Philippines So Far Behind

It’s really amazing to me how far behind the Philippines is when it comes to environmental protection. I heard before I even went to the Philippines, that the Philippine people cherished nature and wanted to protect it. That is so far from what actually happens there.

I read two articles today about environmental things that are just common sense in developed countries. The first was about how the rivers in Cebu city flood all the time and that the city is trying to promote that people stop throwing trash into the river. There is so much garbage in the rivers that they can’t hold the water in and last September 80% of Cebu city streets flooded because of it. The other amazing fact is that 100% of all the fish in these rivers died because the garbage is taking up all the oxygen to decompose.

Now, to us, it seems pretty normal to not throw garbage into the river or even on the street. We have public garbage cans and I hardly see people litter. In the Philippines it’s normal to just throw trash in the river or on the ground with out a thought. I don’t know how they will convince the general public to not do this because most will say, “who cares, it’s not my responsibility”. All the garbage on the street and in the river hurt the local and national economies, but they don’t seem to understand how it affects them. It also brings in problems like an increase in dengue and other mosquito born viruses. But again,they don’t see the connection.

I find it really sad that Filipinos are so blind as to what the place actually looks like.

The next article was that they should have a separate landfill for electronic waste…duh. They seem to just have caught on that there are dangerous chemicals and compounds in electronic trash and appliances. Why they also aren’t collecting the gold out of these things, I have no idea what they are thinking.

It really is amazing to see the stupidity that happens around environmental problems. I’m not saying the west and other developed nations are 100% on the ball. But there are certain things that we seem to have more common sense about.

The few last points are why isn’t the Philippines trying to use more green tech to generate electricity? They got sun, places where the wind really blows because they have a huge shore line, and why they aren’t using wave energy is beyond me since the country is half water. There are also studies being conducted with salt water generating electricity. They have many other  ways to generate electricity other than using coal, but they still are trying to build coal power plants. All though there are some solar plants being built and almost ready to go online.

I read that Aquino went and was telling other world leaders how global warming will affect the Philippines more than any other country. This coming from a country that has a really horrible environmental record and most people ride motorcycles that pollute more than a car. If the Philippines wants to be taken more seriously, the best thing they could do is develop clean energy and actually use it in everyday life. Then they could have some Filipino pride. But this won’t happen. Why? because with the “me first” attitude that is rampant in the Philippines, it’s always going to be the other guys responsibility.


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    Barry Smyth

    All true but I gave up along time ago we live in a land of stupid stupid people and more stupid leaders there only goal is to rape and pillage who cares its not my problem.

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    Don Quixote

    Emrys, I like that name and you would have to be a Magician to figure these fucks out.
    Back in the day 1980’s the PI was one of the largest consumer of geo, in the world besides Iceland.
    What happened?????????????????
    Global Warming, the Volcanos dried up??????????????????
    Noope they want global warming so they can get on the UN gravy train.
    COAL Australia has it we use it, our Geo is a failure so far.

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    1. SELFISH – EVEN TOWARDS GOD: all filipinos think of is their own personal and family environment FIRST second and third (there is no fourth) – didnt you see what was on the old filipino 500p notes “the filipino is worth dying for”.
    2. HYPOCRITS – TOWARDS GOD – all the church attendance means NOTHING. they go to church to pray for more.. “Lord give me this.. ” Lord give me that… thankyou God for my job etc, you got the drift.
    3. IGNORANT OF CONSEQUENCES – I went to islands and they were pristine and then i saw the filipinos i was with with cigarette packets and lolly packets just discard them on the ground. I said hey dont do that – ANSWER – “Why?”, then i said the plastic will wash into the ocean “theres no ocean here” ummm it was 70 meters away.
    4. HYPOCRITS – So god has given them all this which they supposedly love but are they doing their fair share as payback to look after “gods gifts?” or do they just focus on “sharing gods blessings”
    5. A FILIPINOS MIND IS RELIGIOUSLY POLLUTED – did you say the mayor of Dumanjug said that man is superior and to wipe out all the dolphins etc.? READ IT HERE

    As ive always said… filipinos think nothing but themselves, they use their passive approach to crab march and take small wins but ratchet up along the way for own personal gain. They don’t care what happens to the environment because they are focused on DAY TO DAY, moment to moment, not the long term, not their filipinos definitely.

