Restaurants Have It Damn Good In The Philippines.

I’m often amazed at the vibrancy of a lot of eateries in the Philippines.  Much of the food is served at very, very unhealthy proportions using unhealthy oils (vegetable oils mainly thrown in with blobs of pork fat to taste), BURNT toxic food, and unhealthy food management pratices (leaving food for 12, 24 hours+ out of the fridge or not under heat once cooked).
I’m often amazed that there isn’t more food poisoning.  In fact I recall there is no such word in Visayan for the word food poisoning, I think “the shits” as we commonly refer.  Most Filipinos will look at you and say “huh?” – (as in food and poisoning … how could you have those two things together).  I have said, “your leaving food out 20 hours and could get an upset stomach” – reply “not in the Philippines, this is what we have always done, maybe in YOUR country”.

Business has it good in the Philippines.

10570304_10204691937164968_4161470128399140539_nStaff pay for returned food: Did you know tht If you send back any food as a customer, the staff have to pay.  Yes, its deducted in pretty much all the places as a salary deduction for the cost of the meal.  I never sent back food (even when the waiter failed to LISTEN as they do).  I wouldn’t dare anyway as you don’t know if Filipino’s being Filipino’s would spit in it or do something as they are very passive agressive by nature, not the “kind, caring people” as tourists think and fellow Filipinos make themselves out to be.

Staff are expected to work unpaid: A lot of business treats the staff like shit.  They even have at international brand name hotels “offer time” where the staff  HAVE to work for free say 3, 4 or even 5 hours past their shift end for no payment, no time in lieu etc.  They have to do it to keep their jobs.  So much for American standards of employment being bought to the Philippines.  Yes, International companies also fall into the low level tactics that local Filipinos use to hire, retain and terminate staff.

Business employs low pay staff and sells high ticket items = MAXIMUM PROFIT: What amazes me with restaurants is that staff are in a lot of cases paid as little as 200 pesos for a 8 hour shift and yet, the cost of one meal is 200 pesos.  Work that out.  Its quite easy to make up the wages in the first half hour of he day in sales unlike overseas where staff are paid $20-$25+ and each meal is $20-$28 say.

You have to BUY YOUR WAY into a job in the Philippines: The other crazy thing is staff have to buy their job.  Many have to pay for even ID passes for example at costs exceeding the days wage and do all the searches (NBI, school certificate, etc).  This represents half a month salary sometimes just to get employment (PAID BY THE WORKER NOT THE BUSINESS).

I had a friend who was getting paid weekly into her bank account.  The fucked up pinoy logic when she left was you need to prove your ID and she also had to get a postal ID where they insisted they were going to send a cheque – and wait 3 months!.  I said, OMG that is completely fucked up, why do you need to prove your ID and get a postal ID (to be paid for by her) – she outlays money to get money.  Then its taxed at some crazy level.

Salary Deductions: You will hear a lot of things about salary deductions.  I have been to places and theres signage eg. stand here 100 peso fine, friend turns up … another fine, etc.

Why does business treat its workers so hard .. with so many deductions etc.?

No doubt the unreliability of Filipinos.  I’ve found them to be the most unreliable workers I have dealt with.  A false sense of entitlement with a lot of lies thrown in.  Then they get pissed off or revengeful when their demand expectations aren’t met.  A FILIPINOS IDEA OF WORK is much much different to the idea of work you and I are used to.

When I say RESTAURANTS HAVE IT DAMN GOOD IN THE PHILIPPINES they do.  Like all business in the Philippines someone pays, its not the business that incurrs the loss.

  1. MEAL ORDER WRONG – Salary deduction for cost of meal if sent back
  2. STAFF – Have to pay full cost (uniform, id, shoes, tools) to work
  3. STAFF – Have to pay full cost of work related searches (NBI, Clearances, DOLE, SSS, Phil health) – in nearly all cases in part or most times IN FULL
  4. STAFF – have to pay new costs if transferred in work.  eg. if cook goes to waiting staff, the cook will have to buy a completely new uniform.  this could be all a weeks wage+
  5. STAFF – have salary deductions for stolen stock.
  6. STAFF – have to work a lot of “offer time” – unpaid, free.

Staff are teated like children: have you seen them all waiting around inside the shops after the business has closed?  They got this fucked up thing about having everyone searched or let out at once.

pf2Ive eaten at some terrible places.

The business DOESNT CARE – why should it? Filipino’s don’t complain.  Filipino’ism is about low standards and most Filipinos don’t know the difference between good and bad.  If its cooked, warm, chicken – its ok, don’t complain, don’t make a fuss.  The only problem is food outlets BURN FOOD … they have pets in the eatery, if you try and complain they say – “no one else has complained”, “if you don’t like it go somewhere else” – bottom line is – WE DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK MR CUSTOMER, IF YOU DON’T LIKE OUR FOOD, LEAVE!

A friend had a hair ball in his soup.  He didn’t want to pay and was approached by security and said “you have to pay sir”.  Another had a hair in his food and after a comotion the staff came back and said “its no human hair sir”.

The other thing is – BUSINESS WON’T give you something wrong for nothing.  In other words, if the coffee tastes like shit they make you buy another.  If the food is shit, they don’t want to go out of their way to make you happy as a customer.

Business is so fucking good in the Philippines they have a stead fast NO.  LIKE IT OR LEAVE (heard Foreigners say that? “if you don’t like it leave” no matter how bad, thy just don’t wanna know.

I had a birthday party one time and had a cake.  Sorry sir, no outside cake unless you pay a fee of 250p – I said, i have 25 people coming here we will buy snacks and buckets of drinks far exceeding your 250p.  The answer – sorry sir, but you have to pay.  Just on a matter of principle i left.

And on food hygiene – I went to a store at 9pm selling chickens …”do you discount unsold chickens” this was 10 years ago before I woke up to the Kuriput, stingy ways Filipinos do business. “No, No” .. we just turn off the cooker and start it in the morning.  Another staffer at a chicken store was made by the owner to buy all the unsold chickens and sell himself amongst friends.  Else it was deducted off his wage.  So by 5.30-6pm the BBQ chickens were nearing all sold out even through the shop wouldn’t be closed for another 2-2.5 hours!!

filipino food bbqFilipino customer service – make a complaint and they are interested.  Yes, to find out who the staff are and to give either final warnings and/or terminate them.  I went to stores and have had staff watching TV and made complaint.  I would have thought being international brands the companies would have said come down… come on down and see the manager who will guide you through our products.  NO NO — Not Filipino business.  They said can you describe th staff, time etc as if I don’t know what is going on, but the next thing is the business terminating staff.

And On Training – Business does’nt want to train.  They simply get the staff to pay.  I know a guy in Cebu that worked for an international company as a sales rep.  He was expected to do all the training in Manila (at his cost to fly, transport too from, accommodation etc).  BUSINESS won’t care if the guy is trained or not.  They must simply see training in the Philippines as a cost, not an investment or probably have been burn’t sinking money into a Filipino (much like Foreigenrs sink money into relationships with the money vortex known as a Filipina) and get nothing back or nothing to show for it.

How can they run business selling BURNT, FRIED UP SHIT FOOD and think they can get away with it.







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  1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    My family and I were staying at a hotel in Ermita 5 years ago. Being unfamiliar with the place, we decided to have breakfast at the hotel’s top floor restaurant. While waiting for our order, I got chatting to the nice waiter who took our order. He told me that most of the waiters there did not get paid to work there. They were HRM students (Hotel and Restaurant Management) and their placement was for 6 months.

