Rody Duterte, Presidential Candidate Threatens Cigarette Smoker’s Genitals With Loaded Firearm

I was once detained for smoking outside Davao airport. The cigarette was snatched from my lips by a beer-bellied guard with fake Raybands. He lectured me on the strict rules of no smoking in Davao and how it is the order of the mayor, then took me to meet with his superiors – six morons, all armed, who also lectured me on the strict rules of no smoking in Davao and how it is the order of the mayor. Then I was taken to their little room in the airport where I was to wait for over an hour whilst some idiot hand writes a confession for me to sign while I sit opposite the first guard in the fake Raybands, still wearing them inside, fixed on me. And when after signing the confession I would never do it again I was told if I ever do do it again I would be sent straight to jail. And they wanted a thank you because I still managed to catch my flight on time due to their efficiency.

Anyway, enough about me, let’s hear from a pro-Duterte no smoking supporter:

Discovering Davao


By Manny Piñol

A local tourist who was in Davao City during the celebration of the Kadayawan Festival and openly defied the city’s strict anti-smoking ordinance brought home with him unforgettable memories of a city known as one of the Safest in the World.

Sources close to Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte said one night during the week-long Kadayawan Festival held last month, a restaurant owner alerted the police of a Filipino tourist who insisted on smoking while drinking beer.

Told by the restaurant owner that smoking inside public places is prohibited in Davao City, the smoker defiantly asked: “On whose orders?”

“Bakit pera ba ni Duterte ang binibili ko ng sigarilyo?,” the smoker reportedly told the restaurant owner when informed that Mayor Duterte is very strict in implementing the Anti-Smoking Ordinance in the city.

(Why, am I using Duterte’s money in buying cigarettes?)

The arrogant response irked the restaurant owner who is a friend of the Mayor. He immediately alerted the police and asked them to inform Duterte personally of the defiant smoker.

When Duterte walked into the restaurant a few minutes later, the arrogant smoker turned ashen-faced and immediately dropped his cigarette and stepped on it.

Witnesses said Duterte calmly sat beside the smoker, pulled out a snub-nosed .38 revolver and poked it at the man’s crotch.

“Papiliin kita: barilin ko ang b…g mo, i-preso kita o kainin mo ang upos ng sigarilyo mo,” Duterte reportedly told the smoker.

(I will give you three choices: I shoot your b…ls, I send you to jail or you eat your cigarette butt.)

The smoker reportedly muttered “Sorry Mayor,” picked up his cigarette butt and swallowed it.

Witnesses said that before Duterte left, he told the smoker: “Never ever challenge the law.”

The defiant smoker, whose name was not released by Davao City police, made three discoveries the night he defied the Anti-Smoking Ordinance in Davao City.

First, the law applies to everybody in Davao City.

Second, Mayor Duterte is really strict in implementing the law.

Third, cigarette butts are tough and bitter when swallowed.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Sounds like the laws apply to everyone except Durante. Threat of serious bodily or death when deadly force was not justified. Yes, filipinos will elect this fucker.

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh Post author

      Even the ten commandments don’t apply to him. By endorsing him filipinos are effectively admitting that the only way they will behave themselves is with the threat of violence hanging over them.

    2. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
      Hey Joe

      OH, Hell yes they will elect him !
      You just wait till the “DDS” is implemented (cough-cough) nation wide.
      This guy is the executive order writing master. Seems he pops one out at least once a day.

      My 2 favorites are:The speed limit applies to ALL. Okay, that sounds good right?? He did up this EO after he makes sure a ambulance driver is ticketed and fired after the ambulance passes his motorcade. Yup. Guess his pride got hurt that he got passed by a AMBULANCE on the way to the f-ing hospital !! So slow down and let the dude die?? Brilliant, just flipping brilliant.

      Next fave: Anti-smoke belching law. Yes, that is what it is called 🙂
      Mayor got pissed about some tired old diesel truck “belching” smoke at him. So BOOM, against the law. With no idea how to cure the problem whatsoever.
      So, riddle me this batman. How, just how, are you going to stop a 50yo tired, beat to hell diesel jeep that the owner pours high % of used motor oil in the tank to save a few pesos. Has like a zillion km on it, warn out rings and blow-by that will blow the hood open.
      Is it just because you say so, it will stop smoking?? by shear power of will?? Like the owner has the cash to replace/repair/upgrade?? ya right.
      This guy has a ego the size of the moon. Coming to a town near you?

