Sky Cable: “No Schedule”

skybroadbandlogoI’ve been a Sky Cable customer for a little over a year now, and I must admit, as far as downtime, there isn’t much of it. At least not nearly as much as Cignal Satellite TV. But there is still a major “Flip Factor” going on there, as expected. First of all, DON’T GET THEIR CABLE INTERNET, IT’S A COMPLETE WASH. IT’S A COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILURE. IT’S WORTHLESS. It’s like paying for internet service, BUT NOT GETTING ANY! But for the Cable TV, probably the best I’ve experienced, with one significant gripe.

Their on screen program guide is constantly showing “no schedule”. The idiots just can’t seem to keep the schedule up. So you cannot see what’s on. The idiots You just gotta flip through the channels and find something to watch. Then when you call them and remind them that part of the service is the program guide, and they are FAILING to provide FULL SERVICE, you get the typical lame excuses. And quite frankly, I don’t care what their excuse is, I’m not fully getting what I’m paying for, therefore, whatever the reason, I want a discount applied to my next bill. “Sir, promise we’ll have the scheduled programs up by 8pm.” Well guess what….by 11pm, still no schedule.


It’s just the typical Filipino incompetence, lies, broken promises and unprofessionalism you can expect anywhere in Philippines. It’s just more Filipino TALK, but no ACTION. Filipinos LOVE to make up catchy slogans,download but are completely incapable of making the slogans a reality. Filipino companies love to make Facebook pages and boast themselves, while all you actually get is typical Filipino failure, shitty customer service, and sheer incompetence. They sure do love to make claims, but not fulfill them.


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    The thing that confuses me about the lack of customer service is #1 its not a very big expense for a company #2. it will really set you ahead and apart from all the other typical shitty companies and #3. They have so many employees cause labor is so cheap.
    With such cheap labor, every little thing should be looked after. Especially since Filipinos can do brainless jobs, like inputting the programs from the information list into the program guide. Yet, they still can’t do it.

    Just like the restaurants. They have plenty of workers, but somehow you still get shitty service.

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        Like sitting at a restaurant by myself and having to yell to get the waiter? Even if I go by myself and order SML, the guy has to write it down sometimes. If I order 1 item from their menu, he has to write that down too. I’m the only freaking guy in the place!!

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    3 Words FLIP CABLE SUCKS!. Watch your tv shows online, if PH internet is fast enough like Hargray or Comcast.

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    It is just pure laziness, no one here wants to work. They just turn up to work to warm up the seats with their fat butts and surf Facebook all day.
    Forget about KPI or customer service as these things are what foreigners do, and the locals are so special as they are Filipinos, and they lack the brain capacity to do any work as they are only able to concentrate on one thing, Facebook.
    So add them on Facebook so they can can chat you, and befriend all your foreign friends as you surf the channels looking for programs to watch.

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      “and befriend all your foreign friends”, I hate that. About six years ago my daughter asked me to tell the flip girls to stop making friend requests. I hadn’t known it but she was getting shit loads of requests. All I could tell her was to un-friend them and deny their requests. Then had a stalker who I denied and blocked, she made several accounts to try some more. Then she must of went through my list try to friend relatives as one day I saw her pop up on a cousins Facebook. So, I had to send a message to all to not friend any Filipinos, if I do really know them, they know that they are not to try to friend anyone on my list, and all the rest I don’t even know or worse, do not want contact with. I no longer have any Filipino friends on my list, I no longer even have expat friends on my list due to their Filipino Friends contacting me.

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        The Filipinas are a real pest on FB. Since majority of my friends are Kanos, I have Pinay friends of my cousins asking me to add them. I just delete their requests, since there is a 99.99% chance that they really have nothing intelligent to contribute.

        Yesterday, an 18 year Pinay introduced herself as looking for a prospective husband in a FB expat group. Thank goodness someone was kind enough to remind her that that group is NOT a dating site. Seems like these women are bred to do nothing else but find a “sponsor” or a “host” to latch onto as soon as they are able, and some, not even legally (as in, underage).

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    Cable company on Leyte was not too bad. But, you knew there had to be a but right? Program list was a magazine type thing that you got every month but it was not delivered until late third week of the month it had the listings for.

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      Captain PFB Post author

      You can always count on Filipinos to be late with virtually EVERYTHING. You can always count on them to be utterly incompetent with virtually EVERYTHING. These are the kinds of things they are good at.

      And they’re always a day late and a dollar short.

      If I had a peso for every time I facepalm in this country…….

