I thought the secret to understanding Filipinos transplanted to the US was to not ask too many questions. I now know that the secret actually is…ask all the questions in a logical progression and keep track of the answers!

I have a young Filipino friend who was very excited about following up on an opportunity. He’s grossly underemployed as an OFW and can and should be doing something more challenging. 

scam alertHe got dressed in his best dress shirt and his best jeans and went off to his meeting. Four hours later, he returns very excited and talks about how he’s going to sell insurance. I say it sounds good and ask what company. Blank stare- and an acronym…I ask again, he repeats the acronym. Then I ask what the acronym stands for…same blank stare- and then he says “secret-secret”. I’m stunned for a second at this reply, then I tell him that if it’s secret, it’s most likely shady. And to be sure not to pay people to take you on to this opportunity. 

I later Google the acronym and realize that he has in fact joined an MLM insurance company that has been around forever and changed names a few times.

I hope he doesn’t spend too much of his meager salary on fees and materials before they sell him the “dream”.

I like the kid, he’s very sweet, but not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, so the likelihood is, he’ll listen to the slicksters in his “upline” before he’ll listen to this kano.

Secret-secret? Run, kiddo, run…


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    Lol..We normally say “secret-secret” if we don’t know the answer.
    Anyway, I agree with your post.. We have a lot of SCAM business(and people) in Philippines. It is sad. I don’t watch news or Philippine TV(been away for almost 4 years now) coz it is really depressing. All I can see is shit, drama, corruption, rape, killings, etc, etc..No improvement at all. It’s not so easy to find a job in Philippines and that is why we have a lot of people leaving the country..Pyramid Scam (networking) is actually big in Philippines, and the media, politicians and actors are actually promoting it . Please Tell your friend to be careful. I gotta run..

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      politicians are gearing up and exposing there opponents illegal doings…2016 election is coming, I hope the people will choice the right person to run the country…hewww…

      1. Profile gravatar of darnlady

        I hope so too! The question is “Where is this right person?!” I doubt it if we still have one..All politicians only wants the power and the money.. F####$#$ hell

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        I’m sorry to say but I have little faith in that after seeing these idiots throw away their vote for 50php. Even if it is the right person, they are still too stupid to figure it out.

    2. Profile gravatar of Sam

      Maybe just maybe, if they showed the news 16 hours a day and then show the music, soap opera drama, and movies for only 4 hours a day or a lot less Maybe just Maybe, the Filipinos may see how bad their country is and maybe just maybe they might want to change it.

      1. Profile gravatar of TheD

        That is most likely why they dont do that. Why would a group make a change that would unseat the group from the power they have to make changes?

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    Stu Pidasso

    Isn’t it curious that the main HUB of scamming in S E Asia is also the main HUM of the ‘Scammed’?

    Not really because when you realize the fact of the dumbed down mass population in the Phils you understand that it only takes a little education in various scams for the scammers to make big gains on the uneducated idiots that abound here.

    I remember around 2006 I was on a corner of Ortigas avenue in Greenhills around 8PM trying to find a taxi when I noticed that this corner was teaming with clusters of very enthusiastic YOUNG Pinoys discussing something that seemed very auspicious to them. They were getting all the taxi’s so I spoke with one of the cherry blossomed young men of the crowd in order to ascertain the source of their bubbly enthusiasm. WOW!….. I remember way back in the 80’s in Australia when this group was exposed as a typical Ponzi Scheme to be avoided at all costs and this was the case in most Western countries at the time. But here we were in the Philippines 20 years later and these young naive people were all being taken in by the very same organization with unquestioning heavenly glee as to the fortune they were all about to make.

    They had just attended an AMWAY seminar!

    Ring a bell with anyone????

    1. Profile gravatar of TheD

      Exactly. If you lose your money and your only way to make money is to sell the failed dream, that is what you must do.
      My GF has similar offers and I ask “Whats the product” almost every time the product is membership of the system. They dont even sell the products. In most MLM there isnt even a product and never was.

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        Stu Pidasso

        “TheD” Try and educate your GF on the methods of scams and show her why she will be a victim. There is plenty of information on the net about the VERY SCAMS that are perpetrated in the Phils. If she still believes the BS after this education….you really need to find another girl. !!!!

        1. Profile gravatar of TheD

          What are you talking about? Educate? hahahaha
          These projects are so easy to get sucked in to. They are written to draw you in. I have had a lot of experience and can smell the bullshit from the start.

          In all seriousness, she does learn. I cant expect her to know everything I know now even though I didnt know it at her age.

        2. Profile gravatar of Deacon45
          Deacon45 Post author

          This is not a GF situation. It’ a young man I know. And while I do applaud his ambition, I will try to dissuade him from parting with too much of his money.

