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    Lol! So funny in this early morning when I have a cold. Sucks to be sick while on holidays. I must have picked this bug from the taxi driver who tòok us to the airport yesterday. While driving, he was making this loud, expectorating sound as if trying to empty his lungs, then wind the window down and out it goes, like a projectile missile that would put the Taliban’s rocket launchers to shame. FUCKING YUK!!!

    Have to find something to match the above Rott. 🙂

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      “FUCKING YUK”. I never have gotten use to the way woman spit here. Way worse than even when I was a teenage boy, and even than we knew it wasn’t acceptable in public.

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        Neighbor still has not moved out. Comes and goes all hours of the night and slams front door when coming or going. Then to top it off every time passes my window he clears mucus and spits as walks to his apt.

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    Ya Sarah it really is disgusting. Every time they get out of a vehicle or a door first thing they have to do is spit. It really is disgusting and pisses me off. Everywhere on the ground is spit, even the women do it. National habit! I drive a motor and sometimes the guy in front spits and guess where the spray goes. Dirty fuckers!

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      Don Quixote

      And then they wonder why everyone suffers from colds and flu , and pneumonia kills more people in the Philippines than anything else. its almost a pandemic.
      STOP FUCKING SPITTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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        Yes, and our country is flooded with these morons,,, How they manage to migrate to the coldest part of the world, i will never know.
        Spitting and coughing all over the place, Hopefully their flat noses will fall off.
        Container Al

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        I was in a 130 man camp in PNG, where there were wash basins outside of the kitchens and dining halls.
        If you did not wash your hands real good,, you were not allowed in to eat.
        Also they banned betel nut,, the ossie nurse would go nuts if she seen gobs of betel nut juice anywhere..
        She would go nuts here!!

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      “…sometimes the guy in front spits and guess where the spray goes.”

      I’ve experienced this multiple times while riding the jeepneys. It’s usually the drivers that do it, but sometimes the passengers will too.

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    There are always erections going on in that poor-excuse-for-a-country. And any time one of them has an erection, they need to find a hole to stick it in. That is why there are over 100 million of those vermin. Sigh….

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    They put these signs up where I live too every time my kitchen lights go out or there is a storm.

    You know they FIlo saying? “Every time there’s a storm, someone gets pregnant!”