Seven Facts About Cebu That You Probably Didn’t Know

It’s true, doctors laughed as a can was removed from a pinoy’s rectum.  Now that i’ve got your attention, more on that soon…

A bridge to Bohol from Cebu

It’s hard to imagine but there are plans to build a bridge from Cebu to Bohol Island. For those that have been on a boat from Cebu, that sounds like a crock of shit. But you can read the article here and there are numerous proposals that have been online over the years with some talking of substantial sums of money for feasibility studies – guess the money is talking.

bridge going to Bohol from Cebu

Cebu did have a train service:

It’s hard to believe but a train system actually ran in Cebu many years ago. So what happened? Where did all the land that was occupied by train tracks go? What happened to the valuable steel that comprised the train tracks? And why was this project abandoned? Me thinks the land was taken over by squatters and the steel sold for food or some other counsellors back pocket. The line ran from this city to Danao in the North and to Argao in the South. You can read the article here:

cebu railway train system

cebu railway/ train system

big-domino2An earthquake fault line actually runs near Cebu City:

There have been some recent big earthquakes in Cebu such as the Bohol earthquake and another one a year prior. These were’nt from the fault line running in the mountains near Cebu City which extends from the Negros fault line.

Construction of condominium high-rises goes on unabated and much of the planning would have been done before the Bohol earthquake. I spoke to people that bought apartments at levels of 25 or 30 floors up. I said have you experienced an earthquake? they said no. I chuckled and said well you certainly wouldn’t want to be in the building at level 25 or 30 if you went through the Bohol earthquake (the shaking of which was well felt in Cebu city ). If you want to check the fault line map you can see the Negro’s fault here:

cebu earthquake fault negros fault



Cebu’s “beautiful beaches” aren’t that beautiful:

One of the biggest marketing LIES that tourism uses is the beauty of Cebu’s beaches. A lot of foreigners have said to me “I’m not interested in the beach” when I mention about visiting Cebu. Cebu city is NOT located fronting a lovely white sandy beach with swaying palms and is like the Boracay of the Visayas as many would believe tourist brochures. What annoys me is that real estate agents promote the beaches in their marketing literature yet a lot of the beaches at Mactan Island are man-made with sand that has been trucked in and you have to to pay money to swim on these beaches or by a lunch package. These are private beaches and unlike overseas where going to the beach is free outside Mactan you have to travel by car over four or five hours to the north of Cebu for example to get a half decent beach that isn’t littered with plastic, if not take a boat to Malapascua or Bantayan Island. But wait, I saw on youtube what I would be greeted with if I drove 4 hours north: and yes, they still dynamite fish up there.

When I visited both of these islands there was the familiar floating plastic in the sea of shampoo sachets, tin cans and even diapers and plastic bags. If someone wants to buy on the face of listening to a real estate agent, you’ll soon get sick of driving through Mandaue Highway traffic to get to a beach each weeekend. Anything before 3-4 hours is rocky, black sand, volcanic outcrop or privately owned.

dynamite fishing in cebu

You’ll never become a Filipino:

This is something that you will never achieve unlike becoming an American or a British citizen or a Australian and be accepted as a local. There is one guy from Canada who is trying it on but he is obviously deluded: You will always be known as a foreigner or alien in the country and treated with the white skin effect, no matter even if you’ve been here 15 or 20 years Filipinos will treat you as if you arrived off the plane yesterday – a tourist. There is a skin tax that exists in parts where you pay a differential rate no matter how long you been here, even if you paid your taxes, employed people here, married here, had children here, run business here for the last 20 years… it don’t matter.

I’ve paid 10 times the price of an entry fee, even inflated rates for my “local” guests as a local guest charge accompanied by a foreigner…. Have you been subject to an accent test? It’s fucking discrimination. How would Flippo’s react if I said Muslims one price, catholics 10x the price.

Cebu wants to become a medical tourism hub: OMG!! this is a joke! 

Filipino’s wouldn’t know health and wellness if health and wellness bit them on the arse! Take the filipino diet for example… high in sugar, salt, deep fried and the countries life expectancy age is something like 68 years old.

