Should China Just Take Over?

After staying in PH for quite a few months I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing will put PH right. There are far too many vested interests in the status quo for anybody to change things.

The US does not really want PH for all the reasons on this PFB site. Why doesn’t China just take it over?

At least they could teach things that are not being taught at the moment and most of the people who amount to anything in PH are Chinese anyway.

I’d love some comments on this….

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    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    It’d be interesting, that’s for sure. The local politicians would love the way that the Chinese deal with corrupt politicians and and officials. A quick trial is held. They are convicted. They are marched around a public parade ground for all to see, then shot. It’d be quite some clean out here.

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    Why should the Chinese take over? With which right?

    The Philippines is a grown up country, they are responsible for themselves. Freedom is also the freedom to live miserably and ingnorantly as allready described in an earlier post.

    This people here dont want to develop, Its not like in China when Deng XiaoPing gave them a longer leash and hungry as they were they immediately started doing something. The People here dont want that.

    They have allready all freedom you need for success and also a lot of recourcess. They just decide to do nothing with them.

    Have you noticed that in this worlds 3rd biggest exporter of Coconuts there are barely Coconut dishes? That Coconut milk here comes from Thailand and Malaysia, there is no Coconut Soap in this country also. Instead of actively adding value to a resource they have plenty of they choose the easy way out. Copra, leave the shit root by it self and then sell it. The more profitable way would be actively process it and transform it into more valuable products but this is to much fucking head work.

    They dont want this … period.

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      I disagree with the part about the philippines is a grown up country. Philippines is a beggar and welfare nation inhabited by children who refuse to grow up. I saw in news where a filipino veteran that was 107 years old died. In the comments the filipinos were praising and proud of him for fighting during the war. WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT!!! If they were as proud as they claim then then they would have made something of this country. But no, the ones who done the fighting for this shit hole done it in vain.

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      Don Quixote

      Ill bet the Chinese were here long before the Spanish and Malays, that s all the reason they need to TRY and take over,
      have you seen the 9 dash line around the South China Sea.
      Why because its called The SOUTH CHINA SEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      If China wants it they will take it , in their won good time.
      Probably easier to get a visa for us Australians as we have a free trade deal with China and Visa lengths were just extended from 3 months . NO FREE TRADE DEAL with the Philippines.

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        No free trade deal because the Chinese knew that the Pinoys will cheat on the deal! So the Chinese would rather take over! No costs, no contracts which the Pinoys would simply violate anyway.

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          there is no free trade when it comes to ph sarah they lock everything out

          RICE IMPORTS — TAXED 40% + vat
          onions — cannot import
          some rice — cannot import
          US FRESH FOODS —taxed at 40% + vat
          see all this is making the outside world not send stuff and if they do ..its too expensive to make it unviable so whats left.. LOCAL FILIPINO PRODUCT and locally made run 60% by filipino companies and individuals and 40% by foreigners (which is a shit deal as the foreigner has no legal voting leg to stand on)

          even inter island ferrys ..nope. foreigners cannot run these businesses
          like most business
          SHUT OUT!!

          1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            Taxing the main staple of a starving nation is criminal. Local rice production is a fail, not due to competition. Sounds like land reform may be the culprit. For the main staple you subsidize the local farmer, not tax the shit out of the poverty stricken and starving. Heartless, greedy bastards, the politicians can’t be that stupid. Assholes.

            But here’s a twisted reality with WTO and import taxes. A bottle of Jack Daniels is actually cheaper here than in most states in the U.S. I wondered why, so researched it. Several years ago the U.S. took the Phils to the WTO over alcohol taxes, other countries jumped onto it. It is against WTO for a country to charge substantially more in taxes for imported alcohol then they charge for local products made with the same base ingredients. In the U.S. most states tax the living shit out of alcohol, but that is irrelevant to world trade, it’s how the importing country taxes the local product.

            I am still puzzled, is it only alcohol products that have this stipulation with the WTO? I can only guess that is it, nothing else seems to have that privilege.

          2. Profile gravatar of omgwtf

            Alcohol and cigaretts are the only cheap things in this country.

            A kilo Rice here costs the same than a kilo rice in Germany.

            A Kiwi fruit from Newzealand is here more expensive than in Germany despite its double the way.

            The Pinoys dont even have a idea how ridiculous expensive this country is. Except booze and humans nothing is cheap here.

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            Yep..the US and Europe pushed the ph to increase taxes …called sin taxes on cigs and booze and the price increases annually. The US were pissed at jack Daniels vs emperador taxes and inequality (what is imported spirits at time 400p vs 80p) but its across THE BOARD SHUT OUT ALL FOREIGN STUFF …KEEP the Filipino STYLE GOING… and took the matter to the WTO who ruled abyear to change the tax. The tax increase was praised by ratings agencies… Better ratings equal investment gradings equal more money!!!

            The govt on the other hand said sin taxes were for hospitals and health but do you believe that a Filipino politician gives a fuck about his-her fellow country folk

            …lol!!! NOPE

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            It still blows my mind that electronics are way, way more expensive than the U.S. Let me get this straight: an older model television in Manila – imported from Japan – is about 40% more expensive than a similar, newer model television that is sold in the U.S., and is made by the same manufacturer – also imported from Japan. This despite being an older model and transportation is, like, about one fifth the distance. Same thing with computers, phones, or just about any other product.

