School in the Philippines


My school days is not that great to begin with though.

Pinoy Pride:

All teachers in my school or the school that I have experienced so far have teachers that personally attacks you if you did them wrong, or just plainly questioned the validity of their teachings, in which I can relate to Pinoy Pride.

Grade 6 I have experienced that personally because I questioned who created the fluorescent light bulb, because they are shoving it down our throats that is was created by Filipinos. I was attacked in a personal level and got my grades lower even though I outperformed everyone, heck I even shown the principal all my activities to prove that the grade given to me was inadequate, but all the Teacher has to say is I did a bad thing or make up lies.

Also the schools I have been always tend to do be PRO PINOY, nothing more nothing less, if one Pinoy manage to like make a debut in a National Level or even in a Local news, everyone makes it like big time, even simple things like the Pabebe girls and Pinoy liked it because it was “cool”, even though the Pabebe girls are annoying and highly uneducated for my taste, “sorry”. And if you question it, even if you outsmart them they will just push you down to their level and fight you there.


I highly doubt the teachers here in the Philippines, not that I don’t trust them. But all my experienced adds up that most of them are just biased. Some teachers even have favorite students and those students will end up passing even if they don’t do anything. I hate those teachers and if you attempt to tell them that what they are doing is wrong, the next day you’ll be headline to the school. Well I’m a trouble maker 🙂 , thats why I don’t have or in a proper term I have few friends and I can count them, 5 is my real friends, though I don’t mind helping people, but right now I am not helping anyone, I actually for the first time considered every Pinoy my enemy, except for Family and friends.


If you have money, you don’t need to study at all, just let the Teacher deal with it and you’re good. Even though I haven’t paid anyone yet.

Skills of Teacher:

While some of them are actually doing their jobs, most of them tends to be just self centered bias. One teacher of mine rings a bell well actually a lot of them have done this though. 2 year College, one full year I did nothing at school, yes I paid 14k to learn but learned nothing, you know why? Teacher always absent, then I was the only one who wanted to sign a petition to change the Teacher, you know why? Classmates wants teacher to be absent. Pleasure over Study.

Teacher don’t have the credibility here, even on what they teach. Most of the time they are like Duterte in terms of speaking, always contradictory. For example, one of my Teacher told us that Company create their own virus to get more money out of the anti virus software and without anti virus = no virus will ever get to your computer, even my GF believes in it and removed her anti virus on her laptop. I mean I told everyone that is plain wrong, some people just create cmd virus files that can force your computer to restart like 100 times and even worst than those are viruses created specifically to target your computer files, so how would a Company earn money if they would create their virus while any programmer that knows how to create one can easily unleash it? Then they said only use anti virus to protect from virus when you HAVE virus and if you see no problem don’t use it.

Also they are biased toward our current president, probably to the promises of him that we will get a better future. I was scolded many times now for questioning the authority of our president, even our dean wants me dead if I speak ill of him again in any class, multiple teachers reported me because I was assaulting their principle on new things, I was even forced to do drug test because only those who oppose our “Glorious” President are criminals. Our current President is the key for the better future they say, and being forced to us. Only one teacher is actually reasonable in my school, and have defended me 🙂 I like her because she is not biased, well she’s a foreigner haven’t asked her what country was she in before going to this godforsaken country. I think she is the only one that holds reasonable conversation I had in my entire life, I wish all teachers in this Country is like her.

Teacher Too Kind or probably just lazy:

Well I now know why, probably due to money or just because they pity these outcast and just pass them so they won’t have to bother actually teaching them. I told in one of my Comments that even my GF don’t know how to Multiply and Divide well I was the one whom taught her how to even do it, even our main specialty in our Course Programming. And the students here are the same, some of them just barely pass or was lucky to be treated and got pass even though their education is a bit lacking. Some don’t even know how to write and manage to get to First Year Highschool, well she’s in a rich family, I was asked by a favor and did her assignments once, no payment if you asked me.

To the Students:


I always see this, I already grow accustom to it, and stopped trying to stop it because everyone just go full retard at me.

Even our so called top student is cheating, this is not hate, but rather it’s what I saw and experienced while I was with her for full 4 years or to be exact 3 years and counting until our last year. She’s not excellent, it is because I stopped trying when we reached 2nd year, due to me creating too many enemies even on the teachers because I recorded our test being conducted with our Prof sleeping in midterm and everyone doing the test just opening notes in broad daylight. This video well I shown it on one of our seminars 🙂 while CHED and some DEPED was watching us, was funny as hell because everyone is glaring at me with killing intent XD, the teacher was not kicked, and now he hates me, even today, and the video is deleted because if I did not I would be kicked out of the school and black listed to every school in the country, and even said to other countries which is doubtful anyways.

