REVEALING The Pinoy’s True IQ

It was just recently I was having a conversation with my foreigner buddy over here about the unfairness I deal with on a daily basis of the ongoing dishonesty that Flips engage themselves in when it comes down to their academics.  As always, I’m bitching about how students openly gets away with cheating while their professors turns a blind eye.  At that moment, my buddy brought up this very interesting point, he asked “If they cheated on their exams, then wouldn’t their national average IQ score be false too?”

I figured that simple question by itself was enough to be blog worthy, and I had recently been conducting some analysis as to what concluded Philippines’ national IQ average to be 86, along with contradictions to prove that it’s much LOWER than the raw score of 86 that they proclaim it to be.  I’m quite sure that the British Psychologist, Richard Lynn, and the Finnish Political Scientist, Tatu Vanhanen, did not and could not personally over-watch the hundreds or thousands of Pinoys taking the IQ test, so it comes to my great conclusion that they had some trustworthy “PINOYS” to assist them as proctors for this IQ test.

Alright, we all know Pinoys pretty well, so no need to get into the obvious facts.  From my experience as a student (as much as I am afraid to admit to that) at one of these Philippine Colleges, integrity is an inept quality of Pinoys, and this attribute governs Pinoys from all levels at my college, up from the President of Academics, down to almost each and every last student.  The students around me can’t resist the urge to cheat, and they take every opportunity to do so to benefit their educational appearance.  Their professors are just as guilty or even more notorious than their students as they pretend to enforce the ‘No Cheating’ rule as they verbally state it prior to test taking, yet they purposely create loopholes by giving them endless opportunities to cheat like;

– Stepping outside of class for some (fake) urgent matter

– Answering a phone call and turning their back, appearing to be non-attentive to their students who will inevitably cheat, and they do.

– Some just don’t give a flying fuck and allow their students to yell, shout, and cheat as they please after saying, “Cheating is prohibited.”  Then turns a blind eye as if they never cheated.

Of course for me being a foreigner, this comes to my great disadvantage since I am unable to concentrate due to the noise these P-NOISE are making, and 40 heads are better than 1 when they are all consolidating the answers they individually know, and distributing them amongst each other.  It’s sad to admit, but there were even times when I received the lowest grade on a test because of this, can you blame me?

Alright, I will refrain from making this article about me bitching about my corrupt school and get to the point.  The students cheat, and the teachers allows the cheating, but there is still 1 more remaining factor that I haven’t discussed yet that will influence the Philippine’s national IQ average, and that is SELECTION.

If Philippines is known for anything else other than being a lying bunch of corrupted scumbags, it is that they will resort to anything to boost their rankings in PINOY PRIDE, and that is outsourcing.  Just like in the PBA when they draft basketball players with any African ancestral background from other countries (which contradicts Pinoy Pride IMO) to increase their chances of winning PBA games, that same concept applies to school in the Philippines.  I’ve been volun-told to participate in an English Proficiency Test that was conducted a few months ago to boost the school’s rankings, so I don’t have a shadow of a doubt that foreigner students were also being used to take the IQ test for Philippines’ IQ statistics.

I want to tackle another point while I’m still on the selection topic.  When we speak of ‘National Average IQ,’ the key word here is ‘AVERAGE.’ To be thoroughly honest, I don’t think AVERAGE Filipinos were selected to take the IQ test, I don’t even think the majority of like-minded Filipinos were even in the mix.  When I think of my average everyday Pinoy, I think of the countless pinoys who never made it to college (which isn’t credible anyway) and are either stuck in the slums (squatters), working at low IQ manual labor jobs (drivers), the many deadbeat homeless pinoys who does nothing but stares at traffic all day, the infinite many brainless hookers who flunked school (can’t be productive with their brain, so they do it their body), and lets not forget about the few exceptional pinoys who actually could raise the country’s national IQ average, but chose instead to get the fuck out and work abroad.