Doctor education standards are so low. If you check online you will see horror stories of foreigners who have been to hospitals in the Philippines – with serious cases and ended up with huge bills or missing body parts that in a western hospital wouldn’t happen.

I’ve seen situations where a foreigner had diabetes and trusted the Dr with a medicine that he was given, it was incorrect, he ended up losing his leg. Another case of a person that had a motorbike accident in Cebu and got gangrene while in the hospital and had to have his leg amputated.

Take the babies mouths being taped up because they were crying – there are many cases that are just mind-boggling what the lack of training is in this country when it comes to undergoing more serious medical treatment.

and hows thisa man had a can removed from his rectum in Cebu and doctors were laughing

this is the immaturity to which they operate and they video’ed the procedure too!

Just remember one thing. Filipino hospitals charge like vultures.

Cebu was nominated for the 7 wonders cities of the world: the fuck!
I really wonder what they were thinking more like it…  Its a city where on Trip Advisor where a shopping centre (YES a shopping centre known as Ayala Mall) held the #1 position for “things to do in Cebu”, now 4th rank.  If your here for architecture, parkland, beach, service standards, quality of food and more … then you need to tone down your expectations.

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  1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Hell to all
    I found a sandy good beach Talisay, Cebu. There was no charge, empty of people and fairly clean.. I was standing in the water and wondering why the water was murky. Then I realized all the sewage is dumped into the waters off Cebu.
    But that is fairly normal with beaches near cities all around the world. (I guess)
    Cebu is the city where a Minister of a well known church suggested a ”drive by” to solve a real estate problem I had.. I am sure you can guess what a drive by is.
    Shoot me dead Al

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      Hey Al did you see there was a beach going in in south road properties and the developer had to put a boom in the water to stop all the trash coming in. Speaking of your sewage example i was swimming up north and i saw a plastic bag floating in the water (on the surface) so i swam over and to the hoots of laughter of friends saw my reaction of finding some fisherman obviously done a #2 in the bag and simply thrown it in the ocean.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        Ha, ha, ha!!!

        That story could not have been made up!

        Only in the Philippines!

        It i certainly more fun here!

      2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        Yes, The SRP in Cebu is full of shopping malls, and cagey subdivions.
        I may be going to Cebu this week,, anybody want to meet up.,, send me a Pm

    2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      “Doctors laugh as they removed a can from pinoy’s rectum”.
      I do realize that it may not be quite …hippocratic to laugh at such procedure, even though Hippocrates himself may have laughed. However, it is a timely question if this is common procedure in the phils?
      There’s a lot of garbage everywhere, and the..cultural practices about how to socialize with cans could be different from my lands. Here we rarely end up in the Ward with a can up our bottoms, but it could be a…part of the many celebrations they have in the phils?
      There are hundreds that are crucified to commemorate Christ. Maybe the insertion of a…can in the rectum could be some sort of adolation of some…divinity?

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            The ww 2 death camps had nothing over these 3 bitches!!
            Please share on social media. I am so pissed !!!!!!!!!!!
            Thanks to our liberal nut jobs in gov’t we are flooded out with cheap ass labor!!!!!!

          2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            What do you expect Al, from the land of the most selfish, self-centred humanity who cared about no one but themselves? Hell, if they don’t even care about their kids and dogs, cared more about roosters and booze.

            To be honest, if I were running a hospital, I would be very, very selective when it comes to hiring Filipino nurses. Many I’ve come across are very short on real nursing skills – think catheter insertion, which is a normal nursing task in most western countries. What do you expect from a country who won’t allow their nurses to do real nursing work except to stand around looking pretty in their white nursing uniforms?

            I had one British friend who had some surgical procedure done in Bahrain a few years ago. He had to have a urinary catheter post surgery. The catheter leaked, so he pressed the nurse’s call button. Two Flip nurses came to attend him. It was obvious that the catheter was leaking from somewhere. These two bitches obviously had no idea what they were doing. They inspected the catheter, then left, leaving my friend lying on his piss-soaked sheets. The bitches did not come back. He waited for awhile before pressing the nurse’s call button again. This time, it was a British nurse who came, who immediately figured out what was wrong and got the sheets replaced with clean and dry ones.

