Sir, We Don’t Have

So, I return to the P.I. after a seven year absence.  Now, in Baguio, I have to supply all the necessities for a household.  Yesterday, I bought a heater (it gets chilly in Baguio).  I go to SM Mall and the SM electronics store.  This small electronics only store is staffed with over a dozen employees (practically falling over each other).  I ask for a “heater” and the clerk takes me to the hot-water heaters (behind glass cabinets).  I say no, I want a heater.  I am then taken to another glass cabinet where some sort of “hot-air” cooking devices are located.  Again I say no, I want a fan-heater.  By this time, I’m surrounded by three clerks.  The girl “salesperson” says “sir, we don’t have” and then the clerks literally “disappear” like roaches and I’m left to my own to hunt down a room heater.  Within a half-minute, I have located two room heaters… right there in plain sight, on display.  So, just to “test”, I stop a clerk and point to the device and ask him what it is.  He answers correctly “it’s a heater”.  I scan the place, looking for my former “helpers” and they are nowhere to be found!  I see that I will not be able to “teach” these “salespeople” what a heater looks like as they are obviously avoiding me.  So, I just ask the clerk to get me one from stock, I buy it, and am on my way.

It is obvious that these “clerks” simply do not want to deal with “foreigners”, especially if they look like “Americans”.  It’s easier just to say “sir, we don’t have” and then vanish.

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    Captain PFB

    I can’t fucking stand this sache shit instant coffee everyone drinks around here. You know, that 3 in 1 CRAP that has so much fucking sugar in it I could puke. I like to buy dark roasted coffee beans whole, grind them just before using, and make a pot of coffee each morning.

    “Gosh Filo, what the fuck does that have to do with this post?” I’m getting to that, just bare with me.

    I cannot find a single native coffee bean in Cebu. When I moved here, I asked around so many places. They don’t even know what the fuck a coffee bean is in Cebu! I ask for coffee beans, they take me to the sache 3 in 1 shit that tastes like hot melted ice cream.

    So for the past years, I have had my native coffee beans imported from Bacolod City each month by a relative of my partner who goes there each month. But one day, I’m out on a nice walk around the city, and I see a sign on a building that reads “Fresh Roasted Batangas Coffee Beans For Sale” and it shows a phone number to call. First time since moving to Cebu that I have ever seen any hint of anything remotely having to do with coffee beans. (Yeah I know there’s Starbucks and other chain coffee places that sell the beans, but at ridiculous prices for like 1/4 kilo. For 180p I can get a whole kilo of beans from Bacolod City, and it tastes BETTER than Starbucks!

    I call the number, and ask them the price, and where I can go to buy some. “I’m sorry sir, I don’t have. I will have to call and see if any are available to ship to me.”


    How typically Filipino to open a business and not have anything to sell. They don’t know the first thing about business. Just more mind boggling filipino stupidity!

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      Pinay Lover

      What I don’t understand is the OFW’s here, including my wife, who have a plethora of good food to eat and great coffee to drink which you speak of, but yet they still eat and drink the same SHIT they ate in the Philippines. They bring their bad eating habits here and good luck changing them. I had my wife on page with me eating all great organic food, drinking good quality juice, pure water and if she had pop, it was the stuff made with good ingredients, not commercial crap like Coke, Pepsi, etc. Well, over time she gradually steered back into her old habits and now we don’t even shop for the same food anymore. I go to my section and she goes to her low grade crap food section full of MSG. I’ve told her countless time’s anything with MSG should not be in the house, because you will eventually influence our son to eat that crap, but I’ve given the fuck up. I can’t keep monitoring her like a child anymore. There’s only so much you can teach a Filipino and if they just keep wanting to do the same stupid mistakes over and over, it’s useless for me to get stressed out about it and try and change it.

      There is the odd decent food I see my wife eat, but most of it is crappy Filipino food. But hey! Guess what! She at least drinks really good coffee! I’ve shown her the process for that and how beans are freshest and tastiest! But of course guess what she does with it? Pours a crap load of that flavored creme in there and completely spoils the organic taste of coffee.

      I know the argument for many Filipino’s would be “it’s our culture, that’s what we eat”, but they are just bullshit artists. In my 20s I used to eat out, eat a lot of crap, but now I eat good wholesome produce and well raised meat. I made the conscious decision to change my eating habits and I didn’t like it at first, but I got used to it. As for the typical Filipino, they can not adapt to change.