    Take the American blogger – Jimmy Z, he was forced into apology over his rubbish remarks. But its true. They throw rubbish on the street and waste other money on stupid projects like an expensive light post project for the street in Mandaue Cebu that was in an industrial area!!

    Sadly many tourists only see palawan and boracay they dont excactly in Manila bay!!!!!

    Filipinos at local level swim in trash as they can take it… for foreign tourist areas they clean up “a little bit” as its all about the money .. nothing to do with environment.

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      The Rappler article was interesting.

      In another country I would be shocked that an elected official would say that. But not here.

      On a related notes it seems that the Philippines is, and has been, the largest consumer of elephant ivory, for a very long time–most going toward Catholic devotional objects. There was a National Geographic article on it a few years ago–an interviewed priest basically says “Fuck the elephants, we need to worship Jesus with ivory trinkets.” (I’ve got to run, Google’s your friend)

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        Not all filipino are like that sir 🙂 (an overused expression)
        say “MOST” which can cover up to 95%, there are the 5% that are perfectly ok and functional.

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          You are too kind. I put it at 99-1 this is a rant site so anything goes. Just remember there is a screwed up law here where foreigners can get into deep shit for “insulting” stupid locals, in other words, telling the truth. I had a friend get screwed that way, and she was with the US embassy. F-ing insane

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            My friends often said that .. your being generous 🙂 too ..
            have you seen how many people have been banned from the Philippines
            typical.. NARCISSTS ONLY want to hear what they want to hear
            and they dont like what they hear in their world …OUT YOU GO

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    Emrys I came across something yesterday which is exactly what you are describing:

    Check out this article:

    Households must be cautious in installing solar panels DOE

    There are at least five lies and two misdirections in this article. Presumable the author was too ignorant to understand–which I assume was kind of the point–“government officials” with “professional licenses” throw around a bunch of technical words that an average Filipino wouldn’t be exposed to properly and tell everyone that this whole solar power thing is dangerous, useless, and may not even be allowed.

    Solar panels cannot provide backup power in a brownout? The power cooperative will “power” your panel’s inverter? A building running on solar panel and switched off from the grid is somehow a risk to linemen?

    The only valid point is the one on “proper load management” but that is true of generators also ( I have seen an entire hospital try to operate on a 3.5KW generator AND I know someone who wanted a 10KW generator to operate his 150W ref).

    A single KW of solar wouldn’t cure my power problems but it would make my life more comfortable and also lessen the monthly rape from the local power “cooperative.” It could be a real benefit to deep rural communities, hospitals, etc.. (I live in Region 8, the Mississippi of the Philippines, and I have daily power interruptions and crappy power quality as well)

    It is difficult to imagine a country where solar panels would be more appropriate–close the the equator, an importer of energy, too much demand for energy produced, growing demand, rolling blackouts, terrible air pollution, wretched grid infrastructure … the Philippines would benefit fromnon-imported energy resources. And yet here are government officials spreading a bunch of bullshit and basically discrediting the idea. And we all know how important the words of an official or an authority are.


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      emrys Post author

      I know right. the light levels don’t change that much so it would be fairly predictable on how much charge you can get from a panel. plus the light is so bright there. the other thing is that wiring up to the main grid would actually help the entire grid. it’s what happens in Canada, but I’m not sure about else where.

      in Canada if you keep hooked up to the grid and you end up having excess, it goes into the grid and you actually get paid a bit for the energy your contributing.

      I think they don’t want people getting off grid because it would just cause way more problems. “free” electricity. Filipinos would jump on that in a second. however I doubt they would be able to have enough power since the aircon would be running 24/7. they would leave the tv running, plus blasting music through giant speakers. I doubt they would understand the concept of power management, which a person who lives off the grid needs to understand.

