’s foreskin and touched Moses’ feet with it … So the Lord let him alone.” Either the sight of a very unexpected circumcision sobered God up quickly, or he didn’t want to touch a dude who just touched a severed foreskin. Still, it’s Moses’ son who’s the real victim here. (Exodus 4:24-26)

5) Committing So Much Genocide

God has killed so many people, you guys. Okay, I mean technically, God has killed everyone if you subscribe to Judeo-Christian thought, but I’m not talking about indirect methods, I’m talking about God murdering countless people in horrible ways simply because he’s pissed off. God drowning every single person on the planet besides Noah and his family is pretty well known, but he also helped the Israelites murder everyone in Jericho, Heshbon, Bashan and many more, usually killing women, children and animals at the same time. Hell, God once helped some Israelites kill 500,000 other Israelites. God’s crazy.

6) Ordering His Underlings to Kill Their Own Children

God is obviously good at big picture dickishness, but he also took the time to be a dick on a more personal level. Abraham was another devout man who God decided to fuck with, apparently because he knew he could. God ordered him to sacrifice his son to God (God was a fan of human sacrifice at the time). We know Abraham loved his son, so he was probably kind of upset with this, but hey, God’s God, right? So Abraham tricked his unsuspecting son up a mountain onto a sacrificial altar and prepared to murder him. This story actually has a happy ending, in that right before Abraham drove a knife into his son’s throat, God yelled “Psyche!” and told him it was only a test. And then Abraham received some blessings after that for being willing to kill his own child at God’s whim. And all it took was the dread of being forced to kill his own child on behalf of his angry deity and, presumably, a shit-ton of awkward family dinners for the rest of his life. Abraham got off better than Jephthah, who had to follow through with murdering his daughter (burning her alive, specifically) in order to get on God’s good side before battling the Ammonites. (Genesis 22:1-12)

7) Killing Egyptian Babies

Let’s be completely up front: The Egyptians and the Jews did not get along. According to the Bible, the Egyptians enslaved the Jews, but the Jews had God on their side, if you kind of ignore God letting his people be enslaved in the first place. Rather getting his worshippers the hell out of there, God wanted to show those damned Egyptians what for, releasing 10 plagues that began with turning the river Nile into pure blood, and ending with the slaughter of the first-born of every single Egyptian man and animal. Now, I suppose it’s possible that some, or even most of these first-born were adults who were shitty to the Israelites. But some of them had to be babies who didn’t even have the time to persecute the Jews yet. And what the hell did the animals do to the Jews to get caught up in this nightmare? Were there proto-Nazi cows running around who needed to be punished for their transgressions against the chosen people? And you realize there were cats in Egypt, right? Cats who had first-born? God killed kittens. (Numbers 16:41-49)

8) Killing a Dude for Not Making More Babies

So you’re a dude named Onan and you have a brother named Er. God does not care for Er, and kills him. Standard God operating procedure. Then things gets weird. Onan’s dad orders Onan to have sex with Er’s wife — not marry, by the way, just have sex with. This is actually pretty awkward for Onan, sleeping with his sister-in-law, and rather than give her any more kids (she had two with Er already) he pulls out. God is so infuriated that Onan did not fuck his sister-in-law to completion that he kills him, too. Now, you could argue that God demands that intercourse be used specifically for procreation, but given how much God loves killing babies and children, I don’t think his motives here are exceptionally pure. (Genesis 38:1-10)

9) Helping Samson Murder People to Pay Off a Bet

More evidence that God is possibly a low-level mobster: When his pal Samson got married, he was given 30 friends, and he posed them (a completely insane) riddle. Then he made a bet that if they could solve it in a week, Samson would give them all new clothes, but if they couldn’t they would give Samson 30 pairs of new clothes. Well, Samson’s wife wheedled the answer out of him and then told these dudes, at which point an angry Samson had to pay up. And here’s where God comes in — literally, into Samson, giving him the power to murder 30 random people for their clothes. Only a true friend would help you commit mass murder to settle a completely stupid bet. (Judges 14:1-19)

10) Trying to Wrestle a Guy, Cheating, and Still Losing

And here’s more evidence that God is a drunk maniac: Jacob was traveling with his two wives, his 11 kids, and all his earthly possessions and had sent them across a river. At that moment, a guy essentially leapt out of the bushes and started wrestling. It’s God! They wrestle all night, and God cannot beat Jacob, so he uses his magic God powers to wrench Jacob’s hip out of its socket. But Jacob still won’t let him out of a headlock until God blesses him, because Jacob has figured out who this bizarre man is. God blesses him and wanders off, presumably to go get in a bar fight somewhere. (Genesis 32: 22-31)

11) Killing People for Complaining About God Killing Them

To be fair, after God freed the Israelites from Egyptian slavery, they were extraordinarily bitchy about not instantly being in a land of milk and honey. It got so bad that God was ready to kill all of them and let Moses start the Jews over, although Moses managed to talk him out of it. But one of their more sensible complaints was that Moses was lording himself over the rest of them, which was probably true, seeing as God had given him the 10 Commandments and all that. So Moses summoned the three tribal elders who had made the complaint to a Monday morning staff meeting, but two of them didn’t come. Neither Moses nor God cared for that, and God opened up the grounds beneath their people’s tents, killing both tribes (God also set fire to 250 Israelite princes who’d made the same complaint). Having been well admonished that Moses was putting himself above the rest of the people with God’s permission, a number of surviving Israelites were kind of pissed that Moses and God had killed so many of their fellow people to prove a point. God responded by killing another 14,700 of them with a plague. The complaints stopped. (Numbers 16:1-49)

12) Everything He Did to Job

Oh, Job. Other than a shit-ton of babies, no one had it worse in the Bible than Job, who was a righteous, good-hearted man who believed in God with every fiber in his being — which is when God decides to see how miserable he can make this dude before he gets upset. Note: This is a result of a bet between God and Satan. Also note: The bet is God’s idea. He’s literally just hanging out with Satan — which is kinda weird when you think about it — when he starting bragging about how awesome Job is. Satan points out that Job’s pretty blessed — he’s rich, he’s got a lot of kids, etc., and he probably wouldn’t be quite so thrilled with God if he didn’t have that stuff. God downs his bourbon, presumably, and tells Satan he can fuck with Job all he wants. Satan does. He kills all of Job’s children and animals, burns down his house, destroys his wealth, and then covers him in boils. Job doesn’t not curse God, but he does wish he’d never been born (literally) and begs God to kill him, but no dice. This lasts a long time until finally Job wonders why a just God would be so shitty. This is when God pops up and basically tells him.”Shut up, I don’t have to explain anything to you.” Job, having finally done something wrong, pleads for mercy, and God eventually gives him back animals and children — new ones, because the old ones are still dead. Because of a bet. That God made with Satan. For kicks. (Job 1)


So there you have it folks. A few examples that prove the god of the bible is one horrible, nasty, over-the-top, insane, hateful, trick-playing, genocidal, baby murdering, bully son of a bitch, and NOT a gracious, loving, forgiving example of love. Don’t bitch at me, I didn’t write the bible. I’m just putting it here because you idiots who insist that this god is so wonderful apparently didn’t read those parts of your bible, or refuse to (for good reason I’m sure!). This is one god I want NOTHING TO DO WITH!