    3. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      Wrong Mike. LTO doesn’t have to follow the law, neither does BI or PNP, or the Flip citizens who break it when they rip you off, or the vendors selling fake merchandise in the mall, or….
      Never been caught smoking on the streets, so I’ve never paid a fine or fee for that, but I have been the victim of crime a few times, for that I have paid both fines and fee’s.

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        It seems to be drug dealers from the rumors. Corruption from national agency’s (LTO, BI..) seems untouched. Scamming and stealing by the citizens goes untouched. Dishonesty in business dealings go untouched. Drug dealers are transacting with others who voluntarily buy what they sell. Unless they use violence, sell to minors or commit other serious crimes, summery execution seems even more over the top. The same, even more, for drug users. If they’re not stealing, leaving their family homeless and/or hungry, committing violent or inappropriate acts while under the influence, why such a severe focus on them?
        Estafa and stealing is rampant and it has nothing to do with drugs, why is the focus not on that?

  2. Profile gravatar of Nik

    so dirty rody

    I know what you’re thinking: “Did he fire six shots or only five?” Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I’ve kinda lost track myself. But being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?

  3. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Considering the state of the country, how filipinos vote and the lack of qualifications of those running or holding office I have the perfect candidate.
    I submit the perfect candidate, my pet monkey Sid.
    1.) Sid is blind.
    2.) Sid is deaf.
    3.) Sid jacks off all the time.
    4.) After Sid done jacking off he makes a lot of noise.

    Why is Sid perfect?
    1.) Filipino politicians and other officials are blind to the condition of the country.
    2.) Filipino politicians and other officials do not listen. Deaf to what others say.
    3.) Filipino politicians and officials are always jacking off and never doing anything productive.
    4.) After number 4 above the filipino makes a lot of loud noises about what they just got done doing. Even though nobody benefited except the one jacking off.

  4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Filipino “moronic” politicians have found a cause they can easily show they support. They love the anti-smoking campaign. Nevermind the country is polluted with dirty exhaust that I’d rather smoke a pack of cigarettes than sit on a busy street in Manila.
    Just like my city, smoking is banned everywhere. It is not allowed inside. That is understandable, but if you are in a little nippa hut or on the outside balcony where the smoke will dissipate, it isn’t allowed. Then it isn’t allowed outside either. Smoking in the city is not allowed. Even at one of my favorite bars, my smoker friends were not allowed to smoke outside cause its not allowed. They had to go around the corner where the bar would not longer be liable if they were caught. Of course, if you go to the bar the mayor personally owns, he has a special smoking section designated.
    Smoking is legal. It isn’t drugs and given how dirty every vehicle is here, that is the least of their worries. They can’t worry about poverty, hunger, uneducation levels, homeless, corruption, crime, property rights, the broken court system, environment, or anything important. They put so much time and money into a nothing issue.
    I’m not even a smoker, but I wish the tobacco industry would start laying the smackdown on these local “leaders” who just make up the law as they deem necessary. They found a nothing issue to all get behind to make it look like they care.

    I like how smoking is illegal in Davao, but pointing a gun at someone is perfectly justified.

    1. Profile gravatar of

      It makes more sense to me if they implement stopping noise pollution or smoke belching…… A person just smoking and a gun does not make any fucking sense at all……………..

  5. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    I asked this in another post, but to all the people who live in Davao:

    Is Duterte really a good mayor like everyone makes him out to be? One person said his claim to fame is killing drug dealers and banning smoking. Like, would he execute corrupt politicians like the 3 senators for the PDAF or is he just gonna kill who he feels like? Is he corrupt, like has a mansion, owns several businesses in Davao, or has a shitty infrastructure project record?

    Just wondering cause if he does run for president, Filipinos are going to elect him,,, unless Pacquiao decides to run for president. I heard he used to smoke and quit so he is now against smoking, but I also heard he has an addict for a son. Any truth to that?

    1. Profile gravatar of Thunderhead

      Funny thing is that the no smoking edict is usually the first of many and each one is more onerous than the one before. Sugar, salt, fats, I don’t either need or want a nanny state telling me how to live.