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        Maybe that,s whats wrong with the Philippines, too much excitotoxins in their food causing brain damage over the long term.

        Seriously, feeding your infant instant noodles?
        Fried Vienna sausage for breakfast?
        A literal bag of pure MSG sitting next to the stove?

        Yup, I think we may have found the culprit. lol

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          A typical breakfast at my ass hole Uncle’s place: fried dried fish, fried hot dog, fried rice, fried egg and 3 in 1 Kopiko.

          Lunch: lechon baboy, rice., coke

          Dinner: lechon chicken, rice, coke

          Me: Errr, Uncle, where’s the vegatables?
          Uncle: Don’t be silly, vegetables are for the poor! we are not poor, therefore we don’t eat vegetables!

          And he wonders why he and his wife are hypertensives and fat, needing 2 types of anti hypertensive medications. And he himself has been diagnosed as having “fatty liver!”.
          And yes, all meals were laced with MSGs.

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            Sarah… That made me laugh. I think we all have sat through that at one meal or another.

            You know it’s bad when you are in a hospital after surgery and are told you must be on a special diet for a few days. A special diet of non fat or low fat foods, only to have the hospital prepare and deliver your meal of two fried eggs and two fried hot dogs.
            lunch: Fried luncheon meat and rice.
            Dinner: fried fish, and rice. that or Adobo marinating in half inch of oil and fat.

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            You know you are done for when thinking hurts.

            Look, lets face it Pinay Lover, they simply don’t have time to worry about those crazy things.

            Didn’t you hear, some telenovella celeb is in a love triangle with Ding Ding Dantez! (Suppresses laughter) …

            Young women need to take photos of their food and their stick selfies.
            Young men need to take pictures of them drinking with friends and wearing cute bow ties and lenses glasses, and skinny jeans.

            Old folks need to get on facebook and flood the fuck out of the internet with farmville requests and inspirational quotes about whatever…..

            You and your crazy kooky ideas about dangerous food, what’s wrong with you, are you some kind of conspiracy theorist or something?

            Relax, pop open a can of diabetes water.. I mean Coke Zero, kick back and chow down on a nice big plate of deep fried CDO brand corned beef and half a kilo of white rice.

            After all, It’s more fun in the Philippines, can’t you tell?

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            You’ll love this one though not about filipinos. I was in the navy from 1981 to 1989 and on my first ship we had an E-4 we nicknamed Andy. Well Andy would walk down the mail deck, passageway or where ever, stop and just start laughing out loud. Andy wore rose colored John Lennon style glasses and had several tattoos one of which was a tongue sticking out with a Quaalude on it.

            Here are a couple of “Andy” moments.

            Our division had an off base party once and Andy rode his motorcycle to it. When the party was over (no more beer) some of us piled in the back of a pick up and headed back to base with Andy following on his bike about 10 feet behind. Well one of the guys in the bed of the truck gets sick and leans over the tail gate and lets loose the stream. What does Andy do? Nothing! Does not pass, move, slow down just keeps on going while getting a shower head to toe.

            The other. On certain holidays the cooks would serve steak and lobster for dinner and this was one such day. I’m sitting on the mess decks eating with some of the guys when Andy sets his tray down across from me and starts eating but does not touch his lobster when he gets up to leave. Here is the conversation Andy had with one of the guys at the table while Andy is standing up to leave:

            Guy: You leaving Andy?

            Andy: Yes.

            Guy: What about your lobster?

            Andy: What about it?

            Guy: You gonna eat it ?

            Andy: No

            Guy: Why not? Don’t you know it’s brain food and helps you think?

            Andy stands their starring at the lobster for about a minute.

            Andy: I do all the thinking I can handle.

            Guy: Can I have it then?

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            I don’t know why but every branch has an ANDY. LOL

            When I was in the Army, I had two in my company and was was in my platoon. His name was Hancock, and I honestly am not sure how he managed to get into the army. Shit is weird during war time, they let anyone in.

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            “relax, pop open a can of diabetes water.. I mean Coke Zero, kick back and chow down on a nice big plate of deep fried CDO brand corned beef and half a kilo of white rice.”