Cheating is everywhere in my school, from cellphones, to piece of papers and even the back of the ID was used just to cheat :). Anything to give you the answer is used, some of our teacher even encourage it, because they said they have done it themselves in the pass, for inspiring the people to do more harm than good I guess.


This is what I hate the most, when we gather to get things done, even if it is to practice or create program, almost all the participants will just do whatever they want. One time one of our classmates wanted to use my bedroom, you know why? Because they were horny, yes, and they even explicitly wanted to have a go in one of their classmates house. You know what I did? I raged 🙂 and throw them outside my house.

But most of the time we tend to get nothing done, and they always do it in the last hour, like maybe 10 minutes before going home and just plainly say promise tomorrow we will do it.

And because of this personality almost all my projects in which I participated was created mainly by me. And the aholes tends to want to be credited.

What is worst is my thesis got cancelled or in a proper term, it was an illegal defense, 2 of my Partner whose job was just get the signature of our Prof, which is like 7 Signature failed to do it for 2 months, I was frucking angry, and they said I was the one at fault because I was not with them to do the signature. I hate those imbeciles, they promised me that the work was actually done, and I hate myself for blindly trusting them. And the documents we needed to present was awkwardly done, it compose only of 9 pages. Yes 9 pages including 3 of the pages that needs the signatures. If you want to get things done you have to do it yourself, that is why I decided to become a lone wolf in my thesis and cut my strings to the 2 imbecile of a partner. And they made it like a big show, posting multiple things in my FB account and even in the group chat, and they are trying to create a big issue that I was doing a sort of sexual things to them and I forced them to work for the Thesis, and the only correct thing that they said is I shouted at them, anything else is a lie. Angry parents went to school wanting my head on the platter, because I was doing sexual things, because they go overnight to my house for 3 days before defense, in which I was sleeping next to my GF in which both of us is sleeping in my room, the 2 of them was sleeping on the other room, so I don’t know how I can do sexual things to them. The only thing I can remember that relates to sexual things is when they both go outside our bathroom in a towel, even though I barely saw anything worth seeing.

But right now I have been absent for 2 weeks fixing everything. Also because my one of my Prof, whom hold a grudge on me refuse to accept my OJT report paper, while everyone else already passed, so my grades is still incomplete and have a big chance of me being kick out of the school because I enrolled all my subjects and failed to complete my OJT, even though it was the schools idea to enroll all my subjects because it is “EASY” to fix the incomplete.

All in all most of my classmates just:
1. Use you And borrow money from you. Then hate you if you ask money back.

2. They will just befriend you if they need something.

3. They hate me because I am weird? For some reason no one understood me even the simple instruction or simple sentence I tell them, so I have to dumb it further beyond just so they can understood it.

While this is not all of it, this is just what I can think of now 🙂 hope it gets you guys the general idea of what happens here.

I have a question to everyone here? How the fruck do even comprehend the stupid here?

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    I cannot speak for anyone else but there is no way to really comprehend the stupidity of this place. I just do one of several things, face palm, blank stare, scratch head but mostly stay away from stupid as much as possible. But since I live among it that is nearly impossible most of the time. Here are a few examples:
    1.) Sons teachers will have the vowels written in English on the blackboard but they never include “Y”. So I point out to them that “Y” is in fact a vowel sometimes only to be told I’m wrong. So I just throw a few words out where “Y” is in fact a vowel WHY, SHY, SLY, SKY, BYTE, DYE, NYE and even then I’m told I’m wrong.
    2.) Maid, mom in law will set the trash out and the feral cats get in it and spread it everywhere. So maid cleans it up in the morning and the process repeats itself 24/7. They have not figured out to put it in a can yet.
    3.) Leave food out on the counter overnight for the rats. Because if you leave food out for them the rats will not get into your other food.
    4.) Don’t kill a rat. If you kill a rat all the rats friends will come and live in your house.
    5.) Brownouts only happen in the philippines. The rest of the world calls them blackouts because everything goes black. But when I tell filipinos this they insist the rest of the world is wrong and it is a brownout, why? Because according to the filipinos when the electric first goes out there is micro seconds where it is brown and not black. Try to explain it’s their eyes adjusting falls on deaf ears. Then how do they know it’s brown for micro seconds? It happens so fast they would never see the brown.
    6.) Only filipinos pull over to the right shoulder/lane of the road to make a left turn through traffic.