    Me: Do you get paid even a small amount to get here and back home?
    Waiter: No Ma’am, we don’t get paid any at all.
    Me: So what do you get after 6 month’s training?
    Waiter: A piece of paper with our diploma stating that we have completed our training.
    Me: Do they offer you a job after your training?
    Waiter: No Ma’am, but we are hoping that the hotel will offer us a job.

    I did not voiced my thoughts, but can you imagine the hotel offering these guys a job when there’s plenty more incoming students to be used for “training”? (read slave labor).

    Oh, same as Nursing. My cousin’s wife graduated from Nursing a few years ago. She actually had to pay the hospital to take her in as a Nurse so she can gain an experience. She supplies everything: Uniform, ID, shoes, etc. The placement was 6 months. I did not ask her if she actually performed REAL Nursing duties, aside from pushing pills and taking BP. As you can guess, after 6 months, she was not offered a job. Again, why would they when there’s plenty more fresh Nursing graduates willing to pay to work for them. Unreal!! Only in the Philippines! To this day, cousin’s wife was unable to get a Nursing job, so she ended up doing some IT work for SM.

    1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
      Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

      My sister in law is a qualified nurse – but never worked as a nurse due to the prohibitive cost of “training”. Instead, she worked in a call center. Now married to an American, her skills and considerable intellect have left the Failippines forever. I’ve met endless others just like her. Call centers and medical transcription services are full of young, capable, intelligent women just like this.
      I was bar hopping one night in the red light district of Angeles City, and got chatting to a young woman who was clearly not your average bar girl. Intelligent and articulate, it tuned out that she was a qualified nurse who had worked for two years at a hospital in Samar. When even her pathetic monthly salary of P3,500 wasn’t paid for several months, she accepted the invitation of her cousin to work in a girly bar. Her view was that at least her family was now eating.
      Failippines hospitals are often frightening places. Understaffed. Under-resourced. What does the government and private hospitals do about that? Drive the best and brightest our of the country to work, and create a set of conditions that see many others working in call centers and girly bars.
      You just can’t fix stupid.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Correct me if this is wrong guys, but someone informed me that a Nursing course is about the 2nd or 3rd most expensive course in the Failippines, after medicine and law. If this is true, so you send your son/daughter to study nursing in the Failippines, only for her to end up as a call center agent? or working in a bar? I even heard that qualified Flip Doctors end up going back to college to study Nursing because it was easier for them to get a job abroad as a Nurse than a Doctor!

        Well, if hearsay about Flip Doctor incompetence is anything to go by, no wonder no one are willing to hire them as Doctors overseas!

        1. Profile gravatar of TightWired

          I’m not sure what a Doc/Nurse makes in the RP…but I’m willing to bet it’s less than “The President of the Philippines makes”…LoL.
          My Dad knows a guy who’s wife (Pinay) is an Nurse. As he tells it, the Nurse is/was a doctor in the RP, then came to the USA and like you mentioned, completed some extra training, and is now making $70k plus a year as a Nurse.
          (From what I’ve heard…cough cough) A hard working woman in the Bars who applies herself can make 60’s – 80g’s pesos a month…And that’s before she hits the Western Union payment center from her Steady Boyfriends overseas.
          I’ve always told the ladies to have a Plan. Work for a set period of time, save your money, find the boyfriend/husband, and then get the fuck out of the business on the plus side. Unfortunately….rarely does The Dream work out.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            So true Tightwired, so true! The girls just can’t see that they are not young forever. If working in bars, they would have started as 15, 16, 17 year olds, using an older cousin or sister’s birth certificate. By the time they’re 25 years old, they’re has beens! They are worn and looked worn, especially after a couple of pregnancies. And that’s if HIV did not latched onto them first!

            But do these Pinays save up for when they’re old and unable to sell their bodies? Majority don’t!

            I saw a documentary about former GROs during the US bases years. So sad to see them living in poverty, reminiscing their glory days as the star of the clubs. The reporter asked one woman who’s now a grandmother what she did with the money she earned from the clubs: make up, clothes, jewels. Just like today’s generations of Pinays. Spendthrift.

          2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
            FHPS Post author

            that 60-70k a month @tightwired is WAY WAY too much – you must have struck a girl getting up to 50k a month from foreigners (as i met) to try and encourage them to leave the bar (but of course they still work in it). remember the saying – you can lead a horse (filipina) to water (out of the bar) but you cant make it (them) drink (leave).
            Filipinas are used to spreading their legs for a few pesos. Theres simply no jobs, under employment, not enough pay to cover also the other mouths (mum, dad, brohers, wheres my gift, its my birthday next week blah blah blah).

            on the 50-60k thats too high. THE BAR pays i have met girls on 30-40% commission. (BTW massage girls same- 30% … even less after “training” is deducted). so a bar girl usualy gets eg. 200p base (perhaps less) and works drinks and in Cebu they go like crap (50-80p i forget but it didnt have a “1” in front) . and then from a bar fine – she got 800p of which mammasan got 100p tip (wtf typical filipino – some fat arsed bitch wanna slot in along the way in the feeding chain and you have seen how many girls work at these places and so few customers some nights .. its really seasonal work …
            so boiling it all down i think theres a lot of working their second job ooops working online … cam shows (now that pays good money!!)

            Id say thats cam girls get that sort of mony

          3. Profile gravatar of TightWired

            The times are changing in AC. I still have one buddy from the Old Days who still makes regular visits to Relieve the Pressure (he lives in JN), so I baby sit him while he’s in town. 2500p – 3500p BF’s, LD’s 150p – 360p. 50% commission for the employee.
            The Asian Invasion has really pushed up prices (Daily flights from JN/KN/MY). 50% asian tourist these days. It’s common to see the asian’s (especially the KN’s) to buy one pineapple drink, pick a woman out, 1 LD, and then Pay BF. 1hr later the woman returns, and before she can wipe the sweat off, another customer has paid for her services again. Short-times are a thing of the past…it’s all the same price.
            3 – 3 – 3 (3000p – 3 mins – 3 inches).
            My numbers are for the Top Shelf ladies, not the average worker. With drinks, BF’s, Tip’s, Sneakouts, Western Union, my numbers might be closer than you think.
            or not….

        2. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
          Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

          All true. I’d be very reluctant to use a Pinoy doctor trained anywhere other the Philippines very best universities. The advice I’ve heard these idiots dispense (like praying) just blows me away. I can barely believe the levels of willful ignorance, superstition and overt stupidity which is so prevalent amongst these “men and women of science”.

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Do you remember the Desperate Housewives controversy and how Filipinos demanded an apology? In the script the lady asks what the doctors credentials as she does not want to believe his diagnosis. So she asks, “where did you get your degree? It wasn’t in the Philippines or something like that was it?”
            Well, Filipinos being the fake-outrage culture they are cried racism and demanded an apology. I think the American network actually caved and apologized. Now with the exposure of all the fraudulent degrees and poor schooling, shouldn’t the Filipinos apologize back to the network?

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I remember that. The filipinos had it in the news for two weeks throwing a fit. But what they did not put in the news was that the nursing cheating scandal was less than 6 months old at the time. All going to take exam had to retake due to mass cheating. Then at the re exam only 43% passed. I have to ask myself out of the 43% how many cheated. Then within last year or two in the Philippine Daily Inquirer they claimed that the philippines provided 60% of the nurses to the U.S.