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        Yeah I’m sure they won’t do grid power buy-backs like in Canada and the other advanced countries. But it still would help.
        I suspect it isn’t about the power management issue–electricity in the Philippines is some the most expensive, and profitable, in the world.
        In January of 2014 the local utility charged everyone here at 22p/kWh. That was, at least as far as I could tell on Google, the most expensive electricity rate in the world. It was a doubling of the previous rates and was based on some regulatory rating that allowed utilities in Manila to increase their rates by a small amount. So the greedy fucks that run things here where I live actually thought they could use that as an excuse to double the rates here. Seems they just assumed the ignorant and frankly terrorized local serfs would just suck it up, as they always do. But even here there was protest and the power coop had to agree to refunds.
        Of course … it is funny how on the day that people went for their refunds the computers had big problems and they just couldn’t refund all that they owed.
        Ahh … but I digress. (wow, now that I am sharing my rants outside of my head they just don’t stop!)
        PS emrys–whereabouts in Canada? My Dad is from Manitoba and I spent a long time in Toronto.

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          emrys Post author

          I’m in alberta. you have to notify the electric company for buy backs. I’m not totally sure how it all works, but you can’t just hook up to the grid and expect things to happen. keeping hooked up is good for another reason. in the winter there isn’t as much light, especially where I am, and it’s good to have the grid as backup.

          I’m about 300km north of Edmonton. so in the winter it gets dark fast. in the summer, right now, it’s getting light at 4am and sun is fully down at 10:30pm. mid july it will be 3:30am and 11pm. so lots of light. it’s pretty much reversed in the winter. it’s light by maybe 9:30 am and the sun is down at 4pm.

          I actually don’t mind the electrical charges in the Philippines. 22P(0.59cnd) per kwh is nothing compared to alberta. current lowest rate available right now it $7.99 per kwh(293peso). except over 2/3rds of it is administration costs. plus the alberta government gave the electrical companies taxpayer money to upgrade the lines. the kicker is that even though the electrical companies got taxpayer dollars. taxpayers also get an increase to pay for the new lines? go figure eh. before I got a solar wind hybrid system I think I was using 9 cnd of power a month but the total bill was 36 cnd. it’s worse for gas. I use 3 dollars of gas per month in the summer and a monthly bill comes out to 50cnd. that’s why I don’t stay here in the winter. plus it being serious balls falling off cold where I am.

          I think the Philippines would have a huge potential for using alternative energy sources. but the other thing that happens is that they are easily swayed by propaganda.

          my GF’s brother in law buys scooters, fixes and flips them. I told him that he should look into building e-bikes and scooters. just because he can pick up a scooter with a seized engine for practically nothing, toss the whole engine, and set it up for electric. way bigger profit. but then he is saying that no one would really buy it because they don’t go fast. I even gave him a book on converting bikes into electric and he still thought it was a dumb idea. what people don’t get is you can set a bike up to either go faster(which will of course drain the battery faster), or you can build it for distance driving.

          so if you make the thing only go 50km it can run all day long. and seriously, how fast do people drive in Cebu city. I doubt anyone gets up past 50km. it would save them money on gas. plus half the time huble huble drivers are just sitting around anyway.

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            Alberta was good in the 70,s.. then the politicians screwed it all up
            i worked on rigs there

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            Don Quixote

            My actual power bill in the PI is 900 peso a month!!!!!!
            When they add on all the fees and charges it is 2500 peso a month.
            Australia $180 a quarter actual use, fees and charges $345
            I dont know who taught who about fees and charges.

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            emrys Post author

            yeah al

            once they de regulated the electricity and gas, it went wrong.

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      Hey Joe


      I built a test solar system with a 550watt panels with grid tie inverter combined with standard inverter/batteries for the blackouts
      The grid-tie makes/feeds back 2 kwh per day. Give or take with rainy/overcast days around -50kwh per month.
      I am adding more panels to my system as soon as we can afford. It feels good to see the meter spin backwards at times, and my lights are on when everyone else is dark.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        How much do they pay you for the power to the grid ??????????????
        I have a 5 kl watt 20 panels on my roof in Australia. Cost me A$3700. down from $12K a few years ago.
        I would do the same there as the cost is so high but I cant get information aside from some fuck just interested in selling the unit.
        I note some wealthy flips are building solar farms , so there must be buy back scheme,e somewhere for the generated power.
        Or is that just for the rich flips?????????
        I will do more research when back in the land of the great corrupt

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          Hey Joe

          Being my system is so small, I still consume more than I produce. But it does reduce my bill.
          I would be happy to “zero-out” my bill. To do that, I figure I would need around 2kw worth of panels.

