Show Me Your Orders…

Show me Your Daily Orders…

Some people on this forum come here to vent. I agree with the venting, but their is also some good info being put out on this forum.
Last year I posted a story on the problems I encountered while trying to renew my drivers license (and clear a ticket I had blown off) at the LTO. The comments and other posts/info that other members posted in the next few weeks/months…came in handy today.
So…I was riding my scooter down the road when I ran into a LTO check point (hidden under a shade tree). After showing the LTO guy my drivers license, registration, insurance (all correct).
Me: Sir, May I ask you why I’m being pulled over ???
LTO: Sir, you are wearing the wrong shoes.
Me: What ???
LTO: Sir, It is against the law to ride a moto with Slippers.
Me: What ??? Really ???
LTO: Yes Sir
Me: Can I see the instruction ???
LTO: Reboot Stare (5 seconds)…Just a minute Sir (goes back to his buddies and then digs around in the van)
LTO: Here it is Sir…(beat up old word document).
Me: Ok, Can I see your Daily Orders ???
LTO: Reboot Stare… Just a minute Sir (goes back to buddies/van)
LTO: Here it is Sir.
Me: (after looking at the paper document) Sir, what is today’s date ???
LTO:’s the 14th.
Me: Yes it’s the 14th, but your Daily Orders are marked as the 15th.
LTO: Sir ??? (Blank Stare)…
Me: Aren’t your Daily Orders supposed to be issued with the Correct Date ???
LTO: Uh yes…Sir, but someone made an error on the paper
Me: Are you sure you want to give me a ticket when your Orders are invalid ???
LTO: But Sirrrrrrrrrr…
Long story short… After the other 4 LTO guys came over and gave me the “evil eye”, and me staying calm and sticking to my guns…I was let go..”Sir, make sure you wear the correct shoes next time”…Ok, Thank you, have a nice day officer.
Thank you PFB.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    And that is one way the “upper class” Filipinos/ Chinese stay ahead of the game. They outsmart or “stick to their guns” to win the argument.

    We should have an “it’s certain” section we vote on. One where we all determine what the actual law is and can cite it. Then we print it out and use it later on. My friend found out simply thru doing a little research the BI was incorrect. He went back the next day and reversed their decision. It didn’t do much for him other than a moral victory, but let us know these fucktards dont know what is going on; they just say anything at the moment that sounds true. Show them a little fact and evidence, 90% of the time they will back down. They always have to wait for a decision from Manila.

    1. Profile gravatar of TightWired
      TightWired Post author

      Johnny, I’m sure some people would have just paid a fee to leave…but sometimes I really think you have to make a stand. I think this is what makes me not go 100% pino-ized while living over here.
      I was thinking later about the “wrong date” on the paper. Yes some people forget what day it is (I’ve sometimes forgotten what month it was…LoL), but the cynic in me made me think these guys had received their weekly schedule for the 15th, but…these 4 mental midgets decided since they had official paper work, why not go out on their own and makes some extra money off the books.
      Additionally, when I started asking questions, they didn’t seem very sure of themselves, So i kept pushing them until (like you said) they gave up. Know when to hold them, know when to fold them (as the song goes).
      Oh…I also make sure I took a different route on the way back home…no need to throw gasoline on a fire.

  2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    I got screwed out of my permanent 13a visa by some old battle axe shoving half a piece of paper under my nose,, The changed the rules, we found out later we still had time because on our paper there was no signature and no date when it was to be enforced,,
    They are all liars out to get your money, Double, triple check their lies.

    1. Profile gravatar of TightWired
      TightWired Post author

      These days I try to do a little extra research on the internet before I ever have to do anything Major in this country or back in the real world. Once you start living in this country, it’s probabley impossible not to get screwed over at least once….The times I’ve been taken advantaged of..I call them “learning experiences”. Hopefully I don’t make the same mistakes twice, or they are not too painful.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        To Tightwired.
        Yes,, this was in the BI when I first tried to get my 13a visa.
        They enacted the rule that we had to have a criminal check from our country of origin. But the bitch in the BI office shoved this small paper in front of us saying we needed the criminal check.
        But there was no signatiure or date of implentation.
        Now you do not need a criminal check from your country.
        I went to BI for my annual report in Manila. It was not in the main office, but in a typoe of barn affair complete with tarps for a roof. Only 5 didfferent people to go to,, and a half hour ..
        They even had a tumbuay there with a microphone telling the staff what a fine job they were doing??????

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          There are some of us who need Police Clearances for 13A visas, all Mariners do for some reason I have two ex mariners who in the last twelve months have had to get Federal Police Clearances from Australia. That is just my area of employment so I am aware of it. I wont be getting one in any hurry I leave too many times to pay the exit tax would be uneconomic. So no value to me.

  3. Profile gravatar of Don Papa
    Don Papa

    great quick-thinking.
    usually drivers just give them 100pesos to let them go (to save time) and those LTO shit will go look for another victim
    to finance their “meryenda”. i always wish these LTO animals to have a very special place in Hell waiting for them.