          3. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers

            @Mike, well, you know “filipino math”, CyberGod met a filipino accountant who swore that there are 25 centavos in a peso, so by that “math” the Philippines probably do provide 60% of the nurses in the USA! LOL

          4. Profile gravatar of FHPS
            FHPS Post author

            the crazy thing @cyberbkk is the filipino mindset is even at professional level. if a patient does a runner from the hospital – the hospital charge the bill TO THE DOCTOR – As the saying goes
            “In the Philippines, someone has got to pay and its neve the business”

        3. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
          Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

          …and the bar girls never save. Whilst they’re on their backs, Dong and Di are living it up back in the province. Happy days are here whilst their daughter works as a “maid” in Manila – Red Horse, smokes and karaoke all around! When she manages to score a porin boyfriend, Dong and Di usually manage to scare him off with their constant demands for gifts and money. The girls end up back in the province with a white baby (often intentional on their part), worse off than before they left for the bright lights of Manila, Angles City, or Cebu. No local guy will marry them, as they are “damaged goods”. It’s not often that dreams come true.

          1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

            I was chatting with Al about a week ago in regards to the quality of education in the Phils. He sent me a link about how not many schools in the Phils are Internationally accredited. Also in the article was a link to another article about how Australia does not accept Philippine nurses since 2012 as their training is useless. Alot of corruption is in the Phil education system and most have either bribed their way through nursing school and many teachers pass their students because if too many fail the teacher is fired. So unless a nurse wants to go work in Lybia, Saudi or the Phils it really is a pointless career

          2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Yeah, I feel really bad for those girls, at least the ones who are selling their bodies and not even enjoying the money. They are somehow guilted into paying for the entire family or for the sick parents while their siblings do little.

            As much as I don’t like the Philippines, and despise Filipino culture there are still large segments of the people my heart goes out to.

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Fr. Bong,
            Please clarify, are you really a priest? Please send me PM and will explain.

        4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          It really is just an awful country, society, and culture. I have such little respect for Filipino culture. And yes, the food is shit too.

          I heard about the nursing thing where they paid a hospital or did “favors” for the honor of working for free at a hospital. There was such an abundance of nursing graduates with no jobs abroad for a while, they had no choice. So Filipino culture dictates (being the good catholics they are of course) to exploit the situation as much as possible. So these poor nurses had to go further in debt or put their parents further in debt.
          From what I was told, this overflow of nurses came when the USA nursing board shut down all Filipino nursing applicants for a few years. Apparently, they found out many were cheating or paying to pass their exams in the Philippines and the USA refused to accept them for a time period. They still had to take the certification test in the USA which they probably would not be able to cheat on, but once you are caught fucking up or cheating to or in the USA, you will be penalized. Sucks for those who were honest and did not cheat. So that is where it came from originally I heard.

          Recently with the serial killer nurse in England, they might have another backlog of Filipino nurses again. I think the UK put a freeze on hiring Filipino nurses for a while and some other countries considered doing it as well. The Filipino nurse poisoned some 20 people, killed 2, and then it was discovered his nursing paperwork/ tests/ diplomas were fakes. Not to mention the nursing school he attended was just awful and the diplomas were bought, not earned. “”The centre, now closed, was rated one of the worst in the Philippines, a country where qualifications can be had sometimes not by study but by money changing hands in ‘diploma mills’.”

          – Whats funny is the Philippine community of course was so quick to deny fake qualifications could be purchased cause “we are a religious country” that would not take part in such behavior. So after all the denying, a journalist released his report to show easy it was to obtain fake diplomas, graduation pictures, fake licenses, etc an d how rampant the scam is. LOL, just typical fake outrage cause the image was threatened, but no care to solve the actual problem. Then the excuse was, “well we are trying all we can to prevent this scam”. Of course, the UK journalist showed the scam takes place in the open and many times its in front of the police stations.

          Lie, deny, deflect, but never accept truth or responsibility even if it is smacking you in the face is the Filipino motto.

          On another note for all the English people here, The UK Daily Mail really goes into deep articles, includes tons of pictures, and seems to do a really good job with their articles. Is it just me?

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I think it was last year that a filipino nurse was convicted of killing those he cared for by OD.

    2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      @sarahfin yes indeed.
      1. NO PAY for working
      2. expected to do normal work
      3. expected to do overtime at no pay
      4. expected to buy uniform, shoes, etc
      5. expected to prove eg. do police searches, etc at the employees cost for unpaid work.
      6. penalised in some way – something eg. my friend broke a glass and had some stupid amount deducted from wages.
      7. pay for all the stolen stock – deduction off bonus at EOYear

      and no wonder Filipina spread their legs easy for extra cash as they don’t make it from their jobs. Prostitution is rampant in the Philippines as the “normal” work doesnt pay.

      And business has it good, so good in fact a lot of stock at shops like Gaisano and SM are on consignment, meaning .. display. So thats why you hear … sorry sir, no stocks as Mr SM outlays nothing…. gets staff to work for next to nothing and most likely delays payment to suppliers to stretch those boundaries as well.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        “my friend broke a glass and had some stupid amount deducted from wages.”

        Ah, the damn glass! yes. That hotel in Ermita, we broke a glass by accident. One pathetic small glass. As the usual practice in the Failippines, you can not leave your hotel till they’ve checked your rooms, in case you’ve stolen something, because that’s what Filipinos do when they check into a hotel – steal what would fit in a bag!!

        Anyway, I told the hotel staff that we broke one glass. I can’t remember how much they charged us for it, deducted from our deposit. Maybe about P50 or P100…. yes, for a lousy fucking glass! We never stayed there again. Just too much ripping customers off, from hotels to the damn low life taxi drivers. Every time we take a taxi, it’s either meter not working, “no change Ma’am” (so you are forced to abandon your change), to hard luck stories of “my wife is sick and I got no money to buy medicine”. This, from a taxi driver who tried to charge us P600 to get us to the airport. I offered him P400, (very generous, but I just wanted to get rid of the bastard), told him to take it or leave it and I’ll call security. He reluctantly took it. What a greedy, low-life fucking moron!

        1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
          FHPS Post author

          sounds like you stayed at the Shogun Hotel at Taft3 ..
          lol @sarahfin … if i hear that word “medicine” again ill scream
          i had a date turn up in a taxi and the fare was 300 pesos higher than what it should be. Should be 92p exact. I said whats going on.
          “i had to borrow money off the driver as my cousin needs to buy MEDICINE”
          My cousin took the money and went home
          I have no money no
          ……………………fuck theyre loosers.

          and on greedy drivers
          i met a guy
          who ran the meter to 900 something for a long trip
          he gave the guy food and drinks at a stop
          he then gives the guy+300p
          taxi driver says “no no” i want 2000 pesos.
          Ratchet up the deal…
          his taxi is day rate 1100p the rip off fucker
          so his cab for the day was paid

          those manila taxis will do 250 on a 100 fare
          and 1000 on a 200p fare …
          theyre good and they know most foreigners
          will be nice, smile and pay.

          1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
            FHPS Post author

            goes back to what i always say:


          2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Shogun? No fucking way Foreign! It ooze sleaziness! Won’t get caught dead staying there. I think we stayed at something called Pearl or some hotel with a gem name anyway.

