“Sorry Po!” Strikes Again!


See this idiot?  This is the moron that was driving that truck behind him.
See that car on the right?  That’s my car..parked way off the street.


Ok…I’ve found a new realization on the stupidity of Manila.  Already it was at Duhcon 2 at least…but, as usual, the Flip figures out how to up the ante just another notch more.  What’s my new epiphany?

“If you own a car in Manila, you are more likely to have your car hit while it’s parked than when you’re actually driving it.”

4 years driving here.  FOUR YEARS.  Not one accident.  Not because of them..hell no…every time I go out, it’s Satan’s obstacle course…a new circle of hell he’s testing out on the intelligent driver.  But at the risk of being vain…I’m good…damn good.  But there is absolutely jack shit I can do about stupid morons hitting my care WHILE IT’S PARKED!

So the story goes…I’m sitting on the side of the road..completely off the road.  Not even close to the white lane line.  Along comes one of those fucking 18 wheelers that have no business being on these streets to begin with, threading the needle on a space that’s obviously too fucking narrow for him, and CRUNCH!  I hear the sound of his tires rubbing along side my entire driver’s side of the car.  The side mirror gets banged forward all the way, and I have black scuff all over the driver’s side.

This makes twice in the past month or so that my car has been hit WHILE FUCKING PARKED ON THE SIDE OF THE STREET!  I swear…you actually have to try to fuck up hard like that.

Fucking Flips….

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  1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    Damn Kaine, that fucking SUCKS!!!

    I swear to almighty Joe Peschi I cringe every time I see these fucktards drive. These fucking filipinos should not drive, period. They can’t even walk in a crowd, much less drive! The sheer absence of concern, the complete white noise that must be filling their heads just boggles my mind.

    These people are fucking brain dead.

    You shouldn’t have parked there. You should have known that truck was going to come, and if your car happens to be in his way, tough titty for you. He has a delivery to make. Too bad your car was there. You should have known that truck was coming. It’s your fucking fault.

    (that is what THEY are thinking, the god damn fucking brainless mouldy turd Filipinos!)

    You know what….if Philippines were to suddenly vanish off the earth’s crust, I really don’t think there would be any global impact, nor would anyone notice.

    1. Profile gravatar of Penance
      Penance Post author

      Why do you think they OFW and marry out of the country so damn much? Rats are the first to leave a sinking ship, along with the cockroaches. Then they breed like fucking crazy wherever they land. It’s how this species called Filipinus Idiotus survives.

  2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    Jesus Christ all mighty! You need an armoured vehicle over there. And it will probably be the same story as the last one. “It’s not my vehicle, I don’t have a license and it’s not registered.” And next, you get to deal with the lazy useless cops and get nowhere.

    1. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

      Nah, dude is too stupid to understand what he just did. Its like my son, hes 1 year old and just smiles when you tell him “no, dont do that!”. Doesnt know any better cause hes not fully developed. Case in point, the entire Philippine nation. Bunch of child like minds.

  3. Profile gravatar of Purplebeltbrah

    OP I feel your pain. I’ve been reading this blog site for a while now and although I feel some of the content is extreme, I do not disagree with you on many topics.

    Im a filipino who grew up outside of the Philippines, 12 years in malaysia and 7 in Canada. I spent time living in the Philippines(not having lived there since I was 7) from July 2014 to the end of last february and I can confirm the hell involved driving in metro manila, or even around cavite or Laguna. Godamn traffic everywhere. Its ridiculous.

    There is nothing more that I hate than driving anywhere in old manila…people drive like shit, trucks are everywhere, fucking tricycles taking up the road…I could keep going. Road rage has never been a habit of mine until driving in this country.

    I understand your frustration with dealing with many Pinoys. I believe that this is caused by the fact that over 80% of Filipino’s are below the middle class and unable to access decent education, health care, etc. So its seriously no surprise as to why the masses (those below middle class) tend to have significantly less common sense than those with the means to access a higher standard of living.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are still a lot of dumbasses who are able to access a higher standard of living…Im just saying that the social classes in the Philippines do play a role in how things are.

    Its seriously sad…just sad

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      Extreme ignorance and stupidity calls for extreme blogging.

      As for the classes, we all know this. But that’s not the kind of stupidity we’re really talking about here. My own partner has a masters degree. A brilliant engineer, brilliant at what he does. Yet he exhibits the same levels of pure brainlessness that is equal to nearly any Filipino. Things like answering a yes or no question before he has even processed the question at all. Before I have even finished stating the question. And then once he actually did process the question, his answer then changes.

      Things like the complete refusal to have the dignity to admit when he’s wrong. Things like how lying to preserve himself comes so easily without a second thought, as if it’s the proper thing to do. Do something dishonorable, then fight for your honor by lying about it. It’s the typical “create the illusion” thing that Filipinos ATTEMPT to do with everything. And there is sooooooo many more examples I could state. He’s very well educated, yet with so many of his traits, I constantly find myself saying under my breath, “I completely understand why there is such widespread failure with everything in this country.”

      I would venture to say that CEO’s of major businesses here are pretty well educated. They are so good at creating the illusion they are good and reputable and offer great customer service. Yet they are always out of stock, blatantly attempt to dishonor warranties, haven’t the slightest clue about customer service, etc.

      This is the kind of mindless stupidity, ignorance and “corruption and dishonesty as a norm, as if it’s the correct way to do things” that we are talking about here. The vein of utter stupidity that does not discriminate the classes or levels of education.