            Pinoys always think that candies cause diabetes. DUH! When will their government educate their people about proper and healthy diets? That high fat, high sugar, high salt, all processed rice and bread and widespread use of MSGs that are causing them to drop dead like flies?

            I’ve had a few Pinay friends whose mothers in the Philippines were diabetics. Are they compliant with diet restrictions? NOOOO! The Pinoy diabetics are the dietician’s and diabetic educator nightmare! I guess they don’t get educated enough or they are too stupid to understand the consequences of their indulgences.

            Two years ago, had a Pinay came and approach my Aunt in the province to convince me to lend them money using their house in the province as collateral. Turned out the Pinay’s mother was diabetic, but totally uncompliant with diet restrictions. Needless to say, she was in and out of hospital for hyperglycaemia.

            At the time they approached me, their mother had only been out of hospital for two weeks. Oh, it’s OK. They have a sister in the US who’s paying the bill. Poor sister. She must be tearing her hair out. She’s barely paid off for the last hospital bill and here comes another. And because she’s the only one abroad, she gets dumped with all the costs of medical emergencies.

            Oh, I did not accept the house and told them to borrow money from someone else because I don’t lived there. I was only on holidays.

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        We always wondered how the recruiter slipped Andy past the medical exams and managed to get promoted to E-5. He was a boatswainmate which is not a high score ASVAB test score pretty decent guy though and knew his shit about his job. Just a slow thought process.

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        Yup, I was in the Army in 2006-09 so we could reference windows software.
        The guy I’m talking about would actually stop and process information like a program loading.
        We called him windows 95.

        He was my room mate also and my responsibility to make sure I told him how to clean his side of the room, how to fix his uniform, and just general how to live basically.

        One time he ran out of toilet paper, walked out onto the balcony shitty assed ,pants around ankles yelling down to see if anyone had an toilet paper.

        Nice timing for a Sgt Major to walk by got damn it!

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        I go to the website a lot. Well the other day there was an article about a retired navy guy whos retirement got stopped because he was dead. Well VA messed up the SSN that caused it. He now has it back. But In the article, you’ll like this. He retired after 20 years in the navy at the rank of E-5! Twenty years in and he only makes E-5? What’s wrong with that picture?

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        If you are in the service and after 20 years you are only an E-5, you are either a shitbag ate up soup sandwich, or you got demoted.

        I mean how bad do you have to screw up to NOT make it passed E-5?
        I know in the Army, you don’t have a choice really. They have an opening they will fill it with you and off to BNOC you go.

        When I see a someone who is 20 years in and lower than at least Staff Sgt, I have to wonder what they did. In the Army, after E-7 everything starts to get a little political naturally. But still, seems like it would be hard to not get a higher rank. I mean you keep re-upping, but don’t want to take the effort to get promoted?

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        I was a gunnersmate in the navy and my last ship was a battleship where I was assigned to a 16″50′ gun (instant hard on!!!). Well the ship one day held a dependents cruise where we bring family and guest and go to sea for about 3 or 4 hours. Well I took my wife at the time and we are leaning on the railing about a twin 5″ 32′ gun mount just talking. Well and officer comes up and stands close by with his woman and tries to impress her while making the enlisted gunnersmate look stupid.

        Brass: Those there are the twin 16 inch gun mounts.

        His woman gets the impressed looked on her face, how smart my officer is kinda look.

        I just looked at my wife and told her:

        Those are twin mount 5″ 32 gun mounts. They take a separate charge with the projectile weighing 32 pounds and a range of 15 miles. The 16 inch guns are the BIG on the front part and rear of the ship. Come on I’ll show you where I work in turret 3.


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        It’s exactly the same story here. We can have many different bee honeys, organic jamsmade home, breads, differents meats (calf, high quality beefs, sheeps, chickens in many sizes) & my wife still stuck to peanut butter & allways the same saussages with filippino sauces she bring back or ask to friends coming to pi.
        There is no way for them to change and try to discover something. The opposite of me, when i am abroad im still exited to discover new dishes.
        And impossible for them to eat at steady time like us, allways need to eat before or after.