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  1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    How to get people with little ability to think for themselves to believe in ridiculous nonsense:

    1. Create a god
    2. Make god all powerful
    3. Create a childish punishment and reward system (Heaven/Hell) to get the mindless dumbshits to believe and do whatever you want them to do.
    4. Tell mindless dumbshits god is far bigger than you so do not lean on your own logic, reason, or understanding. Don’t question the god. Stop thinking. Just believe, no matter how incomprehensibly stupid, evil, nasty, or idiotic it may be. Never question it. Or you go to hell.
    5. Now tell them god is good, and they’ll believe it because they’re scared shitless of hell.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      6.) Tell them that if they “ask, they shall receive.” I’m still waiting for that Harley to appear in my driveway.
      7.) When bad things happen tell them it is god will and he has a reason known only to him. It’s in your best interest.
      8.) Tell them all good things are gifts from god. It was not their hard work but god made it all possible. WHERE’S THE HARLEY??????!!!!!!
      9.) Never question god, he is perfect (does not make mistakes), knows everything and is everywhere at once. My question, “If god is perfect and does not make mistakes, then how do you explain filipinos and the philippines?”
      10.) Children are a gift from god. I guess fucking had nothing to do with it. Pecker goes in, little ankle biters comes out.
      11.) God hears what you say and think. Ok, WHERE”S MY FUCKING HARLEY??????!!!!!! I thought that and did not say it.

      So, let’s see:
      1.) God can fuck women he’s not married to but if you do then you burn in hell.
      2.) Man has invented thousands of gods throughout his history yet this god is the one true god. If so then why did it take him so long to show up cough Jesus, cough?

      If there is w god then why don’t he fix the problem I have with PFB? Yep Capt, still happening.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        3.) The religious are the first ones that get all bent out of shape if questions are asked or things pointed out about their religion. They are usually the first to pass judgement on others and forget what their religion teaches ” Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” In passing judgement they say if you do not believe then you are going to hell. They say if you don’t believe in their religion you are going to hell. Funny thing, even the bible says only god himself decides who goes to heaven and hell.
        4.) The religious tend to think themselves better than those around them. Unless those around them share the same belief.

        See, my ex wife told me that the main reason our marriage failed was because I did not go to church it was not that:
        1.) She beat our daughter with hairbrushes, banged her head in the wall, on the floor.
        2.) She would beat me and if I restrained her then she try to have me arrested for abuse.
        3.) She was mentally cruel to both daughter and myself. This included name calling, insults. “You know why I’m with you and our daughter? Because no one else wants you or can stand you.” just to name one of her favorites.
        4.) Mommy and daddy bought a house in Reno and asked her to move in. She took off without even saying good bye to our daughter, just took off.
        5.) MAJOR packrat. I know for fact she has 2 storage lockers in the midwest, 2 in Reno and at least one where she lives now. Then she ask our daughter if she can store things in her basement. What does she keep? EVERYTHING!!!! Paid bills from 1983 to date is just one. Buy remotes for things we did not have because they were on sale.
        6.) Severe mood swings. During one she did stab me.

        She did go see a shrink who told her she had severe problems (shrink never asked me about her acts). But according to her those are not the reasons our marriage failed, it was because I did not go to church.

    2. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
      Random Numbers

      @filofail If you want to read a fun book that really skewers the Book of Job, read “Job: A Comedy of Justice” by Robert Heinlein. It has many things in it that would have gotten him burned at the stake as a heretic in it, and pokes quite a bit of fun at Christianity. In it Satan is the brother of God, not a former employee. Truly heretical and a great romp.

  2. Profile gravatar of Tacitus

    Anyone with half a brain understands why theocracies are a bad idea. But then we’re talking about a nation and a society of half-brained idiots. The fact is Philippinos are unenlightened, bigoted, lazy and stupid, PERIOD! Religion fits perfectly into their paradigm because it provides a convenient excuse for being unenlightened, bigoted, lazy and stupid.

    To a Philippino, religion is not about establishing institutions of ethics, morals and values to help build accountable communities. Religion to them is a self-serving tool to be used recklessly like a retarded child banging their square dumb-cluster-fuckery into the round hole of civility, decency and commonsense.

      1. Profile gravatar of Tacitus

        I was just thinking the same thing, Cap. The Philippines and it’s people are still very much living in the Dark Ages and have not gone through anything remotely resembling a Renaissance and Age of Enlightenment. But what’s really pitifully sad is just because they have cellphones and Facebook, they think they’re the poster child of modernity when in reality they’re the poster child for a dysfunctional nation.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      belief that is not based on proof

      Whenever a fact or evidence presents itself which disproves an element of one’s faith, it simply must be ignored in order for faith to survive. This is a willful and conscious decision by the holder of said faith.

      And to me, that makes said holder of faith a willful dumbfuck. It is their CHOICE to be a dumbfuck. So don’t get mad at me for stating the truth. YOU chose to be a dumbfuck. Ok? I had nothing to do with your choice. So own it. Ok?

      But you will see time and time again how believers refuse to take responsibility for their lives when they can push the blame off on their faith. As I stated, When I realized that there was nothing out there to redeem me, or tell me how to live, or that I needed to obey, I began to take true responsibility for myself. I sought to examine my thoughts and actions more carefully, and established a morality based on reason and humanity. Instead of that which was dictated to me by some authoritative belief system. My actions became MY CHOICE.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        Yes, And North Korea is also practically Rules by atheism. Cant see connection. But again dont have energy and patience to start another long and useless discussion.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          long and useless because you do not have any argument that can hold any level of reason, fact, or common sense about it. This is a VERY common route believers take when an in-depth discussion takes place about their nutty beliefs. We’re all quite used to believers doing an about-face and bowing out very early. They are intellectually unarmed.

        2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          Useless to you. Useful to those who are interested. And as you can see, there are people here who are interested in discussing your nutty, irrational, unreasonable beliefs.

          That’s the wonderful thing about free discussion. YOU DON’T HAVE TO PARTICIPATE if you don’t want to.

          So we’ll see you in another discussion which you might find more interesting. Not every article captures everyone’s interest. And they’re not expected to.

          I don’t hold a strict “catholic school” militant rule on subject matter here. It was requested by a few members that I turn a comment of mine into it’s own post. So I did.

          Maybe you’d like to create your own blog so you can be in charge of the content. But this is my blog, which I share and allow others to speak and express themselves, including you. You’re even welcome to sour grape if you so choose. But when you do, expect people to express themselves in regard to that too.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      And that’s the only discourse you have in response?
      You’re perfectly welcome to NOT read articles that you don’t feel are on topic. But Philippines is HIGHLY RELIGIOUS in case you haven’t caught on to that fact. Therefore it’s open for discussion here.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        Daaaamn… I barely wrote 2 sentences and got 3 long replies from you. Yes yes its your blog. Congratulations with that. I just have other things to do than discuss my religion with somebody that giving cheap reasons for why you should not be catholic and pointng PH as a best example and getting others saying yes yes captain you are right. Good luck with the discussion.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          There is a movie on Youtube about King Solomon that is getting comments. One guy said that ” They say not all muslims are terrorist but can’t name one that is not.” To that I replied “Not all muslims are terrorist but those that are not will not condemn the terrorists acts.” So what do you think the response from muslims is? They are telling me to go suck dick, saying they fucked my mother, calling me a mother fucker. Then they want me to respect their religion? I simply made a comment that can be verified on any web search and that is what I get? Did I insult? No, but if the comments keep going then I just might start poking fun at mohammad the camel humper. That should get them really riled.

          1. Profile gravatar of John

            My advice to you is if you want to start poking fun at Mohammad, feel free to do so, but do it anonymously, just for your safety reason.