            Oh, you are so right about those Manila taxi drivers. Manila cousin and I took Auntie to MOA for a fancy dinner last August as I was flying back to Oz next day. There’s only one problem after the dinner: We could not get a taxi to take us to Grandma’s place, which was near the old airport (Terminal 4). It was rush hour, the assholes all want a fixed price, ranging from P250 to P500. We eventually agreed on a P230, no meter. Then when we arrived at our destination, he had the gall to ask me for a fucking tip!!!!!!

            I swear even the most patient Saint will turn murderer if let loose in Manila.

          3. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            They tell me that the Best Western Near the US Consulate is very good, they give a good rate for Vets, and Seniors.
            Just heard and the guy knows what is what, and is careful with his money.

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        One time a friend asked me if we could let his distant relative intern at my company. I said not a problem. The girl was incredibly stupid and for a 21 year old college kid, she could barely turn on a computer. Pretty much any task we gave her, she fucked up, but she was nice and energetic. Plus she was honest and gave some energy into our boring office.
        We decided to give her a small salary of like 20 pesos an hour. Definitely not much, but more than she would get anywhere else. We didn’t really want or need an intern, but I felt it was the right thing to do. This was after her 3rd day and we told her we would pay her for the first 2 days as well. She almost broke down crying cause she could not believe it. To me, I simply thought, “20 pesos an hour is nothing”, but I guess to her it meant so much cause she didn’t need to borrow daily commute and food money from her parents.
        Of course we never hired her. We didn’t need any more people at the time and she was far too unskilled.

        I told all my employees at the time, “we are an American Company”. If you work, you get paid. I paid by the hour and broke it down into 15 minute increments. They really had no idea of the concept at the time, but came to truly love it. DOLE wages are based daily on 8 hour, but they are always required to work extra. Sometimes, they are required to work an extra day with no salary. It really is sad.

        I remember one time a monitor was dropped and needed to be replaced. The manager came to me very distressed and the employees were acting weird that day. The person who did it never admitted it, but simply put the monitor back. The manager was reluctant to tell me about it, but of course had to admit it. She said the employees were so scared I was going to take the cost of the monitor out of their salaries. They about celebrated when I told them, “of course I won’t do that. this is the first piece of accidentally damaged equipment in 2 years. Thats pretty good. Relax everybody”.
        However, that is part of the formula we used when hiring people. We try to get employees who have worked for very bad employers,,,, like the local chinese business owners. They are used to being scared, bullied, underpaid, and constantly have wages taken out they are so happy in an American work environment where employees are seen as a vital part of the business.

        Honestly, I cannot believe the employment practices of some people in the Ph. OJT for 2-3 weeks is non-paid, uniforms are deducted from salary, and rice allowance is part of some of the daily salary (most likely to get away from the 13 month). Nor can I believe the DOLE is so dysfunctional to allow these things to happen. Has anyone noticed each and every department dedicated to some sector of the country just absolutely fails at their job, and they fail so badly it must be on purpose right?

        1. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

          DOLE? They are all over your ass if you are foreign owned. When we were outside a PEZA zone they never came by and the accountant made it clear that if they did a few hundred pesos would solve any problems. We were told there is two ways to operate, operate 100% legal and pay the occasional small bribe, or pretty much pay the employees what you want to and pay a few thousand pesos if DOLE showed up and they would show up pretty much every month to be paid. The employers that do that are paying half wages, working holidays, deductions for the water and rice given to them for lunch, all the things discussed above. So yeah, the business is paying a few thousand a month but saving ten times that or more.

          We went the legal route, kept scrupulous records, and luckily the DOLE never showed up mainly because we didn’t register with them. You get hit by the LGU on permits but the national folks like DOLE and environmental pretty much don’t come looking for you but if they stumble upon your company they will want bribes. On the PEZA zones, at least at my zone, they harass the crap out of you hoping to solicit money but they have yet to come right out and demand anything out of fear that the locator will complain to the PEZA zone.

          1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
            FHPS Post author

            the trick with DOLE.
            Just dont register a business! simple. If they arent registered with DOLE then DOLE have no involement @provider-of-nosebleeds
            there was an foreigner in the paper for overstaying a tourist visa. he was running a scam operation.
            1. staff not on dole
            2. business not registered with SEC
            3. nothing registered.
            he just employed filipinos and at the end of the month terminated them. got a new round.
            they went to DOLE … dole did nothing
            they went to immigration …. he was allowed to stay
            they went to SEC … saying hes running a business and no registration … they said simple, can you get a photo of the business in operation then we will act. HOW CAN THEY, they been terminated.

            Basically, for shady businesses its left to the NBI and cops. The cops wont get off their arses unless something is filed. They will say get a solicitor. Aggreived staff dont have money (unpaid) …

    3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      Well the students are just as fucking stupid as the system. Here you have GRADUATES, paying a hospital to let them work. This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard of in my entire fucking life. Hospitals can’t run or make money without nurses. Apparently the fresh grads don’t realize this.

      Fucking idiots from the lowest to the highest.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        @filofail – someone emailed me a post by a guy in cebu foreigners club.
        This was a foreigner.
        he had a motorbike accident.
        went into hospital and his wound got septic due to some nursing fuckup
        and had his leg amputated.

        But … in business in the Philippines, making another pay is BUSINESS.
        the guards are there also to stop runners.
        When I was in hospital .. the doctor wanted me to pay cash
        to avoid the hospital fee and ! I joked what if i do a runner
        and doctor said the hospital will deduct the cost of salaries.

        But —- on food in hospital
        the nutritionist said — NO PORK
        ok ok .. so i get a dish with pork stew
        i returned the food …
        i then said i need FRUIT!! EVEN WAS EXPLAINED by a local
        in local language to nurses, cooks x2 etc who came up
        about this food returned — three times
        “why is this foriegner returning food”??
        so up comes — DEEP FRIED BACON a big plate of it
        wtf??!! i called them
        No ..No …No fucking pork
        whats this??!!!!
        “bacon sir”. ……

        and as i say
        “someone pays in business in the Philippines
        and its not the business”
        they wanted to charge me for the returned meals…..
        I had to argue with them to get my fucking returned meals deducted
        Guard in Cebu:
        Foreigner getting robbed of wallet
        guards watch
        the guy goes to guard – fuck you you didnt help me
        (the guard laughs)
        he kicks the sign
        hes detained
        asked to pay “fine” to replace sign
        cops come – he refuses pay sign
        judge issues fine for drunkenness
        guard it turned out had cost
        of sign deducted off his pay.
        (someone gotta pay – not business cost)

    4. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      All the flips must have heard how much petroleum engineers make!!!!!!!!!! They are enrolling in Palawan and some other province. Even women are enrolling. When I check their linkedin profile ,,, they are secretaries and gofers after graduation.
      The diploma mills are not accreditated by the American Petroleum Institute.
      go figure

    5. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Let Us be practical! There are ca 107 mill. idiot, annoying flips! Now!

      If We want the World to become a Better place what is paramount is the physical reduction of annoying idiots in the World!

      The Good Lord hath made it thus: Too many stupid flips procreate too much/well and get too many stupid offspring! Right!

      The Good Lord too hath seeth to the flips having very bad Eating Habits, loving filth and garbage, poop, turd, urine and similar things.

      In the Phils there are many diseases because of this, infections, diabetes etc.

      Within a time span of 100 years most of these idiots will be removed by Time! The Waters will rise, the Hurricanes will be heaftier and multiply!
      The tsunamis will be more frequent cos of shifting water from poles, weight!

