Republic Act No. 10586 (MMDA calls it the anti drunk drugged driving act) Super FAIL

I apologize in advance if my punctuation isn’t that great.

So on May 27th our great president Aquino (one of the best call of duty players in the world, but knows nothing of governance) decided to sign Republic Act No. 10586 and make it official.

First of all; isn’t it already illegal to take drugs in this country? So why the fuck would you throw in drugs in that stupid unenforceable law? To make it sound cool? Lets all just throw in a few english words into a nick name for a law so the monkeys can’t understand it.

The procedure is like this. You get pulled over. They accuse you of being drunk. You take a field test that most sober people couldn’t pass. Then you take a breathalyzer and drug test. The breathalyzer is a odd device created by the same man who discovered fire in the eyes of these monkeys. It will NEVER be calibrated and it can be manipulated very easily. This is why the rest of the world that uses breathalyzers require calibration every few months by an authorized expert. Its like giving an iPad to your blind 90 year old grand mother and asking her to create a facebook account.

The penalties are severe, cruel, and unusual. This makes the law open to abuse by corrupted traffic enforcers and cops. Pretty much all of them. Your fined 20,000 -500,000 pesos (which isnt that bad). License suspended for 12 months up to forever. You serve a prison sentence of anywhere from 3 months to TWENTY FUCKING YEARS!! You read that right. This 20 years will only be used to solicit bribes out of foreigners and businessmen.

The majority of Bus/Jeepney/Taxi drivers are either drunk or on crystal meth. Will they will be affected by this act? Of course not! They cant afford the bribe and the police dont want to give them free housing and food for 20 years.

Does any remember sometime last year when the public complained about traffic enforcers and police soliciting bribes? Let me remind you. Every single complaint was about people getting pulled over for “Swerving.” The enforcer then solicits a bribe by taking your license and threatening a 3 hour drivers course after waiting in line for about 8 hours at LTO. So you pay them anywhere from 200-2000 depending on how nice your car is. MMDA responded by making a public announcement that there is no such thing as an “Anti-Swerving Law” and that no traffic enforcer  can pull you over for swerving. If you read anti-drunk-drug-driving law; They can now pull you over for what they call “WEAVING.” This act was introduced almost a year ago and not a single fucking monkey caught that it was a reintroduction of the non existant ANTI SWERVING LAW.

So what is this republic act? Its a disguise that has nothing to do with alcohol or drugs. The sole purpose of this law is so they can pull you over for “weaving” and solicit an even bigger bribe.  This act was only approved last month, but it was introduced the same time last year when MMDA made their anti-swerving announcement. The Philippines really needs to wake up. There is no way they will be able to enforce this law. This is an attack on every foreigner, rich kid, or businessman that has money in this country.

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    Based on how the average person drives, how would they tell if someone was drunk or on drugs? Looking at traffuck most days, you would think they were both drunk and on drugs.