            I was furious when I heard this. I asked my friend if he reported the 2 incompetent Flip nurses, but he said “no, I did not want them to get into trouble”. I told him “I don’t care! That was most unethical of them to leave a sick patient soaking in wet linen! If they could not or would not do a decent job abroad, they should not work abroad!”.

          3. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            “think catheter insertion”, thax a lot Sarah, I’ll be squirming all day. If they didn’t know what they were doing I think I’d rather lay in my piss until someone competent came along.

          4. Profile gravatar of
            David Harden

            went in to check on surgery, the best hospital in Cebu. Hahahaha, so filthy I got sick the 1st visit, crowded, hot, 100 people in tiny room, filth everywhere, no flush toilets or aircon no fans, people coughing and wheezing everywhere. wife wanted to vomit, had so called Dr, the 2nd visit say well maybe for 60-80 thousand P we could do a 1 hr surgery, but no guarantees, guess who backed out the 3rd visit? Have a great friend in the states who is a DR, said when they hire fil Dr’s, they have to go onto 3-6 more years of school, most just become nurses and still need to go to school for that. Guess I waited this long can wait another year till I am back in the states.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Well yes. Lying on a piss-soaked linen is probably the least harmful unless one really knows how to do it, and he/she has to have done it a number of times before I’d let anyone near me…. or in that part of the body anyway 🙂

          The human plumbing system is complex enough as it is, hence you have to entrust your body to the most competent one there is. But if you’re in the Pinas, how the hell would you know the Doc or nurses who’s looking after you know their shit??

  2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    As for hospitals …
    Refused admission to Manila hospital, Nobel laureate Heck dies

    and i get the shits with frantic calls from filipino’s as
    1. hospitals have CHECKOUT TIMES like hotels
    2. some are 6am! some 12pm
    3. always be aware you are responsible for checking out. i had waited for a dr to sign a discharge report … 5 hours .. and went overtime only to be charged another days eoom rate.
    4. filipinos ring and always say… if we dont get 5,000 pesos for the hospital bill by .. xyz pm it goes up another xyz pesos.
    they are always phoning me for especially dengue, fevers, etc .. my baby sick .. blah blah wtf…
    i am tired of there way of living just like they must be.

    1. Profile gravatar of

      Only the rich can afford rooms at hospitals. Us simple folk must stay in wards. If one has a room, they probably just assume you can afford another day…

      And if anyone tries to do a medical scam on you for whatever portion national health insurance or their HMO does not cover, just remember a few things:

      1. Hospitals here can set up a payment plan with you and bill you later, just like in the States.
      2. The story of being held prisoner at hospitals is just a scam(search it online) and has been officially illegal for a while under RA 9439-
      3. There are plenty of free hospitals here.
      4. Poor people get free national health insurance.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        did you know the charge is based on the level of room
        so if you have a private room your pharmaceuticals are x times higher than a guy in a shared room getting the same drugs. i found this out that my drugs cost were more than the chemists so i bought outside.

        yes, —- on prisoners and being held
        ive had many calls from people who are saying they cant leave unless i send money
        for hospital bills …
        wtf—– that GREAT FILIPINO EXPECTATION — ATM and money grows on trees the fuckers
        the costs were correct — i had similar for my stay

        its their own stupidity
        1. there are cheap private systems
        covering loss of income, burning of house, sickness, education expenses if provider injured
        50-200 pesos a month!! for that to insure the breadwinner

        through their stupidity if you DARE FUCKING MENTION sickness they
        want to avoid things like insurance etc as mentioning words
        ATTRACTS bad luck

        filipinos by the way will run anyway if you get sick
        they wont be around
        many of my friends have helped filios
        only to find when they are sick
        1. too busy
        2. not around
        3. wont return calls
        blah blah —- excuses as they know best
        yet my friend said friends he hadnt seen in 10 years
        were always asking how he was when he was sick

        loyal filipinos are rare!
        10 years an i can count only 3-4 people out of hundreds of scumbags