      The glaciers will dry and the rivers will cease to exist! There is no reason to whine and moan, in 100 years most of these annoying flips will (thankfully!;-) be history!:-) If you say: “It’s too late for me” you are a mean egoist and do not deserve better than annoying pinoy!!

      All you need is a little Patience! The Good Lord is doing good work every day, slowly chipping into this seemingly endless pool of idiots! Rest assured, in a hundered years there will mercyfully be less than 107 million annoying idiots!! We are actually close to breaking-point, where many of these idiots will self-destruct in riots!

      Just be patient! Rome was not built in a day! 😉


    6. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      @sarahfin heres a hospital story aside from nursing
      i was in the hospital and my ex-gf spoke to a gay guy + his mom in the
      waiting area…
      that Filipino’ism. Latching on like shit to a blanket once you
      get into their personal space they
      1. demand the world
      2. promise the world
      3. deliver nothing.

      Man these FILIPINOS are shameless when two spaces meet.
      they wanted to borrow 20,000 pesos off me.
      “you ask your boyfriend”
      as they need to get out of the hospital and
      (time close*) the hospital will charge another day.


      Then he started ringing and ringing
      so they must have gotten the money
      and when he gay prick couldnt get through
      he starts (AS FILIPINOS DO) ringing at 1am,
      3am etc.

      (time close* just a negotiating tactic they ALWAYS do
      that I need money (for an emergency) by a certain time
      (usually same day or tommorrow at eg. 5pm)
      otherwise (something bad will happen) eg.
      the hospital will charge us another day, the bill will double etc.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        I have something better…. 🙂

        Kano was asked by his wife to accompany her to visit wife’s sister in the hospital. She was about to have surgery for her appendix. Or so that’s what she told him. He obliged. When they arrived in hospital, patient was surrounded by her family (husband and 5 kids, plus Nanay & Tatay, plus 4 more siblings including the wife).

        Doc came with some paperwork to get consent signed, which the patient did. Then Doc paused…… said “Oh, by the way, deposit has not been paid. We can not proceed with surgery unless deposit is paid”. Suddenly, the whole family went silent….all eyes were on the Kano.

        You guessed it, poor sucker coughed up. 🙂 I am sure he will never accompany wife to visit any sick relatives in the hospital again! 🙂

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          That’s why I never take too much money with me anywhere in the PI.
          You have to be like a boy scout, Because you know some where sometime they are gunna get you.
          I had a mate for years who used to fly in and out of Manila her family always wanted to accompany him to the airport, just to make sure he left every fucking peso he had, and get the last free meal out of him.
          The last time , whilst he was checking in, they all went to the usual resto to eat, and started to order, he just kept walking through to Immigration and left them too it.
          What a pity they cant follow.
          He goes through Clark now.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Don, we used to do that too, leave unspent pesos behind. Often there would be between P6000 to P7000 left and we would distribute them. You can imagine the parasite’s glee – money for nothing! Oh, so sweet coz they don’t have to work for it.

            After going back to the Philippines for 2 years in a row, I stopped doing that. Nowadays, I take any left over pesos with me back to Oz. Last trip, I had about P20,000 left over because I was planning to return next year. Now I’ve decided to give it a break. Might go to Singapore instead. Only problem is, I heard that old pesos are not going to be accepted after December 2015.

        2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          Yea. I guess if you’re a rich sucker having the gullibillity to follow, you have to pay! I’m afraid there are many whiteys doing this more than once during their phil stay, he probably did it again! 😉

        3. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

          Oh nooooo , I know this situation ….This happened when i came just to the Phils….
          Feels very bad because you have the “Western ” thinking in the mind ( must help the people) ..and your pity then to the lola or mama in the hospital. You get then to hear ” God will sent you a message for your help ”
          “We will pay all back to you ” ( got never anything even not a thank u )

          When the second hospital bill arrived …same game…but there ive said simply ” No I dont pay that anymore”
          then the psycho games of my ex started ……” Ur counting” “My lola will die because of you”
          No talking for 2 weeks

          At this time…. I did ask myself already ” Oh boy u did a fuckin bad mistake ,to move here “

  2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    The local resorts run by Aussies in Subic have to pay min wage thats 375 peso a day or they get the DOLE on their asses.
    Their competition owned and run by Flippos, pay whatever they want to.
    Girls I know only get paid 120peso for a 8 hour shift, we rarely eat there now. It was a favorite but when I found out the salary. FUCK EM
    They even have to buy their own meal, they get nothing from the owner.
    When they get a chance they fuck off to get some rice.
    The meals used to be huge so I would ask for two plates and scrap enough off mine to give to the girls, I would have enough to fill me. The girls would share it.
    The owner git the shits with them and me.
    Because they were eating free food. she thought if they were eating her food they should pay her for it. instead of going down the street or getting if the kanoe for nothing.
    The logic is inescapable.???????

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      We’ve always known that Flips treat each other worse than dogs! So not surprised to hear that Don. My Aunt’s mother in law changes maids more often than she changes her knickers. Why? Because they feed the maids noodles, sardines and dried fish! No wonder the maids pissed off whenever they are offered a better position or employers with better reputation.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        Well, but noodles, sardines and dried fish keeps you thin! Many of these stupid girls would stuff in burgers, cupcakes and icecream in Jollibees if they could, thats the gruesome fact!!

        Nothing is more horrible than fat women! In phils its extra bad cos they are stupid, evil and narcissistic too!

        There are many sick men! But if you go for a greedy, stupid, narcissistic fat pinay you should really be incarcerated , because you have proved Completely inable to take care of yourself!

        Actually such men are a hazard to normal men, cos it shows the pinay what is feasible, and how utterly destructive many caucasian men are! They should get incarcerated or shot! 😉

        Well, i kinda deviated from course, but conclusion must be!: Every foreigner feeding pinay other than fish and rice is responsible for the abhorrant Wave of GigaPinay that is coming… a place near You!

        To try to fatten up sweet little pinay just because You yourself is a FatFuck is Sinful, and you will have to pay the ultimate price!:-)

    2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      yep @don-quixote – a lot of chains pay next to nothing 200 pesos from 4pm to midnight… multinationals do this offer time thing and then THE DEDUCTIONS. My friend lost his bonus for the month because he clocked in a couple of minutes late. He had a motorbike accident and still went to work injured – they didnt give a shit. NOT GIVING A SHIT is a typical Filipino thing followed by trying to weazel out of not paying and financial obligations followed by trying to get on a gravy train payroll eg. free money and allowances.

    3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Here is the level of shitty employers in the Philippines from worst
      1. The local chinese or Chinese Filipinos = They pay the lowest, demand more than 8 hours a day, find any and every reason to dock salary.
      2. Indians = They seem to overwork and underpay as well. Luckily, not many businesses are owned by Indians.
      3. Filipinos = They really treat their countrymen with little respect and give low wages or cut corners every chance they get.
      4. Koreans = I’m not sure if this is true. I’m only going from speculation as I haven’t seen many Koreans in my area.

      My mother has had the same cook for 9 years now simply cooks breakfast, lunch, picks up food, and runs a few errands in between. The little 18 y/o maid came from a very abusive Filipino home in the province. My mom told her she would send her to college part-time the girl if she stayed for a year at least. So the poor girl #1. Did not believe her and #2. Refused to attend at when it was past a year cause she thought it was a trick. She finally started attending classes at the 2 year mark.

