Remittances And How This Country Survives.



So let’s look at some real statistics of this Failipines that they dare to call a functioning country.

Number of OFWs in 2013, 10,238,614 and more than 1,000,000 every year leave to work overseas. In 2011 remittances were about 20.117 billion, what would they be now double? OFW and immigrant remittance represent 13.5% of GDP, which is the largest of any country in the world. In 2012 80% came from, in order, the US, Canada, UK, UAE, Saudi, Singapore and Japan.


When you look at the stats it is obvious to see that the whole economy would collapse if even a fraction of the millions of OFWs or immigrants had to return home. This country already has so many millions of redundant jobs such as millions of useless security guards, department store floor workers. Look at the millions of guys who decide to become two and three wheel motor drivers, and bicycle drivers because they can’t do anything else. What if five million more have to come home because of a faultering world economy? And this is happening now!


I would estimate that above 50% of this country is really unemployed. If you go to a mall anytime, it’s full, I go to a resort anytime it’s full, everything to do with partying and travel is full. All my neighbors don’t work, the town has thousands of drivers waiting for no riders, taxis honking horns everywhere, people selling bullshit everywhere, all self proclaimed workers doing things that are already done one hundred times too much.


I live near a small town of about 200,000, but there are nine money transfer places!!!!!!!!!!!! They always have lots of customers. In my last article, The Neighbors, I pointed out how five households behind me have twenty five people and none of them work! The first family of fifteen gets 20000P a month from an Ausi bf, one other family has a sister working as a slave nanny in Hong Kong. Just like most Filipino families.


How many hundreds of times have you been asked where are you from? Then when you tell them the reply is, oh yes I have a sister, uncle … working there. The whole world is polluted with them, taking jobs away from the indigenous populations. What a mess!


Now let’s look at this! There are thousands of us expatriates here spending billions every year. Now if we all go home as we are told to do so many times, what happens to this bullshit place, obvious huh? And what would they lose? Billions.


What are your experiences with this?

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  1. Profile gravatar of Jamess

    “The whole world is polluted with them, taking jobs away from the indigenous populations”
    You should carve it on gold and put it in all airports and immigration offices.

  2. Profile gravatar of IrishPat

    I often wondered why the fast food joints were always full of locals, when the average meal there costs nearly a full days wage for low paid workers. After a while I realized it was because they were not spending money they had earned but easy money from overseas that has less intrinsic value.

    It used always annoy me when my ex-wife would have the extended family dine at our hotel and then put the bill onto the room. On checking out I would ask what’s this, we didn’t use the restaurant, only to be told that she had her friends over one and ran up a bill greater than 2 day’s room charge. Yes they probably all left with bags of food. Luckily for me I was my wife’s sole source of income, so I could reclaim the added expense, which caused tampo for a week, I quite enjoyed that until she turned violent towards the kids.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      When we were still at school here in Oz, my Mum used to have a Pinay baby sitter who also had 3 kids. This Pinay baby sitter was committed to send $500 each month to her unemployed sister in the Philippines. That was around mid 1990s so a lot of money even back then. She was sending a niece and nephew to college, and of course the sister never worked, very likely never even tried looking for a job.

      One winter’s day, Mum was running late and asked the Pinay baby sitter if she could give us dinner as well, which she did. Then her 3 kids ages 9, 7 and 4 were having a shower just after dinner. I remember them running from the bathroom shivering just when mum turned up to pick us up. Mum asked her “your kids are cold, why don’t you turn the heaters on?”. The baby sitter replied “it costs money. They’ll warm up when they get dressed”.

      I have never forgotten that incident because this Pinay baby sitter was prepared to deprive her own children of warmth because it costs money, but when she could not come up with the monthly $500 to send to the Philippines, she’d crawl over barbed wires to borrow money, pawn items so she could meet her commitment.

      Then one day she complained to my Mum that her niece was very generous to her friends. Apparently the niece would blow out so many pesos to treat her friends to restaurants each time she received the allowance from Oz. Easy come, easy go. Yep, money that these parasites did not worked for are spent without so much thoughts as to where or how that money were obtained.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        One thing Filipinos love is to show off. The more shameless the better.
        My Uncle and his cunt wife stole the family estate, like as much as they could completely wipe out. Every time they needed money, they would not only sell a family property, they would mortgage it and never pay it back. Apparently waiting for a seller to pay market value was not worth waiting for.
        Well, this cunt wife and my uncle would treat everyone everytime they had money. Especially the wife. She would take friends and family on trips all over the country paying for their hotels, food, gifts, etc.
        Some of the people even knew where the money was coming from, but of course those devout catholics would not care to accept stolen money if they actually get something from the person stealing.
        So, it does not matter if the money is borrowed, stolen, begged, guilted, or designated for charity. Filipinos will proudly show it off like its their own and they are successful.