          With system losses, 2kw would be closer to 1.5kw real world output. Times average 8+ hrs per day. We use on average 13kwh grid power per day. That would be close to zero my bill.

          It works rather well. When the power goes out, I just switch over to standard inverter/battery and back feed it to the house. Not enough capacity for everything… but enough for lights/fans/TV and fridge.
          I would never expect a flip electric co to ever pay me! So reducing or zero-out my bill is my goal. Hell, I may even be able to afford to run the aircon more 🙂

          1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            As I said I will research when I get back, Its winter here so My Panels even though they should be producing 5 kw They are only producing 3.25 kw on a bright sunny day. there is a loss everywhere not just the PI.

      2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        You must a mechanical Meter,they can reverse. they ripped ours out and installed digital.
        Guess what they never wind back.
        So you can put as much as you like into the grid,
        Unless you install a NETT USE meter you get no benefit.

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    Well… there is one very important thing to consider. The Pope is getting ready to issue his Laudato Si proclamation, where he effectively says that environmentalism is very very important and the responsibility lies 100% on the first world countries. That the evil developed countries have raped and pillaged the third world for so long and I guess the only way to rectify that is some kind of compensation.

    When I heard that, I was like, oh, this is right up Filipino’ s alley. First, they have no responsibility to clean up their own country, and second, now the Philippines has the excuse to go running to the US and Australia and say “gimme”.

    Hell no, they wont clean up their own country. Fuck no! Now the Pope says it’s someone else’s responsibility to clean up their mess, and not only that, it’s probably America’s fault that there is garbage everywhere in Cebu. Don’t feel sad about swimming in your own sewage — get mad because it’s America’s fault, Australia’s fault, Japan’s fault, and Europe’s fault. And they better fucking clean up Filipino’s messes, and they can start by paying up NOW.

    It’s exactly what they wanted to hear, and to top it all off, the POPE said so.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      The whole country is a trash can. They tore up one lane of a cement road at one place we lived little while back. To the left was a large lot that Smart had a tower on. To the right was a large pond/ mini lake with squatter huts over the water. So going down the road I saw they had dug down about 15 foot and past that was nothing but a layer of trash all the way down past the water level. If you looked at the pond/lake there was trash floating in the water and you could tell the squatters had their crs over the water as it looked like one big open sewer.

    2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      My wife says they import OUR garbage to be processed there in the Philippines, they the Politicians then take the money and throw the garbage into the ocean.
      I cannot tell you how many times I have heard that tale.
      Just once I heard about some Canadian Medical waste that was still on the Wharves whist they try and return that to Canada.
      But that has morphed into the Myth that all the western worlds trash is sent to the PI.

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    lol bit of bullshit to choke on

    Filipinos are generous and kind when something is going their way and they are in it for the reward.

    Generally, they want to build their social circles more for “social welfare” including MASS SHIT DUMPING OF PROBLEMS and asking for money rather than having a genuine interest in you and your life.

    1. Profile gravatar of BloodlessStone

      Choose Philippines? Good god!
      Shit I hate the idea of other innocent people getting sucked into this black hole.

      Although that site would actually be hilarious if it told the truth:

      Choose the Philippines!

      Instead of air-conditioned comfort in a modern, easy-to-navigate airport like those in Viet Nam, or Thailand, or Malaysia, here in dynamic Philippines the adventure starts as soon as you get off the plane! Enjoy the challenge of making it safely from the gate through the stifling heat and listless corrupt security officers and and then on to the immigration herd! (Careful that falling roof doesn’t hit you!) If you need the washroom anywhere along the way you will have positive proof that this is a country that cannot get its shit together–because even in the Philippines cleaning a bathroom isn’t so difficult–ooh! all the fun adventure stories you can share when you get back home! Next you’re on to the exciting baggage claim where you will have to fight both chaotic crowds and official-looking people who want to take your money! Once you pass this energizing challenge it is out to the oddly small transport area and the filthy air and even more official-looking people trying to cheat you. Breath deep, you can only get that stench here in the Philippines!
      Mabuhay! You have survived the airport and now it is time to enter the real Philippines! You will be charmed with all the exotic traditions–all the unique Filipino versions of driving, urban planning, honesty, public bathroom bribing, and sign-ignoring that you can’t find anywhere else!
      Choose Philippines! Instead of a fun vacation or retirement, come to us!

