Shifting The Blame – Accelerating To The Scene Of The Accident!

Sudden Unintended Acceleration. Sounds a similar to Sudden Unintended Pregnancy and I should think. However, I am 99.9999999% sure it is Filipino error. I leave 0.0000001% to an Act of Dog.

Mitsubishi took it seriously:
“Official Statement of Mitsubishi Motors Philippines on Claims of Sudden Unintended Acceleration

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) would like to inform the public that the Sudden Unintended Acceleration (SUA) claims insinuating that the Montero Sport is defective are without any basis.

These SUA claims were not ignored but were attended to and each claim was investigated and appropriately addressed. MMPC with its mother company, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) Japan, performed a thorough investigation of these claims. In fact, experts from Japan went to MMPC last February and October 2011 and conducted series of tests on the units with this complaint. October of that same year, a unit with SUA complaint was also sent to MMC Japan to be inspected and tested in MMC’s proving ground in Okazaki, Japan. In all these tests, the claim of unintended acceleration did not manifest.

The phenomenon of SUA is not unique to the Philippines or Montero Sport models alone. In most SUA claims in other countries, the blame was placed on vehicle itself, but this was never established in various studies and tests conducted on this matter.

MMPC would like to caution the public, however, that pedal application errors (driver unintentionally stepping the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal) may cause sudden unintended acceleration.

Like with any other automatic vehicle, owners/drivers should always be mindful of their driving, making sure to step on the brake pedal when starting and when shifting gears. We also encourage every owner/driver to read the vehicle owner’s manual, as there are important reminders on the proper driving procedures most especially for automatic transmission vehicles. (Please see

If you are a Montero Sport owner and you have concerns about this claim, you may contact our Customer Service Hotline: (632) 250-8888 (7am to 3:30pm – Monday to Friday) or visit any of our service centers nationwide.

MMPC guarantees the quality and workmanship of all its vehicles, pursuant to warranty provisions and seek ways to continuously improve its products.

With this assurance, we hope that claims of SUA being unfairly attributed to the Montero Sport will be put to rest.”

Marco A. Tumalad also took it seriously. I think I have to go with him on this as his post makes some very keen observations on key arrears that are not generally covered in defensive driving training seminars and is an application of a method of car control formerly not known to me…:

“Marco A. Tumalad · Occuloplasty Fellow at Singapore National Eye Centre
I know 3 people personally who experience SUA. Mitsubishi claims they must have unintentionally stepped on the accelerator despite each of the drivers denying this. Mitsubishi may be right that it is the drivers fault, but does that absolve the manufacturer? 3 drivers making the same mistake in the same type vehicle is one too many, and this is just from my own personal knowledge. So maybe… nothing is wrong mechanically, but maybe it is the pedals or something. But, if they absolutely deny anything wrong with the vehicle, then maybe Mitsubishi has to start screening their customers and not sell their products to “idiot” drivers.”

So that is the answer. If Mitsubishi stops selling to the “idiot” drivers and all other manufacturers follow suit then no more cars will be sold as filipinos can only just about move a vehicle – THEY CERTAINLY CANNOT DRIVE! No more “idiots”, no more deaths.

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    Most flips will just buy a new car and license without knowing how to drive properly. Thats why its More fun in the phil

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      Why would anybody buy a car here??? The people get all excited over seeing a new shiney car, but they do not realise they have lost 1/3 of the value when they sign the purchase order,
      Cars are the biggest scam going!!!!!!
      Preacher Al

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    I would like to take a moment here and remind the folks at MMPA that you do not step on the brake pedal when shifting. You step on the clutch pedal. But for those of us who know how, we only need the clutch for first gear and reverse.

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      Random Numbers

      Yeah, that’s true for a manual transmission, but these are automatic transmissions, no clutch supplied. Can you imagine how stupid the Japanese must feel filipinos are to tell them “Hey, when you shift from park to drive or reverse, please have your foot on the brake so your car doesn’t jump into the car ahead of/ behind it.” Even when being accused of a manufacturing defect, their contempt for pinoy intelligence comes through quite strongly…

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        Don Quixote

        I have owned Mitsushitis before in OZ, I have a Hyundai auto now in the PI, Funny thing is, I can not engage a gear either forward or back unless I have the brake pedal depressed.
        This maybe flip proofing ????????
        My Toyota in OZ I do anything I want, but not in the PI.

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          Random Numbers

          The warning said a 5-speed automatic, and I agree, they aren’t supposed to shift without the brake engaged, but apparently the Japanese think filipinos would figure out a way to force it. “Po, my car won’t change gears, can you fix it”?” Mechanic removes interlock, VOILA!

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    Random Numbers

    Marco A. Tumalad is an idiot. With a name like that, it sounds like he is a pinoy who managed to find a job in another country, so now he thinks he is wise in all walks of life. By his standards, you couldn’t sell people BICYCLES if 3 people did something dumb on them!

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    I love how my favorite outdoor restaurant/bar faces one of the busiest intersections in my tiny city. I sip a beer and silently smirk while watching hopeless people in very expensive cars try to parallel park and when they do after 2 minutes there’s still like 5 feet in front and 6 feet to the rear. Even with a man on the street working for tips guiding them it still takes FOREVER to accomplish. Fuck anyone else I’m already parked why bother pulling forward to the appropiate distance behind the forward parked car so maybe.. just maybe someone else can also park too.

    Based on my seeing this from almost every single car on many different days I came to the conclusion after moving here that no one has any skill at all behind the wheel here. I do take a sense of pride when I drive a car on the rare occasion when I can whip a suv into a parallel parking spot in seconds before the “assistance man” can even come running to “help”.

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    86andBelow Post author

    Just as I thought. ABS-CBN did not show the full video. In this one the brake lights work.

    Scandalous of ABS-CBN, but not surprising as we are in the Failippines.

    My thoughts are that the pedals may be offset. The second driver touched what he thought was the brake slightly and when it moved as he put it into reverse, panicked and pushed the throttle down more.

    This video is from Top Gear Philippines: