Salmon A Lazy Fish

Now, there have been discussions on here as to why people that are native to the Philippines are not the brightest. There has also been discussions on the education system. Well guess what I found in the paper today. this has got to be one of the funniest articles ever. Even Filipinos think this guy is dumb.ย  I have put the link to the actual article in case some one thinks this is fake.


Here is the article:

Numerous errors in textbooks and other instructional materials, especially those provided by the Department of Education to public schools, are not new, even if the problem gets resurrected at around this time every year by “sick books crusader” Antonio Calipjo Go, the academic supervisor of the Marian School of Quezon City. In fact, Go was not the first to go public about them.

If I remember correctly, between the late 1980s to the early 1990s, long-time Cebu resident Helmut Haas went public in a letter he wrote to the editor of The Freeman about the numerous factual errors he found in the textbooks of his children who were then enrolled in a private school. His disclosure was soon followed by a tip from then retired police colonel Jose Madarang that thousands of unused but brand-new textbooks were rotting away in the stockroom of the Cebu City Central School.

The tip prompted a raid by the authorities, and true enough, tens of thousands of brand-new but unused textbooks and other instructional materials were rotting in the stockroom of the Cebu City Central School. Other tips followed, prompting even more raids and inspections. At a school in the then municipality of Talisay, trucks were caught red-handed trying to spirit away similar unused books. More were found in another school in Consolacion, as well as in Dumaguete City.

The public was so enraged by the textbook errors and the unused brand-new books and instructional materials that the uproar triggered a congressional inquiry. But as usually happens, that became the end of it. Then along came Go, and for the past several years he has been making a lot of noise about all the errors he keeps finding in textbooks. If he is still at it, that can only mean that the government, through the DepEd, has not really solved the problem.

But the best indication that the DepEd is not really trying comes from no less than the education secretary himself. Reacting to the latest outburst from Go, education secretary Armin Luistro said Go, if he really wanted to help, should have gone to the DepEd first to call its attention to the errors, instead of going to the public first.

Luistro’s reaction is a classic example of shooting the messenger instead of listening to the message to find out what it says. Luistro does not seem to understand that Go is absolutely under no obligation to go to the DepEd. On the other hand, the task of ensuring that the integrity of every instructional material, in whatever form it may come, is solely that of the DepEd and no one else.

It is unfair of Luistro to blame Go for pointing out the errors when it is in fact the job of Luistro to ensure that the books do not have errors. But Luistro not only failed to guarantee the integrity of the instructional materials his department is providing for the education of this country’s children, he also refuses to acknowledge any shortcoming.

In his attempt to temper the fallout from Go’s latest expose, Luistro said what fell into Go’s hands were books that were still in the printing process and had already been corrected or in the process of being corrected. But the most dangerous part of Luistro’s thinking is his belief that no book is perfect and that, as the years go by, as errors get pointed out and corrected, we will eventually have the perfect book.

Here is how Luistro said it, as quoted by the newspaper that carried Go’s latest expose: “As teachers use it, they may spot (an error). We want the field to participate (in the process). With the idea that as the years pass by, you keep on developing the material, so it becomes perfect. Not just from the point of view of the writer but actually (as a material) used in the field.”

Luistro’s kind of thinking is very dangerous because as the man charged with the education of this country, he has grossly missed the problem posed by errors in textbooks. Luistro seems to focus on the errors in the books per se, which is why he is not bothered because in his mind these errors can be corrected as time goes by. He misses the point entirely that the problem is not the errors per se but the fact that they are passed along to our children.

Yes, the errors may be corrected eventually, as he reasons out. But before they are, they are what our children are being taught. So you can just imagine what a bunch of idiots we would be producing when, to cite one error exposed by Go in an English instructional material for Grade 10 — “A salmon is a lazy type of fish, like to stay where they are born.” And this is the man behind K to 12. With that kind of thinking, he can make it K to 50, and it will not make any difference.


I find it interesting how even the guy in the article see’s that this guy is just blaming others for his mistakes. It is also funny how it is even mentioned that luistro doesn’t seem to think it’s a problem. This is an example of text book Filipino attitude. These traits have been mentioned a lot on this site from other members to the shocking denial of most native pinoy.

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    emrys Post author

    I also love the part that a salmon is a lazy fish and likes to stay where it was born. when in fact some Chinook and sockeye salmon in Idaho have to travel 1400km and climb 700 feet upstream to get back to their spawning ground from the sea. that doesn’t seem to lazy to me.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Salmon is a lazy fish and likes to stay where it was born. What happens after the salmon lays the eggs? It either dies or takes off. Sounds a lot like a filipino to me. Leave the little ankle biters to the streets.