      2. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        , she’d crawl over barbed wires to borrow money, pawn items so she could meet her commitment.

        in other words, as Filipinas do – perhaps spread their legs and sell their soul
        to get the money.
        But as they live in denial they don’t call themselves as “resorting to prostitution”
        but let’s call as spade a spade – they are fucking hooking to pay arsewipes back in the Philippines
        as they do in the Philippines they hook to get money to get job requirements.
        let’s be serious here even though Filipinas deny they do this they
        will stoop so low as to sell their bodies to any guy with money.
        money talks.
        I know a guy who had a Filipina friend screwing Indians in toilets in Dubai and she said the smell was so
        horrible she would want to vomit.
        well… what can i say.
        That’s what Filipinas do…
        to support “the family”
        it’s all about the fucking family of arsewipes.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          “in other words, as Filipinas do – perhaps spread their legs and sell their soul to get the money.” I read somewhere that the Greek term for prostitute is “Filipina”. Can anyone confirm or deny this? If true, that is so damning…. but then, yes FHPS, I have heard a lot of Filipinos, not just women, prostitute themselves in the mid-east. Apparently, the Arabs prefer the dainty/petite frames of the Pinoys. I wonder if they tell their families back home that they moonlight as prostitutes? Oh, one Pinay, friend of a friend had to return home because she got sick. You can guess how many came forward to take care of her….. just her mother and her younger sister. All the other hangers on who used to flock at their house everytime there’s a Balikbayan box from her were nowhere to be seen. She got better and returned to the mid-east learning a valuable lesson not to be as generous.

      3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Yeah, I have no idea why they work so hard for worthless family members. They need to work for themselves and possibly their kid if necessary. Other than that, they owe nothing.
        When many of these OFW’s get back to their home country, they almost want to be away or they will move away. Their family becomes too much a nuisance. Plus, they may sit and wonder where their money went since they’ve said they’ve needed money for new roof, new fridge, floor, TV, etc yet its obvious the money was simply pissed away.

        Here is the loving, empathetic country at its finest. It only cares to send its people away to become maids or basic laborers since they offer zero education or opportunity.

        1. Profile gravatar of Attila

          Does anyone remember Senator Erap’s privilege speech on US Bases in the Senate Session Hall April 18, 1988 that resulted in closing down the Navy bases for good?
          He basically accused the US enabling the Philippines in to a nation of domestic helpers and many other nasty things. Now I’m reading this article saying that today there are government run “Maids Academies” to help Filipinas to be OFW maids.
          What the hell? Here is the speech.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            During one of our Philippine holidays a few years ago, we were given an old movie which starred Joseph Estrada. The movie was made in 1989 and it was an anti-American movie titled “under the Eagle’s clutch” (that was the translation). The story centered around a Jeepney driver who did not liked the “bad” influences the Americans brought into his city of Olongapo. I think they even blamed a Kano for the rape (or attempted rape?) of the young girl.

            It was evidently a propaganda movie with really bad class D acting and actors. By 1991, the US bases closed. Twenty five years later, the Filipinos in those cities (Olongapo and AC) are still desperately poor, poverty and unemployment is still high, the desperation to make a few pesos here and there is worst! And now have China invading bits and pieces of Philippine territory. I would loved to asked Mr. Estrada what has the closure of the bases brought to the Filipinos?

          2. Profile gravatar of Attila

            He and the other senators called the “Magnificent 12” are as proud as ever. they had a reunion meeting a few years ago. “the presence of the US bases in the country had undermined Philippine sovereignty and caused prostitution, rise in the cases of AIDS, environmental degradation, discrimination, and displacement of farmers and indigenous peoples, among other negative impacts. ”

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Don’t know about you but I just love how the filipinos have taken the blame shifting to a whole new level and art form. Here is the Fag 12, I mean Mag 12 blaming the U.S bases for problems the filipino themselves caused. Go down to Olongapo and the river that borders the base “Shit River” is just as dirty now as it was back in 1989.

          4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            And who do you think took over ownership of the buildings and businesses? Where is that pride to put the AFP in a great spot with infrastructure already there? Instead, “let’s take this shit for ourselves”. I heard many stories where they looted the place the day after the USA left.
            So much for that pinoy pride and ability to defend themselves. Those fucking morons don’t realize their enemy is themselves.
            The Philippines has very easy problems to solve. The only thing they need to concentrate on is getting rid of corruption which means getting off their asses and holding their justice system accountable. If they could actually send the thieves and other evil people to jail in a swift timely manner and seize all their stolen assets, then 95% of their problems would start resolving themselves.

        2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          When things are shitty, Filipinos will blame the only non-filipino in the area. Those bases provided thousands of jobs, income, and even a future.
          It was in 1990, president Bush sr said no to a higher rate for the bases. With Russia collapsing they did not see a valid reason for the bases in the pacific. The rate at teh time was $250 million USD a year for both bases. Bush told the negotiator the current rate was the maximum they were going to pay and not a penny more. He said they did not need the bases anymore anyway.
          Well, these “patriots” who always think they are greater than they are and are more valuable than the reality demanded $750 Million USD.
          So the USA said “fuck off”, the bases closed, and the “patriots” then turned around and said, “we are a proud independant nation so we have asked the USA to leave. We can stand on our own”. Then they had to increase the VAT to make up for the shortfall.
          Why do Filipinos always have to find the biggest ways to fail? Seriously, there is the right way, the wrong way, and the Filipino way which is the most catastrophic way possible.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            And then look what the filipinos did with the bases. Did they move combat ships into Olongapo? No. They turned the barracks into hotels, put in a casino, private yacht club just to name a few.

