Sky Cable: The Shame of Pinoy Pride and Filipino Stupidity

Sky Cable local offices do not install telephones. But thank god they have a “CUSTOMER SERVICE HOTLINE”. I say “thank god” because customer service in Philippines is as NON-EXISTENT as any god.

Ever since the installation of Sky Cable at my home, it has been exactly as I fully expected; UTTER STUPIDITY AND INCOMPETENCE. It wasn’t until I filed a complaint with the DTI that I got something done about the cable TV issue. It was the ordinary, typical Filipino stupidity of the brochure which had channel discrepancies printed. I was expecting to get a couple particular channels which showed in the package I signed up for.

“Sorry Sir, that package is only available in Manila”

Well how very fucking typical of the DUMB-ASS FILIPINO to distribute brochures in CEBU which offer packages only available in MANILA. I demanded either the package I signed up for, or an adjusted bill. Either one would be acceptable. I just WANT WHAT THE FUCK I WAS LEAD TO BELIEVE I WAS GETTING, OR SIMPLY GET WHAT I’M PAYING FOR. And this is SUCH A DIFFICULT CONCEPT FOR ANY FILIPINO TO UNDERSTAND. This is why the Filipino is so god damned fucking stupid.

It wasn’t until Sky Cable was contacted by DTI regarding my complaint that they decided to actually resolve the issue. WHAT A BUNCH OF TYPICAL FILIPINO IMBECILES.

Once again, Filipinos claim such pride, yet that pride goes no further than their lying lips. What a shame.

Filipino Pride is all about covering up their shameful behavior!

Now let’s go back to Sky Cable’s “CUSTOMER SERVICE HOTLINE”.

This is the biggest stupidity of all. I have called the customer service hotline at least 4 times since my installation with legitimate complaints about service failures.

VIRTUALLY 100% OF THE TIME, I was told by the “customer service hotline” to GO to my local office to complain.

“Can’t I just call them??”

“They don’t have a phone sir.”

As we have all seen with virtually any business in Philippines, the Filipino cannot form any concept of customer service. And for the Filipino who stupidly wishes to defend them, I pose these questions:

If the purpose of a ”customer service hotline” is to simply tell you to go physically to your local office is not FUCKING STUPID, WHAT WOULD YOU CALL IT?

What kind of company who claims to offer customer service DOESN’T PUT A PHONE IN THEIR OFFICE TO TAKE SERVICE FAILURE REPORTS/COMPLAINTS??? If that isn’t the height of complete stupidity, what would you call it then?

I’m currently paying for the 10mbps broadband. My connection has NEVER gone above 3mbps. When I call to complain, they argue.

Yet these Filipino idiots will vomit Pinoy Pride all day long from their lips. But the eyes of the world¬†see nothing but shame in them. It’s just more ass-backwards thinking. They function and operate so shamefully, and they call it Pride.

In the words of FAFI,



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  1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

    Seems like business as usual. Doing any kind of business here is basically like expecting someone to shit on your dining table at lunch.You already know, (deep down) its not going to work, but like some jackass you do it anyway, usually because you don’t have a choice, is is my case. When it comes to things like the internet for example, you pay for something you naturally expect to get service and instead you get fucked. You try to complain, and they drag that shit out for all eternity and will literally do everything under the sun, but fix it.

    In, my case I paid for a faster internet speed as I need it for work. And like I expected, instead of faster, my internet got slower than before, dropping from 2mbps to a standard 0.25 mbps (which fluctuates). I make a call, and they give me a lot of lame excuses. I hate the shit going on in this country but I use the internet to make a living, and so I take that the most seriously.

    If they cant even get that right, I know they will fail at everything else they do, in business and in life. It really is the height of stupidity, and that they are prideful is just like spitting in my face.