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        Speaking of crappy food and tv got me to thinking. Remember back in the 1980s or 1990 McDonalds cam out with the McRib that tasted worse than shit and a major flop? Well I saw McDonalds commercial on the idiot box where they brought McRib to the philippines. Now I’m watching to see if it is a major flop here or if the filipinos eat it up. If the latter then says a lot about their taste.

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    Say whaaat?
    Are you telling me you don’t like that Nescafe “Brown’n’ Creamy”.
    Or the Kopiko 3in1?


    Not only does that shit taste like pure chemicals and sugar, it has literally zero effect on my ability to stay alert.
    One of the first things I wanted to do upon going to the Philippines was buy a coffee grinder.

    But like you, I could not find decent beans anywhere. I resorted to having imported beans from Vietnam.
    They seem to always have a stock of what I need.

    On a similar note to things always being out of stock, what is with Filipinos never maintaining a proper website?

    On several occasions I have visited a web site for a business where I could see merchandise, I would then attempt to go there to the store and get the product at which time I was told that they don’t carry such a product.

    Seriously wtf?

    I would ask, ” Why are you showing the product if you don’t carry it?… It is on your web site.”

    Blank stare….. @___________@

    “Sirrr, please check our pacebook page, et es up to date I tink.”

    So I see that the only way a Filipiino can be industrious is to ride the tails of someone else. In this case it’s facebook, where you essentially get a quick and free website built.

    While I can kind of see the novelty in it, I find it highly unprofessional.
    I don’t want to shop around your facebook store sifting through inspirational quotes, pictures of mother fuckers doing Zumba or whatever its called and your “currently” available stock of merchandise, mixed in with pictures of city buffet dinning.

    Just create a decent online store for Christ’s sake, how hard is that? Just show your available stock, no posting of your selfies on a stick.
    Just an easy to maintain up to date website, something you can take pride in as a business owner. Take …LEGIT… pride in knowing that not only do you run a decent store, you also make sure customers can shop with ease and satisfaction. I know, I know,,, Customer care and satisfaction do not register in the Philippines.

    I feel that even if you offered a web site, most would be too lazy to look, simply because facebook is so much more convenient to the habitually narcissistic.

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      Captain PFB

      No common-fucking-sense

      I think that, in a nutshell, can summarize Philippines’ problems.

      Not a milligram, not a shred of common-god-damned-mutha-fuckin’-sense

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    I’ve given up looking for freshly brewed coffee in most large department stores (think SM, Ayala). I’m sick and tired of being met with a blank stare every time I ask for “percolated coffee”. Anyone know the Tagalog or Visayan for Percolated coffee??

    Maybe these Filipinos don’t really know what Percolated or brewed coffee is.

    Failing to find real good freshly brewed coffee, try finding a hot cup of tea…. as rare as hens’ teeth in most places I’ve been to. In Oz, even the lowly Mc Donalds sells tea. Try McDonald’s in the Philippines. Soft drinks and anything sweet including that disgusting 3 in 1 instant shit they call coffee are available. Hot tea? “sorry Ma’am we don’t have”. One time I told the waitress “you have a lot of tourists from Tea-drinking countries who visits your town, and yet you don’t sell tea?”. Blank stare, couldn’t care less shrug. I supposed if you’re on a 3 month contract only, with the uncertainty of getting your contract renewed, you probably won’t care if your boss’ business makes money.

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    i buy coffee beans at SM MOA<< they even have a coffee grinder there,, but i bought my own small coffee grinder,,
    I have a regular coffee maker with a pot inside of it to put the greounds and i trained my chimosa maid to boil it for me….
    shoot me dead al

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    My wife was sitting in the living room while I was in the bedroom reading a book when I heard her talking to a strange male voice in the dialect so I’m thinking what the hell! Is he trying to steal my wife? Hold on while I pack her bags. Well turns out in our apt complex we have two Americans, a Swede and part time Korean. Well the Swede owns a resort somewhere and sells meats.

    So into the living room I go and my wife is looking at a flyer with a list of imported meats and says she found good source to get me good quality meats so I look at the flyer. Hungarian sausage, cold cuts, bratwurst, bacon and the likes, my mouth starts to water just reading the list as I’m sure yours is starting to also. Well on the flyer is the website address that says refer to the website for more products and the prices. Off to the laptop faster than a filipino who sees free food!! Pull up the website and what do I read before my very eyes! The “imported” meats are processed right in and shipped from Metro Manila!! The picture showed a very, very clean processing area with filipino workers wearing hairnets, white outfits, face masks.