          2. Profile gravatar of


            In the other side Mike, you be lets say angry if there were bases for a foreign army in the US? I will be. The problem is that in my country there always have been army bases in the last 70 years of other counties. Before we had the Russians there now Americans. Its a very sensitive topic for many countries.

            But 1 thing for sure and I hope we can all agree on that. In POLITICS there is nothing for free like some people here are saying. The fact that US have bases in many countries, and its not because they want to protect them. You have to be stupid to do that.

            Back to the US bases in Asia. Of course its smart to have bases around here. Its some kind of a back up. Just in case. US have very developed and smart army, which is good. Hope you understand my point.

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Yes I understand your point about the bases. But there are two things to consider about that no matter what countries you are talking about. The first is want vs need. Countries like the U.S, Germany, Britain, Canada are strong enough to defend themselves and don’t need bases from other nations in their country. But countries like the Philippines need foreign bases in their country because they cannot defend themselves. That covers the need part.

            The second is want. Some countries want foreign bases in their countries for their own reasons. These could be increased security, back up on hand in case of attack, economic, joint training and so forth. Countries like this include Germany, Japan to name a few. I just read where U.S tankers were in Holland I think it was so they could learn to drift and fire on ice. Maybe we are planning on invading Canada (Sorry Al). But joint training like that gives a country the chance to train in climates and conditions they might not have in their own country. The U.S does let troops from foreign countries in and they are trained right beside U.S troops.

            In the second world war the Poles done a better job of fighting the Germans when the Germans invaded Poland than the French did when the Germans invaded France. But what if UK had a base that was supplied with both man power and supplies when Germany invaded? Foreign bases are something each country has to decide for itself. Guess in some cases it’s “Invite or Invade”

          4. Profile gravatar of Mike

            My point, specifically about the navy base at Olongapo was that after the U.S pulled out (something a lot of pinoys should do more often) the base was in great shape and was not affected by the Pinatubo eruption. There was a movie theater, hospital and and all the filipinos had to do was transfer their navy ships there. But instead they turned it into a commercial area.

      4. Profile gravatar of Attila

        If this is common mentality for a Filipina to derive her own children just to support her relatives then what could a puti husband expect in a marriage with a Filipina like her? I would not call it a marriage but a sham. My wife told me that Filipinas honestly believe that providing sex and companionship makes up for it. They honestly believe that they are trading sex for financial favors in a marriage is normal for them. Also they feel entitled to do the budgeting as per Filipino culture. That means they have the exclusive right to decide how the money is spend. If the puti husband doesn’t agree with her then she wants to separate finances by reserving the right to spend her salary the way she pleases. That would mean that the husband now pays all the bills. and becomes the provider. She also said that if a puti dates a Filipina he should not let her cook for him. She may use it against him if they break up. She will most certainly paint herself as a victim who cared for him and cooked for him but he exploited and used her for sex. Cooking is interpreted as love and care and sacrifice for the man.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Went to a Pinay party a few years ago. There was a Pinay bride to be, ex_GRO who left a half Kano son (of a customer) in the Pines. Baby was only 6 months old. Bride to be complained to a few Pinay sympathizers that she left the baby to be cared for by her parents (as tend to happen), but she came to Oz to marry, she had no job, she complained the Aussie husband to be was not giving her money for baby’s keep in the Philippines. What did the older Pinays advise her to do? Don’t give him sex unless he gives you money. Now if that is not prostitution, I don’t know what is!!

          I have heard other expats refer/discuss Filipinas as “cultural prostitutes”. Perhaps, there is a ring of truth in it?

          1. Profile gravatar of Attila

            It’ refreshing to read your comments and ConCanucks’. I always thought my wife was perhaps the only Filipina who was honest and objective and had the analytical inside of her culture. She used to tell me that she is one in ten thousand and if her family, friend and other Filipinos would find out that she is explaining and education me about the real culture they would get angry and would try to shame her. As we whites or outsiders should not know about the secret of the Cosa Nostra. When we got married and watched “Gulong ng Palad” all the episodes together which is one of the best telenovelas with Cherie Gil, I had to stop every 3 minutes and ask her to explain why are they behaving like that. The characters behavior was just totally illogical to me (I’m from Hungary) and I was just clueless and dumb founded. I was able to read the subtitle and watch it but it just didn’t make sense to me. She really went the extra mile for me and explained it from A to Z and it took long-long hrs. Since then I’m addicted to this alien culture.

          2. Profile gravatar of Brass Doff
            Brass Doff

            Cultural whore – pinay who is desperate to get residency or citizenship in western country. Will often have goal of moving whole family to host country, and tends to strip kano of wealth by claiming domestic violence or child molestation.