    So here I sit with my son running around and that has been a fight right there. When he turned 1 and a half I started to potty train him. Wife, mom in law and maid all said too soon and he would not learn. Three months later he is out of diapers and going to cr on his own. Then comes bottle breaking, again told the same thing by the same three and within a few months he is drinking out of a cup. So son would play around the house and in the dirt, chase bugs and other things boys do by nature of being boys. Again here comes the maid, wife and mom in law, “Don’t play in the dirt, you’ll get dirty and sick”, “Don’t play with the bug, it might bite you and you die.” “Don’t ride your bike, you might fall and get hurt.” “Don’t play in the front, someone might steal you.” So I say he’s a boy, let him play like a boy, raise him like a boy. Back then he would go in the water at the pool or beach, would play on slides, swings and would jump from top of slide for me to catch him.

    Fast forward to today, 6 years later. Now same son is scared of all bugs. Sees a bug in the room or outside he runs off screaming. Will not go in the water that higher than his waist. Scared to be in any room in the house by himself. Now what does wife and mom in law ask all the time? “Why is he scared of everything?” Mom in law always insist on feeding him then mom in law and wife complains because he always wants someone to feed him. Then they go right ahead and feed him while asking why he will not feed himself.

    Son gets out of school between 3 and 4 pm and is not allowed to play to unwind, relax and clear mind from school. Why? Because his teacher told wife that son is not allowed to play after school when he gets home Monday through Friday and play only on Saturday. Then teacher says the only time he is allowed to use the computer, his tablet is on Saturday. So since teacher said it wife believes it and it becomes law in view of wife. Me? Well I say that when the teacher starts chipping in and paying bills in my house then she has a say in my house. The odd thing here, teacher is single, no kids and about 22 but an expert on raising kids. Me, I’m in my 50’s and raised 4 kids yet teacher knows more somehow. So how do I cope with the stupidity I have around me 24/7? Well I play some strategy games online, watch documentaries on tv and research online. Guess you could say I tune them out and laugh at the stupidity and insanity that surrounds me.

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      Oh, and when I can find a good book I lose myself in it. But good books don’t last long as I usually finish one in less than 24 hours.

      1. Profile gravatar of Warlord
        Warlord Post author

        I love reading books 🙂 my room is full of them, but right now I rarely buy books well my recent books are being given to me by my dad abroad. And I play games, my laptop haves strategy games, now I rarely play anymore, focus more on finishing my thesis.

        1. Profile gravatar of BarcelonaYuanKi

          Nice article Brother!..i love books too and also watching NatGeo,DiscoveryCh.,AnimalPlanet,HistoryCh on TV as well as documentaries on youtube..By the way what is course, Warlord?

          1. Profile gravatar of Warlord
            Warlord Post author

            Well it’s BSCS or Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 🙂 well its my second choice because I wanted to be part of the Military but backs off due to the worthless training regime I saw in the camp.

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    I tend to waste a lot of time watching Judge Judy on youtube. It reminds me that stupid is a bit more universal than one would think, if their only exposure was to the Philippines.

    I did see one JJ episode where a Filipina was suing her son for not giving her enough money. Hm…. who’d have thought.

  3. Profile gravatar of leavinglaspinas

    Warlord, good for you for seeing through the shitty haze. Just keep on and focus on your studies — and if you get the chance, find a way to study elsewhere. Meanwhile take Mike’s advice and read… a lot… and not just what’s available in National Bullshit Store.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Yes!!! read the classics!! Dickins, Melville and such but also history. So you like JJ huh? Then see if you can find the Dr. Laura show on YouTube.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          You see the news article where Whiting who use to be a lawyer for the ICC said the ICC should investigate Du on human rights violations?

    2. Profile gravatar of Warlord
      Warlord Post author

      Well my entire family see this shitty haze so its not surprising. But those married to our family tends to get confuse and refer to us as OVERLY weird for some reason, ooh well :).

      Yeah I’ll take his advice maybe after this Thesis 🙂 sure hope that I survive though.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I did not read the comments but figured they went something like how great Du is and the UN should stay out of philippine affairs. When they say that about UN staying out of philippine affairs I cannot help but to mention they are hypocrites. After all they went running to the UN over China and the South Seas, is that not a philippine affair? They hate it when you point that out.