        2. Profile gravatar of John

          I realize this is a very sensitive topic to discuss, sometimes gets into the never and becomes offensive. But when it comes to the Philippines issues, Catholic church stands on the top of the list. Therefore we can’t avoid it.
          The problem is, everyone witnesses how the Catholic church is completely ruling this country, but still the topic remains untouched! In the Philippines, criticizing the RCC is an unforgivable act with huge consequences, that no one even think of that. Therefore, somebody somewhere should begin. It may make some believers angry at first, but at least makes them think. In the country most people would rather die than think, helping them to think about their issues is a great thing.

          1. Profile gravatar of


            If the topic was just about Catholic church in the PH, I would not have anything against and I guess I would gladly agree with most of the comments and make a whole list why is it wrong. However the topic is general not just about PH.

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            Isn’t it funny how when a subject addresses the hypocrisy and ridiculousness of someone’s belief, it’s suddenly off-topic and irrelevant and like PK, they begin all the butt-hurt behavior? Funny isn’t it?

            Again PK, if I want to put up an occasional “not quite on topic” post on MY FUCKING BLOG, WHICH I PAY FOR, WHICH I OWN, I will do so.

            You can sour grape about it all you like here. I give you that PRIVILEGE. I can giveth you that privilege, and I can taketh it away.

            But I’m not going to silence you. I actually find it entertaining when people get all butt-hurt here. And quite frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think about it.

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Speaking of butt hurt, where’s Maria and why don’t she come out to play?

          1. Profile gravatar of


            Its fine.

            Hmm the most easy is picking on Christians. You see what is happening when people starting to do that in public with Jews or Muslims.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I don’t know about that. As you said the muslims get picked on a lot now but that is because of their acts of terrorism brought them to the for front. But plenty of other groups get it too. The blacks, filipinos, Chinese, gays and the list goes on. Some is justified and some is not. Hell I’m even getting picked on in comments in Youtube regarding a movie, a comedy really about whites and Americans Indians. I asked why can’t anyone watch a movie without someone yelling racism. So someone started jumping my ass calling me racist toward the American Indian. I asked how can that be since one of my great grandmothers on moms side was full blood Cherokee?
            Then you know what happened? The one calling racist towards Indians started slinging racial comments at me because I have Indian blood. What a hypocrite.

          3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            “Hmm the most easy is picking on Christians.”

            Think about why that is true PK. Read my article again, and maybe again, and even again until you understand it.

            There’s an assumption floating around these days that saying something about religion is angry, extreme or militant because we have this unwritten social rule that we don’t criticise religious belief. But it’s not, because when you listen to the criticisms it is actually logical and rational to say that religion is silly, and further that it should have no bearing on our moral decisions.

          4. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            PK completely fails to address what the criticisms are. He fails to get down to the meat and bones of WHY people criticize religion. Religious believers think they should be able to believe any nutty shit without being criticized. They think they have the right to impose their beliefs on society by denying gay people the same rights as them. They tried to deny interracial marriage, they lost that battle too. They just want to rule even those who do not believe. That is just one reason why we criticize religion. BECAUSE IT IS MORE THAN WORTHY OF CRITICISM!! Religious believers don’t want to take responsibility for it. Their cop-out is “because god said so”. Well when you prove god exists, THEN maybe you can tell those who have the right NOT to believe, that they can’t have the same rights as you (like marriage). You just want to whine and cry and moan that people are picking on your nutty belief in an invisible all-powerful reclusive man in the sky.

            Again, I defend your right to believe whatever the hell you want to believe. I’m not going to continue to repeat what I wrote in the article. Just read the fucking article again. It addresses all your robotic butt-hurt responses.

        3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          I don’t get people to say I’m right. Maybe you should consider the possibility that they are saying I’m right on their own accord. Consider that they are saying I’m right because it’s their opinion I AM right.

          I appreciate you considering me almost a deity to have the power to make people to say I’m right. But I’m no god. I’m just a smart guy who thinks for himself.

          And I swear to your god, virtually 100% of all believers very quickly bow out of debates like this by saying “I have better things to do than discuss my religion”. Then you go to another forum that is PRO-CHRISTIAN and you can see that they have spent all day discussing their religion. I see it ALL THE TIME. And it cracks me up. LOL LOL LOL!!!

          It is because they are completely unarmed with rationality, logic, and reason. Because such beliefs are irrational, illogical, and hold no reason. Might as well be Alice In Wonderland.

  3. Profile gravatar of Mike

    There might be a blessings in disguise about Lot’s wife being turned to salt. It did stop any nagging for one thing. The other is that salt was worth it’s wait in gold back then. Yep, Lot could grind her down, sell then salt and buy that brand new sports camel with matching donkey.

  4. Profile gravatar of Mike

    I have an uncle on dad’s side named well James actually. Now uncle James was always the favorite of all the children of his mom and dad , Thomas (dad), Aunt Flora and Uncle James. Now Uncle James got a woman pregnant but then did the right thing and married her. They had two children and Uncle James became a preacher, the old “barn storming” type. Well they had two children Terry Wayne and Lisa, first cousins to me. Well Uncle James changed Terry Waynes name to James Israel because he said Terry Wayne was not a christian name but one of evil.
    Then there is Lisa. A cousin a few months younger than myself who back in the 1990’s was living with a man in his 70’s, then she was about 26. So there is a little background. Dad caught the religious bug and started going to where ever Uncle James had his church set up. It was always in someones house, barn and such. One guy even had a church built into his barn for Uncle James. So Dad wakes us up at 3am so we can drive 3 hours to where ever Uncle James is preaching that Sunday. Hell, at 3am not even god is awake. Uncle would start at 7am and go on until noon and often had to be told to stop for lunch. Back at 1pm and it lasted until 5 or 6 pm, neither session had breaks. So one Saturday night for dinner mammaw makes a big pot of chili forgetting Sunday. So Early am dad wakes us up and drags brother and I off to church. A few hours after Uncle James started so did the farts which got me stern looks from Uncle James, I have to admit they were “fruitful”. So he’s preaching, stops, sniffs and looks at me and I look around at everyone else who is looking at me. It did get us breaks and out of church early. By the way, dad never took me to church after that. Guess god does work in mysterious ways after all.
    Uncle James never allowed a tv in his house as “It’s an instrument of the devil.” Nor would he have ash trays as smoking was a sin. So people come to his house to visit and ask if they can smoke and he says yes. He does not offer an ash tray nor ask them to smoke outside then complains about ashes being tapped off in his heater. You old school know the type, sits on the floor and has a pipe running up for smoke to get out and is that brown color. Now Uncle James owned his own house but there was no “gift from god” ribbon around it. What Uncle James did was have side lines selling other things beside dreams of sky daddy.