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        I tell my wife that God himself could come to this country with 3 forms of valid ID and after the hassle getting through BI would say, ” People of the philippines hear me. I will end the world exactly one year from today at 12 noon, be ready and pack your bags.” Year later at 1200 the filipinos have not started packing because they figure they have more time, always do it tomorrow,

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    Phil Doh

    We had sky for a few months, then didn’t top up the card for three months. When I decided to renew it again no problem, took my 1200P and off we went. Fast forward a month and we go to renew again and are told there is a re-connection charge of 3600P which will need to be paid first.

    “So why wasn’t I asked for the re-connection charge the month before then?” I asked.
    “Maybe you went to another cashier, sir.”
    “So I can go to another cashier now then and see if they won’t charge me again?”

    Blank stare. Don’t give a fuck shrug.

    Cignal should just change their name to No Signal. A few drops of rain and you lose your picture every time.

    Nothing at all works properly in the failippines and it’s never their fault. Ever had bad service with the internet and called their helpline, just to get a recorded message saying, “Sorry for the interruption, but it’s a problem with an offshore cable”. Nothing wrong here, never our fault, but we’re doing all we can to restore your over-charged service asap.

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    Phil Doh

    A few years ago I got quite excited around July time because one of the sports channels announced they would be showing English Premier League games starting in August. Fantastic, sign me up for that please. One month into the new season I turn on the TV to watch a game to find a notice saying they would not be airing any more games due to copyright infringement. Doh!

    So one of two things happened here. 1. Nobody in the flip sports network had a clue about TV rights and that these things cost a lot of money, or 2. They knew all right, but knew they could make more money from all the suckers who signed up on these false promises before the cease and desist came.

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      Kane Malarky

      Well, a month or so ago, SKY gave me extra channels without any warning or notification; I had all the HBO channels and a few other ones. Yippeee I could watch the Sopranos, and was happy about it. Then 2 weeks later the channels disappeared just as mysteriously as they appeared.. All they needed to do was tell me we are giving you a trial period of XYZ channels for a period of time, etc…Now because of the way they handled that, I will never upgrade shit with them….they shot themselves in the ass. This is the way business is done as all you know…..The customer is beholding to a business… not the other way around…. That’s one of the reasons I need to get away from Fliplandia from time to time, and limit my contacts when I am here…..

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        Captain PFB Post author

        Yep, seems the attitude of business in Philippines is ass-backwards, as is everything. Businesses behave as if the customer should serve the business, instead of the business serve the customer.

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        It’s been taking me 5 minutes to open a comment and if I reply another 5 minutes for it to post because of slow internet. Well last week something happened and it took about 20 seconds to open anything. This lasted for about 190 minutes until smart figured out they were doing something right so they fucked it back up.

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        So, what you’re saying is that they actually Are following the Lord’s bidding!:-)

        Being a god yourself you should know how important it is that the Believers adhere to your Word!;-)

        Why cant they act like the arabs? Pump up some oil and let someone else do their dirty work? I believe the arabs are lazier than the flips, but they got the money to do it in style!

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          Mufazza, even if the RP will float in oil, the Flips will never get a taste of any petro pesos because of corruption, laziness, and plain Flip dumbfuckery. Hell, the politicians will very likely massacre their rival’s families just to get their hands on those oil lands. And perhaps, God could see that, so God, in his wisdom say to the Flips “screw you, you can be the world’s ass-wipers”.

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            I think they have that Mamasampo or some kind of natural gas station. The funds were supposed to be for disaster victims and many disaster victims of some floods claimed the money. Unfortunately, their names were on the papers to recieve it, but it was all stolen. It turned out Napoles kids and brother were involved with that. So with them and a bunch of corrupt politicians, DENR, and agrarian reform officials, they stole it all and I don’t think even a penny was spent to help victims.
            Oil, diamonds, gold, forestry, gravel, nickel, LNG, whatever the gov’t gets from those operations or would ever get would just make 10 more Napoles and 10 more Binay types. I mean, if there are people starving and education levels are awful, that means absolutely nothing when I need 5 more luxury homes, countless mistresses, and 10 more exotic cars right?

            Filipinos: Fucking each other over every chance they get while holding a rosary.

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        I was waiting to see if anyone else said this so I will. God might have told them to do nothing and they are doing it. But there is one other. He did say “Go forth and multiply.” and we all know how that’s going.

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    A V

    Hey it’s not just in the Philippines. I’m in the US. We have TFC here in my house and about 75% of the time the schedule isn’t right. Shows are usually late by 5-10 minutes (typical Filipino time) so when DVR’ing we had to learn to also record the shows scheduled after the actual ones we watch, otherwise you miss the ending.

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    “I think they have that Mamasampo or some kind of natural gas station.”

    I thought for a minute you were talking about a pimp in a bar there Johnny. 🙂 But they’re worse!

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      To Sarah
      they have a gas field offshore. They use the gas for making electricity, but read the money has disappeared someplace????