This Site is a Gold Mine!

Hello to all the readers here! This has got to be one of the best blogs I’ve come across on the Internet. It’s now 4:21 a.m. and I’ve just realized I’ve been reading on this site into the early morning.

I’m 100% native Filipino, spent my years as a teenager in Cameroon and Kenya, became a physician in Argentina and now enjoying Cebu City. Seriously, I was beginning to think something’s wrong with me for thinking there’s a lot of stupid things going on around this place and a lot of people walking around with that blank, empty look on their eyes — like nothing’s going on in there. But in this site is the answer to all that — it’s STUPIDITY and MINDLESSNESS — and THANK YOU for pointing that out and calling it.

I’m going to read some more on this site and maybe later on I’ll write my own rant about the dumbass things I see “Only in the Philippines”.

This one’s definitely going into my favorite bookmarks.


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    Yes, definitely. The first “symptom” that any new Philippine’s resident experiences is the nagging feeling that, somehow, we’re misinterpreting something and the fault lies within our OWN perception. It’s only after a matter of time that you begin to realize that it’s not YOU – but actually a real and horrifying level of actual stupidity. Once you accept that, then you begin to see escalating levels of stupidity that you really won’t find anywhere else in the world! It took me a while to come to this realization, since I was loathe to tag an entire country as such. I know better now.

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    Henry, it was difficult for me at first to start accepting what I was observing, being loathe to admit the bad that is in my culture (or lack thereof). I have to say that I missed a lot and the observations that have been posted on this site have opened my eyes a lot more.

    If only my countrymen would accept criticism (especially of those on the outside looking in) and use their heads to affect change, I believe things would be a lot different in this garbage dump. However, I also agree with the general consensus that this is not going to happen anytime in the next 500 years, even more.

    On a side note and out of curiosity, is there anyone in this forum from South America?

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      Hey ArgentinaPinoy – Well, just as a “small” piece of advice – Don’t become discouraged when attempting to enlighten the locals regarding their shortcomings. You can certainly expect resistance and a lot of misplaced “pride” along with a lot of childish ego. But, if you keep everything low key and on a friendly basis, you can make some headway with your own personal example. I’ve found that this works best. Then come to this site to vent any subsequent frustrations 🙂

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    Henry, I will take that advice. Despite what I said in my comment above, there is a part of me that hopes to and wants to change things for the better.