  5. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

    Captain, please don’y get me wrong I am the biggest atheist of all. Like yourself I too have studied the Abrahamic religions in depth to and it was the study of this that made me atheist. With all the bullshit that came from this man, and the craziness that has followed, I am adamant that should we ever create a time machine there is only one person we need to go back in history to delete; Abraham.
    The examples you quote above are all from the Old Testament. The Old Testament is nothing more than a history of the Jewish people and was written before the time of Christ. All the laws and rules written in there were written soley for the Jewish people to bring them into line. When Moses came down from the mountain and saw his tribe worshipping the Golden calf, drunk and fornicating he was so angry he smashed the commandments and wrote one hell of a strict set of rules to bring his tribe into line. These rules were not written for anyone else and have no relevance to anyone who is not Jewish. When Jesus was around the laws of the Old Testament were no longer being enforced, the world had woken up a little and there was a vacum and time of change around. People were debating if the old laws should be kept and this is where Jesus found fame by telling everyone “No it is ok, no one is free from sin and has a right to judge others, just love everyone like you would yourself”. Just like in the time of Mohummad (600ad)people were thinking the world is socially deteriorating, like they do today, and Mo introduced all the old laws back into his new religion to clean up what he saw as a immoral world. Christianity and Islam is a rip off of Judaism as Jesus and Mohumad were decendants of Abraham and felt they had a right to change things and consider themselves Prophets. .
    What I am trying to say is all the quotes you use are from Judaism, which has about 16 million followers worldwide, less than the population of Manila. In my part of the world people are debating gay marriage and some politicians refuse to support it on religious beleifs only to have their critics come out and say “If your so religious then you have to stone your daughter to death in the town square if she is not a virgin when she marries” or “you have to stone gay people to death for being gay” . Yes it is in the bible but it is the Old testament and is Judaism, not christianity and the message Christ preached. If you compare the Old and New testament there are so many contradictions because they are actually different religions. If you critisise the Old testament remember around 100bc the Old testament had no relevance to many people, hence the rise of Christ and Christianity.
    Dont get me wrong, I know they are all shit, but to scare people away from Christianity or God by letting them know how bad the God of Judaism is, even though he is not relevant anymore, really has no relevance. When alot of people think of God they dont think of the Jewish interpritation of Judaism, they think of the message of Christ. But then on the topic of religion Judaism really is up there with the stupid ones and if you really want to let most people know how stupid their God is, talk about Allah and Islam, now there is a comedy show the greatest of writers could never dream up. Yes the God of Judaism is crazy but it is not relevant to more than 16 million souls. I think because of the madness in Judaism is half the reason people hate the Jews so much. Their God is nuts but he is their God, no one elses

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      According to the bible:
      Jesus said he did not come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it. Jesus never said the law of the old testament no longer applies.
      Jesus said himself the law is good.
      Jesus said he and “the father” (god) are one and the same.
      The overwhelming vast majority of bible believers believe the bible, in it’s entirety, is the inspired word of god.
      The bible says god never changes.
      The basis behind the first coming of Christ was the reconciliation of man to god.
      Sin is what separated man from god.
      Jesus was the bridge that made man clean again in god’s eyes. That did not excuse them from the law that Jesus said was good, and allegedly fulfilled by living a perfect life in full obedience to the law (of the old testament). He was the only one who could, because he was perfect…he was god.

      What I find so funny is, for 1000’s of years, god, in all his “all-knowingness” he laid down a law that nobody could possibly follow. So he comes up with the plan of redemption by impregnating a virgin with himself so he could be born, show these sinful humans how living a perfect life is done, then let his dumb little creations beat and whip the shit out of him and hang him on a cross to die a slow, miserable death.

      In all his “all-powerfulness”, I find it funny he couldn’t find a little better way.

      But then again, he’s god. We’re not allowed to question him. Because if we do, this loving, gracious, forgiving, merciful god will send our asses straight to hell to suffer for eternity to show us all his loving forgiving gracefulness and undying mercy.

      Sure makes all kinds of sense to me! LOL

      1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

        Dont’ worry captain it doesn’t make sense at all. In the Old Testament there are laws on what you should eat yet Jesus said, Mark 7 v 14 to 19 “All of you listen,” he said, “and try to understand. You are not defiled by what you eat; you are defiled by what you say and do!”. I could go on and on and show many contradictions there are between the Old and New testament but one that is the most critical is that in Judaism (the Old Testament) Jesus does not fit the bill for the Messiah hence why Judaism rejects Jesus as such. There are so many versus from the old Testament that describe who the Messiah should be and Jesus does not fill any of them so was he really the son of God? This is where the stupidity kicks in because you can not really follow both Testaments at the same time as they contradict each other way to much but then again they are two different religions. I have met and known many Christians in my life and you are right, so many people just blindly believe what they are told. I am constantly amazed when I talk to a Christian how little they know about the Bible, even basic stuff like the book of revalations or Abraham and his descendants, If one actually knows and understands the Bible, how it was written and why, and the social circumstances at the time then there is a massive chance they will realise how wrong it is. I dont know where you have spent most of your life but if it is the Phils then you will be drowning in a world of stupid Christians who have probably never read the Bible and if they did they would not of understood it.
        I have heard the saying that “The rise of modern atheism would not be possible without the Biblical illiteracy of the masses”. I say “Atheism comes from Biblical literacy”

        1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

          Maybe that is why the Priests are so corrupt, because they know it is all bullshit. Have you ever wondered how much money the Catholic Church collects every Sunday from all over the world? It is big business. I sometimes joke with Christians that I could be a priest and ask if there have been priests who know it is shit but preach anyway because it is what they know. They ask why would I want to be a preacher and I tell them because I can and it is an easy job. I ask to if their are priests who give their service, go out the back, jump in their new Mercedes, head to the bottle shop then go home and get pissed and stoned. They always answer “Probably heaps of Catholic priest who live like that”.

        2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          Don’t forget in the Philippines, you have to hire a priest for the blessing of a new home or a business. That is another racket they have to generate extra income. Not to mention the weddings, baptisms, funerals, annulments, pre-wedding councilors, never-ending religious ceremonies, and anything else I’m missing.
          You can see they were always thinking of new ways to generate income. The only place is still works really is in 3rd world shit-holes like the Philippines, which is sad cause they are taking advantage of morons who are already poor. It’s almost as though they have zero conscience or empathy.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Here’s my experience with the church and a funeral. About three years ago the closest I had to a pinoy friend died of cancer and was a catholic. So they have the vigil at his house with him laid out in the living room and gambling out front. The day of the funeral they took out a window so they could get him out of the house and then smashed plates on the coffin to keep evil spirits away. Then the long walk to the church in the hot sun. I can safely say the hot sun did not really bother him that much. If it did he did not complain.

            So the pall bearers carry him in the church and place him up front and the priest starts to do his thing. But first the family walks up in a line and each one gives the priest a love gift. These were baskets of fruits, food and wine and they gave him no less than 4 of them. So the funeral goes on and as the priest is talking he has the collection plate passed around. No, really I shit you not, passed the collection plate around during the funeral service. Now you have the love gifts and the passing of the plate right? Well the family also had to pay for the priest and use of the church.

            Then when the priest was done they had people come up in groups and stand behind the coffin so they could take pictures. Some how it made me feel like I just caught a trophy , record setting bass and was posing with it. So back to the seats so the priest can say a few more things then up and start the walk to the cemetery. So up I stand and start to face the main door when I see a large group of people standing outside the door. Seems the priest had funerals set up back to back all day. I still wonder how much the priest raked in that day.

          2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            If he was truly a man of god, he would not need “love gifts”. He would only need food, water, and shelter,,,, you know to keep his human body maintained until he reached his true destination in heaven. It’s so obvious they don’t even believe their own bullshit.
            Funerals should be done for free and what is he saying/ doing that could not be done by his family? He’s reading a book for crying out loud! No one else can read that same verse out loud for the guy to get into heaven? Further, what does it matter if the guy is priest cause how does that help the poor soul get into heaven? If the guy followed all their bullshit for his entire life, what does a few words and pointless rituals have to do with his soul after his body already died? Ah, Purgatory! I forgot about that bullshit loophole in their own bullshit rules.