            Economic whore – pinay who is content to stay in the failippines where she will strip kano of wealth by …. see above. When source of funds dries up may reject kano, or report to Immigration, or call in tandem

            Sexual whore – pinay/ladyboy service provided for fee. Less harmful type of whore – unless std’s taken into the equation. Can provide extended service as one of her many clients, also with goal of relieving kano of wealth. May delete kano by one of means mentioned above.

            “It’s more fun in the failippines!”

        2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          well,, be lucky she does not charge you with sexual abuse against the kids,,, that would be a bummmer ,, you sleeping on the street or jail and she has the house

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Brass Doff, you summed up the classifications very well 🙂 . Except for no. 2. Please permit me to add to the criteria of no. 2. …
            “Economic whore – pinay who is content to stay in the failippines if she is not given any other option of marriage and citizenship, where she will strip kano of wealth by …. see above.” Seems whatever the classifications, the Kano is screwed if he’s not careful. Yep, more fun in the Philippines…. dodging rallies, scammers, bullets and tandems etc. 🙂

    2. Profile gravatar of tambok
      tambok Post author

      Really ya here McD and Jollibee and all the other junk food places always packed with people spending 2 3 400P on a meal when the local salaries are about the same, really tells you something huh.

  3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    I am always amazed a mcdos bigmac hamburger costs 150 peso when a normal working daily wage is 350 pesos. They have a mcdos cost index for each country in the world. Considering the qaulity,, the feelippines mcdos hamburger must be the most expensive in the world.
    As for the local jobs in the western world.. nobody wants to work for slave labor wages any more. I remember we used to go around the neighborhood and ask for jobs. Mike would remember those days!!
    The big corporations sucked ass to the govts and let these perps in.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Sure do! Hot summer days dragging a lawn mower and can of gas charging $2 per lawn. Walking around looking for soda bottles to collect and turn in for the deposit 2 cents each or collecting aluminum cans to sale for scrap.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Did you bumper slide? We would wait at a corner for a car to stop at the stop sign. Then one or two of us would sneak to the back and grab the bumper while squatting out of view of the driver. When he took off we slid behind the car. Don’t know how many pairs of gloves I lost because they got stuck in the bumper. They were just coming out with plastic bumpers back then and sometimes you would hear a pop or snap if the bumper broke loose.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Snow piled 3, 4 5 foot high at corners. Hollow them out and make an igloo.

          3. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

            Ahh, “bumper hitching”! We had a blast doing that (but some drivers did not agree)! Also dug out igloos from the snow that was piled up at the end of the driveway (scared the bejezzus out of my paranoid mother who was afraid the igloo would collapse and suffocate us). there was a tool shed built at the back of my house, and after that storm we piled up snow on the side of the shed, climbed up on the shed roof, and jumped off, landing in the snow on our rumps and backs. Those were the days….

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Hey Joe,
          Mom worked as a waitress back in the mid 60’s and on and we rented a 3 bedroom, 2 story house. A lot of times we were short on money because dad would not help support. Well mom would take all her coin tips and throw them in a big glass whiskey bottle. You remember those? They held about 2 gallons. This money was for bdays, christamas, school supplies and school clothes. But she would dip into it anytime a new Disney movie or cartoon came out and she would take us to the movie or drive in. I remember seeing The Apple Dumpling Gang, Escape to Witch mountain, 101 Dalmations and so on. Yes, Mayberry was a lot like when I was a small boy. I’ll bet Aunt Bea could really cook too!

  4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Well, the funny thing is, with oil prices at historic lows I think a few of these Filipinos are about to be sent home. Give it another 3 months of low oil and they will start coming back.
    Then of course they had a huge scare. When the Philippines highlighted their hostage rescue skills and slightly pissed of Hong Kong, they were about to revoke 500,000 Filipino workers. I would have loved to see that happen and see all the “pinoy pride” when entire families are out of money. Then I bet the one supporting the family the entire time would have been really pissed off when no one else would even bother trying to get a job to return the favor.

  5. Profile gravatar of John

    When it comes to immigration in Canada, Filipinos stand on the top of the list, after Chinese and Indian. Canada with 35 million population has already close to a million Filipino immigrant. It doesn’t include Canadian born Pinoys.
    There is a specific difference between Pinoys and other immigrants in Canada. The difference is the way Pinoys come to Canada and how they expand multiple times in one shot.
    The reality is, more than 90% of Pinoys are not qualified as an immigrant and they do not go through the legal process of immigration qualifications (education, investment, etc.)! The majority of Pinoys come here as Female workers on Two years working visa. They work as nanny and PSW (Personal support worker). After two years of staying here, they can apply for “Open Working Permit” and right after, apply for PR (Permanent Residency). As far as I’m concerned, Canada is the only country gives this opportunity to foreign workers. What makes this story complete is when a nanny applies for PR, her whole family become permanent resident of Canada in the same shot! It means, the Pinoy guy who never worked a day in his life and was on her wife’s payroll, also his five kids come to Canada rightaway.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Yeah, they should not allow the rest of the family to join. God knows, you’re bound to get a bunch of freeloaders in. I don’t mind the hard-worker getting residency or even citizenship after a few years, but definitely not the family.
      BTW, the immigration laws of the philippines are very strict. So they take advantage of other countries relaxed rules, but make it difficult for others? Screw them.