      Born? Last I heard the salmon laid eggs which then HATCHED. On this I defer to the wisdom of our very own Sarah.

      Here lies the question for Sarah. Medically speaking is being hatched the same as being born?

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Here’s an experiment Mikey, why don’t you ask any of the Pinays over there, choose the smartest one that you can find or those who gloat about their university degrees and see what they’re reply would be? Here’s mine:

        A mammal ‘bears’ its young in the sense of carrying a burden or load. Since birds and reptiles do not ‘bear’ their young to term, the closest they could come to being ‘born’ is the day that their mother hatches the egg, because that would be the time that the hatchlings become full term. Reptiles and birds might lay eggs, but they have to incubate these till they reach full term (in mammal equivalent), therefore, being hatched if referring to reptiles and birds is equivalent to being born. ๐Ÿ™‚

        One should never confuse the processes of birth between mammals and reptiles. ๐Ÿ™‚

        And thank God Filipinos are mammals! Can you imagine if Pinays simply lay an egg instead of having to carry babies at full term? It would be too easy, they’d be like the Kangaroos, perpetually pregnant!

      2. Profile gravatar of Mike


        Your point is valid however I would like to point out something. The salmon lays it’s eggs then dies so the eggs are left to fend for them selves. There are some reptiles and amphibs which lay eggs then haul ass leaving the eggs to fend for themselves, sea turtles and frogs come to mind off hand.

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    Speaking of the education system
    STI college run a 2 year diploma in IT

    4 lessons of physical education
    2 lessons of english
    IT and the filipino family
    …….. keep going along those subject lines

    Oh .. wheres the IT?

  3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    My Bakla cousin, of whom I mentioned here in previous post is studying IT. His parents are always complaining why he was always asking for money to go to some mountain or beach resort retreat. His father asked him one day what going to a resort has got to do with the IT course? His reply: “we’re doing a project Dad”.
    Maybe he was conning his parents?

    But then, his younger brother is currently studying a HRM course. I think that’s Hotel and Restaurant Management course? Guess what, extra curricular activities involved building an office! Cousin asked me to donate money to build such office. I asked him what that office has to do with his course, and if building that office would help him get a job? Cousin scratches his head, smiles then said “I don’t know Ate”.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Where’s my present Mikey? And oh while you’re at it, don’t forget my birthday too. It’s next week. And since I’m not gonna be in Pinas for Christmas, you can give me my Christmas present in advance too! And don’t forget my Mum’ birthday and Christmas presents also because she’s not gonna be in Pinas for Christmas. And don’t forget the Christmas gifts for my 2 brothers and sister coz they won’t be in da Pinas for Christmas also. And don’t forget my dog’s present also because he wont’ be in da Pinas for Christmas. Doggie would liked a diamond encrusted collar by the way. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          Many times he school they attend is not only awful, but very corrupt as well.
          The depth heads always try to come up with various projects or excursions since they get a kickback from it.
          Education in the Philippines is not only shitty, but very corrupt as well.

    1. Profile gravatar of Eric

      My wife;s little sis was taking HRM in college and her end of the year project came up. So we agreed to help her buy “supplies”. I took one look at her list and thought it had to be a joke.

      – One bag of popsicle sticks
      – one bag of cotton balls
      – sugar cubes
      – Glue

      WTF??!!!! I will give you two guesses what they had to build for an END OF THE YEAR PROJECT in college. Yep you guessed it…an Eskimo igloo…..

      THAT is tuition money well spent if I ever saw it…

      1. Profile gravatar of Beavis

        Awesome. But you know, there are the indigenous tribes of the Philippines like Tagbanwa, and I guess they are sort of uh, like the indigenous people of Alaska. Yeah, that’s the ticket. For sure.

    2. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      he was always asking for money to go to some mountain or beach resort retreat. His father asked him one day what going to a resort has got to do with the IT course? His reply: โ€œweโ€™re doing a project Dadโ€.
      Maybe he was conning his parents?

      Hes not conning you. I had a good friend who was in Psych and going on mountain expeditions and days out and all this cost quite a bit by local standards.

      All under the name of “school project”

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    How about just one gift? A shiny black one owner sports car. Don’t worry, I’ll have the bullet holes patched and blood removed before I ship it to OZ. Ignore the body in the trunk ok?

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      “How about just one gift? A shiny black one owner sports car. Donโ€™t worry, Iโ€™ll have the bullet holes patched and blood removed before I ship it to OZ.”