            My mom personally gives about $3,000 a year to the local bishop as a personal donation. She says its to be used at his discretion and separate from the church donations. This way, he can use it for whatever he sees fit and doesn’t need to worry about the oversight. Plus she also gives the 10% tithe as well as donates to the local church that takes in homeless people with disabilities (cause apparently the RCC is too poor to help the poor, but says donating directly the RCC is equivalent to donating to the poor. go figure). @oldnavyfart, you are more than welcome to come talk some sense into her cause I sure tried.
            @oldnavyfart, you are more than welcome to come talk some sense into her cause I sure tried. It’s her money and it does make her happy to donate it. I just hate to think the money she donates is kicked up to the Vatican or local diocese which might protect some pedophiles, fight against divorce, fight against birth control, or gets stolen by some corrupt means.. She is well regarded in the church community and she got all kinds of respect when she got the bishop to bless one of her projects; her friends and some local business people were astonished she had that kind of pull. If it makes her happy, I’m happy. However, its funny cause I’m an only child and my fiance laughs and says when I inherit everything, the priests and local RCC charities will be very disappointed. Btw, those same “religious leaders” my mom donates to are frequently having lunch and attending events with the “local leaders”. You know, those bullshit events sponsored by the LGU held in the mayors/ governors/ congressmans hotel or function room.
            Imagine the “love gifts” a corrupt Filipino politician bestows upon a corrupt Filipino priest? What a fucking racket!

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Please tell your mother about Sid and his run for philippine president. Her money would be of better use getting Sid elected to office.

          4. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Consider all the filipinos officials and what they do and how filipinos vote. So I have the perfect candidate for president or any other office. Sid!
            Sid is my blind, deaf, mute, 2 pecker monkey that jacks off 24/7. That makes him perfect for any elected office in the philippines.

  6. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    I can not add anything as you guys are ahead of the game but yes I agree 100% in what has been said here I just can not believe all the clap trap that is spread around in relation to religion.
    I just do not believe and for me its that simple I am not a sheep being led by others, I think for myself and I am a free spirit.
    I have meet 2 people that are or were brought up in the Islamic religion they confess to not believing as well,I asked is there many like you, and they assured me plenty and I would be surprised in just how many.
    But they keep it hidden for fear of persecution one was a Malaysian doctor working in my country of origin and the other from the Middle east who just keeps up appearances for fear of reprisals by the religious police ——

  7. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    Believers are indoctrinated into their belief systems. They are usually indoctrinated at a very young age. How many believers do you know who have spent years researching all sects and religions in search of the real true one? I know not one single person who has done that. I know not one single person who woke up one day and decided he needed to find the one true religion, and went on a long journey of investigation of all faiths in order to find that one true one. Because they all claim to be the only true one.

    Why do 99% of believers feel so convinced that their religion is the one true religion, when they have never studied or investigated all the other doctrines? What if the one they believe is not really the true one? Wouldn’t you want to know? What if the one true one is actually some obscure, little-known doctrine that few have ever heard of? Wow! Wouldn’t that suck! But nearly everyone in every religion is convinced theirs is the one true religion without ever having checked out all the others first. They believe it because;

    A) someone told them if they don’t believe it, they’ll go to hell (the fear manipulation)
    B) the way it was delivered to them sounded good, and was told that if they pray and get that good feeling, it’s from god, and BINGO! THERE’S ALL THE PROOF YOU NEED! IF YOU HAVE A FEELING, IT’S FROM GOD! WOW!!! (the feel good manipulation)

    If that’s not BLATANTLY OBVIOUSLY WORTHY OF RIDICULE AND CRITICISM, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS. It is a complete and utter failure to think critically.

    Most believers know little about their own doctrine, much less any other. Many scientific studies have shown that Atheists know more about the major religious doctrines than most of their believers. Ironic isn’t it? But when you observe their behavior, it is not hard to see that they don’t know their own doctrine, nor do they REALLY believe it. Because if they did, they would study what their god has written down, know it, and actually obey it (thus “following” it) a whole lot more than they do. If you don’t know the rules, how can you follow them? Obedience comes from real belief. That is why I don’t believe most people actually really believe what they say they believe. Their behavior and lives show it very clearly. Don’t TELL me you believe. SHOW me you believe. And that is as rare as gold.

    Believers are experts at telepathic communication with god. They don’t need to study, seek truth, try to better understand their god. All they need to do is wait for that “feeling”. And funny thing is, that feeling always tends to coincide with their own desires and prejudices, discriminations, and hate. In their minds, it’s from god, and they feel completely relieved of any responsibility for their words or actions derived from those “feelings”. They don’t need to check those feelings against god’s word. They already know it’s from god in their minds.

    I just find all of religion a huge cop-out. An easy way to not be responsible for yourself. And a great way to justify wars, killing, hate, discrimination, and all sorts of other nasty, terrible things throughout human history.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I have been known to do good deeds. Not because some religion tells me to but because it is the right thing to do. I don’t need some religion telling me what is right and what is wrong. You say that religion says the “Feeling” is from god. So, if I do a deed so great that I feel this warm liquid run down my legs and wet my pants, did I just piss myself or did god piss in my pants?

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Careful there my friend. I’m a firm believer myself. I firmly believe I’ll have some beer tonight. ALL PRAISE TO THE ALMIGHTY BEER GOD!!!!

          1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers

            No, I am agnostic. But I worked as a bouncer in a mostly black bar for 5 years, and I saw what happened when beer god followers were filled with the “holy spirits” and as such, I am against such “congregations”.

  8. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    I have witnessed the most vile, thieving, lying, cheating people in the Philippines who are the most devout Catholics you’ve ever met. There is a complete disconnect of right vs wrong. The fact they don’t even believe their own bullshit is just insane. What is the point of being acting so religious if you’re going to act like the devil anyway?
    I think this religious society of the Philippines creates completely disconnected sociopaths. The fact they can do all sorts of immoral things without conscience for the people they’ve hurt while also pretending to be Catholic is completely sociopathic behavior. “As long as I’m catholic or religious I’m a good person no matter what I do”. That is what I have learned from Filipinos.

    I love the Religious movie. It’s awesome.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      I disagree as a devout catholic would at least listen to the 10 commandments. Or help the poor. At least some Christian groups try to do community service or understand stewardship.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        You know the catholics insist they do not worship statues nor pray to them right? Try this. get a bible and look up the 10 commandments then do a web search for the catholic version of the 10 commandments. Here’s what you’ll find. The catholics did away with the second commandment which forbids worship of idols, statues and other gods. Then the catholics split one commandment in two so they still have ten.

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            NOT worshipping idols might have been the original plan, but you can just see the history of the Catholic church always coming up with new plans to make money. New religious holidays, new schemes, new festivals, new saints, new ceremonies, etc. Holy week is approaching soon with Easter, and in 6 months it will be All Souls Day. In Naga city, they have Penafracia holiday, which is some goofy statue they are determined to touch for good luck, but somehow turn it into a mob riot, just like that Black Nazarene mess.
            The more idols, the more ceremonies, the more holidays, the more engrained in funerals/ weddings/ blessings = more bullshit ways to make money.

  9. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Don’t forget:
    1.) Jim Jones. He started his own church, The People’s Temple then took everyone to South America, after they signed over their houses, property and gave him all their money. Then he convinced them it was gods will that over 900 of them commit mass suicide by drinking poisoned Kool Aid, yes even the smallest of babies.

    2.) Tom Applegate. He started Heavens Gate and convinced his followers that the Hail Bop comet was a space ship, that god was a space alien. He then went on and told them to dress the exact same way and commit suicide so their souls can catch the comet (gods space craft).

    3.) Charles Manson. He did not start a church but did convince his followers he was god. He then had them break into houses and rob people. He then had them break into Sharon Tates house and murder her and her unborn baby plus a few others.