    2. Profile gravatar of tambok
      tambok Post author

      Ya Canada is a free ticket for anyone, refugees, 25000 Syrians in a six month period since Trudeau got in. Asians, number one Pinoys, coming in at an exponential rate. This fucking country has the highest population increase in the world, so why the fuck does our country have to bare the brunt of their stupidity and ignorance. Canada could be a clean non crowded country, but you watch pretty soon there will be millions of pinoy kids filling up the schools, garbage and noise everywhere. All the Pinoy bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      that and all the grandmothers come flooding in to collect old age pensions, now the retirement age age is 67 for slome people, but turdeua is still giving millions away to 3rd world corrupt countries

  6. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    I’ve got a lot of SMS messages I can write a followup on how these narcissist Filipinas don’t give a shit about the sender.
    its gimme gimme

    in some conversations, i said
    I’m sick, in bed, haven’t been out
    and was HARASSED
    FUCKING HARASSED and anything I said was ignored.
    all they want is money.

    they don’t give a shit the 100p they are asking might cost 60p + my time to do the transfer

    they don’t give a shit about YOUR TIME let alone my time
    eg. 2 another cow
    I said in 2 hours from town and she said
    “when can you send”
    …umm wtf?

    Is what filipinas say

  7. Profile gravatar of Denmark2

    In our country we have a lot of Au Pairs from Philippines. Quite hard working girls, having extra work on the side to do cleaning jobs for other families etc.

    I know quite a few through my network and what amaze me time after time are, that these girls earn approx. €600 per month, having food, travels (bus and trains) paid – and still they have extra jobs on the side.

    Going in to the matter frequent answers are; “need to send money home” – “have to send money home” – “I’m only here to earn and send all home”….

    Okay, fair is fair.

    Then came that day where I actually visited one of those families to an OFW.
    Met her in my country due to the fact she were trapped in one of those 5/6-scam (borrow 5 peso, pay 6 back 1 month later).
    She told me she HAD to borrow because her brother were ill and needed medicine.

    Off I go on my regular trips to FlipFlopLand and visited her family along the line.

    Turns out;
    mom & dad – not working, dad spend the money on booze.
    2 sister living at home with 5 children – no fathers to support, no sisters at work, but 1 on on’n’off contract to work part time in a sari sari.
    1 brother play the game of the village Playboy – for her money, no work, but as he says; my sister help me, she owes me that….!!!!

    The family have moved to a more “up town” location (from the hut to a real house), pay for from my friend.

    First she worked in Norway for 2 years – and after 18 month here, she went home.
    Big mistake.
    The family were pestering daily to search a job abroad, abusing her for being lazy (oh what???), claiming she were to blame for they had to move out from the house…!!!!

    Finaly she came back here to marry one of my friends.
    He’s not strict, but she limited to send only €250 home every month.
    Sometimes she’s in tears because she’s hampered with request for money from the whole family.
    Her husband are a very kind man, but since he worked hard for his money, they sit tight in his wallet, so he’s not bending in to her family.

    This OFW are quite smart, reliable (so far), going from providing her lazy siblings, now provides for her own child, taking education, learn our language and work at the same time.

    They will go “back home” this coming spring. A first for him, so he’s concerned it will turn bad, but I just told him to come empty handed (no money) and tell them “oh no, sorry can’t help, I have to pay my bills at home first”….

  8. Profile gravatar of ConCanuck

    OK…so I have this distant in-law in the PHL married to my nephew. For all intent and purpose I’ll call her “Gina”. Gina is kind, somewhat rough around the edges but straight to the point. We have communicated on a regular basis after I went back to the PHL for the first time in decades. Anyways, her lola (grand-mother) recently passed away and so I sent her some bus fare for her and her 2 kids to go back to the province and pay respects. Upon her arrival, I received an abnormal amount of texts from Gina and her 2 sisters. I knew it only meant one thing. I wish it was to say “hi” and ask me how my kids were doing, but like anyone reading this blog, we all know that was a desperate request for more money.

    Well, I just so happened to learn that the body of Gina’s grandmother wouldn’t be released from the hospital and a death certificate issued until the medical bills are paid. I thought, hmmmm….should I or shouldn’t I help? Then I thought, why? Gina isn’t a direct relative, she’ll never appreciate how hard I had to work to earn the money or feel bad about this money that I could use for my kids, family and own expenses. Not to mention all the financial support that I have given in the past. After all, the past is the past to them when it comes to money. Today is a new day, so today is a new request for more money or something else.