With all the factors and variables in place, there isn’t a snowball chance in hell that Philippine’s real national IQ average is 86.  Being that an IQ test is a ‘high stakes’ exam that reflects their nation’s intelligence, Filipinos will do at their very best to pull off the best dog and pony show to defend their nation’s honor by not showing the whole world how fucking stupid they are.  Of course there isn’t any honest way to go by this, so I’m certain they executed every measure I enumerated above.  If they would cheat in school, they would cheat on a global statistics test.  Why?  It’s because of Pinoy Pride and they don’t have an honest bone in their body.  What can I do about it?  What can I say?  It’s just the Filipino way.

The only question that remains is; what is Philippine’s real national IQ average?  It sure as hell isn’t 86.  I’m sure a series of subtraction and division signs combined with a mixture of high numbers after 86 being the starting number, will eventually lead us to their REAL national IQ average.  I’m taking a bet that it’s not even over 70.



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  1. Profile gravatar of Kevin

    want some more retarded acts of PEENOISE ? ( that is what other countries describe us,because of trashtalk and a really retarded gameplay (not all) )
    search “mineski 322 scandal”
    its a game known as “DOTA 2”
    before the match start , you can bet an “item” you get or you bought in-game .
    for your information , you can sell this “items” for real money .
    ** i won 1.3k$ worth of items and sold them all for real money . its just a 1 hour game (best of 1)

    all i can say is , “what a retarded shameful act . no wonder why other countries discriminate us”

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      I don’t know too much about DOTA except that I heard of it on this other MMORPG I used to play a year ago called “Pockie Ninja” where you could collect items and exchange it for real currency. I was a god at that game. Besides that, I knew a lot of pinoys who also played that game who had a hard time following the rules and got banned. Yeah, they embarrassed themselves on a global game and they are constantly getting banned for failure to follow simple in-game rules.

      Turns out some pinoys not only dumbshits on themselves in real life, but also on online games just to show the world how fuckin dumb they are. No offense to you of course if you don’t act like the rest of the dumbfucks I meet on a day-to-day basis. The reason why I brought this up because I was recommended to play “DOTA” from “PN,” perhaps maybe you heard of me, but it had 35 servers so chances are you probably didn’t.

      “Pee-Noise?” That’s even better than my version of “P-Noise.” They “pee” everywhere and loves to make “noise.” Fuckin awesome, you should trademark that 🙂

  2. Profile gravatar of Kevin

    i don’t mind what you’re saying because it’s all true . but some of us is still around like a tiger. means, endangered . not to be extinct , but to be one of those retards .

    yeah pee-noise , fcking peeing everywhere and really LOVES to make noise , be it online or in real life .
    try to go to a”low class computer shop” ( i know you won’t ). you can hear them barking like an idiot as if they were a fcking pro .

    did you know ? someone already died because of trash talking ?
    oh wait , and students brawling after school ? *note: they’re girls and gays”
    and these adults , instead of stopping them , they were rooting for someone as if its a fcking cock fight .
    (you can find some on youtube)

  3. Profile gravatar of TightWired

    FAFI, I’ll agree with you about 95% on this one.
    Anyone whose has spent time in the RP can come to no other conclusion that they have somehow fudge the numbers to their benefit. I can imagine prior to the test, some RP administrator going round passing out the answers to the test, or changing the questions to achieve a higher score (pino-izing)…”How many times can you piss on a wall before the smell makes your eyes burn” ???
    My only disagreement would be that the average trike, jeeepney, Uncle Dong, hooker, OFW, beggar, etc… might be smarter than you think. If for instance the above mentioned person can my more money driving, hooking, begging, OFW, etc… than say working at a Good blue collar job does that give them a Smarter/higher IQ ??? Does the fact that these Student cheat (because they know they can get away with it) mean they are idiots ????
    I’ve known a few Genius’s that couldn’t answer a direct question without having to do the whole Pinoy Reboot/Blank Stare three times over before saying…”Hmm…let me go Google that”.
    What defines intelligence ??? Does ones morality, knowing “right from wrong” play a factor in this final IQ score ???
    I’ve lived in 5 different countries in the last 25 years…and YES the RP is the Dumbest one yet.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      Being a driver, hooker, beggar, and such and such is a side job that doesn’t require education to acquire. If there was a higher paying job that requires years of study in a graduate program, then why wouldn’t they pursue it? If those no-brainer jobs are among one of the best paying jobs in today’s society in Philippines, then why waste time going to college and gaining an education? These technical jobs are harder to achieve because they require more education to gain these positions, and they can’t use the excuse that college is too expensive because there are colleges here that offer courses for less than 2,000php per semester (I did the research last year). Well I gotta admit, being a hooker is a well paid job, they get about 1000-2000php per night if they get lucky, which is 30k-60k per month, that’s way more than any hypermarket employee.