      1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
        Pinay Lover

        It would seem to me that they are just easily programmed. They don’t have a sense of street smarts which in my opinion, is one of the best traits to have. I’ve seen many very successful people without even a high school diploma! Does it make them stupid if they didn’t do well in school, hell no! I paid nothing for education for my work, but I started from rock bottom and worked my way up with no college/university degree. Meanwhile I see all these kid’s who have taken 2 years of school and spent thousands to work my position. When it comes to Filipino’s it doesn’t seem to matter if they didn’t pass grade 3, or if they are accomplished students in university, most of them have these annoying fucking traits of stupidity.

        I think there is a “culture” dis-function for these natives. They’re born into stupidity because its fucking everywhere. Monkey see, monkey do. They pick up all these bad traits subconsciously. It’s a “group think” mentality with no individual thought. Does a native Pinoy stand up and say “hey, there is something really wrong with my country”, or does he say “I’m proud and happy to be Pinoy!” I think we know the answer to that one. I just don’t understand it….

        I dis my own country all the time because I identify the problems here. I don’t like socialism, I’m not a believer of big government, I don’t like getting taxed so much, family values aren’t great here….I could go on, but a Pinoy saying bad things about their country? Fucking idiots live in denial and because of that, they’ll continue to dismantle their waste hole country gradually.

        Proud to be stupid. STUPID PRIDE!

    2. Profile gravatar of TightWired

      Walter, I can appreciate your points about Higher Standard of Living…Better education, medical, social services, etc… will certainly can improve the country as a whole. But…What about family values/up bringing. Family values that you learn everyday when growing up…Like: Stealing is wrong, common curtisee, right from wrong, etc…
      I remember when was around 5 years old, my father caught me stealing candy from a store. He scolded me, and then marched me right back to the store, and all by myself, I had apoligize to the store owner for Stealing. I don’t remember the candy, but I still remember the Shame I felt.
      The same Idiot Smile this Lower Class worker has, I’m willing to bet isn’t much different than the driver/owner of a <middle class sedan/suv would have had if they had hit the OP's car. "Not my Problem"….crosses all economic boundries.

      P.S. Philippines doesn't hold the monopoly on Stupidity….but they sure do try extra hard to corner the market.

  4. Profile gravatar of Purplebeltbrah

    Tightwired, you’re right. I just failed to remember to include family values. They do play a role in developing good citizens, however Im sure we all know that many pinoys prefer to take the easy way out. Such as pissing on the street beside a sign that prohibits doing so, or even something as simple as littering. There’s garbage everywhere on the street and most people don’t seem to care.

    As one of the few (comparatively speaking based on overall population) filipino’s born in the country who grew up in a foreign culture, my eye’s are open to the dysfunctional system in the Philippines. If I had stayed there, stupidity, incompetence, inefficiency would become the norm to me and it would be all that I would know. Therefore I would be much more tolerant of it, not having experienced anything else.

    But after living overseas for almost 20 years, I have been fortunate enough to develop a wider type of perspective on how things should be. Its not even that I want the Philippines to win gold medals in the olympics, or to be recognised as a premier tourist destination…..all those things are trivial in comparison to my desire for a well functioning and efficient society at all levels.

    After returning to live there for 9 months, I can genuinely understand why everything is so and f’d up. I won’t even get into it because I know others have commented on what those reasons are.

    I just want to live in my OWN home country and be happy but at the rate things are going, the possibility of that looks bleak.

  5. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflip

    He’s got that wry smile on his face because he is so loaded up on Red Horse and/or Colt 45 that he is completely disconnected from reality.

    Oh, wait. Those gooks are disconnected from reality even when they are sober. Sigh….

  6. Profile gravatar of justsomeflip

    Damn, sorry to hear that. As an uncle of mine used to say about Filipino public transport drivers:

    “Just because they can start up an engine they think that they’re drivers”.

    It’s terribly annoying for people who follow road rules in da felipins. No matter how careful you drive here, some moron will come along and ruin everything for you.

  7. Profile gravatar of BiTronic

    Sad fact is that a lot of these people probably just bribed to get their license. The bus drivers are among the worst of the lot. It’s a lot more than a culture shock to me since I’m an 18-yo filipino who grew up in Singapore and…well the difference between the two is stunning to say the least.

    It’s poignant to think even after the late Lee Kuan Yew had already pointed out the problems in both the govt. and society that keep PI from progressing, it’s still a cesspool of corruption and stupidity.

  8. Profile gravatar of kallimann

    Hi all, I don’t know why you complaining. If you need a licence you go to Chinatown and buy one. It comes right out of the LTO. So that means all is ok and he can drive, lol
    Here a little experience I had when I had to make my practical test (eventhough I have an international license for big bikes, cars and 38 ton trucks).
    I was the first to drive on the LTO test course. Did all the tests (parking, backing up etc.) and passed.
    Second candidate was a Filipino. When he was asked by the tester to go up half the way the hill (and it wasn’t steep I promise you that), then stop there for a moment and then start moving again up all the way to the top, that idiot drove all the way up without stopping.
    I guess he couldn’t hear the tester talking to him because he was driving (this would be multi-tasking, so non-existant in the Failippines).
    Then when the tester asked him why he didn’t stop on the way up he answered that he would have might roll back and therefore went all the way.
    Guess what, he passed too. The tester said it was good thinking to prevent an accident!
    So much for drivers licences, even if you go for a test…

  9. Profile gravatar of JoeyG

    I am always nervous when I am on the road each time I vacay in Manila. I have learned disciplined defensive driving from overseas. Which is why I try my very best to avoid driving in Manila, even though I have had 9 years driving experience in Manila before I left for abroad. Every time I get into a cab, jeepney, or heck, even a private car, I really get nervous and dizzy watching every one on the road drive like they alone own the streets. I would rather take the LRT or MRT although lately I’ve heard even that isn’t safe anymore.