    Well, finally, I said to myself…..No. Fuck it. I have given more than my fair share of assistance. My relatives are probably on a first name basis with the Western Union agent in their town with all the times I’ve sent a remittance. But alas, they finally found another victim to milk. Gina’s sister (Gina’s sister is 30) asked her 65 year-old Canadian boyfriend whom she’s never met other than through a few skype sessions. Dumb Canuck sent the money…more than enough to cover medical bills and a large part of the uneral and then some. And here, Gina sends me pictures of them picking up money at Western Union and then them going to the mall to buy a new cell-phone and going out to a nice lunch. To top it all off, Gina says….”isn’t my sister so generous to be taking us out to eat and paying for lola’s funeral?” I’m thinking….”Sure Gina…its easy for your sister to be generous when your sister spends the money she DIDN’T have to work hard for” Been Facebook free for 2 weeks. Not missing out on stupid selfies of my relatives at the mall and their regular texts of…”I have a problem”

    They are just too much.

  9. Profile gravatar of Mike

    When I first got to this country a woman would always come to wifes sari sari to buy smokes. This woman was always in the same old t shirt, no panties,shoes or bra and stank real bad, you could smell her from 30 foot away very easy. After awhile wife told me the story. Jinky was an OFW working in the Middle East and would send most of her pay back to the Pi to support husband, kids and build a house. So the money comes in and hubby builds the house, Jinky comes on vacation after 7 years and house going fine and Jinky goes back to the Middle East to work another 7 years contract. So for the next 7 years she sends money back to pay for the house, feed the kids and such, no problem right?

    Well after the second contract was up Jinky decides she is going to fly back to the PI, live in the house she built and take it easy for a while. So she lands and heads to the house only to find out hubby sold it, took the cash, kids and disappeared without a trace. So Jinky just walks up and down the street stinking up the area. I once offered her 2 new sets of clothes, 5,000 pesos, soap, shampoo and use our cr if she would take a shower, she refused. So then I gave her the nickname Stinky Jinky. Last I saw her tshirt was so worn that her ass was showing through the back of it.

    But there was a few laughs. Like I said, she stank real bad and you could smell her coming. Shortly after I arrived I was sitting behind the store counter with about 4 or 5 staff when all of a sudden they all jumped up and started running to the back, pushing each other to get out fast. Then Stinky Jinky was standing at the counter. What staff did was keep a nose out for her and when smelled her coming would run out as fast as they could, last one had to wait on Stinky Jinky.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        I brought the desktop out and set it up. Then when screensaver came up it went through pics and who was there? Stinky Jinky. Sad thing about it she was a good looking woman.

  10. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “the presence of the US bases in the country had undermined Philippine sovereignty and caused prostitution, rise in the cases of AIDS, environmental degradation, discrimination, and displacement of farmers and indigenous peoples, among other negative impacts. ”

    Undermined Philippine sovereignty huh? And what do they call that Chinese occupation of the Spratley islands? The Chinese pretty much has free run of that island now, so what do the Pignoys call that? Of course, they won’t call that an invasion now, would they?

    As for undermining sovereignty…. they actually mean that they did not liked it when the western donors of aid money (primarily the US) dictates to them what they can do with that money! The assholes just want to receive it but don’t tell us what to do with it or how to spend it! And you know, that attitude is translated into OFW /Kano money. You give but you can not dictate how we spend that money! There is no doubt that Filipinos are unable to independently defend themselves in case of a total Chinese invasion. If that happens, there will be no sovereignty to worry about!!

    And these magnificently failed 12, how can they explain the explosion in teenaged pregnancy in the Philippines 25 years after the closure of the US bases? Typical Pignoy mentality. The country is fucked up, but you can not point the finger at them. It’s always someone else’s fault!

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      The Chinese CANNOT invade the philippines. Why? Because the filipinos passed a law against foreign armies fighting on philippine soil. Now China is a foreign army so according to philippine law China cannot invade right? Now we all know how China obeys laws but please, allow the filipinos their fantasy that the law will be obeyed.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Of course! Typical Pignoy failed logic! And the fantasy continued… lots of Pinoys actually believed that the US will defend the Failippines in case of a Chinese invasion! Ask them why they believed this and the answer was: “because we were former American colony”! picked yourself off the floor yet? 🙂

      2. Profile gravatar of


        “he Chinese CANNOT invade the philippines. Why? Because the filipinos passed a law against foreign armies fighting on philippine soil. ”

        Hhaha actualyl thats a good one! Hmm in the other side, maybe I should make a law sayng no filipino can ask money from me? Wonder if it wll work,

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          True, it’s a law they made and passed. They forgot that an invading country don’t care if it’s against the other countries law to invade. Maybe if other countries passed that law 90 years ago then Germany and Japan would not have started a war and invaded.

  11. Profile gravatar of Mike

    I noticed that one of the signs says “Since 1906”. So the U.S. Kicks Spain out and pays them $20M for the philippines in 1898 and it took filipinos 8 years to figure out how to money wires from overseas? Why is it that they can figure that out that fast but cannot figure out the electric, water, roads, urnials, trash cans just to name a few in over 100 years? Another question for the types that have the financial mind (JoeKano). Good article but it does raise a question.
    Let’s say the OFW money comes in regular and the philippines gets it’s revenue from imports, exports, taxes and such. What would happen if all countries that give aid to the philippines stopped all aid in all forms? I read that Oz cut the aid to pi by 25%, that’s a good start in my opinion.