      2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        Yeah, I got hooked on this MLM scheme that said they were not a MLM pyramid scheme. The only difference was that this scammer (the guy at the top) was brave enough to show his face, and actually host national parties a few times throughout the year. Most of you probably heard about it, it’s called ‘Empower Network.’ It’s just another MLM system, just with more popularity. I realized that it was a scam when I asked many attendees at the last event/party how much money they made, and most answers I got were, “none” or they made little money after being part of it for a long time. – FAIL

  3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    location,,, location,, location is the first principle of real estate and business,,,,,, they never think about that though.. too easy to swallow some bullshit that a bullshit artist is telling you

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    I’ve had houseboys and friends here also go from one network marketing to another. These organizations appeal to the emotions, hope of wealth, religious sentiment and patriotism. But time and time again they get emotionally hyped up and fail to recognize the ploy and fall for it every time. My houseboy now wants to “borrow” P18thousand to join another one. I flat out refused repeating my warnings I’ve given him and all others countless times but all I get are those blank stares. I decided not to care and to sit back and enjoy the amusement.
    One story is kind of funny. An obese middle-aged gay neighbor invited people to his wedding at a hotel. He said he was marrying an American man and they would live in Singapore then later in New York. When people arrived for wedding the gay said “joke lang! But since you’re here please attend our presentation” (another network marketing trap)

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      What a fucking terrible (but typical) Pinoy trick. “Joke lang!”…..I certainly would NOT be laughing. I would be fighting the urge to slug the guy in the fuckin’ face. I bet people spent money on gifts, some probably took the day off from work….what a fucking idiot to do such a sleazy, underhanded ploy to get people to a presentation.

      Filipinos have ZERO capacity for consideration. They only think about what’s good for him/her self.

      1. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

        what the fuc all the people supporting gays are getting scammed.. there really is no rest from corruption in that place, I would have tipped the humba down his pants.

        oh wait joke lang-oh my god stray bullet come my way-al are u still asking people to soot you?

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            I took a trip to Kulua Lumpar, Malaysia. That was just coming up for air after you are drowning. People even helped me at the airport with getting a SIM card and fone number, he got on the internet and foned the hotel for us let us talk to reception. I offered coffee and donuts , but he would not take anything. Can you imagine somebody helping at manila airport???????
            We took a train for 50 KMS for an 1/2 hour….Then we got to KL central, a Malay showed us where to go!!!!!! He even knew where to go!!!!!!!!!!!. The train stations are all marked with a huge sign, so you can not get lost.
            We took a taxi to the airport. no pissing around becos with 2 people it was cheaper than the train and no hassle of changing stations.,, no tips, thank you sir and he was gone. At KL airport a touch screen issues you the boarding cards.
            We went to the Kuala Lumpar Convention Center and a Malay I met took me on a guided tour around the sightseeing floor 600 feet up in the air. He was an engineer and proud of what Malaysia became. I said Thank You and he said no problem….
            all the cars are new, so you do not have that acid, cancer causing of manila…
            There are FREE!!!!!!!!!!! buses around the tourist area and road maps all over the place.
            I got on the internet before hand and researched the trains and hotels..
            I though I died and went to heaven
            yup,,, shoot me dead

    2. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

      aw thought wow a fat gay person, but indeed it wasn’t rare it was a fucking scam…fat because he is better at ripping off the a$$e$ of others than the all too common skinny ones. oh man just when I thought life was different along comes a fat gay to repRESENT

    3. Profile gravatar of DanPal

      the way, regarding that gay who faked a wedding, I didn’t go. I didn’t
      believe his claim of marrying an American man. At that time same sex
      marriage had not yet been legalized so a spouse visa was impossible.
      Unemployed and living off his poor family he didn’t have financial
      assets needed for a visa. He was also someone who constantly told WILD
      stories about suiters, sex partners and with REAL TEARS told of famous
      celebrities cruelly raping him. Up to the day of announcing his wedding
      he had never said anything about an American boyfriend. The story just
      popped up out of the blue! I told my friends to not believe him but they
      were suckered into it nonetheless. After the truth came out he was
      LITERALLY the laughing stock of the Barangay. Angry at being the butt of
      jokes he dug a deeper grave with stupid and senseless excuses. I don’t
      know WHAT he was thinking. Obviously he never gave thought about the
      repercussions he would face the day after.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        Of course he didn’t give thought. Most Filipinos don’t care about consequences, repercussions, injury to others, etc… when making their self-centered decisions. With the average Filipino, it’s “ALL ABOUT ME!”

      2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        Much of what is wrong with Philippines and Filipinos can be directly attributed to the utter disregard to repercussions and consideration to others when making any kind of decision.

        Consideration and repercussions are just not in their make-up.

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    Pinay Lover

    HA! Considering the IQ average is 85, it shouldn’t be expected that the majority would pick up on shady scams. It reminds me of when my wife told me her folks got a sweet deal with a man for internet cafe use where he would rig up a coin slot machine to their computer and make them money! But all it made them was extra costs for electricity!

    My wife was initially convinced and happy her parents hooked up this “great deal”. I told her right off the bat, “it’s a scam”. But as Filipinos commonly like to be right and never criticized, she did not absorb my words and told me I was wrong. Giving any sort of constructive criticism to a Filipino NEVER makes a connection. They simply ignore or deny….

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    Please make a survey of your flip people and ask them if they keep a budget or keep books of expenses and income of their businesses,
    I willbet you very,veranythy fa k ew have books to t4r