Selfies: Perfect For Pinoys, It’s All About ME!


I know that selfies are not a pinoy thing. I honestly feel that they are the height of stupidity and reflect on the persons intellect. They are inwardly focused “look at me”. I only have a handful of photos of me out of the 32000 photos I took over 3 years.


1) Teenager shoots himself while posing for a selfie

“instead of pressing the camera button, the boy apparently pulled the trigger instead”

2) Girl dies after falling off stairs while taking selfie

3) Makati, Pasig top list of ‘Selfiest Cities in the World’

Sorry this is a short post. My next ones will be longer. This is merely a commentary on the news.

Pinoys and selfies; don't they spend enough time in front of the mirror?

This photo album scrolls down about 5 yards. There are over 400 different photos in this album, all mug style shots. Selfies are perfect for Pinoys. They have been doing them long before the concept and the term was popularized.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Stu Pidasso
    Stu Pidasso

    1) Teenager shoots himself while posing for a selfie

    “instead of pressing the camera button, the boy apparently pulled the trigger instead”

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!! That’s beautiful! This ought to start a trend. Honestly though….it was serious and do I feel sorry for this guy! ABSOLUTELY FUCKIN NOT! He reaped the reward of his own idiocy. ‘Teenager’ remember? Not a 5 year old.

    1. Profile gravatar of TheD
      TheD Post author

      I would have posted sooner, but I couldnt stop laughing at it. One finger on the gun trigger and the other on the camera. And he presses the wrong one. bahahahahahahaha fuck!

      I think that one should be nominated for the darwin awards. He just removed himself from the gene pool and the average IQ creeps up a fraction of a point.

      1. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
        L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

        the blatant amount of stupidity! first hes not a armed professional of any sort (do video games make people weapon experts these days?) second he leaves it loaded, third he takes the safety off (assuming theres a safety on it), fourth he puts his fucking finger on the trigger, Fifth im assuming he even pulled the hammer back, which explains why the trigger was so easily pulled.

        Shame on the uncle as well. Though stories of kids getting killed by their relatives/parent’s hidden and loaded gun happens in America too. JFC for a selfie?

        1. Profile gravatar of TheD
          TheD Post author

          almost everyone here has an unregistered weapon. Most are home made or at least not from any real company.
          How on earth did he do all of that and pull the trigger instead of pressing a button? I saw it and thought it was such a good example, it needed to be posted here.

        2. Profile gravatar of Stu Pidasso
          Stu Pidasso

          I told this story to an American friend today and he told me how he taught his son to handle a gun when he was 9 years old. At first I thought that is too young to handle guns but he said that since he (the father)kept a gun in the house it was a duty to teach the son what it’s about. How to check if it’s loaded. What the safety is for. And how NEVER aim it at anyone. I realized he was a good Dad and he said he did this to ensure there were no ‘accidents’. As he said… No matter where you HIDE your gun…your kid is going to find it!…better he knows how to handle it and not get hurt”

          This DUMB BOY had a loaded gun and pulled the trigger instead of the photo button on his phone. He and his UNCLE are total idiots. Who cares? Let them all kill themselves I say. And I am only reflecting what many on this blog are wishing but are too PC to admit. yes?

          1. Profile gravatar of TheD
            TheD Post author

            I agree, younger people should be taught to respect a gun.
            I have a book on guns, it is a catalog used by customs and lists every gun made.
            This is what it says in the first page “Always assume a gun to be loaded, even when it is not. Do not listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. You will live longer”.
            So even if the clip and the chamber are shown to be empty, assume it is loaded.

  2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

    Every time someone dies while taking a “selfie” my hope in humanities restoration rises just a little. Im sick of these face time fucks. Im not talking about filipinos either, I’m talking about any cunt who walks around with an ipad attached to their face. I often times get the urge to punch random people in the throat, but nothing incites me to want to engage in violence like a brain dead tablet user phubbing around.

  3. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

    MAN, I’m pissed today. I dont know who that is in the photo for this thread, but I’m aggravated as FUCK to look at him.
    Can I talk shit about him or is he dead or something? Whatever, I feel like my day is ruined over the photograph of the “dandified selfie taker”, in the photo above.

    WTF is with this YOLO, SWAG, lenseless glasses, bow tie wearing cutsie hand sprinkled bowl of horshit fad!?

    People aren’t getting their asses kicked enough! I MEAN GOD DAMN!!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of TheD
      TheD Post author

      What I hate is when the Oxford English Dictionary adds new words such as these and they become an official part of the language. Agggghhhh! Stop the world, I want to get off!

  4. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
    Marius O.

    Sounds like you guys need a holiday.

    Seriously, I can’t take this place for more than a few weeks at a time. The relentless onslaught of stupidity messes with your head. People shoot themselves here ALL the time – metaphorically, of course. EVERYTHING they do seems deliberately designed to make their lives worse. If they have a choice between A and B, where A is either a neutral or positive action, and B is an absolutely fucking disaster for themselves and everyone around them, they’ll chose B every time. Every. Single. Time. And if you have a normal, functioning brain, its upsetting.

    So I usually fly back to civilisation every couple of weeks. When I touch down in a normal country, I can feel the stress just flow out of my feet, and a sense of relief flow upwards. I love the freedom I have to work on my project in the Philippines – given the limited financial resources I have to do so – but for my own sanity I have to stay away from Filipinos.

  5. Profile gravatar of Charles Conrad Godinez
    Charles Conrad Godinez

    Before I don’t really follow what is popular to filipinos.
    Then I notice them taking many photos of themselves and I got to ask what are they doing.
    They told me its selfie.
    After I while I surf the net for the meaning of selfie.
    Naturally its an american thing. I gave out a facepalm and said; Stupid filipinos… don’t copy what is popular outside. This is the reason why the world won’t copy what popular things are doing you do here in the Philippines.

    Sigh… Though I like the part were a Filipino Shoot himself while doing a selfie.

  6. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    monkey see,, monkey do,,,, get on the bandwagon.
    This habit is rampant in the philippines. This helps the scammers scam more people. People are worried that they might miss out on the money train. Every few months another scam breaks out,, a politician catches the public’s eye and interest,, etc,,, and people lose millions of pesos and vote in another idiot.
    Of course this happens all over the world…