      Mikey, you are one wicked SOB! LMAO!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Here’s one you’ll like. Some kids got out of school and came to our house with their books. I noticed one book on history so started to thumb through it when I came across this not word for word but you’ll get it.

    In 1898 the Philippine navy sailed into Manila harbor catching the Spanish fleet at anchor and opened fired sinking some Spanish ships until the Spanish surrendered.

    Yep, that was in a history book here.

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    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    My girlfriend has an eight year old daughter, who visits us often. Last week, she left the text book she was using to study Philippines history on the coffee table. I picked it up, and just idly flicked through the pages. I nearly choked when I saw the part about the Spanish taking over the Philippines, and how the book described the importation of Catholicism and the “greatest gift” of the Spanish.

    It just got worse from there. Complete and utter fucking nonsense followed, with the entire text written as a quasi opinion piece. Facts – what are they? Obviously not something of great enough importance to make it into a Failipino history book. It’s no wonder the education system here pumps out nothing but ignorant, superstitious, ill-equipped individuals. I pity the children who are force fed this fucking nonsense.

  7. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    OK then Mikey, I’ll split hairs with you re- “Medically speaking is being hatched the same as being born?” ๐Ÿ™‚

    True, there are certain species of egg-layers that just dumps and go. Quite a number are in fact reptiles, and yes, fishes,and some of these fishes even eat their own eggs! Some amphibians and reptiles do the same thing: dump and run.

    However, your question was at what point do creatures from eggs are born? At least that’s how I interpret that. I used the “laying on the egg” scenario to demonstrate that an egg is not born unless hatched. Ergo,even if mommy fish dump and run, unless the eggs are hatched, it still ain’t considered born. Same thing can be applied to amphibians who bury their eggs in the sand. They are not laying on it to hatch, but they bury them to incubate to complete the embryo developments till they hatched, or born as the case maybe ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Going to be a LONG night. The neighbor bought a new stereo system and you know how they love things loud here. Well the sound bounces off an outer wall and into my bedroom. So wife walks into my room when it was loud and I said one thing to her “I’m just waiting for the videoke machine to move in”. Damn she get pissed about that!!

      Don’t you say nothing, be quiet he has PNP friends over there. Only she could hear it and she jumps to the defense of the morons right away.

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        Oh YUK! I do feel sorry for you!! I was going to suggest to find a hotel somewhere, but then, that doesn’t guarantee a quiet night either. ๐Ÿ™

        Maybe find a cave? ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Feel also sorry for you after having a neighbor which was playing the same songs of karaoke in the evening and chickens that he put just beside my window in morning sayng kurrruuuuuuukuuuuuuuu!! I was even making plans to give them some poison or just kill them and make some polish chicken soup ๐Ÿ˜€

    Lucky for me I moved to the house with no neighbors just the guy keep comming and asking to learn him to use the facebook EVERY fucking evening!

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      Hahaha already charging him ๐Ÿ˜€ The only problem is that the guy is actually 32 ๐Ÿ˜€ Before I didnt have nything against to teach him since he always bring some beers or tanduay but cooooomeeee on, how long can you drink eighter red horse or tanduay every day?

      Guess what is he using fb for? Eighter to talk to some girls or to chat hisfamily abroad to send some money ๐Ÿ˜€

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    Hehe PM seen and replied ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yeah its a beautifull sound right? Now I can even hear some birds singing outside (lets hope none filipino will eat them)

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        Well my childhood was also pretty quite even I lived in the typical grey communist small apartment in the city…. In the morning people went quiet and without any noises to work without making all those annoying noises, roosters and karaoke…

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        Eat your heart out guys. Where I live here in Oz most of the time you can hear a pin drop. Sometimes the peace is disturbed by birds tweeting & singing. In 3 weeks, my sense of hearing will be assaulted by a multitude of noise in Philippines. ๐Ÿ™

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    No,, he would not be learning anything on the computer to lift his sorry ass up in life,
    I bet he is scamming the girls too…

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    To Sarah..
    Just in case you do not get enough noise from the malls, jeepneys, tricycles, horns, marches with brass bands and drums, me and the mob will come visit you in our dirty wife beater shirts, korokes, beer bellies, and flip flops to have a ”welcome home Sarah Party”
    We will bring our bratty kids and chimosa wives, too. more the merrier, I say.
    Of course, since you are the furriner, you pay for the food and beer.
    Take Care Mate, c u soon
    AL is not dead yet.

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      Even in the Cinema there is no peace, people keep screaming like crazy once there is romantic scene… Sometimes I feel stupid there when there something funny and Ilaugh but than I look nobody laughing! They dont even have any subtitles so they dont get what the movie is about…