      If you came in close contact with these college bound pinoys, who are suppose to be some of the most intelligent pinoys in the country, you would see the sheer stupidity among them. They are completely incapable of doing any type of school work honestly. They are so lacking in intellect that their only chance in passing a class is to cheat. If you ‘cheat,’ it means you don’t ‘know,’ and if you don’t ‘know’ something, then most likely you are fuckin stupid. So what made you come to the conclusion that these other street pinoys can be any smarter? I mean really, just basing on the average hooker/beggar/driver, do you think they have any superior level of intellect than a pinoy who went to school. Well in my honest opinion, they are equally stupid to me, but the school-bound pinoys must be more intelligent than the street pinoys.

      I’m not a big fan of the word “all.” I admit that there may be a few street pinoys who may have some intellectual dominance over these book smart pinoys, but that is probably 1 out of 100. If anything, they are probably just street smart, and inherited a different set of smarts that allows them to get through life, and some of those street smarts can contribute to their IQ level.

      Your comment has raised a huge question mark over head that I can’t quite get to go away. I’m curious of your affiliation with the Philippines. Are you a first time visitor? Short term tourist? A pinoy? It almost sounds as if you are giving some intellectual credibility to the obvious dumbfuck pinoys, and you got me rolling laughing.

      1. Profile gravatar of TightWired

        FAFI, I’m glad I was able to give you a laugh.
        I guess what I was getting at was “what is Intelligence or how is it measured”, Does going to college or coming from a Good/Rich Family automatically make you a smarter pinoy/pinay ???
        Is a mechanic who can dismantle a engine and put it back together a genius, or what about a waitress who can take an order of 5 people without writing it down and not fuckup it up, a hooker/GF/Wife who can wrap a man around her finger and even through the guy knows he’s being ripped off or fucked over keeps coming back, A jeepney driver who is able to drive in busy rush hour traffic full of customers and still know that 8 people in the back need to pay him his faire….I would argue this is an above average pinoy/pinay intelligence.
        Don’t get me wrong…all you have to do is walk outside your house/apt and it will clearly hit you in the face…the vast majority of pinoy’s are idiots. I would just make a small argument that just because you are one of the little people in this country, that doesn’t make you a total idiot.
        Hit me up on the expat site and I’ll give you my life story…LOL.

        1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
          FAFI Post author

          What separates the little people from the school people is that the school pinoys are well rounded, like a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ type of pinoy. Still intellectually inferior to the rest of the world, but their knowledge is more well rounded than the little people and the examples you described in your example. Those examples only displays a set of skills in one specialization that governs less attributes than what can be taught in school.

          An IQ test is based on universal knowledge that covers many basic areas of things people should know. A sari-sari store owner may have excellent basic math skills since they are dealing with counting money around the clock, but what other skills does she know? A jeepney driver may be able to count money and people and determine what to charge at what distance, but does that make him any better at other knowledge-based departments? The IQ test will test you on everything, not just your individual set of skills. Even with that said, they are still lacking in some of the most basic concepts in life, and above all, COMMON FUCKIN SENSE.

          You almost make it seem as if the little people will do any better on the IQ test than the school-bound flips. Few will, but most wont. Especially accounting for the flips who does nothing but stare at traffic all day and does nothing in the slums. Who am I to dictate which flips are smarter than the other? Looking at the foul state at their country says it all, and ultimately, they are all equally fuckin retarded to me. Being good at what you do for a living is one thing, but it’s far from being multi-talented.