      I actually remember a time when I invited friends and family here … ugh. Could I have ever been that stupid?

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike


        The adventure begins when the plane lands and the door to the cattle chute opens. About your post on the Ivory. Did you see the interview the Daily Inquirer had with a Cardinal here? The Cardinal bragged about his large ivory collection and how he smuggled ivory in and out of countries all the time.

      2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        I liked malaysia.. we could not our hotel from the airport. One guy from the cel fone co. Goes on internet,, gets the right fone no. Fones the hotel and lets speak to the hotel.
        I asked if he wanted a tip. NO!!!!!!
        Feelippines,, give me joe,,,ur rich

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        I went to Tondo Al, i was delayed in what i was doing there and the van was “rushed” by a mob of addicts. It was ok, I been in the PH a Looooooooong time, that sort of stuff is ok for me but for a newby it might have been a bit scary

      2. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        I went to Tondo Al, i was delayed in what i was doing there and the van was “rushed” by a mob of addicts. It was ok, I been in the PH a Looooooooong time, that sort of stuff is ok for me but for a newby it might have been a bit


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      emrys Post author

      well what do you expect from a site like that. it’s probably a government funded tourism site. my first trip to the Philippines I was super ignorant. I flew in at night and had a window seat. so excited….until I got off the plane. then I asked a guard a question and he asked me if I had a any Canadian money. I just walked away. then when I got to the taxi, I got the flat rate guys because I was heading out of manila to tanauan batangas. got to tanauan and couldn’t see that place for what it was until the sun came up. then OMG!. has anyone ever been to tanauan? that is one rough looking town.

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    Any “funds” that are designated for infrastructure “upkeep” simply vanish.
    I think the Filipino people learned this lesson a very long time ago.

    I shit-you-not, they were out “patching” the potholes on the highway with DIRT.
    This was on one of the main highways leading up to Baguio. Needless to say,
    all that DIRT was washed away in a few days with the first RAIN. Of course,
    this was done just prior to the ELECTION.

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    Check out the June issue of Brand magazine, the “Eco Warrior” article. The lady is my wife, (and our golden got thrown in too) and it talks about a few of our advocacies. All is not lost, but we are generations away ( if at all) from a tipping point.

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    Don Quixote

    We had the local clean up the waterways and seas event recently in Olongapo.
    All the Politicians were out, bags were filled to brimming with trash tonnes and tonnes of it.
    Last week I drove across the bridge where the local river enters Subic Bay, from side to side as far as I could see was floating trash and plastic.My neighbour an American was sitting in the car he also had never seen anything like it EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This was a week after the fucking clean up.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I honestly believe that I had never seen so much trash in the river before, so where did it come from so suddenly, we had no flooding rain,
    It probably was the crap they picked up and they threw it into the river near the local dump.
    The big tides with the full moon flushed it back down to the beach.
    New job for next year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of beameup

      People upstream heard that someone was going to clean up the river and took it as an opportunity to dispose of their trash. Only problem was the “timing”, as the trash didn’t get there in time.
      You have to “think like a Filipino” in such matters.

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    1 flip idiot was at an internal convention for climate change, first he starts crying,, then threatons to go on a hunger strike!!!! Can you imagine a flip on a hunger strike????? If he could see out of his tinted windows and aircon with driver, he would see the garbage, smoke bel chers, all headed to the environment,
    Of course, the rest of the international morons licked this bullshit right up…because if you trace this bs back to money,!,,,,they get paid good

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      COVERT NARCISSISTS — yup there you go, crying, whinging, problems and they draw you into their manipulative world to dose you with their toxic world. Filipinos are generally covert narcissists as they never communicate much and expect you to read their minds. They are very insular but cannot engage as proper people in conversations like climate change. They will then go back to what they know best, emotional manipulation. They use crying and their pov mentality and pull the foreigner who most likely is up to his neck in shit with having come to the Philippines) into their toxic world of problems 95% of filipino’s seem to be drowning in.

      They might engage in caring behaviour but filipinos dont have caring feelings – they are self absorbed little souls that are just into self protection and about themselves living in their scared little worlds of losing something. Filipinos feel very threatened when someone wants something and you have a demand expectation on them – they will then break down crying. They have the biggest grins these selfish shits when the world goes all their way and things are on THEIR TERMS – only when they want.