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          They do that even to their own families, Foreign. I’ve known Pinays work their asses off in the mid-east for many years. They come home because of illness. The Flips who used to meet her in droves expecting pasalubongs are nowhere to be seen. The multitudes of her extended family…. only 3 people took turns in caring for her. She eventually got better and returned to the mid-east to continue working. This time, with a lot less people on her list of “must support”. Disgusting that they can even do this to their own family members.

          1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
            FHPS Post author

            yes heard it many times
            NO ONE GETS IT
            One generation works for the life today of the past generation
            who worked for the previous generation
            thats how the poverty cycle continues

            many have slaved in the mid east
            only to hand it to the lazy family
            who wanna go eat like foreigners in ayala each week
            and show off to their friends

          2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Filipino families seem to have a habit of putting all their weight on the hardest working person. They beg, scam, and always guilt the person who works the hardest into giving the most as though it is an obligation. I hate it so much when I see that. Usually its when the parent gets sick, the entire family leans on the only hard worker in the family.
            I see some very hard-working filipinos work their hands to the bone. Some women work so much and put aside any kind of personal life they never had a boyfriend and they start to turn 35 and all the men want younger women so they have neglected a life for themselves. Meanwhile their brothers have numerous kids with different women and of course always ask for money.
            That is one of the toughest parts to see in the Philippines. I hate to see someone work so hard only to give away their salary to lazy family members. In the end, they usually become bitter too.
            I’ve told a few Filipinos they need to always put aside money for themselves first and pretend it does not exist. That account is strictly off limits and if the beggars don’t understand that, then cut them out of your life now and save the headache.

  3. Profile gravatar of

    I would think the pan-Philippine bridge, or whatever they were calling it would be the silliest fairy take ever, except P*Noy built the Cavitex that runs a massive distance over the water, along with several other big highways. There is hope.

    Manila has a MASSIVE fault line too. They say it could go any day and Manila will be wiped out. Hope all those condos have insurance…

    Kulas IS deluded. He is a rich, young, lonely kanuck who has out-lived his touristic purposes. He is either working for the DOT, getting a lot of pussy he cannot get back home, crazy, or all of the above. Blacks can come here and have a blast if they throw money around at everyone. But he is in Mindanao, if I recall. Unless Mindanao Bob ate him…

    But you can become Filipino. I did. And while I suffer racism at times, I am largely treated like a Pinoy, despite looking like a Viking.

    May I ask how your lifestyle is? What is your ulam? Do you only eat kanin at ‘isda’? Do you only speak Cebuano when you go out? Dress like a Pinoy? Are you thin or fat? What is your age? Your religion? Your visa status?

    Not a loaded question at all. Always honestly inquisitive. I have met ‘Kano’ here that either dress rich, or dress like tourists(shorts and sandals), are fat, old, only speak English, eat pizza and burgers, “live” as tourists in the country (no Residency) and complain everywhere they go. And then tell me how they are never accepted here.

    I always ask them what they think of African and Arab refugees in their home country that live like their are still back home 🙂

    Unless you are implying that Cebu is especially racist and unaccepting of émigré? Maybe Labu Lapu is to blame…

  4. Profile gravatar of Mike

    In the states all would have had their license to practice suspended or revoke. Pretty shitty (no pun intended) video quality. But then again after years here I do not expect quality from the filipinos. And my wife wonders why I refuse to go to a doctor or hospital here.

  5. Profile gravatar of Mike

    They can’t even build an airport terminal. What makes them think they can build a bridge like that? I forgot, pinoy pride.

    1. Profile gravatar of

      It’s way more than that.

      Do not forget pork barreling…

      They will get it half done, then the politician will be massacred with his family.

      Then skwater will move in and live on the incomplete bridge!