    My bat alert antenna has red lined!! What does the filipino tell my wife? The meat is imported from Western countries and processed fresh here. I don’t recall the name of the company but will ask my wife when she returns and post it here to see if anyone knows the company.

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus


      Anytime I hear “Imported meats” I hit the eject button as fast as possible.
      I have learned my lesson with that, though you may have better luck than I did.

      To me that ranks up there with the beef section at SM wherein you read, “Australian beef”.
      Now, to the untrained expat, this may seem like the eureka moment for your beef search. I mean, Aussies no beef right, I mean they are basically TEXAS down under and I should know, Im a Texan!

      It is quite a bit more expensive than the shoe leather beef sitting next to it in the case ,that was home grown in the Philippines. So you decide to go ahead and drop the 750 peso per kilo.

      Get home mouth watering and what do you get? ………..750 pesos worth of non edible shoe leather!!

      So that sucks.

      Oh and about SM, WTF is with these people and their unwillingness to cut meat n the slicer that is sitting right behind them?
      God help you if you need something specifically cut to chewable levels. They will flat out refuse to cut any meat on the slicer you can just suck it!..

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    Last month my wife got tired of me not leaving the house for a while and decided we were going out to eat and she takes me to this steak house. Well you know what I was thinking, same thing you are now. So we get there and I’m given the menu, imported steaks!!! Ribeyes, Porterhouse, TBone, Filet Mignon!! So naturally I’m a little shy about all of this but order anyway. So the waiter takes my order and comes back to show me the steaks still in the wrapper!

    I pick one and he asks how I would like it cooked “Medium” says I. Now you are gonna be shocked over this but as we use to say in the navy “I shit you not”

    My steak comes to the table and with it the A-1 and Worcestershire sauce and not the cheap ones either, The real thing!!. So up comes the fork and steak knife, mouth prepared for major disappointment. NOT SO I ASSURE YOU!!! The steak was well cooked and very juicy and tender! It even came with mashed taters and veggies. Only missing was the dinner roll.

    After we left my wife asked me how the steak was and told her great. She said glad I enjoyed it then said my meal alone came to 2,000 pesos. She did not say that to rub it in. Said she thought I needed to get out of the house and get food I was use to. So two scores in one night. A GREAT steak and she paid for it!! Some people who owed her money paid up. Would I eat there again? Hell yes!!

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      Well, it took me years before I found a legit place to eat steak.
      Originally had lived in the provincial areas for a good 7 years before I moved to Manila.

      When I finally moved to Manila and met my current Girl friend, we started going out all the time.
      I am one of those cheap bastards you sometimes hear about. I see something and even if I have the money I can’t seem to justify getting it.

      Went to TGI fridays a all the time and I heard their steaks were “ok”, I personally wouldn’t drop 2500 on a 16oz rib eye in the Philippines in a chain restaurant though I was tempted, so I normally got nachos.

      I was in Trinoma mall in Manila, they have this place on the top floor called “The Chop House” I believe.
      It was kind of like what you are talking about, I was expecting shit and was surprised at what I got.
      Like you everything came with it. I felt like a king, and it was well worth the money, well worth it!

      Now, regarding steaks in non chain restaurants, I hear it can be hit or miss, with you sometimes getting a great steak and other times not so much. Granted I don’t expect them to open a Smith & Wollensky’s anytime soon but if they did and I was there, I would go broke looking for a good steak.

      I hear some hotels have decent to great steaks. Might check around if you haven’t already.
      Also there is an Outback steak house around Manila somewhere I went once, but I didn’t order steak so I can’t speak on it, if it’s still there might be worth a gander.

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        Wife and I went to Cebu one time and while there went to Ayala mall as had to find someplace to fix my watch. Sorry, I’m not about to trust the sidewalk repairmen even if the sign says they fix Rolex and other Swiss watches. No, they are keeping their dicks kinners off my discontinued genuine Swiss made watch. Ayala was only place that had an authorized repair shop so in I go, yes they can repair it but have to order a part. Ok, do it. So we walk around the mall and what do my eyes set upon? a TGIF!! All my wife ever had along the line of burgers was Jollibee or Mickey Ds. Then and there she had her first REAL hamburger.