    1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

      Whenever I need to do something in the Philippines I always expect failure. That way I am not disappointed. Very rarely can something get accomplished without complete fuck ups and hassles. Of course they always have a smile on their face and are polite as they feed you a complete load of bullshit not caring that they are completely fucking over and inconveniencing there customers. They just don’t give a shit. Go to a store to buy something and you have half a dozen sales people on you like stink on shit telling you how fantastic their product is and how wonderful the warranty is. Take that product back after a week because it was a piece of crap and broke down and you find out the service is shit, the warranty is shit and if they do fix it it will take a month or 2 to get it repaired. Happens all the time. I went to the LTO last week to convert my U.S. drivers license to a Filipino license. Knew in advance it would be a nightmare and wasn’t disappointed. We have all gone thru these govt offices with the never ending sequence of going to window after window to get our goal accomplished. So I am waiting at the third window I’ve been to. This,by the way, is to get my picture taken for the second time. WTF they need 2 pictures for I have no idea. Anyway, after waiting for an hour the guy manning my window gets up and takes off. I figure maybe it’s maybe one of their many break times. No one sits down to replace him and there are probably 100 people waiting at this window. After 30 minutes he hasn’t returned so I ask the CSR ( yeah they actually refer to them as customer service representatives ) why there isn’t anyone working at window 4. She says, sorry sir but he had to go to the Land Bank and make a deposit. I asked why they don’t have a replacement and she said “Oh he won’t be gone long”. 2 fucking hours later he comes back. Instead of hurrying to his work station because he has caused so many people to wait for his sorry ass he spends the next 10 minutes joking around with his co-workers before he decides to go back to work. This is just very typical Filipino work ethics. They have no ethics and Filipinos continue to put up with this type of treatment. Very few people actually complained because they are use to this shit. They do not give a fuck about providing quality service. I’m glad I wasn’t carrying an AK47 that day or I would be behind bars for mass murder. There was a suggestion box on the wall. Of course there was no pen tied to the string to write with or blank forms to fill out to actually file a complaint. Everything here is an illusion. No substance. Only total deceit, lies and bullshit. Filipino Pride is equal to a big wet and smelly dog turd lying in the middle of the street that people continue to walk around but won’t clean up.

      1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

        Just to add to my story. I had to have a medical exam. It cost 100 pesos. The doctor asked if I had high blood pressure. I said yes but was on medication. She asked what my blood pressure was after I took my medicine. I told her 130 over 85. She said that was good. She asked me if I could read the eye chart. I said yes. I wear glasses. She asked me if I needed glasses to read the eye chart. I said yes. She said OK. We will list on your license that you are required to wear glasses when you drive. She never actually had me read the chart or took my blood pressure or any other type of medical exam. I passed. Then when I got my license I checked to see if glasses were required for me to drive. No restrictions. So even though I’m blind as a bat without my glasses I’m still allowed to drive in the Philippines. Go figure.

        1. Profile gravatar of

          @heyjoe same story happened to me after I tried to convert my Kenyan driving license into a Philippine license, which is the same as converting one type of shit into another. As a physician, I was appalled at the “physical exam” that doctor was performing. The LTO might as well skip that requirement because it doesn’t perform what it’s supposed to do. Same with the drug testing; just go for three weeks without marijuana/methamphetamines before you do the test and any drug junkie can have a fully legal license to endanger others on the road.

          And yes, it took almost and entire day in the blistering heat of the Cebu City LTO Office to get my license converted.

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            A Tunisian friend of mine gets his new Tunisian passport in one hour….my country takes 20 working days..

          2. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

            They don’t care if you can actually pass the exam as long as they collect their money.

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      They CAN get it right Spartacus, it just requires working and forcing your way up the chain of command a bit, or filing a complaint with DTI.

      My 10mbps Globe connection seldom goes below 7mbps, my upload speed is now fast and consistent, no more frequent disconnections, 99.9% uptime and consistency in speeds.

      It took a bit of yelling and screaming and having idiots come out here every other day, but I never let up on them. Eventually they get fucking sick of me, and eventually come to the realization that until I get what I am paying for, I won’t leave them alone. And then they begin to REALLY help, and resolve the issue.

      My Globe connection is as good as the connection I had in USA now. Just shameful that you have to shame them into actually giving what they offer.

      1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
        Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

        Agreed FiloFail. My 10 mbps, static IP connection with PLDT rarely goes below 8 mbps and is (now) generally reliable.