          I’m not gonna sit here and explain to you the inferior mindset of a Pinoy, we all had been around them long enough to know that for ourselves. We are both gonna continue to contradict each other like we are competing in a dick measuring contest, with both sides refusing to admit defeat. So I’m gonna end this by saying that we both raise a good point in our own way. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course. My screen name is the same on the other site, so feel free to add me there if you like or shoot me a message. I read and respond to all messages promptly (when I have internet of course). Nice talk tightwired. TTYL8er

  4. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    Filipinos can form no concept of personal integrity. And to be intelligent or smart, it does not necessarily require personal integrity.

    The Filipino Pride is their god. Essentially, that means they either refuse to, or are totally incapable of behaving and conducting themselves with honesty, decency, common-god-damned-fucking-sense, or with anything that so much as slightly resembles reason. Yet they will go out of their way to insist that you view them as nothing less than wonderful human beings. And if you don’t, you’re a fucking racist and a hater.

    They cannot make any connection at all between their behavior and their words. And with the Filipino, it’s whatever deluded pile of bullshit that comes spewing from their lips that is their truth, and it almost always totally contradicts their actions and behaviors.

    I once knew a British guy who stayed here for several months (he was my neighbor in Manila), and was here producing adult porn. And we would talk about the Filipinos, and about this very subject of words clear up all their actions in their mind. He said he would warn the Pinoys that they risk being seen by friends and family in the videos which will be advertised with short samples on the internet. The Filipinos would just say, “Well if my friend sees me, I’ll just deny it.”

    Just like that! There is indisputable concrete video proof of them performing sex acts on video, showing full face, full identity right there on video, and they’ll just deny it. Case closed, no foul, no harm, all is forgiven because even though his friends FUCKING CAN SEE IT’S HIM IN THE VIDEO….he’ll just deny it, and all is well (in their mind).

    That is the Filipino. Behave badly right in front of everyone, then simply walk up to them and say, that wasn’t me who just behaved badly, even though you just watched me behave badly. I hereby deny it, thus making me innocent. Done deal.

    That is not only head-tilting stupidity, but a sure sign of a complete absence of integrity. And the sad part is, those who he denied his actions to will see him as a good proud pinoy, give him sympathy, and remove consequences for his bad behavior. We see that scenario in government every fucking year. Not only will they just instantly let his corruption slide, THE FUCKING IDIOTS WILL VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN.

    As Al would say….SHOOT ME DEAD!

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      “Mr. Bong Dong, here is the clear High Definition surveillance video showing you, facing the camera in very adequate lighting showing your face at close range as you were stealing the money from the cash drawer. We also got your fingerprints off the cash drawer, right where you are seen touching the cash drawer. Those fingerprints are an exact match of the fingerprints we took from you hours ago. We also got your DNA from where you cut yourself on the cash drawer. It also is an exact match to your DNA. And finally, you’re wearing the exact same shirt with the exact same stain on the front of it as what’s in the video.

      Filipino Suspect:
      I don’t care, it’s not me. I deny it. You hate Filipinos.

      I don’t hate Filipinos, I just hate liers and thieves, no matter what race or nationality they may be. That’s why I became a police officer. To protect honest people from liers and thieves.

      Filipino Suspect:
      Fuck you, you’re a racist because you accuse me of this.

      Well Mr. Bong Dong, the evidence is forensic and concrete….indisputable proof that you are the thief. On video, fingerprints, and DNA. And not to mention that exactly 9,348p was stolen from that cash drawer, and we found exactly 9,348p in your pocket. The jury will not have to think much about coming to a guilty verdict. The evidence is extremely conclusive beyond a shadow of a doubt.

      Filipino dipshit suspect:
      Fuck you, and fuck the jury. You all hate Filipinos, I’m innocent, you can’t prove I did it.