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    I have been a Guest Lecturer at UP & FEU (Architectural Practice), and the same principles apply there. I have attended so called ‘Lectures’ given by UP Staff that are nothing more than ‘Cut and Paste!’ – Teacher writes it on the blackboard, and the students copy it down! – Teaching by ‘Rote!’ – And, this is Higher Education? The same applies in India too. Lecturing Staff are Arrogant, and lack Professional Experience! – They have spent most of their lives ‘In School!’ – As we say back home “They couldn’t design a Brick Shit-House, let alone build one!”

    My ‘English’ created some difficulty at first too – I am ‘English’ and do not use ‘Americanised English!’ – However, I have no ‘Regional Accent’ and speak Standard RP (BBC) English. They were equally surprised when I could comment on their Tagalog conversations! – “Alam ni Sir Bob mag Tagalog” was whispered around the Lecture Room!

    One Lecture I gave, was on Documentation Principles (Construction Drawings). There was total ignorance to the fact that the whole world (Excluding US and Philippines) uses ‘A Sized’ Drawing Sheets, with other documents being A3 or A4! “We use short, long and 30×20 in da Peelipines Sir Bob!” I decided to confront the situation head-on! I simply asked “Why?” – Which was met with Stunned Silence, Head-Scratching and Blank Looks! Not one student ‘Questioned’ what I had said! Once the ‘Logic of A Sizes,’ used with Metric Units and Scales was demonstrated, there did appear to be a level of acceptance – But how long would it be before they reverted to their ‘Old Habits?’ About 2 Weeks, when the majority submitted their first assignment on Long, Short and 30×20! So I marked them Hard – Rule 1 for Architects: Fail to meet ‘The Brief’ and you will NOT get paid!

    Document Numbering in many instances uses a Reverse Date Format (YYMMDD). Dates within my Office Documentation are always ‘Verbose Dates’ (07 October 2016) to avoid confusion. “We use American Format Sir Bob!” Again, I posed the same argument, “Why? – Only America and The Philippines use ‘MM DD YYYY’ Formats! – It is Confusing and you are in a Minority!” Still they protested “But Sir Bob, you are in da Peelipines!” I addressed this one ‘Head-On’ too, by asking those with a Driving Licence to look at the Expiry Date! “You will notice that it uses ‘DD MM YYYY’ Format because it is used Internationally! I know ‘dat I am in da Peelipines,’ but there is a far bigger world outside of it! – We do things differently there! – DEAL WITH IT!”

    Lecture 1 had an attendance of 60% and one UP Lecturer (Smartphone Zombie). By the time Lecture 3 came around, there was a Full House! – Together with 6 UP Lecturers, who were all taking notes! – Word had obviously spread! Questions and Answers at the end of Lecture 1 was met with a ‘Deathly Silence!’ However, by Lecture 3 I had to impose a 30 Minute Guillotine. Whilst I can take some solace in the fact that I had some ‘Effect’ – I am still awaiting payment! – Dito Lang sa Pilipinas!

    When it came to Professional Practice and Fee Calculations, all I can say is that there will lot of Bankrupt Architects! – Unless they have wealthy parents! The FEU Staff had made the Code of Professional Practise (Sic) the ‘Core of the Curriculum!’ – The only problems being, are that it was written over 40 Years ago, has never been updated and considers a Private Villa to be a ‘Big Project!’ Even the FEU Staff (who sat in) vehemently opposed any deviation from the code! This was until I reminded them that “We are living in 2016 and not 1974! In many instances, you will NOT be working as Architects! – You will be working as a ‘Design Contractor!’ – Merely producing drawings for money! – A form of ‘Professional Prostitution!’ The Philippines is not the ‘BPO King of the World’ when it comes to Architecture and Engineering! – You will be competing with Vietnam, Thailand, India, and Pakistan! Some of those guys work for a ‘Dollar a Day!’ – You cannot follow blindly an outdated Code of Practice! – In 1974 there were 7 Pesos to the Dollar! – Today there are 48! HOW HIGH DOES THE WRITING ON THE WALL HAVE TO BE GUYS?”

    Standards of Basic Education are exceptionally low – Mental Arithmetic is practically non-existent! ‘English’ has also descended to a level, which takes ‘Arrogance’ to new heights! – I was taught ‘English Grammar’ at Primary School. However, here there appears to be an acceptance that English is little more than ‘Yard Talk!’ – With every paragraph (NOTE: I did not say Sentence, as most text is written as a Single Paragraph in SMS English) beginning with ‘Imagine,’ ending in ‘Awesome,’ and having no punctuation. No one knows how to compose a letter! – Especially lawyers! Yet ‘Pinoy Pride’ will argue an ‘Excellent Standard’ of English!