    1. Profile gravatar of Esteban Magtaka III Jr
      Esteban Magtaka III Jr

      In reality, this probably means that it has been open since 7:06pm or 19th June !
      From their website: “Tambunting Pawnshop! The oldest and the largest jewelry pawnshop chain in the Philippines, is now accepting TVs, cellphones, laptops, tablets, motorcycles, scooters and any kind of GADGET”
      ….. I guess we all know where to look when our shit gets stolen.

    2. Profile gravatar of tambok
      tambok Post author

      Ya Mike, if everybody stopped giving aid, if all OFWs came back this country would be totally 100% fucked. The only thing they export is fruit and people. They would be in really deep shit. What if we all went home!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck what a mess.

      1. Profile gravatar of omgwtf

        Ever realised how the 3rd Biggest coconut producer in ther world isn’t even able to produce canned coconut milk or soaps or anything. Its allready to much of a refining process so that they have to import this things from thailand.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          I recently flew on Cebu pathetic from Clark to Singapore, NO COMPLAINTS EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!! AT FUCKING LAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY HAVE A SIGN FOR PREBOOKED CHECK IN.!!!!!!!!!!
          I actually tried some COCOWATER they had on the plane delicious, too early to worry about dehydration but it was so fucking hot before I left I thought I should load up on fluids not beer for the 12 hour flight to come.
          After I finished my delicious beverage and bored shitless already, I read the label.
          Yup fully imported from FUCKING BRAZIL.
          Now I know know I am a bit stupid BWTF all those coconuts and they import cocowater from Brazil on a Philippine Airline.!!!!!!!!!!!
          There is a program run and funded by the Australian Govt. that assists Pacific Island Communities to become self sufficent in Making Cocowater and Coconut Oil I have seen documentaries on it very low tech, using manual hydraulics for extraction and the plants are stainless steel, brilliant concept and has changed hundreds of families lives.
          BUT do you think I would tell any FLIP how to go about getting some of this, FORGET IT !!!!!!!!!!!!! We give too much aid to the ungrateful cunts as it is.
          Yes you Roddy make more fun of some Flip murdering and raping a Australian Nurse helping Flips then macho man getting offended when we got offended.
          Fuck him and Flipland if the elect that criminal.

        2. Profile gravatar of tambok
          tambok Post author

          Unbelievable isn’t it. Sometimes I can’t even find coconut oil in the store. But lots of palm oil and others all imported. Unbelievable!

  12. Profile gravatar of Attila

    I heard Filipinos criticizing the USA for buying the Philippines as a humiliating act but I never heard them criticizing Spain for actuality selling it. For some reason they seem to give a pass to Spain. all the time.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Notice they never criticize Spain for taking it over in the first place? Here’s one for you. A year or 2 back China done something that pissed filipinos off but can’t remember what it was. Well the tv news showed the filipinos protesting what China did and where were they protesting? Outside the U.S embassy!! Then the news showed filipinos in California protesting over the same thing about China and where were they protesting? In front of the Chinese embassy. I asked wife why the filipinos here are protesting at our embassy over something China did instead of at the Chinese embassy. Wife’s reply,,, “Filipinos here are stupid.”

  13. Profile gravatar of tambok
    tambok Post author

    Without US intervention this place would still be a Spanish colony! The Phils has no international power, no defense system, no clout in ASEAN, no allies other than bread donors. it contributes nothing to the world except more OFWs and immigrants. Just the other day on CNN, the Philippines has the highest number of unwanted pregnancies in the world. That’s all this place is, is a big fuck up.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Does not matter if the U.S, Spain, Germany, france or any other 1st world nation, the filipinos will go out of their way to make this place a shit hole. If filipinos were running a first world nation like those listed above, then within 10 years they would turn it into a shit hole like the philippines is.

      1. Profile gravatar of John

        “If filipinos were running a first world nation like those listed above, then within 10 years they would turn it into a shit hole like the philippines is.”
        You’re too optimistic! It doesn’t take more than 10 months!

      2. Profile gravatar of


        Well, I wish the Spanish was rulling the country until now… Try to imagine good spanish bread and spanish food.. Before I came here I was thinking ok, spanish, chinese and american cusine mixed, It have to be the best food in the world,…. How much I got dissapointed…

        In the other site look how is the spanish colonies today and how is the british.

    2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      “That’s all this place is, is a big fuck up.”
      – Yeah, but not our fault po! Its because of (Insert shitty excuse here).


      “If you don’t like it, then go home”.

  14. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

    If I had the power, I would send every OFW (even those who have become citizens in the West) back home, then cut off all outside support, and let those smooth-skinned baboons fend for themselves. One of two things would happen: 1) They would wake up, realise they need to get their act together, and start living as civilised human beings, with the end result being another Singapore or South Korea, or 2) They would kill themselves off and disappear from the face of the earth in less than a generation.

    Can anyone guess which of the two options would come to fruition?

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      I should not have been drinking coffee the moment I read the part where it says, “We don’t have accents when speaking foreign language” because I burst out laughing and the coffee came out my nose.

