Sinulog Cebu 2016: Let The Rubbish And Stampede Begin!

Stampede at Sinulog one day? – just wait it is possible.
More rubbish into the environment – yes
More pollution of the oceans – yes

As we come up to 2016 and the approaching Sinulog 2016 there are some things that leave me uneasy.  I’ve often thought that there will be a bad, bad stampede of people of Mecca style stamped proportions one day.  The flow of people at Sinulog by day has been getting better in the years but at night, its mad … and I mean, there are some streets where it is an uncontrolled crush and the police sinulog stampede crush of people 2015 crowds expected at Sinulog cebuare just standing by watching people pushing from behind.  I have seen the crush push people over a peanut vendors bike, totally buckling it.

This is a heads up that you don’t direct foot traffic to areas where you have 4 way directions converging in behind Mango Square at night.  All you need is a fight or gunshot and thats it.  The crowd will stampede.

Not concerned?

Mini Stampedes have happened in the past – In 2007 and here

and there is concern to be worried about drunk filipinos and guns – there were shoot outs at after parties in previous years.

ffThe church will not dirct its followers and the Cebu City will allow balloons galore to be let off into the air to no doubt land in the ocean for marine creatures to eat.

I went once to a Fluvial Parade which is where the Sto. Nino is bought in by boat.  What shocked me but was of no surprise as Filipino’s don’t cherish the gifts god gave them was the amount of rubbish being dumped on the beach! It was disgusting.  Vendors were going around selling drinks in small plastic bags and straws, food, chip wrappers and more and there were no rubbish bins.  What is wrong with these people?  Are they really thanking god for the gifts or the being greedy fucking pigs they are and asking for more gifts.  People have no shame in dropping their rubbish on the ground at the same time saying thanks to the Lord?

If the church wants to do something positive;

  • Better streaming of crowd flow needs to happen at night especially in the areas behind Mango Square – not just during the day time.
  • Push a ban on balloons being let off from Sto. Nino Bascillica on the main mass day of Sinulog.  The church needs to lead by example.  They show no care when it comes to environmental matters.
  • The Department of Environment needs to crack down on Fluvial Parades.  Nothing is being done about the rubbish from hundreds of people attending events all around Cebu in the leadup to the Grand Sinulog festival in Cebu City itself.
  • Theres not much you can do about the stupidity of Filipino’s and how they care little for the environment at Fluvial Parades.  As they say “you can’t legislate against stupid” but if Fluvial Parades are held they need to have clean up systems in place.  Compulsory.

Filipino’s have no intelligence when it comes to the environment.

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    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      Yes, us seal bashers will forever remembered by the trash and Justin Beiber
      But I wonder why anybody in the flipland would import trash… ???
      Any way, i am ok, ( as much as it is possible to be ok in this country) in Manila>
      Pre acher Al

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          To Wombat
          Yes, Beiber is a special case. I have had Chinese people ask me about Beiber???? And our Pm Justin Trudeau is another leftie. I bet he did not ask about the 2 Canucks that are kidnapped in the south feelippines. Too busy taking selfies and running from these women.
          They did not know anything else about the Great White North,, just this idiot.
          Preacher Al

    2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      @phildoh even the election posters had aquino walking along a trash filled beach. It’s a natural part of Filipino life, something they like to go on about the “basura” and the trash .. trash is to filipinos what filipino food is to filipinos – the two are part of Filipino culture.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        They would rather have trash and junk in the house than have food!!!!!! These flipinas must have terrific orgasms when they go past the plastic bag section of a shopping mall. They can collect bags and bags full of plastic bags..

  1. Profile gravatar of FilamboredinthePH

    I went last year because I had a friend whose apartment right at Osmena circle was just too convenient too pass up. The crush is real. By Mango square I started to feel the fluid dynamics that huge crowds experience once the density hits a critical point. It’s fucking scary because even with my 6′ 200lb frame, I’d still be crushed like a twig and die on my two feet if it were to reach panic level. See last years Shanghai crush and this years Mecca disaster for reference.

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      @filamboredintheph yep… im a big guy but the weight of people pushing behind (most drung) at night could not stop. people were having breathing issues. As i said … the street met 4 ways … all the people were pushing in and over eg. the street vendors cart. you just need someone to trip.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
        FHPS Post author

        it gets to a point your not walking. those around you are pinning you up and basically you are in the “flow” uncontrolled.

  2. Profile gravatar of FHPS
    FHPS Post author

    The rubbish of hundreds of people on the beach I went too was disgusting. Chip and food wrappers evrywhere.

    back to action + reaction
    im unique.
    what do i mean by that?

    well, as you know Filipinos dont know what the consqences are of their actions.
    they think theyre the only ones some time in this planet
    so thy think …its just a bit of paper, wrapper …what the hell and dont care (or have an idea of what the consequence is)
    try asking about eating PORK FAT on the heart = no idea of consequence.
    throwing garbage on the ground at the beach they just said “wow, so clean here” = no idea of consequence.

    Theres no logic in a filipinos mind.
    maybe thats why they use calculators frequently because they cannot calculate the RESULT of the actions.

  3. Profile gravatar of 86andBelow

    Oh you guys are fools. Don’t you know that leadership in the area of the environment has been guided by Miss Earth 2014 and Miss Earth 2015? Both Failipinas. Now I’m sure they made quantum leaps in saving the earth…..