      2. Profile gravatar of Mike

        That’s what I got. So first time your girl saw that you got the same thing I did most likely, “It’ll make you drunk.”

      3. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        I loved the Outback in Manila (Ayala) the first time I went in 2008, the prime rib and the rest was just as good as the very best Outbacks in the U.S. Last time I went was 2013, and it will be the last time I will ever waste my time going there.

    2. Profile gravatar of ANYAN??PENGE

      Mike, lucky you. While I was in Bohol (Tagbilaran), I ordered a well done steak. To my sheer surprise, my order was served within 5 minutes. I was given 2cm x 4cm x 5mm pieces of meat with lots of curry!! I refused to accept it but….honeeeeey, this is what they serve when you order a steak was a whisper from my GF…..grrrrrrrrrrrr hate these idiots.

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    i see thehy hhave angus beef steak in hypermart in moa,,,,1000 pesos a kilo frozen to boot,,! But it does have good marbling,,!,,which should be tasty
    Chickken rice,!,,,i hate chicken,,, i worked at the same place insaudi for 14 years,,!chicken and rice 3 x day,,,,!,,and mayo with hamburgerw,!, i dont if the cookks sent th3e cooking oil to the cat motorsor the mechanic sent the used oil to the kitchen?,!!!!!!
    Shoot me deader than a door nail

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    beameup Post author

    “Sir, We Don’t Have” Update
    So, I return to the SM Appliance store and complain to the head supervisor. She tells me that I must call it a “room heater”. I check my receipt, and it says “heater fan”, which is exactly what I asked for!

    I understand that these “uniformed” clerks are only hired for 6 months at a time, so the employer will not have to pay into their Social Security. They simply don’t care anything about “service”.

  9. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    SM is worth billions of pesos… Before, industries tried to keep their employees on the job all the time…The employees would SAVE the compnies money by knowing how to do the job,,,
    Not now, for the sake of a few pennies,,,,They work them 4 hours a day.. part time employment.

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    If Filipinos eat so much C.R.A.P (C= Carbonated drinks; R= Refined sugars; A= Alcohol; P= Processed Foods), no wonder why they are all suffer of diabetes…and are on the shoulders of the national health services of the countries where they are OFWs…

  11. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    I enjoy weiners and hot dog buns in my hoeeme country.
    Here you can see the dyes and msg oozing out of the weiner,,,,heart attack city???!!!

  12. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Theyre OUT OF STOCK for a reason. The business in the Philippines wants to pay nothing. They are some of the stingiest businesses i have seen. SM gets its goods on consignment. Therefore the stock item that you are seeing is out of stock and they order it from the supplier. Mr SM himself don’t want his money tied up in loads and loads of inventory sitting there. The other thing mr SM don’t outlay anything for staff. They pay to work there. They have to self fund all their own uniform, NBI clearance down to even a gate pass! yes, the company provides nothing and at the end of the year or whenever deduct any of the stock losses aka theft from the staff wages as well.

    Visitors to the PH will encounter classic cases of “wanna be” businesses operating like a cafe i went to and they said sorry sir we have no bread (for sandwhiches) … but wait :), would you care to have buns instead of bread? hungry for a dollar im sure the owner ran up and down the street and came back to me after some minutes and said “sorry the burger shop doesnt have buns”. Lol.

    Speaking of eating establishments i’ve turned up to places and over simple buns at a burger shop, theyve said “sorry sir, we have no burgers because we have no buns” so what do these staff do, yes, sleep on the floor and wait for someone who will be in authority to buy buns to turn up! – HOW THE FUCK DO THEY EXPECT TO GET OUT OF THE SITUATION THEYRE IN?

    My friend went to a restaurant and found a hair ball in his soup. Like wtf? The staff couldnt give a shit (a widely held attitude in the Philippines aka ‘ dont like it leave’) .. and he descided to walk out pissed the guard stopped him and said “you have to pay sir” lol .. thats known as TRADITIONAL FILIPINO SERVICE – CUSTOMER COMES LAST!

