I See, Pinoy See – 4 from Jaime


MRT and LRT Queue. FYI Metro Rail Transit and Light Rail transit is the local version of subways in other countries



One time while driving and got stuck in traffic, this is what I see at the end, they just left two lanes for cars to past thru, no wonder traffic stretch up to 5kms long, sometimes I’m just tempted to run over the pedestrians, but no, here even if the pedestrian is clearly in the wrong like crossing a highway(even if there’s an overpass nearby or pedestrian lane nearby) and got struck by a passing vehicle, the poor driver get charged for negligence.



No wonder this dude did not read the sign, he’s texting while crossing the street. And you poor driver is at fault if you struck this poor soul.



This is just an example of how jeepney drivers does not respect the numerous road signs.

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    jimmy smith

    I see old whie guy – Pinoys see Brad Pitt
    I see White guy – Pinoys see ATM machine
    I see White guy – Pinoys see clea man
    I see Black guy – Pinoys see dirty man

    I read pinoy history – Pinoys read fairytales (they dont actually read, they are being told “the truth”)

    I see propaganda tv – Pinoys see documentary
    I see idiot beauty contest – Pinoys see the Olympics (and they are getting silver or gold)

    I see monkeys – Pinoys see themselves

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      jimmy smith

      oh a few more…was a fun one you came up with filo….

      I see a personal invitation – pinoys see a chance to invite their Whole Family, their neighbourghs and the surrounding villages.

      I see a skinny dog – pinoys see a chance to target practice throwing rocks

      I see religious nutcases – Pinoys see saints

      I see a book – Pinoys see something to compensate for Wood

      I see garbage – Pinoys see decoration

      I see a cement mixer man – Pinoys see an engineer

      I see nothing – Pinoys see everything