      1. Profile gravatar of Rottt

        the problem is that flips like me, and my family are totally outnumbered. And yes, i use my real name on my profile and my photo on the avatar, thats asian speak for ” i talk shit but can back my shit up. . For every tree i plant in my social entrepreneurship program, a bunch of fucks cut down a hundred. every time we clean up manila bay, a million fucks throw their crap back in it. Im fighting a fight i cant win, but that doesnt mean i’ll quit.

          1. Profile gravatar of Rottt

            Its hopeless. For every kid out here that is raised with the proper values, hundreds are raised who could care less. Nothing can be done about that ratio. It just becomes a matter of being able to sleep a little better at night knowing that you tried. Business wise, we hardly get any write offs, its not even worth the time to do so. It always ends up out off pocket. Oh well….

      2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        Yes,,, you can see their big smiles on election posters,,, campaign poster, ,, posters for the newest project,,,,,,
        When i get to my home country,,, there will be payback

      1. Profile gravatar of Rottt

        The filipino crying, that is. It was so fucking embarassing. Reminds me of a quote, “cry like a woman for what you failed to defend like a man”

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    Two weeks after retiring in 2003, I moved to the Philippines from California, USA. It so happened that I had an in-law and I moved to a small town (barangay) in Meycauyan, Bulacan. I was the only “kano” in the area; all my associations were with the locals. I had been supporting 2 kids through private (Catholic) school. Anyway, my very first “impression” of Filipinos was the kids walking home from school. Of course, they bought their candies at the sari-sari after classes.
    What really struck me was the cavalier way that they just threw the candy wrappers away. There was absolutely no concern in the entire city government even remotely resembling a no-littering policy, and absolutely no attempt to clean-up the gutters, and obviously no attempt to “educate” the kids. The trash lining the main street was abhorrent and was simply blown-about by the wind.

  12. Profile gravatar of Rottt

    MetroManila has a major flooding problem. When the checked the sewers, in one city, they were full of solidified cooking grease. Seems that all the restaurants in the area dumped all their gook into the drains. There was literally a truck full of this shit in there that they had to shovel out. Imagine what else may be down there……..incredible

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      It the open garbage too that they throw on the streets and it flows into the drains. The drains are clogged with RUBBISH— recentl

    2. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      It the open garbage too that they throw on the streets and it flows into the drains. The drains are clogged with RUBBISH— recentl

    3. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      It the open garbage too that they throw on the streets and it flows into the drains. The drains are clogged with RUBBISH— recently they become more “environmentally aware” i mean .. spacial space stuff (they must be on mind expanding drugs) to work it out ..
      so they have made efforts to reduce plastic … so you get people throwing unwrapped house rubbish and food scraps onto the street in a big pile without any bagging at all.

  13. Profile gravatar of Rottt

    If you are in Manila, drive by the stretch of Roxas Blvd between the MYC and US Embassy after a typhoon. The garbage that piled up during a bad typhoon took something like a dozen dump trucks to clear on the short stretch. That was just the crap on the broad walk, not including a whole lot more in the water. If you take a boat out on the water for a couple if hours, even if you dont get any spray, it’ll take a couple of days to wash the stench off. No shit

    1. Profile gravatar of Sum Dum Joe
      Sum Dum Joe

      And Manila Bay is supposedly a hi-light and tourist attraction of the city. I took my wife for a nice moonlit stroll down there once. One of the nastiest places I have ever seen. Just the stench alone.
      I used to live near the corner of Taft and U.N. avenues, home to many of the most “prestigious “universities” in the Philippines. (I think De la Salle is tops in Phillipinnes and not even in the top 2000 world wide) Every day I would see these amazing scholars order cokes all up and down Taft Avenue. Now here is the amazingness of Failipinos. Only a Failapino could take an idea as simple as a recyclable bottle and totally fuck it up. The whole idea is that Coke puts their product into a recyclable bottle and charges their vendors a deposit that they will get back when they return the bottle. What do the vendors do? Pass the deposit on to their customers, and make them responsible for returning the bottle? No. (We all know Pinoise never return shit) The vendors dump the coke into non recyclable little plastic bags, and drop in a little plastic straw, because fuck you, I paid Coke for that bottle and I am getting my money back. Now what do these erstwhile future leaders of the Failopines do as soon as the last drop of liquid is consumed from those plastic bags? Yup. Drop it where ever they are, because ya-ya or Jesus or the government will pick it up. Why should I carry it around? It is of no further use to me. (a lot of parallels could be drawn there) And then these geniuses all stand around complaining and wondering why after only 10 minutes of rain Taft Avenue is under two feet of water.
      Whew. That has been bottled up inside of me for a long time.

