SOP Of The Filipino Mind In Dealing With Problems

I am writing this out of EXPERIENCE with any and every problem that comes up here in Philippines (which is daily, with nearly everything). Whether it’s slow or interrupted internet connection, slow or interrupted water pressure, product warranty, billing issue, etc.

And this mindset seems to be the STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE with the general population of Philippines.

When a problem is brought to the attention of the Filipino, 98% of the time, here is how the problem is handled be it with a customer service agent, a store manager, a utility company, or an individual:

1. Deny there is a problem. Don’t even bother to check it out or verify it.

2. Blame the problem on the other person. Find some reason why it’s someone else’s fault.

3. Make the person think they are just imagining the problem. Example: There is no water coming from your shower spout. Tell the complainer that the water pressure is fine, which would imply that the complainer is lying, or just imagining there is no water coming from the spout. He’s actually soaking wet, but only imagining that he is dry. 

4. Always remind people that you are a god fearing person so that when you lie and cheat, they won’t suspect. 

5. Keep arguing with the customer until he/she gives up or is more stupid than you and gives up the fight.

6. When all else fails, just say, “Well this is Philippines.” as if that makes it all ok (and within itself, is an admission of stupidity). 

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