      @sarahfin, have you noticed one trick Filipino employers do with their maids: They promise to send the maids kid(s) to college as part of the initial agreement. Then when its time to make good on the promise, the terms get re-negotiated or the maid gets fired for accusatoins of stealing or being lazy coincidentally at same time? It’s like their trick to keep stringing along the maid for as long as possible with low wages and shit food. I’ve heard that story a few times now.

  3. Profile gravatar of ControlNumber

    Yeah, I made the mistake as a greenhorn to the Phils a few years back by innocently letting an order get sent back. It was the last day of my first trip to AC. My now wife said “do you realise she will be docked of her pay”! Aww crap! Now I knew why she looked so upset even though I assured her not to worry, just a simple mistake. I was really bloody devestated. The waitress looked like a newbie and it was just a misunderstanding because of my own accent. I found the manager of the place and sorted it all out and payed for the whole bill. I realised then just how fucked up the place is!

  4. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    @don-quixote re: They even have to buy their own meal, they get nothing from the owner.
    YES!!! YES!! they have to buy meals or even spend 350p for an ID card which is a days wage!!
    wtf?! … the businesses make it all round
    even one guy had setup an agency to employ thousands of factory workers
    and got a clip off the salary as an agency fee.

    FILIPINOS are just like animals to each other
    so much for loving kindness.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      One time, a couple of cousins and I were meeting up in SM. As I wandered to browse around, I got talking to the luggage salesman who tried his best to persuade me to buy his luggage. He informed me that they are all under contract, 3 month’s duration, and must meet a sales quota weekly. No quota, no pay, and, according to him, they get scolded by the boss. I guess I was a sucker for hard up stories, I ended up buying a medium size luggage, then gave it to bakla cousin.

      As Manila cousin was graduating from high school last year, I told his parents not to enrol him in any fancy college degrees. I told them “get him to study mechanic, carpentry, plumber (badly needed in Oz), electrician”. I returned this year and what did he enrol in?….. business management!! WTF? I told him, “when you graduate you’ll end up selling luggage in SM”. His dumb father said “oh, but he’s a smart boy”. HUH? Get real! This is the Failippines!! You don’t get a job for being smart! you get a job according to who you know!

      Wait another 3 years and see what sort of job he’d get with his fancy “Business Management” degree. The Arabs won’t even be interested in that. Unless he goes abroad as an ass-wiper.

      1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
        Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

        I’ve met an accounting graduate here who emphatically stated that there are 25 Centavos in a Peso. I’ve hired degree qualified programmers who cannot code the most basic CSS or HTML – and claim to be geniuses at it. I’ve hired graphic designers who struggle to use Photoshop. I’ve hired a journalist without the slightest conception of how to write intelligibly. I’ve hired marketing graduates who couldn’t conduct rudimentary market research assignments.
        I’ve long ago decided to place NO VALUE on Filipino issued qualifications. Degrees are now used as an interview filter, not a selection criteria. I cannot even imagine the kind of numb-skull-dumb-shit-fuckery that must be taught, in order to consistently produce graduates of such an incredibly low caliber. The very words “Pinoy business management graduate” strikes fear into my hear. Fucking idiots.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          I had to do the same. I had kids with programming and IT degrees who had no idea how to add 2 cells in excel together. I have only met one other Filipino who could type.
          We learned the hard way never to hire based on a degree. You have to pass the basic tests and then the interview. I really cannot believe these college professors or deans don’t hide their faces with shame for providing such shit education. Alas, instead of feeling shame, they will put their faces on any and every sign they can to profess how great they are.

        2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
          FHPS Post author

          @cybergod check my article here

          the quality of education in the Philippines is low
          and again
          training is a business for students, workers
          and wants to screw students every way possible
          from enrolment fees
          compulsory attendance at xmas parties (if not no graduation)
          and they have to hire grad outfit

          then the subjects:
          phsyical education? in a IT course/
          see post

      2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        They are advertising ” Master of Business Management”course to start in the new year in Subic Bay I even thought about it for about 30 seconds I was bored.
        This would qualify me to flip burgers or something.
        Thank god for fishing , to take my boredom away.
        Unfortunately no charter boats available in Subic bay for fishing.
        BAH HUMBUG !!!!!!!!! Just getting some practice in.

          1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            None near us on Luzon.
            There is a mob up the top of Luzon called Riks, but they are banka boats, his add, shows nice outboard powered fiberglass boats, but they ain’t.
            Near Cebu too, there is a charter company . Don’t know anything about them.
            I live on the Gold Coast so plenty around here, also the beach and rock fishing here is great. so when I get to Subic, I suck it up.
            I go to Cairns every year for a week fishing, stop out on a live on board vessel,
            then all I do is dream of moving back to Cairns.
            Like you Im a FIFO , and that’s the way I like it.
            But the retraining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        But the camel-turd arab will surely like to get his ass wiped by….pinoy business-manager! In this respect someone profits on the sad story! 😉

        Actually thats the favourite arab-turd position: Having the whole World wiping their asses!

    2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      I think I finally understand Philippine Culture , just winners and losers, I win you lose.
      Its that simple.
      I made money because I can fuck you over, you lose because you cant do shit about it

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        But to those of us who have been victims of Flip greed and manipulations, we have learned. My Flip Aunts and cousins always liked to tag-along whenever I’d go shopping in Cebu or Manila. I used to think they do it because they simply enjoyed my company. Now I know that they just want free meals! I am generous and have often paid for their lunches and dinners. But I do have a problem when they drag their GFs /BFs for the freebies!

        So now I go by myself most of the time. They all try the scare tactics on me of course. “Ate, you will get kidnapped. Ate, you will get ripped off”. LOL! The last one is a laugh. I’d get ripped off all right, but by them! 🙂

  5. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    Filipino business is so stingy; get this;
    A friend would go everyday for a beer. The owner knew he was staying IN THE BUILDING NEXT DOOR
    he spoke to guy.
    One day my friend had to go back to his room
    he said “can i take my beer and glass” and ill return it.
    … the kid said yes.
    owner came in … got the kid in the car with his bag and dropped
    him at the port. No wages, nothing. Instant dismissal for letting
    a glass leave the premises.

    Filipinos LOVE HARDSHIP and gravitating back to shit.
    Seriously, ME, many other foreigners who hire (or in my case once hired but i no longer
    would hire filipinos in a million years …) love to take advantage of kindness.
    Its like hidden in the culture, a cultural trait.
    SOMEONE GOOD = LETS RIP IT OFF for all its worth
    its like you provide good working conditions,
    good pay, flexibility
    ………………………………………NO NO NO
    Dont fucking do it.
    Filipinos will think flexibility = chance to work less
    less effort, try it on and produce less,
    muck around on facebook, their mobile phones during working hours
    wanting to work from home, wanting to fake things
    wanting to wonder off mentally,
    apply for other jobs
    chat etc
    ============ They cannot see it
    then get terminated where they have to go back to
    1. shit filipino boss who treats them like crap
    2. pay everything
    3. lower pay
    4. bad working conditions and hours
    5. may get transferred to another island at their expense
    6. no training, nothing.


    why does the filipino want to go for lower standards? and
    abuse peoples generosity. I know the answer.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      The answer is, they can form no concept of logic and reason. There is a major detachment in the brain that completely blocks some very important thought processes which 1st world societies have. There seems to be a complete inability to learn, accommodated by an inability to absorb and retain information.