      Ok sorry one more.
      I watched my neighbor today spend two hours sweeping up all the dead (beneficial) leaves from his yard. Afterwards he was all hot and sweaty and decided to take a shower (whore’s bath) outside. (because showering inside is stupid) I watched him rip open the single use foil and plastic shampoo package (those big bottles cost 200 pesos and these single ones are only 30 pesos, as he’s thinking he is getting one over on the shop keeper)(stupid shopkeeper) and throw it directly on the ground with the others. And the empty Zorox bottles and toothpaste containers and empty packages of surf powder(only 5 pesos lang). There is also a pile for empty Tanduay bottles, corned beef cans and empty plastic containers of tuba or bahalina. The only thing I never see are empty condom packages. Weird.
      I feel like I am going crazy. Like I live in bizzaro world. But hey, my nieghbor’s yard looks great cause there are no dead leaves in it to make it look all trashy. (PS he also burns the leaves right outside of our gate to give our house that nice warm smoky smell)

      Rott. Keep doing what you are doing. Thank you for at least trying.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        manila bay
        what is good about it,, the arroma of burnt meat on the barbecues,,, bare ass kids with their sqautter families,,,, that dark water full of garbage,,, abondoned buildings,,, grabag..,,purse snatchers,, oh the beautiful port area, tondo???
        I can not imagine the deadly deseases in that water.

  14. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Manila Bay is supposed to be a wonderful sight. However when a person thinks of all the garbage and untreated sewage that goes into it????
    It is the same with beaches in this country. if the beach is below a city,, I am not going in there,,

  15. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    SEA GULLS, SEAGULL S has anyone seen a Seagull anywhere in the Philippines.??????????
    Fuck they must have been tasty ????????
    PELICANS ?????????????????
    What is it with the Flips do they eat anything that moves or swims or flys.
    How could anyone wipe out shit hawks (seagulls)

  16. Profile gravatar of Mike

    You might be wrong about the seagulls. They probably said enough of these assholes and moved to another country. What a shame when a seagull is smarter than us huh?

  17. Profile gravatar of

    So true. Look on either side of a sari sari, school, or basketball court tons of discarded everything. Look at the beach at low tide, especially near squaters, millions of containers, look at a field, thousands of multi colored plastic bags. It’s so blatantly disregard for one’s environment, no education and no discipline, because nobody cares.

  18. Profile gravatar of Mike

    We lived in a small town on Leyte and what they would do is go to the beach, dig a hole one foot deep max, drop bag of trash in and cover up. Tide comes in and uncovers it. Then the houses would have a drain pipe for the shitter running to the beach. They would flush the shit right onto the beach. Yep, fucking morons then brag about how clean they are.

  19. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “Then the houses would have a drain pipe for the shitter running to the beach. They would flush the shit right onto the beach. ”

    Mikey, my mum’s province is really beautiful and clean, with crystal clear waters. However, there is a clan perched on the edge of a cliff with beautiful sea views all around. The land is owned by the Catholic church (why am I not surprised?). No running water, has electricity but no sewage. A cousin was showing me this beach spot and I said I wanted to be on the edge so I can take some real good photos. The edge is quite rocky, you know the type of ragged rocks that are usually found near oceans.

    As we approached the edge with several bahay kubos dotting the edge of the cliff, I could smell the stench of shit! Yep, the people there simply shit on the shrubs and rocks within meters of their huts. At least the cats would bury their shits! Not these people! I left without taking any pictures, too scared to step on the drying turds!

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      And the people in the huts bragged about how clean they were huh? They cannot dig a hole and put up an outhouse? Hell even in the field we dig a hole to shit in. I guess I would be a draw there as everyone want to see just how white my ass is.