    Only today I saw on the news that Beijing smog was at the highest hazardous level ever….oops, that’s not a good example, but surely it can only get better and at least they didn’t measure levels in Manila – the PM 2.5 levels are crazy…..
    From DENR
    Air pollution in Metro Manila reached “dangerous levels” at the height of the celebration welcoming the New Year, prompting the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to ask Congress to pass stricter laws regulating the use of firecrackers and fireworks.

    DENR Secretary Ramon J.P. Paje said it is about time lawmakers review Republic Act No. 7183, or the law regulating the sale, manufacture, distribution and use of firecrackers; and make it consistent with the Philippine Clean Air Act, which aims to protect Filipinos from harmful effects of air pollution.

    He added that a law banning firecrackers would prevent air pollution to reach levels considered as hazardous to human health and the environment during New Year revelry.

    “The air pollution data we have gathered through the years already beg for a radical solution, and I believe Congress can provide for that,” Paje said, noting that air pollution in Metro Manila gets worse during New Year celebrations and this is due to firecrackers and fireworks set off by residents.

    Initial readings from air quality monitoring stations across Metro Manila suggested that Thursday’s pollution has soared to hazard levels, according to a report by the DENR’s Environmental Management Bureau (EMB).

    Results obtained from a monitoring station in Marikina City showed that PM 10 with diameter of 10 micrometers or less was measured at 1,988 micrograms per normal cubic meter from 12 midnight to 1 a.m. of January 1, 2015, from a low of 35 recorded at 7 a.m. on December 31, 2014.

    From the same monitoring station during the same period, the PM 2.5 with diameter of 2.5 micrometers or less was measured at 1,978 from 36.

    Among the monitoring stations that readily had results, the one located in Las Pinas recorded the highest PM 10 reading at 2,000, while its PM2.5 was 1,342.

    The National Ambient Guideline Value for PM10 is 60 microgram per normal cubic meter and PM2.5 is 35.

    Paje warned that once inhaled, these tiny particles can cause respiratory infections, as well as increased mortality from lung cancer and heart disease.

    Based on the standards set by the World Health Organization, air is unhealthy above 100 micrograms. At 300, all children and the elderly should remain indoors.

    The PM 10 readings from other monitoring stations are as follows: Navotas, 360; Commonwealth-Quezon City, 359; Malabon, 276; De La Salle Taft-Manila, 195; and Valenzuela City, 196.

    The PM2.5 readings are Navotas, 295; Commonwealth-Quezon City, 349; Malabon, 236; De La Salle Taft-Manila, 123 and Valenzuela City, 166. ###

    And here are the lovely ladies. Jacques Cousteau couldn’t be prouder.

  4. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Oh boy ,, we are save because 2 flipinas have won a beauty contest???? I do not see how these contests survive?? Everything else has been banned and made illegal, why not these rows of ho’s????? Beauty contests belong in another era.
    major, major Al

  5. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    “In this effort no one is exempt, all must contribute.”
    That is what Aquino told the leaders at the Paris Climate Change meeting. And he did it with a straight face too!

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      You have to understand Filipino it is a unique language.
      You forget they only hear what they want to and never hear what they don’t.
      So look at what Pinoy said as a Filipino, !!!!
      That’s all he meant

  6. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Yes,, all the corrupt 3rd world bosses are at that conference begging for money,, and our lefties will give it to them. Obama has climate change for his legacy,, more like flavor of the month or a fad…

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Anyone in charge of distributing money needs to check out the countries first, and not on some APEC tour. Just google some pics of the Philippines or take a look at ANY city or ANY waterway. Not to mention everything on a city street has a film of carbon covering it. The place is an environmental disaster and I wonder how someone like Aquino can stand up there and actually say, “In this effort no one is exempt, all must contribute.”
      Whether climate change is real or not is another topic to me. Filipinos sure do believe it, but would still happily contribute to it. Not to mention throwing your trash everywhere just looks awful and has damage on the local environment.
      They believe in climate change if they get something out of it, but not if they actually have to make the smallest sacrifices.

  7. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Its all about the MONEY HONEY, you would not hear shit about climate change except they want to TAX AIR and WATER.
    REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH, that’s what it is all about, nothing else.
    For fuck sake CHINA is on the list of Developing Nations so fucking exempt.
    Canada and Australia have donated 3.5 Billion dollars to a global fund to help poor nations (China ) clean up their act.
    The Politicians want to write the cheques they have to get the money. somewhere so TAX AIR and WATER
    The only reason Pinoy was there was to get his greedy fingers on the money honey.
    Tax renewable Energy build Coal Power Stations , where exactly are the flips doing anything except wiggling the fucking fingers.

  8. Profile gravatar of

    @Don Quixote

    The whole thing about the climate change is a big misunderstanding.

    Recently in Poland some coil mines got closed because of the EU. “Ein Reich, Ein Volk Ein…”. But again why should the devoloped countries think about all the shit countries that not spending one cent on climate change even its them that are in the risk.

  9. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
    Random Numbers

    Yeah, having China listed on the exempt developing countries list is ridiculous! They use 50+ year old technology because it’s cheaper, but it’s much more polluting, but they get a pass because the tyrants have kept the people poor for decades? Give me a break!

  10. Profile gravatar of

    I wouldn’t be so sceptical about c.c. if Al Gore didn’t have large majority shares in the 2 biggest carbon trading companies in the world. That’s what I call an inconvenient truth!