      How many times have you explained something quite simple to a Filipino, and days, hours, or even minutes later he/she is asking you questions which were directly, concisely, and concretely explained previously. And this can be repeated MULTIPLE TIMES with the same person with the same information.


      It blows my fucking mind.

      1. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

        Captain..its the Cant remember Shit Syndrome… i gave it up before a longer time up to ruine my fuckin nervs with this CRS Syndrome… i talk only like i ve learned it in the Army…in short Commandos …short and louder spoken commandos…This works so far…
        I caught before 3 weeks one worker texting the whole fuckin day during working hours… Short question to him ” You want to go home and text at home ?”
        His answer ” Sorry , sir I just did look on my mobile for ONE time , if thats is not allowed I feel like in army”
        Me:” One time you ve said ? I am in my office for how many hours now ? exactly 3 hours… U see that my office has windows ? why u think i come now out and talk to u ? do u have any clue why i did that ?

        Blank stare….no answer…upset like a kid… Next day he came not anymore to work…. one week later he needed money then he came back and did ask me for a job

        Just only NUTS and fucking lazy

      2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        @filofail yes.
        They cannot go inward and reflect and say “i am at fault here”
        another person is to blame.
        The business failed because I am shit at selling, no … they think .. no customers ill try another shit business.
        No self responsbility, Narcassists tend to have high praise for themselves and take no responsibility
        and will think you have the problem. Don’t get high blood with me as they say. If you don’t like it leave.
        They simply are shut down to absorbing information.
        truly engaging ….
        distracted constantly by thought
        who can i text next, when can i sleep, who messaged me on facebook
        I got so sick of it.
        I went to a cafe run by a Korea and the 2 girls sat around chatting and on Facebook. All afternoon I was the only customer using the Wifi. I ordered some drinks that afternoon.
        I said at the end – “how does this business make money? I have been the only customer for 5 hours”
        REPLY – “oh… money isn’t everything”.
        …. thats the mentality — I COULDNT GIVE A SHIT

    2. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

      cant agree more to this….if u r good to them… they fuck u up…. u have to be hard to them much harder as i ever was in my country to even the most dumb fuck worker i had hired. be bad to them /, be never kind like they know it … a dictator i know this sounds very rude and bad but it is the truth. I dont want to be a bad boss but they force you to be that…if u reach them only the smallest finger..they will cut it off and demand your complete arm and more

    3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      How about the guy from England with the dive shop in Cebu. He fired his security guard after he showed to work late and drunk for the 2nd time. The security guard shot and killed the English guy. The owner was one of those do-gooder types to as he always distributed donations and really assisted in the typhoon and earthquake relief. He did nothing wrong and since he let the drunken guard get away with it once, he was a very kind person,,, too kind.
      Then if you read the comments, there were stupid flips defending the security guard and assuming the dive shop owner deserved it.
      (Sorry, I could not find the article with the negative comments)

      Here is where the guard tells the media he worked for a very mean boss who would yell at them. So, as long as the guy had a good reason to kill his boss, I guess its ok. I mean, it would be much more difficult to simply quit the job you hate or act like a decent employee so its much easier to simply shoot the guy 6 times. For Filipinos any excuse = It’s not my fault.

  6. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    I have two employees and my Filipino partner who live in my house. Of course we re-use cooking oil for french fries. And we keep it in a oil storage container. For years I have repeatedly told these imbeciles “DO NOT RE-USE OIL THAT WE USED TO COOK ANY MEATS OF ANY KIND!!”

    One day I noticed an additional oil can. It was labeled “pork/chicken”.

    I blew my fucking stack.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      What about the leaving food out.
      Is it because they never had a fridge and they passed down this thing of leaving food out in the pot and on the table overnight, all day after its cooked so the food becomes 15-24 hours old and is reheated from warm?
      As I mentioned above — HIGHLY DEFENSIVE PEOPLE
      they just don’t want to know
      they just don’t want to listen
      The attitude is:
      1. i am filipino
      2. this is filipino style
      3. my parents taught me
      4. i follow my mum and dad
      5. i will do what i was told by them
      6. your a foreigner
      7. you don’t know filipino culture
      8. this is the Philippines and it doesnt happen here eg. you get a bad stomach eating 20hr old meat sitting out all day in hot
      9 foodpoisoning – this happens in your country not the philippines.
      *most of the time they don’t know what food poisoning means have to dumb it down a bit to … if you eat this you will get sore stomach and kalibangan (feel like going to shit)

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        They eat so much poisoned, spoiled, bacteria-infested food over generations, that they have developed strong immunity from it.

        I was in the pest control industry for several years. About every few years, the pesticides have to be reformulated because the little critters develop resistance to the poisons, and no longer kill them.

          1. Profile gravatar of

            Al, then they serve you a warm beer and suggest you put ice in it!

          2. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers


            When I was in Tondo, I saw blocks of ice on the street too. Best part is, then they took the ice and made it into shaved ice, so the contamination spreads throughout it! Makes me glad that I never liked Halo-Halo.

  7. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    I was in a resort and ordered two eggs sunny side up.
    I could not eat them they stank of fish.
    I called the management.
    They found out , the cook ran out of clean oil for the eggs and rather then walk twenty feet to fill it. he used the fish fryer that was near him.
    He just dipped out some oil and fried up my fucking eggs.
    Did I get a free breakfast, NOPE , just an apology then they wanted me to pay for a second fucking breakfast, even though the first was inedible.
    Give me Strength

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        I can assure you I did not pay for the fishy eggs.
        If he was fucking charged , maybe he wont do it again, he will get off his lazy ass and refill the squirt bottle with clean oil, it was not like he was overrun with customers there were only four of us in the fucking restaurant.
        Mine was the only fuck up. the other guys had a great chuckle.
        So good for him I hope he learned his lesson,
        I am FH part of this equation.

          1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            I should be clearer,
            Has anyone found a restaurant where they serve their food on a heated/hot plate, so it does not go cold in the first five minutes, and prevents the congealing of the grease
            The child bride took me to this new resto, all the rage she told me, FUCKING CONGEALED FAT PORK IN SOY SAUCE, NOT EVEN FUCKING ADOBO
            I could not eat it, and the soft drink was warm, not even cold in the ref.
            I tracked down the Sepo who recommended it to the child bride, then I got the real story, his wife took him there, he said it was shit too, but did not want to complain to his wife.
            So she assumed he loved it. She then recommended it to the child bride.
            What a fuck up.
            GREAT AIR CONDITIONING !!!!!!!!!!!!

          2. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
            Random Numbers

            There is a restaurant in Davao, I can’t remember the name (Harana I think), haven’t been there in a while, if you order a steak they will serve it on a metal plate on top of a wooden one, the plate is sizzling hot so the food continues to cook at the table. If you like your steak medium-rare like I do, by the time you are finished it will be medium. And you should flip it over partway through to not burn the side on the plate. I’m not kidding, I have burned my tongue on the vegetables there. But most places here seem to specialize in lukewarm food, sadly. One place I went had decent steak and a nice vegetable medley, except that the vegetables actually arrive at the table at room temp!

  8. Profile gravatar of

    Every time I come home I have to reinvent the wheel. Im in PI 5 weeks and away 5 weeks. Yaya and maid need retraining Every fucking time for 2 years! Arrrrrrrrrrgh!

  9. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    I was walking around Sabang last year.

    A beaming flip “Menu Waver” came over to me outside his restaurant and said “Sir! Today is special offer because its Christmas! If you eat here and dont like the food, you dont have to pay!”.