    2. Profile gravatar of

      They hired a German to build NAIA 3, and then just before the project was done, they Flips renegotiated the price. LOLWTF?

      Then they wonder why no one comes here for business.

      Now it already has the ceiling falling on people…

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        thats typical filipino negotiation strategy
        they never do what they say
        they will always have an underlying intention to rip you off
        when you get agreement at your end of the bargain they wanna renegotiate
        go in low, get agreement then change the terms to suit themselves
        or an INFERIOR PRODUCT

        LET ME GIVE an example; TWO!!! CASES i know just now ..
        i can think of many…
        both friend – got agreement to hire car driver
        case 1 — brings along nephew, blah blah all the extras
        so the cost doubled! along the way when they fixed it
        case 2. — agreement reached to rent car + driver
        heres the money
        sorry sir — that not available on morning
        he was packed and going
        up rocks a shittier car and the cousin of the guide driving
        and wtf the filo cunt got lost

  6. Profile gravatar of Sappho

    Even though I can swim, I will drive with my life jacket on. Lol.

    I’m not discriminating the work of engineers. The problem is that their bosses will not go by their safety plans and protocols. Lol.

    All I hope that this project is managed by a man who has balls to tell the corrupts to stay the fuck out.

  7. Profile gravatar of

    I travelled in and around Cebu also. Never seen such a mess, environmental nightmare in every degree. Not a natural feature left anywhere. Should be rated as the worlds last place to visit. All rock, garbage and traffic. I live in Samal, Davao, it’s headed the same direction as they want to build a bridge to the island. Already squatter trash and garbage fills the daily tide flow. I doubt we can find any pristine places in this land of the beautiful.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      go down santander — electric pole in water
      wtf happen here why a pole in ocean edge
      oh .. spoke to foreigner
      he complained .. they ripped all the sand from beach
      now no beach
      answer — they need to sell the sand
      to make money and pay for food
      now …
      thats a prime spot
      long term — accommodation
      BUT WAIT
      not long term gain…

    2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Filipinos have zero idea how to work with the natual environment. They hail more malls as a sign of progress.
      What I have learned is corrupt pinoy mayors love when malls come to town cause:
      1. He says it brings jobs to the city
      2. He takes credit for it
      3. He gets a bribe for all the permits
      4. He doesn’t have to put a dime of the city money into it so he can keep stealing.

      Anyone ever seen a public library in the Philippines? How about a community center?
      – Of course not. They only build parks that are cement monstrosities cause they can get a bunch of kickbacks from it. Filipinos have zero concept of a park with simply tress, bushes, benches, and possibly a lake.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Ever noticed how quiet the smaller retailers are in these malls? Everytime I go to SM, hardly any customers in these specialty shops. Makes you wonder if they even make enough to pay the rent. Ayala is worse! Most of the “shoppers” are just there for the air con, wander around like lost sheep’s, take photos fir FB even though the only food they can afford were halo-halo. One Pinay even had the gall to boast to her friends that she’s waiting for her Kano to send money!! She should be ashamed of herself!

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          That is what I don’t get. Filipinos just wander around malls and make it the focal point of the city and their daily lives. Very rarely are there any outdoor activities or simply going to the park. But those parks all look like shit. Or going to the beach to get some sun and play in the water, but wait Filipinos hate the sun and don’t want to be darker.
          Such a strange culture. I’m sure especially for your @sarahfin. Aussies are the most outdoor and nature loving culture. More than Americans from I what I noticed.

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            To Johnny
            If u see me ”waddling” ( as our beloved Sarah puts it) around malls, please shoot me.
            I leave a note to the police that I am senile and asked you to shoot me.

        2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          As we have duly discussed Sarah, the concept of shame no longer is present in the phils.:-) There excists only one concept of decency: “Dog eats dog!”

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            It’s something you don’t want to put inside your stomach, Muffa, unless you wanna get sick. It’s shaved ice (goodness knows where the water came from and where the block of ice was stored) mixed with sweetened fruits (too sweet!) and chick peas or anything the Flips can think of really. Then sweetened some more with condensed milk and/or ice cream. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, you will hate it. But as I said, if prepared in Flipland, I won’t touch it with a 10 foot pole.

