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    Who has walked down a Flip side walk full of cavernous holes, only to feel that at any moment the low quality cement mixture that makes up the crumbling ground will at any moment give way; sending you into a Leg breaking pit full of decade old trash, sewage and possibly dead street children?

    Who has been walking along trying to maintain their balance on sidewalks that are more like a obstacle course of rotting cats,slippery piss puddles, low hanging vendor stalls taking up all the space and electrical poles in the middle of the walkway.

    Wait what? A walk way?? Pinoy says: “Ohhh tell me more about this ” A walk way” you speak of. Its the ones that are smooth and orderly that don’t threaten to drop you into Vietcong style death traps, and don’t have so much cement lazily caked up at 45 degree angles,where one wrong step will send you tumblning face first into the street where a bus (In a no bus lane mind you) will run your sorry ass over.

    Ahhhh yes……ET ES MORE PUN EN DE PEEELYPEEENNSS, de walkings.

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    I should also mention that today I actually missed, and by missed I should say “Deeply longed for” the smell of rain evaporating off of a clean sidewalk. I found that interesting.

    I didn’t miss the food, or the open space, I suddenly just missed my clean roads and ……….never mind.. Sigh, everyone knows what I’m talking about.

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      peace and quiet,, no mangy inbred dogs,,,, unpolluted rivers where you can drink the water.
      id better stop. some deranges expat might shoot

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    I was home a few weeks ago. The one good thing the Philippines taught me is how great the USA is. I never felt such anger and stress like I do in teh Philippines as well as just the basic depression from looking at such an ugly environment. Hopefully in the next few months I will be home to the USA for a few good years before having to come back to the Philippines.
    The only way I think the Philippines can improve is if an asteroid hits it and the OFW’s come back to build a new, better Philippines.