    4.) Jim and Tammy Falwell. They had there church and lived very well indeed, even the dog house in the back yard had air conditioning, cable tv and the best tv on the market. It was also fully furnished with a bed, couch and other items.

    5.) Oral Roberts also started his own church and had his own tv show. He told his followers that God himself appeared in his bedroom and was 70 foot tall even though his ceiling was 10 foot high. What did the only man to see the face of god besides Moses say god said? God told him that he needed $12 million dollars and Roberts had 2 weeks to raise it. So Roberts goes on tv raising the money but falls short by the deadline. So Roberts tells the people god came again and asked where the money was. Roberts told god and god gave him another week to raise the money.

    6.) Benny Hinn. He also has his own church and tv show where he raises money “for god”. But Benny always travels in a chartered Lear jet, stays in the vest best room of the very best hotels. He also sends the jet back empty to pick up his daughter and bring her to him.

    7.) The Yoga Guru. This guy started his own church based on yoga and Indian gods. His followers were not allowed to own houses, cars and had to live in his compound. But this “guru” lived in a very big house on the compound and had about 12 Rolls Royces.

    Now Benny, Jerry and Roberts told their tv crowd to send money for god and donations should be $100 or more. If you don’t have it then go to the bank and get a loan. If you are on social security then just sign the check and mail it to god at our address on the screen and we’ll be sure god gets it. So you had old women sending these guys money they could not spare. They could not buy medicines, food or pay the rent because these guys and guys like them throw the guilt trip on them. God needs money, send now or go to hell kind of thing. I’m sure the old schoolers from the states and Canada remember when this happened. So some people might question why some people don’t believe. Well the above are just a few examples of what gives religion a bad name. Then add the Catholic Church and Islam to the mix and the picture is pretty clear.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Don’t forget Warren Jeffs, and Apollo Quiboloy as well as the dude from Puerto Rico . For people who speak to god or say they are Jesus then why do they have to live such extravagance.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Also I forgot David Koresh (sp) back in like 1992. That dude said he was Jesus, but after his compound, him, and his followers were burned to the ground he didn’t exactly rise again. So I call bullshit on him being Jesus too. What a fucking liar.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          Actually, could we crucify any modern day person claiming to be Jesus? Then if they rise from the grave/ cave we can finally find him. I mean, it would instantly cut out a lot of charlatans right? At least in the next interview with Apollo Quiboloy, they could ask him to at least walk on water, make 2 fish turn into 100, or turn water into wine. Something? Not, “I hab a pribat jet”.
          Right @oldnavyfart?

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        I think he was in the religilous movie. I could be wrong. I can’t remember where and I tried to skim through the video, but could not find it.

  10. Profile gravatar of John

    I’m just wondering why the Catholic members here in this website never notice even once that the major problem in the Philippines caused by the Catholic church?

  11. Profile gravatar of John

    It’s funny that the country which is main income is coming from Sex Tourism is one of the most religious countries of all! When typhoon destroys lives, the first thing human traffickers do is go to the scene and pick the under-aged girls and take them to prostitution! Is Catholic church aware of that? Of course! But since they pay their fees to the church, everything is on the right track!! As a matter of fact, the faithful politicians are their major customers.

    The main reason the Philippines and Filipinos are what they are today is the dogmatic faith in RCC. This people are mentally shut down, brainwashed and undeveloped, because they’ve been programmed to be so, since their childhood. Under the rule of Catholic church and its faithful politicians, they cannot ever get out the Dark Ages. Since they believe any wrong they do can be washed out if they visit Sunday church, this rat race will be continued. Since they strongly believe they are nothing but bunch of follower sheep, no solution & cure will be found to their pain.

    In your well written article, you correctly addressed the major issue. Everything else is the secondary issue to that.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      DOUBLE STANDARDS I SAY! DOUBLE STANDARDS!!!!!! Allow me to expound if you will. It was in the last three years that it was in the news about PNG. What happened a couple of tribes down that way burned no less than 2 women alive. It might have been more but I remember two for certain. Well they burned them alive because someone accused them of being witches, here comes the RCC. The RCC condemned the act calling the tribes people pagans and idols worshipers. Yes that from a church that has many statues they pray to, kiss and parade around town.

      Then this from church that tortured and killed people who did not believe as they do or convert to their religion. Method of execution? Burning alive at the stake for one. This was known as the Spanish Inquestion which lasted over 400 years, longer than slavery in the U.S. So here comes that little girl who claims the virgin Mary comes and talks to her. What does the church do? Burn her at the stake as a heretic and then later make her a saint, Joan of Arc. Guess they figured if they made her a saint they could make money on her. Yes, double standards I say! The church has several. You better not worship and pray to a statue but they can. They can call others pagans and idol worshipers yet exempt themselves from that label while kneeling and praying to a statue.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike

      You know something else? I have even had catholics deny that the crusades, Spanish Inquestion and the sex abuse never happened or does not happen.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Spotlight was a great movie.
        Like I been saying for a while: Before the mid-90’s or late 80’s a priest could do no wrong. A parent had no problem letting their kid spend time on retreats and would encourage their kids to be alter boys or active in the church. Since the late 90’s, parents would not dare ever let their kids spend time alone with a priest.
        Even with all the evidence, the payouts, the convictions, the exposed lies, corruption, etc, people still go to the RCC. I guess they need to justify it somehow or simply deny it ever happened. You should listen to my mom spin her defense of the RCC.

  12. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    I have a suggestion for you @polish_king

    This is directly from your invisible man in the sky. If you really believe in him, you’ll be a good little non-thinker and obey him.

    From the book of James 1

    19 My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,
    20 because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.
    21 Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you.
    26 Those who consider themselves religious and yet do not keep a tight rein on their tongues deceive themselves, and their religion is worthless.
    27 Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.


    STOP SAYING YOU’RE A CHRISTIAN, AND START SHOWING THE WORLD YOU’RE CHRISTIAN WITH YOUR ACTIONS. JESUS COMMANDED IT OF YOU! “The world will know you are mine by your deeds, not your words”. Oh so few christians can really keep their fucking mouths shut and go DO what their Jesus told them to do. They’re too busy butt-hurting on websites that pick on them.

    You are a lot like Filipinos. Just all talk, yet your actions don’t back up your words. Go actually DO the work of a christian, and stop sour graping about it on some fucking blog.

    If you feel persecuted here, you should…

    (James 1: 2-3) Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face persecutions of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.

    So stop being so butt-hurt. Your god is telling you that you should consider it joy that you’re being picked on. You should be jumping for joy that we’re picking on you! You should thank us! We are here bringing you joy!

    Maybe you should spend more time reading about this god you so fervently believe in, and what he wants you to do, and how he wants you to behave, instead of expressing your butt-hurtness on blogs. Consider actually going out and LIVING YOUR FAITH. Until you do, you’re just a resounding noise maker and nobody who actually knows the doctrine will believe you’re really a follower. Most of you religious hypocrites just wear your religion on your sleeve for everyone to see. You don’t actually live the life god tells you to live, or do the things Jesus told you to do. NOPE! You just go around professing, hating, discriminating, in the name of your religion.


  13. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author


    What do you see Christians / Catholics doing more of?