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          They buy the rag news papers for 10 pesos.. It has the same old stories day after day,, graft and corruption and Chris STD Aquino shit faced smirk plastered all over it.
          If you want to scare off a flip,, give him a book to read..

        2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          To David and Sarah.
          I got a whole full of books and magazines to read,, They just gather dust.
          I really hate the taste of condensed milk. It tastes and smells like the tin can it came out of ,, disgusting.. maybe Mike would have tasted real milk in his younger days,, now the milk is processed to take all the good stuff out and only leave junk food. This is true of most processed food nowadays!!!
          Pissed off al

    1. Profile gravatar of

      That is just for a first time offense! Oh and don’t forget the p2,500 fee, and p500 express lane fee!!

        1. Profile gravatar of

          You are not the old fart in the first video are you? His videos are always about him walking around with 12 year old girls and trying to hit up more young girls on the streets… The videos always start out with something like “Oh,I have to go buy a screw…” and end up with him perving around town.

          The Rabbi is funny. He is batshit crazy! Do not even say hi to him. I gave him a compliment once and he replied with something like a 1,000 word rant attacking me and accusing me of all sorts of crazy. He can be painful to watch, but often amusing.

          I really wonder how people like that survive here without being killed though…

    2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      Ah, it’s all the tourists making the place a shit hole. They should end tourist visas and send us all packing back home. I don’t have a problem with that, I’ll go willingly, even happily. I think it would be fair and equitable to let them enjoy the natural beauty and their very caring stewardship of it…

      1. Profile gravatar of
        David Harden

        I would love it if they would deport me and my wife and daughter, pay for it with no jail time, fuck these untrained monkeys

  8. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Filipinos are really the biggest bullshit artists. They love to announce things, yet have zero desire to do anything. That bridge to Bohol will never get built. Anytime there is a setback or a section crumbles and falls into the sea, they will blame the typhoons. If they start tomorrow, it will take them 50 years just to finally get the 2 ends to connect. I guarantee this is just a BS money extracting scam some senator is going to get rich from. My American buddies might remember that “bridge to nowhere” scam they tried to pull in Alaska some 10 years ago.

    That is the next thing I’m starting to see a trend of. City awards. These things have got to be scams. Since the Filipinos love scams, its highly probable. It was revealed like 3 years ago the Filipino film directors simply paid the judges for their films to win certain awards. My shit-hole city won some kind of award stating it was “the 2nd most liveable city” in the Philippines. My con-artist/ typical Filipino mayor could not stop posting large tarpaulin signs of himself advertising that award.
    Of course, I was the American in town calling bullshit to that award while (to their credit) other Filipinos were very skeptical; Many other Filipinos were so proud. There was no way my shit-hole city could beat out places like tagaytay, baguio, cebu, Naga, or Davao to mention a few. There was no way our city was “most liveable” since:
    1. we just went through about 3 months of constant brownouts due to them not paying the main electrical supplier, sabotaged transformers, and any wind over 15 mph knocks over power lines.
    2. Our internet is very shitty
    3. The city is small, yet somehow polluted.
    4. There is trash everywhere,
    5. There are street kids everywhere along with beggars and homeless.
    6. Our area floods badly so much that large sections of the city are shut down for 2-3 days at a time, and roads are impassable (of course con-artist mayor announced plans for large pumping stations to alleviate flooding, then posted large tarpaulin signs all over town stating it)
    7. The city’s prized project which is a large waterfront road and large sidewalk was nice 3 years after it was built, but is now crumbling into the water.
    8. The roads are terrible and bridges can collapse or become shut down due to hazard.
    9. There is an excessive amount of traffic in a small city.
    10. The waterfront areas are filled with trash.
    11. I guess I could just go on and on.

