Smart vs. Globe vs. PLDT

Well here I am to spread words of wisdom and provide a little hope and comfort. Now you are scratching your head and wondering how that can happen considering the topic of this post, filipino internet. But then again you might be thinking, shit, Mike has finally slipped into the murky waters. But allow me to continue if you will. I’ll keep all of this to the last 2 years.

SMART: Two years ago I got the Smart pocket wifi and it’s really not to bad. It might have taken pages 10 or 30 seconds to load but they did and it was the same speed all the time. Then around about August of 2015 I noticed Smart started getting slower and slower, sometimes taking hours to open a webpage, no joke.  Even if Smart was turned off for day or two it was the same when turned back on, dead people moved faster. Even though Smart was very slow at least it stayed connected, well most of the time. Ok, some of the time, hummmm little of the time. I would have the net signal at full bars in lower right corner of laptop yet hours to open a page as I said.

So I would put my mouse over it and it would say connected right? Right. But if I clicked the wifi bars it would bring up all connections and under my wife would say no internet access. So reboot only to get the same thing or the warning triangle on the wifi bars. So getting fed up I thought I would try a test and went out and bought a Globe pocket wifi which Globe assurred me was better than Smart. So here’s how that went.

Globe: Well Globe was a little better at first but not by much. Globe would connect fast then and load fast but kept disconnecting and started acting like Smart a little. For both Smart and Globe the loads were the “unlimited” and tried several places around town with the same result, poor service.

So after hearing me complain about Smart (wife does not know I also got a Globe) wife set up to get PLDT and here’s how that went.

PLDT: We inquired about the PLDT Home Fibr and was told it would be 2 weeks before they could install it, that was on a Friday. Well come the following Sunday PLDT was at my house installing the Fibr which took a few hours. What we ordered was the 3,500 pesos bundle with unlimited internet and cable tv, Cignal. So the net is installed but was told 24 hours for the cable to be activated, no big deal for me. Well about 4 hours later the cable was up and running! Then the same day I got a phone call from PLDT asking how everything was and gave me a number if there was any problems. So wife out of town and asked me about the internet from PLDT and I told her what I thought. Best way to answer her is to let her try herself. So today she arrived from the other house (son finishing school before coming to this house) and was shocked I think.

I connected her cp to the new and she started surfing, impressed I think I could say. Although have had Fibr for 5 days now here is what I get. Fibr stays connected and loads the pages fast, within seconds a webpage is opened and have had no problems. Most houses around ours has Fibr and we still get good service even though my connection box is 2 blocks away. The only downside I found is the set up. The wire runs into the house and into a phone jack. From the phone jack into the wifi box, connected to the box is the wifi, cable and a landline phone if you choose so the box has to set close to a tv or run wires to tvs. So it is safe to say that PLDT Home Fibr is by far the best internet I have had since coming to the philippines and if they keep providing service like this then I will have no complaints. Wife was even impressed with the speed and service, then I told her this is close to internet speed in the states.


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    Barry Smyth

    Same problem with me but was using Sun and was good not fast but it worked but around the same time it went dead on me no matter where I used it in the house the same reaction from it.
    So I switched to Globe and got the same response as you have had, in the end hard wired the internet to get over the problem now its fine it does what I want and nothing more,can download 3/4 movies per night etc so I am happy now with what I have.
    Do you think it was a plot to force use to connect the WIFI ???????

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    Even its expensive compared to other countries you got a great deal. Especially the part about unlimitted internet. Enjoy it. Keep watching porn and youtube all day long 😀 But seriously, I think its the only provider that give you unli internet without making the speed down after reaching certain gb. Just got the Globe for 3 months ago. If I had the chance now with current promotion of PLDT I would have taken without any doubt. Heard about the Austrial internet company that was planning to go inside Philippines with high speed internet with low prices? Guess what happend.

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      SkyCable delivered for me, the 10 mps plan, sad I had to move out of their coverage area. The three different times I tried to deal with PLDT were such bullshit it never got installed and I refuse to try a fourth time.

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    Here is what I have discovered after running my business where internet was the highest priority.
    1. PLDT is probably the most stable, but their customer service is awful.
    2. Globe has gotten much better
    3. Smart is god awful and is the most expensive.

    Of course all of this depends on your area. If you are near the major areas, the better service available. PLDT needs a wired connection so if there is no mainline, you’re not going to get internet from PLDT. Same goes for Globe, however, they are expanding their 3G and 4G networks so you may not need the wired connection although that does work better, faster, and more reliable. However, see PLDT wired main locations for same problem.

    With the pocket WiFi devices:
    PLDT = Not available.
    Smart = Spotty, but fast when you can get a good signal. Although, make sure you are on a fixed account cause they always seem to eat your credits.
    Sun = Super slow and sucks.
    Globe = Probably the most consistent with coverage ratio. Great if you are traveling around Manila.

    I’ve stayed at a relatives house in Manila. They had skycable and it worked super fast. However, it was never available in my area.

    Of course, all of this depends on how remote you are or what city you are in.

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    Hello my new friends – PLDT does it for me and in December I upgraded to the Family Plan 3000 to get 8Mbps, mostly for streaming. A month later this was upgraded to 15mbps. Its fast and consistent enough for me to use a VPN to view BBC iPlayer and stream from iflix, which is only 99p a month as a PLDT customer.

    I think that things like Globe Tattoo are a bit of a joke. My neighbour has SKY cable for his internet connection and seems pleased.

    I have been on Mactan for a while and have tried Globe DSL before but it was terrible so never again. Always slow speeds and they are full of pinoy type excuses like ‘break in the submarine cable’ etc.

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    On PLDT, I say wait a few months and see if they still offer consistent service. Several months later after we got our internet connection via PLDT, we experienced mediocre internet speeds that gets better and back to poor again. We had to scare them so they would get working by telling that we’ll call NTC and DTI to them, they fixed the inconsistent speed greatly, still the problems appear but very rarely.

    Skip to December of last year, where it has finally gotten consistent like the way it used to be during the beginning. Either they finally fixed everything or they feel uneasy with Telstra.

    Speaking of Telstra, anyone have an opinion?

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      Mike Post author

      Well PLDT came by twice today. Once to get the serial numbers off my cable box. Then later a pinay stopped by to see if I wanted to buy what I already had. Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep a straight face when talking to a 20 something pinay who has more of a moustache than you do?

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    Mike Post author

    PLDT update. So far the service with PLDT home fibr has been great. Yesterday the net did drop taking the landline and cable tv with it. We called PLDT at about 6pm to report it and the service guy showed up at about 1115 am today. He tracked it down to the junction box and had it fixed within and hour. Now because of the good internet and service, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m still dealing with filipinos. The internet god has smiled down upon this poor soul and blessed him. But as to the other god, I’m still waiting for that Harley with the sign that says “Gift from god”.