        To make that happen I had to turn into a rude, aggressive, micro-managing dictator. I also threatened to take matters to their regulator, and of the regulator failed to cause them to fix the problem, take the regulator to court in order to cause the regulator to cause PLDT to get their shit together. They eventually figured out that I meant what I said. Everything worked within two days of that.

        On those (now rare) occasions when the internet does go down, I don’t even attempt to be nice. I just immediately turn to cunt mode, choose ONE PERSON in tech support, and make their life an utter fucking misery for every moment of the day until the problem is fixed. I’ve found that targeting one person (thus making them accountable), and micro-managing each and every aspect of what they are doing is the ONLY thing that works.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          Yep, you got that right CyberGod. These Filipino morons have no fucking clue about accountability, customer service, and ACTUALLY DELIVERING WHAT YOU PROMISE TO DELIVER.

          SUCH IDIOTS!

          1. Profile gravatar of TheD

            you simply can not wait for a call back as it doenst happen. You need to demand a manager and stay on the line.
            It is utterly horrific that we need to treat people this way just so they will do their job.
            Ive been hounding one ISP for over 30 days to get the instal completed and they keep claiming the engineering team are waiting or some shit.

            And these (might I add) are the LEADING COMPANIES IN THE PHILIPPINES!!!! FUUUUCCCK! What does that say about the country?

  2. Profile gravatar of Eric

    I got one for you @Filo –

    I am currently also in Cebu on business. The hotel I am staying in (Cebu Marriott) has all the trappings of a top flight western hotel chain. I have actually been moderately impressed with the staff and was beginning to hold out hope that MAYBE…just MAYBE I have found a small pocket of sensibility here in this country – until yesterday.

    I forgot my room key, so I stopped by reception on the way in after work. There was a gentleman from Korea – who also lost his key – standing in front of me in line, and this is how the convo went with the poor girl at reception (God bless her…)

    ISR – insufferably stupid receptionist
    KD – Korean dude

    ISR: how can I help you sirrr?

    KD: I lost my key

    ISR: Did you find it?

    KD: I lost my key

    ISR: Ok sirr…i would be happy to help you!

    KD: Thank you

    ISR: Can i get your ID?

    KD: Passport is in safe

    ISR: In your room?

    KD: Passport is in safe

    ISR: ok sirrr…do you have ID?

    KD: License…I have driver’s license

    ISR: Is it in your room?


    (he hands her his Korean driver’s license)

    ISR: Im sorry sirrr…it must be in English. Do you have an English version?


    ISR: ok sirr no problem – here is your key

    I think my headsmack reverberated throughout the lobby and the look on the Korean dude’s face was beyond priceless

    1. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

      It makes sense to check ID, this chick was just going about it the dumb way. Could’ve sent one of the standbyer bellboys to accompany the Korean dude to his room WITH a working room key to verify what he’s saying. But again they don’t understand customer service and don’t trust any employees with any tiny aspect of their jobs.

  3. Profile gravatar of Waipahukanu

    That’s pathetically funny. It is just like when I go into McDonald, and I see a pitcher of water and ask the cashier for a cup. And, she asks me how many? I alwa

  4. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    no service in Cebu,, typical flip business practice,,,,, scams, smoke and mirrors,,
    they do not want to open up the country to foreign competition. I can fone north America at 1,5 pesos a minute ,, but it cost 7.5 pesos x 2 fones to fone a celfone,,,???? 5 times as much.,,,

    1. Profile gravatar of Waipahukanu

      I tell the cashier at McDonalds that the hot chocolate machine is broken, and when will the machine be fixed I asked? And, she said it is broken.. out order. Yes, that is just what I said. Please answer my question! Yes al this McDonalds was in Cebu too! I went to Mercury to buy a comb. They were out of stock. The manager directed me to buy a comb at CDR-King, an electronic shop. I am always being misdirected for things I need. Bunch of bozos! I went to Metrobank to link 2 savings accounts in order to be able to transfer money between accounts, and they told me I could only do transfers on line, and not at the ATM machine. So, I guess they can’t link 2 accounts to a debit card. she said the machine is out of order sir.

