Says it all about internet in the Failippines

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    I loved tbe premiss, yes we are getting what they give us! Paying for1mbps and getting 200kbps at best. I have screenshots of various locations speed (real speed, not that contrived speed report used by the ISP’s.) Quite a bit of the time the internet is dead at 0.0kbps. Wish I could post those pics in my reply.

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    You know why this post only has “ONE COMMNET?” (Two now), it’s because the shitty internet here in Philippines wont allow anyone to stream a ONE minute and 38 second video! Which pretty much proves the point of this article.

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    this applies to any interaction between a native (rich or poor) of this country and a kano!!!
    first,, 6 copies with blue ribbon and stamps of every piece of paper known to mankind,,, stand in line and/or wait for the other lineup.. pay your cash for the fast track service.. which is the same service everybody else gets.
    this runs on cave man time.

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    Until there is a trade descriptions act here they can say wherever they want.
    I can provide 10 TB internet connection, just send me 50,000 pesos. Support provided around the clock. You will never hear from me again. PM me for payment details hahaha