    Some of my staff have been with me for a long time, both here and in the Middle East. They viewed moving back here with some trepidation. Surprisingly, this had little to do with a substantial reduction in Salary (Dubai back to Philippines). Indeed, they were more concerned with having to ‘Deal with Stupid’ and ‘Alimango Utak’ (Crab Mentality) – The attitude that considers that a Returnee OFW Professional Architect, has to be regarded as being of a ‘Lower Status’ to the Driver, who has a longer Service History!

    My time working with OFWs in the Middle East was in stark contrast to being on their ‘Home Turf!’ Here now, there are instances where I just have to ‘Walk Away’ from situations, otherwise I will ‘Explode!’ When dealing with other firms locally, I give very specific briefings – Yet, I am never surprised when instructions have NOT been followed! There usually follows a ‘Perverse Logic’ as to why the instructions were not followed. However, by ‘Failing to Comply’ they have probably taken far longer to complete the work – Which inevitably means more cost, and a large amount of reworking! – Why? – Or have I been doing it all wrong for the last 40 Years?

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    Barry Smyth

    Interesting comments thanks not being part of the local schooling here I am by no way the expert on the subject, other that take note of the professional folk I meet from time to time and have to agree with the comments made, many are as dumb as any retard you meet on the street,but with money here you can be who you want pay and pass.

    1. Profile gravatar of Warlord
      Warlord Post author

      I am a pure Pinoy, though I don’t know how “pure” I guess the reason I can talk much sense it that we kept our ancestral heritage intact that dates back in the Spanish Occupation of this Country. I guess in a proper term my family lives a semi native/ semi western ways of thinking.

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    I attended the Silliman University Divinity School, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental from June 1995 to March 1999. I graduated with a Master of Divinity (M. Div) on March 13, 1999.
    I had three years of academics and it wasn’t easy. There was a full academic schedule Monday to Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, I and others had to serve as pastors. During our summer vacations, we served short terms outside Dumaguete in other parishes around the country. My summer vacation was all of 2 weeks a year for 3 years.
    Academically, I handled the courses without too much problem. I was also a “trouble maker” during the 2 semester Philippine History Class, when the professor would omit large chunks of information to spin the narrative. Publicly, I filled in the gaps that he had knowingly made and that spin was lost. In the end, I was just given 3.95 out of 4.0 GPA by him.
    I did my own readings from relevant Protestant Christian Theologians and Thinkers. Over 3 years, I tackled Karl Barth’s magnus opus, Church Dogmatics, John Calvin’s Institutes, and others on my own. My Filipino Theological Professor scoffed and said dead white men. I heard this and was unpleasantly surprised to be a detractor of those that had built the foundations.
    In my one practicum year, I was a full time hospital chaplain at the Silliman University Medical Center. I was on call and was called after hours. My assignment was from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), emergency room, to the mundane. For nearly one month, my boss left to his home province for his summer vacation and I was the chaplain for the whole hospital. He said he wouldn’t be calling or writing to me and I was on my own and he was good as his word. I found out that I could handle everything from giving last rites to baptisms to other services. It bolstered my self confidence and had positive reviews.
    I was a foreigner at the divinity school, but didn’t play along to get along! I remember a particular situation that was spoken about on campus.
    Over 20 years ago, Philippine President Fidel Valdez Ramos had spoken about extensively amending the 1987 Constitution. I had followed the political process closely and was more knowledgeable than many, many Filipinos on this issue. They were trying to wreck the section on basic governance and failed attempts during the Marcos Era, which 20 plus years later wanted to try again. Seeing this I had picked out a provocative Old Testament Text, 1st Kings 18:1-40, zeroing in particular on verses 20 to 40, a my sermon text to be delivered to the divinity school students, professors, et cetera.
    On chapel day, which was Friday, I was the pastor that led the service in the divinity school chapel. I had ended my reading from 1st Kings 18. Then I sat down as the choir sang an anthem. At that point, I was collecting my thoughts before I went to the pulpit to deliver my 15 minute sermon. After the anthem, I went to the raised pulpit. I started with a short prayer, and then went through the text explaining what I had read. After, I started to put into the present time. To start, I used the sentences from Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence , ” That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. “I used this, “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes…” as my hammer. I had shown that within less than 30 years 3 constitutions and what was the intention wasn’t good. Then I proceeded to rip the pro- amending side showing pictures of those that had fought the Marcos Regime and stating my opposition.
    My Filipino Old Testament Professor after the service called me an indignant prophet. He approved of my sermon because I wasn’t playing along and he as a student had been outspoken and didn’t play. This sermon was picked up by the then Chief Pastor at the main Silliman University Church. Many approved of the sermon, but there was a vocal minority couldn’t believe a foreigner had laid waste to arguments.
    For many years, I don’t take the excuses. Those Filipinos In laws and friends know me; know that I will make an honest assessment. Those who don’t know me and think they can roll me find out that I respond.