    A] Protesting to deny equal rights to gays which Jesus never ever once mentions

    B] Feeding hungry people, giving to the poor, helping the homeless as Jesus commanded

    (And you wonder why it’s so easy to pick on religion? YOUR HYPOCRISY MAKES IT EASY)

    I think if religion was limited to just the New Testament, and just the words of Jesus, it would be a damn good thing. But then you would need the believers TO ACTUALLY DO THE THINGS JESUS EXAMPLED and COMMANDED. Therein lies the sheer and utter failure.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      C] CLEANING UP THE TRASH to say “thankyou Lord” for the gifts (of nature that provide us with food) – ooops from what ive seen they go to church to thank the Lord for their blessings and DEMAND more fucking blessings (money, jobs, etc)

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        C] CLEANING UP THE TRASH to say “thankyou Lord” for the gifts (of nature that provide us with food) – ooops from what ive seen they go to church to thank the Lord for their blessings and DEMAND more fucking blessings (money, jobs, etc) – more blessings to post on facebook.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          We might “piss on the church” by not believing or by what we say. But the filipinos LITERALLY do piss on the church. One other thing. Ever see a catholic church here that does not have bars on all the windows, locked steel gates on the doors and behind high walls? Guess the church knows what filipinos are really like. Then the church hates the competition when stealing.

      2. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Did you see a few years back where the church came up with new sins? This was before the poop, I mena pope came to visit. One of the new sins is littering, yea I know. Well after the pope gave that mass in Manila the filipinos left either 100 or 150 tons of trash laying in the streets and such that needed to be picked up. Then after the black nazarene thing every year the church has the fire dept come with trucks and wash the piss off the side of the church and surrounding areas.

  14. Profile gravatar of Esteban Magtaka III Jr
    Esteban Magtaka III Jr

    The Catholic Church is the instigator and promoter of the biggest problems in the Philippines : Soaring over-population and poverty.
    In January, the Catholic Church succeeded in sabotaging the Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012 , after its sheeple within the bicameral committee removed the PHP1 billion budget earmarked for the purchase of contraceptives in 2016.

    Actively denying access to free contraception,to people of limited mental ability whose only passtime is boinking each other ; Then encouraging them to push out one kid per year like battery hens because ” every child is a blessing from god”, is sheer irrefutable lunacy which perpetuates the cycle of poverty,over-population, and stupidity.

    Of course, the other major problem with Catholicism in the Philippines, is that every Pinoy firmly believes that they have god’s express permission to be conniving, dishonest, unscrupulous, back-stabbing, assholes all week; because they get to repent everything on Sunday and wipe their slate clean.

  15. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    To all members
    When the first settlers came to western Canada in early 1890’s they were living in holes in the ground and wooden shacks,,,, BUT somehow there was enough money to build 2 huge churches facing each other. One is still there,, but it is not used.
    Does anybody ever notice that they profess to love one another , but NEVER share a building for a church????
    A famous Canadian was asked if he was an athiest on national tv. He said ”I am an athiest, ” Why the other person asked ????
    Because I went to India in the 1930’s and what I saw there convinced me there is no God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was just a kid when that show was on,, but it stuck with me forever.

  16. Profile gravatar of Denmark2

    OMG….what a f****** GOD discussion.

    It’s just duly time to get this strait; religion NEVER did anything good to people.

    The meaning of the word; “believe” are misused in all religions all over the world.

    Once a high rank official of the church in FlipFlopLand said; “A family with many children are blessed by God, hence therefore the family becomes richer, not poor by having many children”.
    (Said in connection with the fight against “The Family Bill”)

    Let people “believe” whatever they wont, but don’t allow the same people to pester other people with their religion. If they want to f*** someone, let them do it in their own home – and by that leave me (us) out of their “believes”.

  17. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    The church in this country has too much say.
    1. has anyone lived next to a church and heard the NOISE at 5.30am or during the time when theyre going hard at it at 4am.

    The government wanted to introduce a bill for contraception and
    who used church funds to argue in the courts to overturn this bill?

    I welcome any investigation into church abuse in the philippines.

  18. Profile gravatar of BLX2

    I don’t believe in a deity. And it is possible that dead is dead in every way, shape, form and dimension. But POSITIVE prayer or meditation does seem to have positive effects. Christ’s philosophy if that’s what’s strived for seems to be a good direction to aim at for those that want/need to believe in something more that way, or to be centered in “spirit”, or a way interact positively with the world. Of course the dogma of organized religion fucks that up pretty well. Humans seem to have an almost genetic pull towards religion, as spirituality. Is there something more to spirituality or is it a way to get our brains to work better (or worse when corrupted with the negative)? Just because there is no deity to damn us to hell for doing the wrong thing doesn’t mean it isn’t to our benefit and everyone else’s, and the future of humanity to try to determine what is right and to strive to do it to the best of our ability.

    Dead may be dead, but quantum physics is science, and we’re pretty ignorant about the ultimate reality underneath it. Saying that when you’re dead the energy just goes poof and there is no more is NOT a scientific fact. We just don’t know. There is an energy field that reaches outside our body and at the same time effects out brain.

    There may be no invisible deity in the sky, but there is proof that something invisible is at work, maybe the effects are only in the immediate vicinity, maybe they reach multiple universes and or dimensions, or anywhere in between. Organized religion has the bad habit of usurping the search for “spiritual” truth, corrupting it with the negative. At least that’s my opinion.

    “A fundamental conclusion of the new physics also acknowledges that the observer creates the reality. As observers, we are personally involved with the creation of our own reality. Physicists are being forced to admit that the universe is a ‘mental’ construction. Pioneering physicist Sir James Jeans wrote: ‘The stream of knowledge is heading toward a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter, we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter. Get over it, and accept the inarguable conclusion. The universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual.’ ” – (R. C. Henry, “The Mental Universe”; Nature 436:29, 2005, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University)

    Heart, brain, electromagnetic fields…

    1. Profile gravatar of John

      I understand your stand point when you say: “POSITIVE prayer or meditation does seem to have positive effects.” That sometimes really works. When we desire something, we are instantly connected with the invisible side of whatever good we desired. Also we know, everything in universe vibrates, because it is made by some sort of energy. Nothing is solid or rested; everything is moving, even a death body in the coffin! We’re literary living in the notion of motion. It is that we call “the law of vibration”. The problem starts when they formulate all these under the name of one religion! This is the moment religions come along and hijack scientifically proven realities in the universe to prove their beings. They get help from science to prove something imaginary!
      You see, you can be a good man or even a great man, but it has not much to do with your religious belief. Human being doesn’t need to define her/his good being in the name of a certain type of religion. For some people, since religion with its hell and variety of punishments can act really scary, somehow religions stop them of committing crimes or hurting other people. However, it is a historically proven fact that in most cases, religions are the cause of wars, crimes and hurting people. Religion divides people into different groups, makes them self-centered, dictates them how to feel and act, stops them of free thinking, etc.
      It is my idea about religions, but it doesn’t mean I keep myself away from religious people. I have great friends of any kind of beliefs. As long as we keep our beliefs inside our private borderlines and don’t use them to manipulate others or as a tool for verbal abuse, we can interact with each others.

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        Neurochemistry. And our psychological state of mind dictates what chemicals are released. Being able to use meditation to alter our own chemistry seems to be a good way of doing it (at least I’ve heard that, I’m too busy over analyzing the shit out of everything for definitive answers, aka torturing myself, my own fail, lol). When praying for peace, good towards others, strength in the face of adversity… the positive, the good chemicals are released. When praying out of greed, selfishness, vengeance… those are negative emotions, releasing negative chemicals and also reinforcing negative neuro pathways (as all negative thought does). Creating chaos in the mind that is then projected into the world. That is a basic layman’s interpretation of how it works.