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          To Hey Joe
          Well I have a very profound theory. It is called the monkey see, monkey do syndrome.
          Once one of the monkeys get on the ”band wagon” and starts yapping and throwing his shit all over the place, the rest of them jump on too. Case in point, our Canadian politicians are falling all over themselves to bring in the Syrian illegal refugees. But does anybody stop and think about the cost??? No,,,
          Then the left wing dogooders start flapping their lips.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          I told Sid and he said thank you. Also said for your vote he is sending two kilos of bananas. Washthe bananas as he never missed a stroke.

  6. Profile gravatar of

    Is this shit for real? How can a mayor be very uncivilized on how asking a person to stop smoking? It’s just simply asking someone to STOP smoking……. Why would there be a fucking gun involved? More of like Der Fuhrer is running Davao right now with a German Luger with his hand.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        My avatar? Well when the rice powered nagging machine gets pissed she calls me a German. Well there is a difference between a German and a nazi. So I might as well be Rommel.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            You have been here long enough to know that filipinos know everything. Or at least they think they do.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          Let me be spesific: You can be a German, a Nazi, you can even be a German Nazi, a combination quite popular some years ago. (Or none of the above, of course:-)

          Rice-powered nagging-machines do not understand Germans, or Nazis. What they do understand is Power! They relate to that, all over the World. Just look at the fanatic, hysterical eyes of Women in the masterpiece “Triumph des Willens” when they see the “Powerperson”! Power, or money! If not, be prepared for the ” nagging” part of the “nagging-machine! 😉

      1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        Yup! He was the Mother of all health-freaks! Imagine how healthy everybody would be today, no smoking, no drinking, vegetarian and, fucking only with clean, aryan girls, paradise!;-) Maybe Duterte is trying to emulate him. But a snubnose is still no Luger!

      2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        Mr. Hilter had his fun in other ways, he didn’t need the joys of glasses and flickering lights, like us common folks.

        But your point is good! A good argument for calling anti-smokers: “Nazis”, of which practical attitude they actually are.

  7. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
    Hey Joe

    I love this report I see this morning. Just cracks me up. The headline photo alone is a classic.

    {MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Natinal Police-Highway Patrol Group (HPG) will adopt a “zero tolerance policy” in dealing with erring motorists as it takes over traffic management on EDSA beginning today.

    HPG spokesman Chief Inspector Oliver Tanseco said zero tolerance would be implemented on all types of motorists, including those with special protocol plates.

    Tanseco warned drivers against showing off business cards of VIPs while being cited for traffic violations.

    He also warned drivers against assaulting HPG troopers, reminding them that they are policemen.

    “HPG troopers will not hesitate to disable a vehicle by shooting its tire in case a motorist escapes from a crime,” Tanseco told dzBB.

    He also warned that any motorist trying to bribe an HPG officer would be arrested and charged with a criminal offense.}

    Sounds like a very clear admission of dumbfuckery to me.
    Bribe cops, run away from cops, we shoot out tires on a busy freeway. No worries, we never miss??
    We say to cops “Do you know who I am” I’m a VIP, let me go, here is a bribe.

  8. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
    Hey Joe

    Just a FYI to those of us who vape.
    In Davao vape is categorized the same as smoking. So if you vape in Davao you will be shot.

    Other city’s in da phils ?? Some countries do not categorize vape as a tobacco product (And it is NOT) so you may vape as you please.
    Some airlines allow it, others do not.
    Vape does not set off smoke detectors 🙂 😉

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      They have no idea what anything really is. They learned from the West that smoking is bad so that is all they know. You can’t expect them to actually decipher and think rationally can you? If chew or dip catch on in the Phil, they will ban that outdoors as well cause they know its tobacco as well.
      It’s funny cause you can sit right next to someone with a Vape pen and have no idea they are using it. It has zero odor and hardly and smoke residue/ or vapor.

  9. Profile gravatar of Heresiarch

    He might as well make his own version of Parteiadler. The German eagle replaced with the Philippine one and the swastika could be replaced by the Philippine sun.

  10. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    To Mike.
    Sorry Mike, I had a moment of insanity.. Yes I get that in my house too,, mixed in withe pinoy pride,, u r racist,, its worse in other countries, u always look on the bad side,, go home if u dont like it here.
    I cant go home,, flips flooded out my country.