    1. Profile gravatar of DingDong

      Unfortunately, I have to ‘Mingle’ with certain ‘Alleged Academics!’ – The ones that always insist on being called Doctor, Professor or Attorney rather than their first name!

      Two instances spring to mind, which might fit within the ambit of your Post. One Lecturer at FEU recently became the Proud Owner of 3 Chow Dogs! – By way of giving ‘Exceptional Pass Grades’ to a student. Three Chows at PHP 17,500 each, results in a ‘Gift’ of PHP 52,500! – The Student had a Poor Record of Attendance, and would ordinarily have failed!

      The second instance involves a Lecturer from PLM who was confronted with a similar situation. He ‘Failed’ the Student – And, quite rightly so! Next, he received an offer for ‘Cash’ but still said ‘FAIL!’ The next day he is hauled before the Faculty Board, accused of Sexual Abuse against the Student!

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Don’t try to fool us. We all know it’s the fault of American Colonist bastards like you. Don’t believe me, just ask any filipino.

      2. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

        I put the aswang (before I made the horrible mistake of marrying that baboon) through college/nursing school a few years ago. One of her instructors–who she said was the worst instructor she had–failed her on three of the five subjects she was studying one particular semester. I later learned from the aswang’s nephew that the only people in the class who passed were the ones who took the instructor out after school and bought him drinks. ‘Nuff said.

      3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        They have 2 schools of Petroleum Engineering in the Philippines. The first 2 years are garbage. Then if they do pass, they need another 7000 dollars in trade tickets to get hired on. Most of the women who went through the course are secretaries or very low level employees.
        Of once they hear the 100,000 dollar salaries, they think it is apiece of cake…
        HAaahahahahahah. Their schools are not accreditated by the American Petroleum Inst.

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            So true. Of course, the students would not seek advice from some old grizzled oil patch man who has been in blizzards, sandstorms, fire, fuck ups of the highest order, plane trips from hell, culture shock, etc.
            If you want to know what lies ahead, ask somebody who has been done that road.
            One thing I did learn about buying any appliances, is to stay away from outlets like SM. They will promise you ******* free installation^^^^but the contract tumbuays will pr esent a bill for every screw they use.
            Also, get them to take the outer panels off so you can see inside. Especially with aircons and front loader washing machines.
            For more aircon tips and front loaders ,, pm me…..

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            We have a window a/c installed in the bedroom. Here is what I don’t get. Back home the a/cs turn off and on by themselves yet here they run all the time. Hits the lower temp and off goes the ac then back on when hits the higher temp. Here the fans always has to run. So a/c installed in bedroom and I’m doing things downstairs while maid watches workers then when they are done they all leave to go to house we are moving out of. Son and I sleep downstairs on the couch as bed at other house. Never had a problem with this maid and the workers know what they were doing. So next day I carry some stuff upstairs and glance at the a/c. The dipshits did widen the hole, extend the bracket, slid a/c in and then cemented the damn thing in place.

            I pointed this out to wife and asked why. “The maid told them to do it”

          3. Profile gravatar of DingDong

            Sounds like an old ‘Wall-Banger’ or one that has a problem with the Thermostat. Ideally A/C Machines need to be cleaned Weekly here, when in use, as there is so much ‘Shit’ in the air! If you live near to the Airport, the situation is even worse as Fallout from Jet Engines, leaves a Greasy Black Film, which attracts more dust. Ideally, take out the Filter, and put it in the shower using the ‘Bog Hose,’ to remove the Shit! – Even Electric Fans get plastered with ‘Gunk!’ The ‘Cemented Machine’ made me laugh! – However, I have had Indians install a Split Unit with the Compressor and the Evaporator in the same room! Which reminds me . . . .

            BBC Fawlty Towers 1975 (Now removed from the DVD Package!)

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Was walking down the street when came across a pinoy trying to start his motorcycle. Told him there was water in the fuel line so pinch it where goes into engine unhook and drain water until no water then hook bad up. So pinoy says that is not the problem and gives “the look” so I walk off, not my problem. So about 5 minutes or so I’m walking back and there sits Dong draining the fuel line like i said.