      I just proved it Mr. Bong Dong

      Filipino Brainless piece of shit:
      Fuck you, you don’t prove notting I innocent, dats not me. You fucking racist.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
        FAFI Post author

        This reminds me of the kind of shit I go through when pointing out dishonest cheating Filipinos which I captured on video, but you already know how that went down….. ESPIONAGE! I’m guilty, not them! Hahaha! How the fuck do they live with themselves? This just to show that I refuse to have ANYTHING in common with them since our set of principles are outlandishly uniquely different. I had a tiny bit of faith in the religion that I was raised to believe in until I came here to see how that same religion seriously twisted the minds of an entire population of dumbfucks. If I believe in their religion, would I become equally as fuckin dumb as them? I’m not taking that chance, Atheist all the way baby! Honestly, I think I discovered my religion lately, and that is being a Humanist, which is pretty much on the same lines of being an atheist, but doesn’t sound as sacrilegious and dire when mentioned to a Pinoy. I know Pinoys freak out when they hear that someone is atheist (personally experienced that), but they are oblivious as to what a Humanist is. Honestly, I think I am a Humanist at heart. Same shit to me.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          Yeah, people tend to view Atheists as evil or really bad people, when in fact, the meaning of Atheist is simply a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings. A – theist

          Does not believing in the existence of any god or gods make us evil? If so, HOW so?

          Why does there need to be a god for me to be a good, loving, caring, generous, life-loving human being? I find it a complete insult to human intelligence to say that if religion had not told me that stealing and murder is wrong, I would be stealing and killing all day long, thinking it’s ok. I don’t need a child molesting priest to tell me about what is wrong or right. I already know, because I’m a modern, civilized, evolved human being with common sense and reason and logic.

          There are certainly more Atheist Nobel Prize winners than Theist. And if I had a billion gajillion dollars, I would bet all of it that had religion not been invented by man as it was, there would be far fewer wars.

          Filipinos shout to the world how much they love god, and how devoted catholics they are, yet look how they will lie, cheat, and steal from their own mother without thinking twice. Look how they behave. You can claim with your mouth how moral you are all you like. But your behavior…your actions show your morals.

          And I can say without hesitation that of all the atheists and religious people I know, hands down, the atheist display WAY MORE moral character than any one of the religious people I have ever known….in my entire life.

          The vast majority of religious fundamentalist people know very little to nothing about the doctrine of their beliefs. They don’t care to know. Because all they really want to do is wear their religion like a corsage on their lapel for everyone to see.

          Because when you proclaim to be christian, you are instantly trusted, admired, voted for, and you’re respected. It’s like a country club. Don’t worry about your bad behavior! Jesus said for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of god, so just confess your sins and you’re right as rain again. You’re forgiven! Jesus died for your sins! He took the punishment for all believer’s wrong doings past, present, and future. Just believe that, and believe in Jesus, and you have that golden ticket into heaven.

          Oh yes, certainly TRY to be good, but don’t worry about fucking up. You’re going to heaven anyway….simply because you believe.

          So what motivation is there to learn more about it, when the essential message of christianity is “believe and be saved” That is a deal NOBODY could pass up! That’s why it’s the #1 best selling religion on earth! Just confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and BOOM, instant, permanent, irrevocable salvation. It’s the deal of the century. Pretty fucking clever of the molders and shapers of Christianity. That is a deal very few can compete with!

          And why do predominantly christian nations have much higher crime and homicide rates than predominantly Atheist nations? Because the core message of Christianity is; you do not have to be personally responsible for your sins. Jesus took care of the punishment for you. Don’t do anything, don’t think, just believe in Jesus and join our big country club of self-righteousness.

          Unless of course you can think for yourself. Only then will you see the manipulation and brainwash.

          1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
            Pinay Lover

            “Does not believing in the existence of any god or gods make us evil? If so, HOW so? ”

            I don’t know, but if their is a God, he sure is a wicked SOB who doesn’t seem to be helping those in faith in the Philippines.

          2. Profile gravatar of FAFI
            FAFI Post author

            Totally agree, especially on the part of how some of the most religious-based countries in our world has the highest crime rate. Religion and the practice of their loving sky fairy mascot has been nothing more than a trump card to give people on the outside looking in the illusion that you are an honest living being. I see it on TV in America all the time.

            Example: On the Murray show when they were doing a paternity test, the woman had argued,”This baby is his! I’m a god-fearing loving woman! I’m a Christian and even god knows that baby is his! I’m faithful and devoted to him and I don’t know why he wont help me take care of gift from god.”

