I See, Pinoy See – Fish


Have you ever noticed the quality of food here, and how they think they put a lot of effort and pride into their cooking? Take Tilapia for instance. It only takes them 3 steps to prepare their fish.
STEP 1: Preheat Oil
STEP 2: Throw Fish in hot oil
STEP 3: Done!!!

Hardly any effort is exhausted at all, and it’s not even worth being called restaurant quality. Yet they see it as a delicacy as if it was prepared the American style as seen in our restaurants where the fish is generously cut, free of head, tail, and fins. Nicely seasoned to the core with the most exquisite ingredients, and lightly cooked to the point where it’s not burnt, nor is it undercooked. We take pride in our cooking. I’m aware that few of you expats don’t have a problem in this Filipino Primitive style of cooking, but in the end, we all know what tastes better. Mmmmmm!!! I love Garlic Butter Tilapia! 🙂

As for their beverage. Whenever we order a take out drink at our outdoor food stands (if you even have one in your area), we normally get our drink poured in a sturdy cup, with a lid and straw. Very convenient right?

But in this shitty-ass country, what do you get here? You get your beverage poured in some Mandingo used-condom, but at least you get a straw to go with it. I have seen a few hilarious instances where the condom had popped open, with juice spewing all over the pathetic Filipino. I have no remorse for them when that happens, because 9 time o ut of 10, they throw that juice bag (or condom) carelessly on the ground, which contributes to about 70% of the most commonly seen trash being littered by Filipinos. Just for the record, I don’t drink out of those.

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    Captain PFB

    There is one single fish that I like done Pinoy style, and that is Tilapia. Most of them generously salt it before frying.

    What I love about it is the crispy fish skin.

    Other than that, any other fish fried this way SUCKS (unless you love fish scales in your mouth. They don’t even scale the fish very well. And it’s just not worth the effort trying to pick through the bones. Pinoys have made eating fish a fucking CHORE, not a pleasure.

    A fish needs to be filleted, boneless and ready to just eat without having to work out the bones in your mouth, and by the time you have worked all the bones out, the meat left in your mouth is full of your spit and mushy and just disgusting to swallow.

    Same with the fucking way they cook shrimp…WHOLE???? DISGUSTING!! There’s another chore…pull off the legs, work off the shell, then try to pick out the poop vein. I have never been served a shrimp anywhere else in the world with it’s shit still in it. Any dumbfuck knows you are supposed to de-vein the shrimp before cooking! But here in Philippines, the “chefs” make you do their work for them.

    Lazy fucking idiots. Throw a handful of unprepared shrimp in a pan or pot, and you’re now a chef. Fucking morons. No pride whatsoever!

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      FAFI Post author

      Damn right! Even my idiot wife did that shit to me! She tried prepare a plate of Shrimp Scampi for me on 2 occasions, but fucked it up every time! She has been getting better, but FAR from standards.

      1st attempt: Head and Tail was still on
      2nd attempt: She cut the head of for me this time at least
      3rd attempt: I said fuck it and cooked it myself, no head, no tail, and cleaned from the inside out. Tasted great, and there was no labor involved in eating them.

      I had this same problem in this Crab Restaurant I went to 2 months back. I went there to order crab, but the crab was tiny, and not affordable, so I got shrimp. The shrimp were slightly buttered, and WHOLE! Was this really a fuckin restaurant, or were their kids cooking? Holy fuck I miss Red Lobster! (sigh)

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    hello to al,
    Can anybody take a pic of manila Bay,
    I see dirty black sewer water that has received all of the pollution from 15,000,000 people.
    They see a beautiful bay full of pristine water.
    or is it just me

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    Filipinos had never learned the word “convenient” which they took in vain. Dumbasses never realized that eating should be easy not fucking getting a ton of fish bones in your mouth or spending a lot of time removing bones on your plate. China has similar dishes serving their fish whole however if you look at it (even though they are cruel on methods of how they prepare the fish) at least they make it presentable which comes with a garnish and good sauce with it. You still have to dig through the fish bones though, comparing on how Filipino’s prepare their fish they’re just lazy ass fucks. Just deep fry with excessive oil dripping on the Tilapia. No sauce just like fucking fried chicken WTF!

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    they use enough oil and heat to create a half circle of grease around the stove,, they need a 3 foot fork just to turn the stuff.. recipe books,, nahhhh
    then they get burnt by the stinking oil splattering all over demselves….