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    Fuck dude! I hate their toilets, especially their outdoor nasty urinals! I was traveling from Mindoro last week back home a day before Holy Week fuckin started, which is like a fake Christmas minus the presents. I was stuck in traffic on the bus, and we were moving hell-a slow. I really had to take a deuce. I figured that walking was faster than traveling in traffic on that bus, so I got out. I was about an hour away from home on foot, and I was desperate and couldn’t hold it. So I used the restroom at the nearest 7-eleven, and it was nasty as hell! The faucet of the sink was missing, no soap, no toilet seat on the toilet, and obviously not fuckin tissue. I’m lucky to always keep baby wipes on me just in case. Well anyway, I took care of business and was on my way home. I hope I never have to go through that shitty experience again. Oh yeah, and it stunk too!

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      It’s not uncommon you don’t see toilet seat and toilet paper in CR’s, hell you see the same thing in some upscale malls here.

      The problem is, these fucking people would steal “ANYTHING” that is not bolted down.

      Was in Thailand recently, walked into a men’s room there, was washing my hands and looked in the mirror and saw a stall open and to my amazement there was a toilet seat and a full roll of film for your brownie on the wall.

      The Spaniards century’s ago referred to the Philippines as ” A Country Of Thieves”. Guess things haven’t changed over the centuries.

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        Well damn, if you put it that way, they should bolt the toilet seat down, that way nobody can steal it. As long as their aim is just as precise having a toilet seat permanently down, I’m good.

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    Richard aka Dick Head

    The toilet training of Filipinos from the “Untermenschen” class is just one notch higher than the Arab Bedouins/Desert Nomads whose latrine is the entire Rub Al’Khali (Empty Quarter) of Arabia. Primitive to say the least.