          5. Profile gravatar of FHPS

            Yea most of the electronics are a model behind for over 6-8 months after the release overseas. The fuckers once they sell you something if it breaks down don’t wanna know OR CARE about customers. They generally couldnt care aless all round as they dont have the demand there for
            1. service
            2. delivering service
            3. an appetite for new products (as no one has money – so it seems)
            so nothing goes no where …

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    Actully if you took out the malls in the cities. What would the cities be like? Theres a lot of dead areas and most of the malls are the same shit – ALL OWNED BY THE SAME BUSINESS
    take cebu. the streets are unwalkable really, theres a lack of pedestrian walks
    there is NO largescale public parkland in the city
    there are no buildings of note – take out churches
    Ayala is ranked on trip advisors #1 thing to do in Cebu .. haha
    the traffic is shit compared with Davao and CDO, Iloilo etc
    theres nothing going for cebu
    theres a complete lack of fresh and imported produce and goods and what comes in is taxed like fucken buggary 40% + VAT
    and whats on offer? MORE FUCKING SHOPPING MALLS
    all offering the same shit (dept store, jollibee, macdo, etc same same same)
    doesnt jollibee own Greenwhich, mang inasal etc
    what i mean is ….
    all the business is the same
    all the business is in the hands of the few – 5%
    95% of filipinos are slaves to 5% of the filipinos
    many of the smart ones – aka BRAIN DRAIN?? 🙂 have fucked off to be OFWs or gotten their lotto ticket eg. green card, citizenship, old fart foreigner ticket etc out of the country

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      “pedestrian walks”? What are those? Why bother? All I see is alternative parking spaces that force pedestrians to walk back out into the streets. If not that, then alternative motorcycle routes that bikers are forced to beep their horns at the pedestrians to get the hell out of their was. Damn, selfish pedestrians, who do they think they are using the sidewalks…..

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Alternate motorcycle routes? You could only be referring to sidewalks. FUCKING MORONS!!!
        Somebody please shoot me in the fucking head.

        1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          Yeah, stupid me thought they were sidewalks, lol. I am anti spiteful, but when they do that I do have an impulse to kick the fucker as he passes.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            YOU stupid KANO don’t you know sidewalks are for single you racist? Go home or we’ll deport you,,,,,, but first leave your money and atm card.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Serious though. I was walking down a street at night facing traffic on a deserted road when I got hit by a single without his headlight on. I was about 6 inches from edge of road and he still hit me. Said asshole then wrecked his single which landed on top of his leg about 10 yards from me. What does he do? Starts talking how he’s gonna kick my ass for causing him to wreck as he tries to get his leg from under the single. At that point I start walking to him and he gets free continuing with the threat, gonna kick my ass. So I merely pull out my lock blade and told him here is how it is, two choices. You get back on that single and go on your way and nothing happened. You come over here and someone is going to the morgue. “SORRY PO, SORRY PO” and beats feet on his single. Yes I would have killed the fucker if he came closer. Fucking moron.

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    Don Quixote

    With regard to NEW APPLIANCES, have you noted THEY only want to sell you the new technology ,
    IT IS NEW SIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHY WOULD YOU WANT OLD SIR ???????????
    Because it fucking works you moron.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Why would you want the latest smartest tv,or computer that only works in Makati.
    Try getting onto the fucking CLOUD in the provinces, yet they only carry that stock for manila and ship whats left to the boondocks, despite the fact it cant work there. BUT SIR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WILL SOON!!!!!!!!!
    DIGITAL, TV TRY AND BUY ANYTHING OTHER THAN THAT., one problem the whole cuntry broadcasts on ANALOGUE aside from a few pockets, our cable TV is still analogue.
    The provider is too cheap to connect to all the digital networks.

    THE ISSUE IS, They want to be seen as HIP and MODERN UP and to DATE , but refuse to do the hard yards to get there, and what ever you do don’t LAUGH at the Vain Narcissistic fucks

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      Wife dragged me off to a store to look at washers. Well they had the filipino “washers”, no, not woman but Maytag and Whirlpool. 50,000 pesos just for a washer that cost maybe $400 in the states. Another favorite is the gun shops. There is a genuine Colt M1911A1 which in the states runs about $700 but in this shit hole it’s $3,700!

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        We used to ”scratch and dent ”’ sales of appliances in north america. Maybe dented from shipping??
        I can feel for you as I am going thru the same ”buying a washer” bullshit now.
        Has anybody had a front loader washing machine here???
        No ,, I do not mean the flipina variety.. lol

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          Yup Al,
          I got one in Australia and one over there. Both are great, and no one will steal it they are fucking heavy as all get out. They have a large slab of cement in the base to counter the centrifugal forces.
          I got at Savers for about A$500 which was on special.

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    In SM I’m looking at baby carriers (the backpack type). The girl reaches up and hands me the most expensive one and proudly proclaims that it is “Made in America”. I’m a typical “American”. I laugh at her. She looks puzzled. I tell her that NOTHING is “Made in America” anymore… that is a MYTH. I then turn the bag upside, and it clearly says “Made in China”. These “sales clerks” in SM are TOTALLY CLUELESS and the “myths” just keep comin’