        At the same time our emotions have a direct effect on the magnetic fields that emanate from us (and outside our minds) and interact with the world around us. There is a degree of impact from this. Its depth is unknown. What effect it does have at the quantum level, if any, is unknown.

        I think religion is one way we can manipulate this unknown/unseen within us that we don’t understand. Organized religion takes advantage of this, attaches reward/punishment to heaven/hell. Being organized ushers in the human politic and out comes the controllers (psychopaths?) to abuse this unknown. It depends on the leader of the flock as well as the philosophy of the religion itself. I think the words of Christ as written are a positive philosophy to strive towards (a utopian aim at the positive), but to damn, harm, kill is a betrayal of that very philosophy. turning the positive into a negative, good into evil.

        We don’t need a god for that, just to develop a better understanding of it and an unbiased technique to keep our shit together.

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      “There may be no invisible deity in the sky, but there is proof that something invisible is at work, maybe the effects are only in the immediate vicinity, maybe they reach multiple universes and or dimensions, or anywhere in between. Organized religion has the bad habit of usurping the search for “spiritual” truth, corrupting it with the negative. At least that’s my opinion.”

      I can see how someone could form such an opinion.

      But my opinion is that it’s pure psychology. Humankind has proven that the desire to get answers to questions can be so strong, that it will often manifest itself in creating theories that coincide with that they would like the answer to be. And many of us find it very hard to grasp that there just isn’t anything after death for us. We really find it easier to cope with life knowing it doesn’t completely end for us. We just can’t stand the unknown. So often times, if it’s unkown, it must be god or some kind of spiritual realm. It’s just wishful thinking.

      In my opinion, What is out there materially, it out there materially. It’s not generated or changed by our mental perceptions. It exists regardless if life on earth exists. Life on earth is simply a part of what’s out there. We are part of what the universe happened to create because the recipe was right. It, too, will eventually end one way or another, as everything in the universe does.

      It really does me no good to try to live by something I am not certain is real. To live as if there’s something for me after I die, simply because it comforts me, is still living a lie. For me, knowing there is nothing after, and all I have is this life, is REALITY. It makes me live it to the fullest. Makes me not want to waste it. It makes life much more precious than if I’d been created by some invisible narcissistic asshole in the sky.

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        “But my opinion is that it’s pure psychology”. Calming the emotional mind the fuck down, how it works and how to do it could be reaching the ultimate “spiritual” truth referred to. Very probable, don’t need a god for that, too bad we can’t ask God if it’s true or not 🙂

        “Humankind has proven that the desire to get answers to questions can be so strong, that it will often manifest itself in creating theories that coincide with that they would like the answer to be. And many of us find it very hard to grasp that there just isn’t anything after death for us. We really find it easier to cope with life knowing it doesn’t completely end for us. We just can’t stand the unknown. So often times, if it’s unkown, it must be god or some kind of spiritual realm. It’s just wishful thinking.”

        Can not disagree with that logic, especially using all the facts we do know it is the most logical and obvious conclusion. But since it is based on the facts we do know and we are pretty ignorant of the quantum and completely ignorant of what is/isn’t outside our universe we are actually missing a lot of facts. Funny coincidence though, at the times the scriptures were written no man knew a thing about the quantum and God forgot to elude to it a single time in his books, now shit, that would be a smoking gun.

        “What is out there materially, it out there materially.”, if a particle can be a wave, and a wave a particle is the material truly material in reality or an illusionary perception of reality from our perspective?

        “It really does me no good to try to live by something I am not certain is real.” That’s prudent. The thought of living a lie makes me cringe, something more or nothing else, no one can say which is a lie (unless you’re God and he only talks to Manny lately). You say, “knowing there is nothing after”, but you don’t KNOW that, it is what you believe, and believing that does give you comfort. And I think the reality is, regardless of any underlying reality we may not be aware of, this is the only chance you get to be you in the here and now. There will be no second chance. But it’s only what I think, I don’t KNOW anything.

        I do firmly believe that harming others due to their religious (or lack of) beliefs (absent the belief that their belief gives them the right to harm you and they intend to act on it) is about as evil as anyone can get. For me that can be extended to those who harm the vulnerable promising holy hypocritical salvation while lining their pockets.

        All that you believe Captain could be right. But there are unanswered holes in pure evolution and it may be more than the biological that is learning, growing and “evolving” and more than blind random genetic mutations driving it. We really are only aware of interacting with what is and how “what is” works through classical physics. But it is a scientific fact there is more to things than just that, and it seems to be “crazier” than anything out of the bible.

  19. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

    So well described Cap’n!! I want to copy and paste to my FB account and thank God!!

    One thing I noticed is the dangerous buffer created by the indifferent, yeah-I’m-a->>insert religion here<<<, to the zealous, violent, radical assholes that hijack the religions through he ages….

    OHHHH, just had a multitude of neutrinos pass through me!! What a rush!

  20. Profile gravatar of tambok

    Some pretty cool stories in the big book too. Walking on water, back from the dead, turning wine in to water, healing the blind, wow wish I could do all those things Haha! All the so called gods should get together and have a big bang, bang the Virgin that is, Mohamed, Jesus, a few hundred Hindu guys, the Virgin Mary, couple of buddahs and the list goes on. Isn’t it amazing how every year at Mecca at the Haj a few hundred people get trampled to death or blow themselves up and go to paradise. Oh and god created the heavens and earth a few thousand years ago. Hmmm well how come I see fossils of sea life all over the place that have obviously been there for millions! The questions are endless aren’t they, but would a good god fearing Pinoy ever question them wtf.. of course not. I always get a laugh when I remember my Filipino Cupid days, almost every women would say “looking for a god fearing man”! What a crock of shit. Then we would meet and be at it minutes@##$$%^^^.

    1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

      “Hmmm well how come I see fossils of sea life all over the place that have obviously been there for millions!” This is a question I have asked so many Christians so many times but I ask about the dinosaurs. Do you want to know the answer I have heard more than any other? Because Satan put them there to confuse people. A couple of years ago a Christian explained to me how God and Satan were at odds because Satan wanted to have a crack at running things. It was an interesting answer because I had to ask why God would even negotiate with Satan. It is like God is the boss and his angels, Satan included, are his workers and pretty much he got sick of Satans nagging and told him he could have a go at running things but will keep a tab on it. Thats why he sent Jesus back but one day it will end and Satans reign will be over. During Satans reign he will be able to decieve many people so we must keep the faith. This Christian guy I was talking to got a whole lot of papers sent out for me to read and I did and understood it. I cant remember exactly where it is in the Bible as I have since archived it to the attic but it is actually the reason and answer (in laymans terms) to your question .
      FYI I am the biggest Atheist around, a place I arrived at after studying the Abrahamic religions in depth.

    2. Profile gravatar of John

      I had a short experience with the website too. That time, they called it Filipino Heart, if I’m not mistaking.
      You’re right, being a “god fearing man” was the first request almost in all profiles. However, we mostly ended up right into bed or even car fun, in the first date! I couldn’t imagine how easy these “god fearing” girls were!

    3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      I saw we round up any of these modern day guys who claim to be Jesus (especially that asshole Apollo Quiboloy in Mindanao) and make him “Walk on water, back from the dead, turning wine in to water, healing the blind” and see what bullshit excuses they come up with. If we start crucifying one of them at a time, we could cut out a lot charlatans until we actually find Jesus when he rises from the dead. Imagine our surprise if we actually found Jesus? He might actually appreciate it as well since he along with 100’s of others claim to be the son of god so no one is listening to him. It would help cut out a lot of the bullshit. Right?