        2. Profile gravatar of DingDong

          They probably combine Petroleum Engineering with ‘Home Hints for the Jihadi Suicide Bomber!’ – Please bring along a Gallon of Petrol and a Box of Matches! Lecture Notes “I will only show you this once!”

  7. Profile gravatar of DingDong

    Occasionally, I prepare ‘Contractual Letters’ for Local Clients, and Contractors. These usually coincide with Payment being withheld, or a substantial discount being sought, based upon ‘Vague Excuses!’ (No surprises there! – Dito lang sa Pilipinas!) On Friday, I received a call from a Contractor who had carried out work for a Haulage Company. The work had been completed several months ago, yet his Final Payment was still outstanding.

    The Contractor had extended the Haulage Yard, with an extensive area of ‘Pavement.’ I had given some informal advice at the Design Stage, related to Slab Design, Construction Joints, and Concrete Mix and Finish (Trucks impose large ‘Point Loads’ and the Steered Wheels have a ‘Grinding Effect’ on the surface, at Slow Speed). Unless carried out to an acceptable design and specification, the work soon becomes a complete waste of Time, Effort and Materials!

    I was asked “Can you write a letter for me, so that the Owner releases payment?” Firstly, there were a few salient questions to ask. To my surprise, the Contractor sent me a full package of information, regarding the Design, together with Engineering Calculations, etc. In the package were photographs of the completed work.

    HOWEVER (There is always a ‘Pause’ in order to assess the ‘Finer Points’ of Philippines Construction!) The Drawing of the Yard showed Correct Construction Joints – Yet these were not apparent from the Photographs. I then began to ask some more questions, before putting pen to paper.

    Bob: Where are the Construction Joints? I can’t see them in the photographs.
    Contractor: The Owner told us to leave them out. He needed to save money!
    Bob: (Lights a Cigarette anticipating what is coming!)
    Bob: Why hasn’t he paid the last instalment?
    Contractor: Because the Slab is ‘Cracking!’
    Bob: So you carried out pouring a large slab with no Movement Joints?
    Contractor: Yes – That’s what he told us to do! – But I told him what would happen!
    Bob: Did you confirm his ‘No Joints’ Instruction in writing?
    Contractor: (Long Pause)
    Contractor: Err NO! – Is that important?
    Bob: (Bangs head on desk!)
    Bob: Do you have a Contract with the Owner, or at least an ‘Exchange of Letters?’
    Contractor: Walang Contract Bosing! – The Owner is my Brother-in-Law!
    Bob: (Inaudible Whisper) All the more reason for having one!
    Bob: Leave it with me – I will get back to you on Monday.

    As the site is not far away, I dropped-by on Monday Morning. Sure enough, the Yard was ‘Cracking!’ – But not too severely at this stage. On Monday afternoon I drafted the letter, citing the ‘Verbal Instruction.’ However, I also gave the Contractor a ‘Get out of Jail’ card. A few day’s Remedial Work with a Heavy Duty Grinder/Cutter, and some Bitumen would at least ‘De-Stress’ the Surface of the Slab, and isolate any further cracks. Later on Monday I received another call from the Contractor.

    Contractor: Bosing, thanks for the letter. We’re going-in at the Weekend to ‘Cut the Joints,’ and he has agreed to settle by the end of the month.
    Bob: That’s good, but did you confirm it in writing?
    Contractor: No, he’s my Brother-in-Law!
    Bob: (Pours an ‘Early’ Gin and Tonic, and lights a cigarette)
    Bob: You MUST confirm everything in writing! – Because, unless you do, ‘IT NEVER HAPPENED!’
    Contractor: Oh! (Followed by a LONG Pause)
    Contractor: Can you write me another letter Boss?

    Yesterday, I did a Bank Run, and needed a few things from National Bookstore. I browsed through the disorganised bookshelves, and unearthed a book entitled “A Guide to Contract Law in The Philippines” – It was as thick as a Telephone Directory! However, I was expecting something much slimmer!

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      So let me see if I understand this correct. You went back to SM to make the bank run, parked your car and was not told to move it by a filipino nor called and American Colonialist Bastard? Damn, your slipping.