    So I kept asking as this award had to be bullshit. I absolutely hate this city and now they are getting awards? Well it turned out there were only 17 cities in the contest. 4 of them in Mindanao, 3 near MM – Pasig, Pasay, and some other city, and a few other places. It did not count the entire country and I’m sure the mayor paid for his 2nd place finish. Now there is another award called the Lee Kuan Yew award. Thats named after the PM of Singapore since he revitalized his country in such a tremendous way Filipino mayors are now after that award. I’m only speculating here, but more than likely it has zero to do with Singapore and this is completely Pinoy based. The reason I know this LKY award is a scam is because they are considering my shit-hole city for it because our scammer/ typical Filipino mayor won the other award.

  9. Profile gravatar of FilamboredinthePH

    The “You’ll never be a Filipino” was quite and off-topic tangent to the article but it’s still the truth and read my username. I’m a 6’0″ light tanned Filipino-German blooded guy born in the USA but Filipino by birthrite because my mother was still a citizen of the PH at the time of my birth in the USA. Two days ago I went to a popular lake here on my island and the sign clearly posts: Foreigners – P100 Local P20. I always make sure to bring my Filipino passport to PROVE I’m not a foreigner and the dumb fuck behind the counter was pushing HARD inisisting I’m a foreigner even though my face was right there and under nationality it said FILIPINO. So despite her insistence I’m a foreigner (Some people just can’t fathom that a country can have people of different blood but the same citizenship I guess) I plunked down the P20 and walked on in anyways. Not like confrontation is something they are willing to engage in here anyways right?

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      hey, I have the same issue. I have dual citizenship and they are astonished each and every time I show my Phil passport. Going through Immigration is not bad, just kind of a laugh sometimes. My fiance gets a kick out of BI agents reaction each time.
      It is amazing cause in the USA there are so many different ethnicity groups that are American. Imagine the USA charging separately for foreign and citizen. That can happen from time to time, but imagine the racial shitstorm that would hit if a gov’t rep said you don’t look american despite that gov’t issued ID and I’m charging you the higher price.
      Filipinos cannot understand a different race or different looking person can actually be a citizen of their country. They can only recognize that in Subic or Angeles I guess, but those mix breeds are Filipino by culture and Tagalog is really their first language.

      “Not like confrontation is something they are willing to engage in here anyways right?”
      — Never, but they definitely excel in backstabbing, and then playing innocent, “I have no idea what you are talking about” victim.

  10. Profile gravatar of

    2 Words Motherfucking Filipinos! Mental note guys never get sick in the FLIPines. Them monkeys will screw you in the ass big time!

  11. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    To our dearest Sarah.
    I woke up in a bad mood for various flip reasons.
    The I opened up my face book page and seen the news article about a 92 year old man getting assaulted by no less than 3 flip nurses. I can understand if it was only 1 flip,,,,,, BUT FRIGGING 3 of them!!!!!!!!!!
    I do not understand why the hospitals dont have cctv cameras in the rooms. They have them all over the place now.
    I am so pissed beyond belief about this. Please spread this on your social network far and wide for the world to understand what idiotic morons these people are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would be most appreciated by Canada.
    I will not waste time in explaining our leftie gov’t because we know the reasons very well. MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fuck this shit

  12. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

    But Al!….. You must understand! They are soo small! And 92 year old soo big! They needed to be three!:-) By the way, I saw a phil “nurse” with fake papers had killed off some 50 scotchmen!

    It would seem phil “nurses” are some of their most lethal export-products! Maybe to compensate for their own “over-produce”…

    By the export of p.nurses the world ” number” will soon be reduced from 7 to 5, thereby taking an active role in reducing over-population..

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      “On Recto Avenue in downtown Manila are stalls openly offering fake nursing degrees, education records, diploma pictures, police clearance to work overseas, passports, driving licences and birth and marriage certificates. Police turn a blind eye in return for bribes.”

      Imagine that…..

      1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        @biggestloserx2, yup! thai and ph are the biggest terrorist havens cos they always provide cheap, working passports for everybody!

        Lowlife World politicians don’t give a damn and thereby are accomplices in letting any terrorist ride any flight they want! No wonder planes are blowing up everywhere!