SM Supermarket: Big Cart, Blue Basket Check Out Lanes

Many of the SM Supermarkets no longer have this policy thanks to me. I’m one who goes all the way to the top when I see something so god damned fucking stupid, which some dumb fucking idiot filipino in top management thought would be a good idea, regardless of the fact it is more of an inconvenience to it’s customers, and creates more clog ups and long lines at the blue basket only check out lanes. I mean, I really have to laugh my ass off at the utter filogic (again, “filogic” is a term I coined, meaning “a complete absence of logic, reason, or rationality”) behind this policy which I’m about to explain, and which I’m sure you’ve experienced if you’ve ever shopped at SM Supermarkets.

I’m sure many of you have gone in to the store and only needed a few things, just enough for one of the hand-carry blue baskets. Then you get to the check out lines. They have 25 or 30 check out lanes on average, and they are categorized as about 1/3rd of them “Blue Basket Lanes” or “Express Lanes-15 items or less”, and 2/3rds are “Big Cart Lanes”.

The Blue Basket or Express lanes each have 10 or 12 people waiting in line for an eternity….I see the Big Cart lanes only have a few people, and 3 or 4 lanes have no customers at all, and the cashiers are just standing there waiting for a customer in their “Big Cart Lane”.  So I go over to one of the several empty Big Cart lanes with my little Blue Basket. Surely since there are no big carts in line, and a few empty lanes they’ll just check out my things so I can be on my way.

NOPE! As I approach, I get “I’m sorry sir, this is a big cart only lane, please use the Blue Basket lane over there.” I responded, “But you’re not doing anything, and there are 3 other empty Big Cart lanes open if a big cart happens to stroll up, surely it won’t take long to check out these 6 items I have.” No sir, I’m sorry, big carts only here.” I replied, “Look at the blue basket lanes over there, they are packed with people wanting to give SM their money, and because of a sign above your lane, you’re going to make them all wait while you stand there looking pretty with your thumb up your ass and picking your nose? OK FINE!

So, I go over to the carts, grab a big cart, put my blue basket in the big cart, roll it back to the same cashier, grab my blue basket, hold it up high and turn it over, dropping my items in the big cart for her eyes to see, then I fling the blue basket across the floor and we watch it slide about 30 feet into one of the isles. Then I push the big cart up to her register and said, “There, I have a big cart, now will you take me?” “Yes sir” she stupidly replies.

I then went searching for the highest level of management in the store to chew on his ear for a while and tell him what a fucking STUPID policy it is.  If a cashier is open and with no customers, they should direct ANYONE WITH ANY CART to it. Why should the customers stand in line and wait when there are several other open and unoccupied lanes available?????? Idiots!

So I ended up speaking with top management at their corporate office by phone. Since then I have not had a problem with being serviced in any lane with a blue basket.

People need to grow some balls and start complaining when something isn’t right. Otherwise you just keep getting fucked in the ass by your own people. Sus!


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    MY Answer when I am confronted with this dilemma is to tell them to get lost & just serve me, along with my angry face, It works!….

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    Haha similar thing happened to me the other day, except different establishment. Me and my filipina girlfriend (who is like you, she sees twats and calls them twats) go to Forever 21 SM Aura for shopping.

    We shopped on the second floor and she wanted to try on a few clothes but the line up is huge. So I told her, lets try downstairs. Lo and behold, we have a doorknob lady guard guarding an empty trial room because ONE out of the SIX trial rooms was under repair (and no repair crew in sight). I knew reasoning won’t work, so I tried deception.

    Me: “Miss, upstairs is full so the guard who wears the same uniform as you told us to go downstairs and that it will be allowed”.

    Her dumbass response: “Sir, it’s closed.”

    Me: “I know, I can see that. But the guard upstairs told us we can use it.”

    Her dumbass response: “Sir, it’s closed we cannot use it.”

    Me to my gf (who’s grinning at me because I’m visibly frustrated): “PLEASE translate to this dumbass”

    My gf relays in tagalog. The lady AGAIN says it’s closed.


    So during this moment, I motioned my gf to simply start walking past us and go try on her clothes. The guard at this point goes to the cashier and says “omg omg they’re using that room!! blasphemy!!!” and she received a response “It’s just them, right? A couple clothes? Let ’em use it”.

    End of story.