  15. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

    The recent growth in the Philippine economy is principally from growth in overseas remittances. Not much more needs to be said regarding their domestic economy.

    I noticed a lot of posters are infected with feminist indoctrination. Until feminists in the 1960’s, the most common family structure in the USA and elsewhere in the first world was the husband working outside the home and the wife working inside the home. We did not call the woman a whore or merely a “maid” or a “nanny”, etc. That is like calling a novelist a “typist” in order to denigrate them. Men did not call their wives maids or nannies or whores. It was the feminists who did that. In my ever humble opinion a person is a dupe and a coward for allowing feminists to say such malicious things about a wife and mother. Mine has produced two genius children, not an exaggeration: they are testing at Category 5 genius level. But we can say she is just a “day care” worker or whatever if we want to disparage her. We have both worked pretty hard to accomplish this and it is one of the reasons I married her in the fist place – her vision with children.

    Don’t be an idiot and marry a scammer. Take your time, follow a very clear list of virtues your wife must have – and you can marry a spectacular wife who knocks herself out for you and your children. The trick a lot of you don’t see is that you have to make YOURSELF her family. If YOU are the person she is committed to rather than her family back home, then your story is about the wife working overtime not to send money home – but for her family here in the USA. Your damned right she is trading both sex and domestic production for the work I do. I fix the cars, do the plumbing and carpentry, etc. and she does the laundry and cooking. Why is she called the whore and I am not? I give HER sex. Jesus, it is just pathetic how feminists have people parroting these hypocritical double-standards. You are so brainwashed that you think the wife gives sex and the husband takes it. As if women don’t like sex!

    When I met her I explained to her that I understood her. She wanted to help her family. I was going to do that for her. But we were going to be smart about it, not just send money. I bought her father power tools and used the internet to hook him up with large engineering and construction firms. His career soared from being a hand laborer that was unemployed a lot to a foreman working full time. It preserved his dignity and prevented them from becoming professional scammers. I understood the Philippine custom of children supporting the parents in retirement. You can’t change that overnight. What we did was designate a sibling to be the one with the responsibility. We put him through merchant marine school and he is now raking it in. He is paying us back monthly for the expenses we incurred. We put another much less academically inclined through welding school. He’s working too, just left last week. The family is flourishing. I am thrilled to have done this for them – not only did I win the undying love of my wife, but this whole family who I love very much.

    It is MY family in the Philippines! Look how all of the posters refer to HER family! In the USA we say “her side of the family”, recognizing that it is BOTH sides forming a family TOGETHER. So there is some selfishness and bigotry we have to acknowledge in ourselves when we think that we can marry into a family and then not consider them your family. If they turn out to be leeches, then you made a bad choice in families.

    An OFW without this foresight just sends money home, instead of making compacts and enforcing them. My wife had an aunt that did so, and she turned her whole side of the family into parasitic leaches. She is now following our example and it is working. I have a friend married to a Filippina who tried to hook me up with relatives almost 30 years ago. They have purchased a whole compound that has over 30 extended family members living there – nobody working. They actually have a cafeteria-type set up for feeding themselves. Worst case scenario. The guy was pretty wealthy and could afford it, but it is strange. They send money, but they block the phone and facebook because there’s no end to the excuses for why they need more, more, more.

    Not every member of her side of the family has proven virtuous. They get one, and only one chance. Her little sister is stunningly beautiful but without a brain. She got one shot, one partial semester at college, and we cut her off for lack of performance. She wanted another chance. No way. You blew it. That’s how you learn. Her mom tried all kinds of foolish ideas out on us. Very susceptible to common Filipino scams, but we’ve never fallen for any of it.

    An uncle told me that Spain only came to the Philippines out of love and to spread Christianity. I related the story of Magellan being killed by the Lapu-Lapu for demanding annual tribute payments and conversion from Islam to Christianity by force. He had never heard the story. But our children have. We’re big fans of the Lapu-Lapu and by blood descendants of these ass-kicking Visayans. Her grandfather killed a lot of Japanese with ambushes and booby traps, being shot himself at 13.

    Pinitubo’s eruption and devastation made refurbishing all the military housing at Clark too costly, along with the higher lease payment demands. So it was a mutual “good bye” when the USA left Philippines. While the politicians were protesting the US turning their women into prostitutes, the prostitutes were marching in the streets protesting the closure of the bases. But the corrupt and politically correct press on both sides of the Pacific were covering only one side of that story. The same story is pimped today with foreign sex tourism in a few spots of the Philippines. I traveled extensively in the Philippines before I met my wife and EVERYWHERE was prostitution. Even at the intersection of two lonely roads in the middle of nowhere there would be a Karaoke bar. I first learned what the deal was when I stopped my motorcycle for a rest at one such intersection and the girls ran out to meet me. Right across the street from any large manufacturing plant you will find Karaoke girls calling out to the men who are leaving with their salary in their pockets. The wives wait outside the gate to intercept them and make sure the money ends up with her instead of miss hotty. Nobody turned them into prostitutes but themselves.