    WOW! What an amazing Salesman! LOL!

    1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

      I was in Sabang for a week over the New Years. The only place I ate was Captain Greggs, 3 times a day everydayas everywhere else is too Pinoy. Spent over 25k in a week there between myself and the wife. He does not have rice on the menu and will only serve it if you ask (wife had to have it) so that was good enough for me. Loved his lamb shanks and could not get enough of his Gin Juice.

  10. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    The thing I get tired of from these GROVELLING IDIOTS
    is you NEVER HEAR the full picture.

    You get threads of information.

    Heres what I mean:
    1. friend – i really wanted her to work so i paid her uniform
    yes, im in the Filipino bubble. I want to help. they think your the helper.
    provider mentality – Mr Foreigner with a silver spoon up his ass.

    2. ok, so i pay the uniform. there you go.
    3. next… i need a gate pass (wtf? SM makes staff buy a gate pass
    for more than a days salary).
    so after all that …
    I need a fare to go to work
    (by the way i saw the uniform and stuff)
    5th… so this is what I meant by the Filipino bubble
    its blowing up .. PPPPsssssssssssssssst expanding

    6. Its that ratcheting … she comes to me
    for fare to work … if i don’t pay then all my help,
    time hearing those problems (yawn), etc is down the toilet.
    whats 4 jeep fares x 6 days

    7. ….and after all that….she was terminated
    as she was late for work on a number of days during the week.
    ……………………………….why are they so fucking lax in

  11. Profile gravatar of

    Don, you know those iron sizzling plates you get some particular dishes served on? I have seen them come out barely hot too. Took me years to teach wife to cook various parts of dinner at different times so the whole meal comes out hot when served. Some Aussie restaurants cant do that either.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      But we are da most resilient people in the world. diba????
      Yes,, I know what cold potatoes and hot steak!!!!!! ”’Where are the potatoes”??? over der…. frig me ragged,, been sitting around for 1 hour,, grrrrrrrr.
      Now I know why arabs beat these sheeple!!!!!!!

      1. Profile gravatar of

        Al, when we were married the govenrment had a policy of discussing domestic violence with couples before a marriage licence would be issued. At the time I thought it was stupid. I was told that many western men beat their Phlip wives. I now now why. After a while you go mad and it is hard to explain the feelings after lies and deception become apparent. I havent resorted to violence but sometimes I have had to everyting in my control to avoid it. And I have never been a violent person…..

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        “But we are da most resilient people in the world. diba????”
        I like how that is such a compliment to them. It just means you keep living. It’s not exactly praise.

      3. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        You know they can not plan a fucking meal, how many times have you seen the cold food served warm or hot even, the hot food served luke warm at best usually cold. COLD CURRY ANYONE????
        How fucking hard is it make a salad and keep it in the fucking ref. Potato hot kept in foil or on the top of the stove, Then when the meat is cooked placed on a warm plate, get the fucking salad out and dress it.
        DO NOT put it on the warm plate, set it in the middle where everyone can get to it.
        I have seen the child bride cook put mashed potato, peas, beans corn and put them on the dinner table , before the meat is even on the grill.
        and there were only two of us?????????????
        But she had the fucking phone for the Facebook picture picture out and ready.

  12. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Yup Ive had the Sizzling Plates many times in the PI. but can you figure out why they put fish or prawns on them, just so they can overcook and become rubber.
    I seem to remember them for Steaks and Chops. Not seafood.
    Seafood is delicate and keeps on cooking on a plate, put a sizzling plate under it, its fucked.
    I would like a hot plate , due to the cleanliness of the PI, 90% of the time the wash up in cold water, there are cockies everywhere.
    At least if it was washed in hot water before serving I would have a lot more faith in the food.
    My stepmother, dampened the plates then through a stack in the microwave, worked a treat.
    Just a thoughty

  13. Profile gravatar of djbuett

    I think I know the answer, but I wish someone would clarify why that virgin coconut oil, the craze of most low carb lifestyle folks that hails from the Philippines is hard to find in the grocery stores there. You can find it anywhere here in the states, but I have frequented grocery stores there and the infamous Seafood City in Vallejo CA and nothing but nasty carcinogenic polyunsaturated oils….seed oils, vegetable oils…that, the lack of veggies and MSG are a deadly combo…

  14. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    speaking of other business things – where the business wins and consumers or staff lose out.

    Have you noticed how shops give
    3, 7 days or 1 month warranty.
    fuck ..after that … they want to not take any responsibility

    Ive had friends overseas including myself who have used products for 6 months and the shops have refunded in full or taken back the goods as they were faulty.

    Filipinos want to make life hard
    be walked all over
    get treated like shit as consumers

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      The warranties are bullshit anyway.
      I bought a printer with a 1 year warranty. It fucked up after 2 months and after going to the service center and the 100 questions routine of how its probably MY FAULT, they finally agreed to fix it. Of course to fix it, they need to ship it to Manila cause the country would cease to exist if Manila was not there.
      Do I get a spare printer in the meantime, of course not. In a normal society, the retailer and the manufacturer are so stressed you will never purchase their product again they offer anything to make you happy or what it called proper customer care. The Philippines, nah.
      How long will it take to get fixed and sent back?
      – 2 months po.
      2 Months?!? WTF?!!
      – uh,
      So what do I use in the meantime? Do I get a spare or refurb until my printer gets back?
      – uh. sorry po. We don’t do that sir.
      So what do I do in the meantime for my business?
      – Uh, sir, you can buy new one.
      WTF, how does that make sense that I’m supposed to buy 2 printers cause the 1st one stopped working? So I’m supposed to spend more money?
      – uh,

      It seems in every aspect of the Philippines, they love to make you wait, invconvenience you, or simply just talk in circles until you give up.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        I have a mate who is, or wants to buy a Carrier Ducted Air Conditioning system. The fucking wankers only want to give him 6 months warranty.
        So he is waiting until march for the Install so he at least gets one hot season out of it, I got 12 months warranty and have had them service it too before it ran out of warranty, although it was preventive maintenance,. and I refer to another post, BUT SIR WHAT IS WRONG on the split system,
        So why 6 on ducted is beyond me,

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          I had the same crap but with Kolin,, free installtion said the idiots at MOA.
          Then arrives a bill for 2 times 1 hp aircon 7000 installation fee, and 4500 for the 2 hp… Then the idiots took the remotes so i could not use it,, Thier reason was in case somebody used it,,,,???? BUT i got out of paying but lost the warranty…
          I told them i wanted to see the VP of Kolin to discuss the bill, A 2 year old could have written a better bill than the one I received. Of course I never got to see him.
          Split aircons are lot better than those dust sucking noisy old boxe s
          Preacher Al

  15. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    Philippines shops treat customers like shit
    oh sorry its
    “traditional Filipino service” its called
    Lose Lose — i lose, you lose.

    Take going into a shop.
    The dopy fucking checkout girl doesnt hear me when i say i want
    a price check .. she rings it through
    then tells me …. you have to pay for that
    i cannot refund.

    Or the wrong price
    sorry .. we cannot refund.
    Yes, the ticket was for another product!! at half the price

    Says you have to give a refund/money back
    for misleading and deceptive conduct.

    but wait!
    how do Filipinos know when they are being mislead or deceaved
    …the church deceaves them daily
    …Filipinos deceave each other constantly
    lying cheating ….