            The test results came in to confirm that the baby did not belong to the daddy. In other words,”Jerome, you are NOT the father.” With that woman swearing up and down claiming to be a Christian and a strong believer in god, and then that happens, then what value does claiming a religion have? When I was young and stupid, when my mother used to cram religious down my throat by taking me to church every Sunday, I had a pastor who was embezzling money out of the offering money that was being donated to the church. That fuckin guy had a ring on each finger, he was loaded with money.

            I can only understand one logical explanation as to why Pinoys indulge themselves in religion as much as they do and over-celebrate it more than needed. It’s because they are bored as shit and there isn’t any other free/cheap entertainment to do in this country. Religion is one of few sources of entertainment that can be conducted anywhere, even in the squatter areas. What gets to me is that they actually believe in that shit. It’s not my right to talk me out of their religion, they just have to figure it out the hard way after death if they were right or wrong.

            I had this 17 year old flip last year who was desperately trying hard to convert me into believing in his god. After futile efforts of trying and how I just wouldn’t believe him, he ended up crying like a bitch about it. He looked up to me as a friend, but he was heartbroken that he couldn’t brainwash me, and in return I did some brainwashing of my own to disprove religion to him. He broken out in tears that day and I almost felt bad for him. He is one of the happiest flips I know, always had a positive attitude, but there is no way a 17 year old flip is going to convert me that easily. Maybe if it was an American scientist who had indisputable proof of god’s existence and presented me with numerous pieces of concrete evidence, with other scientists vouching for him. That would be enough to convert me into believing.

        2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

          Filipinos are masters of Gaslighting, which is one of the most absurd forms of mental abuse there is.

          On another point It is almost a futile point to even debate with a Filipino, because it invariably leads straight to argument. I realize this that Filipinos are not good at debate because they get way to fucking defensive way too fast. so civilized conversation goes right out the window almost within the first 2 minutes.

          Then if…IF, you decide to try to point out in an articulate manner how and exactly where the Filipino went wrong, it will be your fault for (whatever).

          One of the many reasons I’m out of here, I just can’t handle the stress anymore, I’m 35 and feel 60, it’s just not right.

          1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
            Pinay Lover

            You’re bang on with your point about outlandish arguments. I just had one with my wife the other night. I asked her why Filipinos celebrate NO native culture and have adopted all Spanish culture, embracing obliviously, and she snapped in defensive mode right away trying to glorify Spaniards.

            Very unusual, indeed. It begs the question: Why didn’t the Indians of North America embrace British culture after they were raped, used colonized and manipulated? I think they are obviously too proud of their heritage and culture to let the white man diminish that.

            As for Filipinos, I think they just bent over and took it from the Spaniards with no shame.

      2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

        LOL I love it, so accurate.

        though I would have added the sob section wherein the Pinoy starts sobbing uncontrollably and asking why the investigator is being so mean to him, afterall he is always a good catholic, he doesn’t understand why investigator is so mean and hates him so much.

        LMAO, if you ever get trapped in some midday talk show and come across one of these types of stories its the same thing. uhhgg.

        Total Gaslighting and situation no matter what.

  5. Profile gravatar of

    The average IQ of Filipinos is definitely not 86, I think it is lower than that. We wouldn’t have an accurate result though, even if it was administered minus the cheating because some questions need to be in Tagalog in order to be fully understood. I am not a fan of IQ tests though because I don’t think it tells a lot about a person’s intelligence, I think there’s a lot more that it can’t measure. I know someone who wouldn’t have a score higher than 80% of mine but whom I know is more intelligent than me. Don’t you think the IQ tests are very outdated? By now, it should be something that is attached to your head to scan your brain while you are shown puzzles, patterns, equations, sounds, situations and other creative things they could think of, and then the electrical signals in your brain will be translated, together with the time it took before your brain starts figuring out things, and when you thought of a solution etc. Then you get a general score which can range from 1-1000, but is subdivided into a few categories so you will know where you’re good at. hmmm #whatamItalkingabout

  6. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

    After living here even longer than i should have, i had to adjust my outlook on the school system and vocational training done here.

    Elementary U.S. = Middle School Phils
    Middle School U.S, = High School Phils
    High School U.S. = Bachelor’s/Master’s Phils
    College/University U.S. = Doctorate, getting the hell out of the Phils, or President of the Philippines