      1. Profile gravatar of DingDong

        @oldnavyfart Only ‘Language Failure’ to report on that trip Mike! I arrived early (Before the Car Park Lady had arrived), so I parked the car (without ticket), and went for a smoke. A few minutes later, the Car Park Lady arrived, and opened the cabin. I walked over to give the Plate Number, and Pay. The Plate Number begins ZAW but all I got was Blank Looks! – I pointed at the car to be told “Ahhh ‘Zee’ Po!” – I had been telling her “Zed!”

      1. Profile gravatar of DingDong

        You have had some ‘Good Experiences’ if you can declare a 96% Nightmare! – I would estimate it at least 110% Grand Mal Epilepsy Level! – Although living here in Phils, I do very few Local Projects precisely for that reason!

      1. Profile gravatar of DingDong

        Unbelievably, for Formal Contracts, we insist on everyone being present at the Notary’s Office. The whole proceedings are then Photographed and Videoed! Unless you do that, they will deny later ever having signed the Contract!

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          Good idea, that is what happens in the real world. But often only one party is at the notary. Butmwhat do you expect when even the banks cannot remit money from here

          1. Profile gravatar of DingDong

            If everyone is not there at the same time and in the same place, the process is canceled! – The same happens if ‘Minions’ are sent to sign as Proxy! – This is how Estrada and Marcos were able to get away with ‘Daylight Robbery!’

  8. Profile gravatar of Raykyogrou03

    I actually stopped giving a shit about Filipino idiocy during maybe my third year in college. It’s just too much of an effort. These days I only vent at fastfood girls and security guards. 😂 I’m in med school now, and people are waay more open minded instead of retarded.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I too have stopped giving a shit about filipino idiocy . But filipino idiocy is like being in a typhoon, it’s all around you and there is nothing you can do until it passes. But the difference is the typhoon will eventually weaken pass but filipino idiocy remains and only gathers strength.

      1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
        Hey Joe

        Sad isn’t it? I also stopped giving a shit yrs ago. I watch the retards drive and splatter them selves all over the front of a bus, and I just shrug it off. They do it to them selves. I mean, with the way they drive and do most everything in a don’t give a shit way…. why the hell should I ??
        These are are not “accidents” with this level of total disregard

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Hey Joe,
          That just goes to prove filipinos don’t need du to cull the herd. Just give them all single motors and stay out of the way and watch.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Hey Joe,
            Now tell me the last time you saw an electrician in a first world country use a metal ladder to gain access to high voltage power lines? Back home they use ladders that do not conduct electricity.

          2. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

            If the electricity did not kill him, the treatment at the hospital probably did.

            I’ll bet he was trying to hook up his house illegally. Karma can be a bitch….

    2. Profile gravatar of Newq

      Too much of an effort, yeah yeah. So fast food girls and security guards have to bear the brunt of your venting because they’re not too much of an effort to vent on? They’re easy right? I got a feeling you’re one of those Filipinos who by virtue of their profession or social status take great pleasure in exercising their sense of entitlement at the expense of people of lower status. Some of the more common instances of Filipinos treating each other like trash are committed by people of this type. Boy do they enjoy showing their superiority ‘venting’ on maids, fast food girls, security guards, even traffic police.

      You even have to mention you’re in med school now where people are waay more ‘open minded’ instead of ‘retarded’. Ok fine.

  9. Profile gravatar of Raykyogrou03

    @newark actually I’m half Filipino/half Caucasian and I’m originally from the Netherlands; came here over a decade ago. So I guess I should feel insulted for you assuming I’m one of those Filipinos because I actually despise those people. But I’m not because I’m not as easily offended by words as everyone else in this country. (provided they actually know what you’re talking about and they don’t get a “nosebleed”)

    And I actually did use to call people at school, like my classmates or some teachers, out on their shit but that just ended up me being branded as the black sheep/know-it-all/idiot-foreigner-who-sees-himself-as-superior-to-Filipinos so I just decided to blend in. You know, when in Rome…

    And yeah it really is an effort because the supposed people of “higher socioeconomic status” have even thicker heads that it’s like you’re talking to a freaking brick wall.

    So this happened last year, I told some couple parking on the sidewalk that they couldn’t park there and even pointed at the no stopping/no parking/wheel clamp sign. They just started yelling at me, saying that it’s their goddamn right to park there because their office is right there.

    And by “venting”, I mean telling the fast food girl that I ordered a soda without ice when she brings me one with, eventhough I must have repeated it three times while ordering, paying and while she was getting the drink. Or asking the security guard at some office building why they have this ridiculous rule of not allowing in visitors not wearing pants when it’s 33°C outside. I know exactly what you mean and I don’t treat maids like that because I know how little they get paid and how much shit they have to deal with.