      1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

        I went to the grocery store and asked if they had kidney beans. They told me no. I would have to go to the pharmacy. Whaaahahahahahahahahahaha.

        1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

          I went to true value hardware last night, and asked “Do you have batteries”, the guy repeats after me something that sounds very close to what I said..

          Then he leads me to the VARNISH…

          I face palmed..

      2. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
        Pearl Of My Ass

        I went to the a pinoy bank to transfer pinoy money on my home bank account, it took 1h15 minutes, tons of paperwork and I was asked by the lady whether I was married (professionalism is a forte in pinoyland)

  5. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

    Hala you get filipinos to actually COVER UP THEIR SHAME, what advanced mortal technique are you using, i never get them to go that far.

    Its adam and eve reinvented with me i just get pu$$y or cock in my face.

    The shame just rubs its self in with me, but lets face it…haha, if the response syndrome of the average guilty filipino is really some sort of cover-up for their own stupidity the fact that a cover up is covering up a stupidity is just too much DUMB for words to make sense of anyway, maybe we are confusing the same point. (you think they cover up shame-i percieve it as a cock or pu$%y in my eye..haha)

    I never stared at religious people so much my entire life, but im quietly asking god for help too, no guilty look on this face is there…..huh….thats a dickhead for even being here!! its true but i am a fail, i fail so hard at trying to make my blogs a three sentence affair.

    Although my time here entirely seems to remind me of three SENTENCE affair…for fucking the same person. over. too much.

    I hate my cells being so united in the philippines, one day the world will wage war with us for talking too much and ill group hug.

    And then ill feel the true bite of being a rebel in every sense.

    fuck u failipines.


    here are a few of the stupid things that happened to me or i saw today.

    1) Im driving home to the country side (even though as you travel to the islands there is actually no civilization to the side of the country.. its just one fucking long dead fish trail of people living on the coast)And i saw (for the thousands time) everyone on a motorcycle driving in the rain with one hand over their face to stop the pain of the rain hitting their eyes, oh my god time to adjust the budget to afford a helmet for christ’s sake. HAHA %95 of motorcycle riders with a hand on their own face. lol, FACEPSALM.

    2) My wife recently had a blood test and in the waiting room there was an old container that had the same blood stains from two months ago. That actually happened a few days ago but… the memory is still fresh

    3) I too always ask for one of somethng and the attendant or cashier asks how many, duh. Petrol is the thing i bought most today haha, it happened two times out of three.

    4) my wife, the most scary of my political rivals, she tells me today after i accuse her of ignoring me, that i am being mean for saying she is ignoring me sounding upset…ok, haha what the fuck. My wife is like talking to a brick wall with a loud rock band on the other side sending her inaudible signs from god. Look how insane i sound……..i sound insane!!!

    she always tells me i will head to mental hospital when i get home…..sounds pretty peaceful to me haha. but only because i have found the side of me that just accepts things that are….so zen where to now

  6. Profile gravatar of HawkEye

    A little off topic but maybe a useful tip. At the office and home have generally had shitty internet connection. Tried something different; internet connection to switch, router to switch. Everything works great. Some printer issues but fixed this by connecting usb printer to router and making desktops wifi with dongle to access printer. Im telling you never seen better internet connection.

  7. Profile gravatar of Pnoy syndrome
    Pnoy syndrome

    in uk internet speed minimum is 20MB here it sucks im paying for 2MB but speedtest shows its below 1MB it really hurt my ass, when i complained about it they say its due to internet line sharing and if you want to have your own personal internet line you will pay double for the same amount of speed sound crazy but that is how their system works so my reply to them fuck you…..

    1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
      Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

      The worthless imbeciles you spoke with made that shit up on the spot. What the typical Pinoy telco employee knows about the internet could be engraved on the back of a postage stamp with a large crowbar – and there would still be plenty of space left over.

  8. Profile gravatar of Christian

    This is the reason I came to the site in the first place. I just can’t take it anymore of how SkyCable’s stupid customer service and mind-flaying commercials about themselves, shown to you who already pays for their services, torture is putting deadly amounts of stress in me. I hope there’s a way where this blog will be seen by those who run services here, as well as those who run the country.