    1. Profile gravatar of Beavis

      Yeah, I had an experience exactly like that at Divine Sweets. Ordered a waffle that cost about 300 – not cheap at all – and when i got about halfway done there was a long hair embedded in it. Showed it to the waitress and she discussed it with someone, came back and said oh it’s animal hair and not human hair, so not our fault and you eat it. Oh, I see. Animal hair makes all the difference and I should eat animal hair. Nothing is ever their fault, and they will never, ever admit to a mistake.

      Well, as I regret now I did pay. I feel like a wimp for allowing them to treat me like that. But I have learned from that experience and next time something like that happens, I will just walk out without discussion. They might not even notice until it’s too late, and even if they do notice I will just say, try and stop me. Betcha they won’t (and I am over 6 feet tall).

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        Yes Beavis even when the filos fuck it up … foreigners usually pay in my experience. eg. the taxi driver is half asleep and goes the longer way around, the food is shit etc .. customers still pay

        Really, situations like that shouldnt pay (hair)

        ive had coffee that was just hot water and Ive said hey you got the worst coffee out — its hot water (he even saw it was made wrong) but what the hell, he said would you like to BUY another. Now .. if that was overseas i would have had a freebie, upgraded and my ass kissed all for nothing.

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    beameup Post author

    I just got the “out of stock” from one of the largest pharmacy chains here. So, the doctor writes an Rx and says to go to Curamed. I go to Curamen, and they tell me that I have to go to the HQ Curamed (Baguio). I go there and they say “out of stock”, so I insist on talking to the manager. Seems she is locked herself inside her office and doesn’t want to be “disturbed”. So, I’m left standing there for 1/2 hour. Finally I get to talk to her. Over a period of time I’m given 3 different “stories” why there is no stock. I go to another location, and talk to the pharmacist, and after much prodding, I get to the truth. They have lots of “expired” stock, but they are being denied (punished) any new stock because they failed to sell the original stock. This is one of the most common pain-relievers in the world (been around for centuries), and only cost about P20 each, but they will NEVER receive any restock. Finally, I now know not to even bother with this “pharmacy” for anything.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike


      Makes you want to tattoo “out of stock” across their foreheads huh? Or maybe just a STUPID stamp in big bright RED permanent ink.

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    beameup Post author

    Another observation at SM, only this is in the grocery store. OK, I’m looking for paper towels, as they have moved them since my last visit. So, I ask the clerk and get the “deer in the headlights” stare. So now I’m getting a “clue” as to what is going on here in the P.I. I slowly repeat myself “paper towel” in my very best West Coast English. Next to me is a Filipino customer. I ask him what is the Tagalog translation of “paper towel”. He says to the clerk (in perfect English) “paper towel”. The clerk points to the paper towels, walks over, and hands me the paper towels.
    So, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? The Filipino clerk has a knee-jerk reaction whenever he encounters a foreigner. He automatically simply cannot understand him. That’s it. To him, I’m an ALIEN who speaks an ALIEN language, even if I speak the words in his “native language” of Tagalog. It doesn’t matter… he simply CANNOT UNDERSTAND.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      At least he did not run away! I had one sales girl do a runner on me when I asked her for an item, in English, she ran ! I could hear her at the back saying to another girl “there’s a customer out there, but she speaks English”. DUH! And they pride themselves for being an English speaking nation??

  15. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Anyone here figure out why they always have to shuffle stuff around in the store? Is it to make it look like they have new stock or something?

  16. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    SM beamup is one of the biggest kuripot employers out. Do you know apart from staff paying to work at SM down to the uniform they charge staff for a gate pass (300p!) around a days wage. The other thing as far as i know that all the stock losses are deducted at the end of the year off the bonuses.
    Some people have to pay for:

    if you change section eg. go to the jeans section — you have to buy the jeans they are selling.
    you supply makeup and everything

    NOTHING, zip ,… nada is supplied by anyone interested in working at SM

  17. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Here’s what I want you to do. Reach into your pocket and pull out a one peso coin. Got it? Good. Now look at the front of it, see that man? Rizal right? Ok. Now hold that coin like you were going to open a bag of chips with Rizal facing up. Now try to pull that coin in half or stretch it out. Can’t do it? Try harder. Still can’t? There you go. The owner of SM can stretch a peso out with his bare hands until Rizal screams.