Stating Truth Does Not Equate To Hate, Anger, or Unhappiness

imagesIsn’t it funny the idiotic tactics Filipinos will use in their attempt to discredit those who state the truth about them and their country? In their attempt to defend the ILLUSION that Filipinos try to emulate to the world about how they are so smart, and the best at just about any endeavor they take on, the first thing of which they accuse us is hate. If they can paint some kind of word picture that we are hateful, this will change the truth, and their stupidity vanishes. If they can say we’re full of hate and anger, they are no longer stupid in their mind. It’s bizarre. And it’s that mindset that makes us see how much MORE stupid the Pinoy is.

I have 3 wonderful dogs. All three different breeds. Two of them are quite intelligent to the point it amazes me. The other one is just plain stupid. I mean so much so there is no comparison between her and the other two dogs. And I call her stupid. Because she just is. Plain and simple. Now does that mean I hate her? Of course not! I love her as much as I love the other two smart dogs. Am I happy to be in her presence? Of course! I love her!

Stating the truth that someone is stupid does not equate to hate.idiot-policemen If you were actually intelligent, and I called you stupid, then I certainly would be hateful. But that is just not the case here. We say the Pinoy is fucking stupid for one single reason: Because he/she just is. They show us how fucking stupid they are every single day, everywhere we go.

On the other hand, if Filipinos had a measurable level of intelligence, for example,

  • If you could cross the street in a pedestrian crosswalk and fully rely on the Filipino driver to have the courtesy, consideration, understanding, and BRAINS to stop for pedestrians instead of honking madly and coming within 1 centimeter of smearing that mother and her baby across the asphalt…
  • If you could call a customer service line to report a service failure without instantly being blamed for the problem and argued with…
  • If when that item with a warranty malfunctions an hour after you take it out of the box and return it to the store, they would honor the warranty without accusations that it’s your fault it doesn’t work….
  • If you could read a promotional sale advertisement that just started today, and head down to SM to go buy it, and actually have it be in stock….
  • If you were to somehow sustain an injury or pass out, and actually have just 1 HUMAN-FUCKING-BEING that would at least call for help….
  • If you could drive down the street and without assuming that in this country, the lane lines mean to center your vehicle on top of them, and expect people to use their mirrors and wait for a safe opportunity to merge out into traffic instead of just barreling forward into oncoming traffic…
  • And the list could go on and on and on…

So if things were orderly, and all the above listed items really happened, and we were just making up lies and calling you stupid if you were actually smart, THAT would be hate. Stating truth is not hate. We don’t hate you, we just are honestly stating the truth that you’re imbeciles. If I made a Philippines Success Blog, it would either be blank, or filled with lies. We could sit here a boast about how smart Filipinos are, but that would make us just like Filipinos; ALL A BUNCH OF BIG FAT LIARS.  And I’m sure you would prefer lies. It’s what rules your lives. And we do realize that Filipinos generally do not favor truth. We understand it is your culture to hide truth, and live out your days with lies, lies, and more lies. And this stupidity, thus giving credibility to this blog.

The authors here on Philippines Fail Blog mostly share their real and true experiences and observations about Philippines. I can’t speak for all of the authors, but I can certainly speak for myself. If I was unhappy and full of hate, I would not stay here. What Filipinos can’t accept, is that we simply state the truth here on this blog. It doesn’t mean we’re angry, hateful, or unhappy here. I am happy here. Does my happiness make Filipinos less stupid? Well of course not. Stupid is stupid whether you’re happy, sad, angry, hateful, or full of loving joy. Stupid doesn’t stop being stupid depending on your emotional state. Stupid is stupid, period.

The Filipino’s first reaction when facing hard criticism is, “Then why don’t you get the fuck out of our country, we don’t need you here!”

Well, I don’t get the fuck out of your country because I’m happy here. And I’m happy to talk about the realities of Philippines. It’s not rocket science. It’s not hard to understand. But there are other foreigners that came here, were not happy, couldn’t handle or adapt to the extremely high levels of stupidity, ignorance, dishonesty, and disorder, so they “got the fuck out of your country”, and most likely didn’t need to be told to do so by a dumbshit Pinoy <—simple fact, not hate.

Stupid-FilipinoDoes the high levels of mindless stupidity get frustrating? Well, of course! Is it good to release your frustrations or is it good to keep them bottled up inside, building up pressure like a balloon, and eventually burst in a fit of anger? Well, speaking for myself, I prefer, as well as all the other expats on this blog, to talk about the frustrations and release them. They are truthful, they are legitimate. Mind-boggling stupidity can be frustrating. And releasing those frustrations is one small part of staying happy here.

This blog also serves to counter the illusions that Filipinos give about their country, and offer up the reality on the contrary to the bullshit slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines” for those who are considering coming here based on the delusional bullshit told to them by Filipinos or it’s tourism dept. We bring more than spruced up photos taken in the scarce areas that appear modern and clean for the sake of the photo. We bring the REALITY of Philippines with word and image based on testimony.

So for the idiot Filipinos who want to make themselves look even MORE stupid than they are by claiming our stories are fictional, I offer this challenge; Prove us wrong. Show us how smart you are, and stop just saying it with words. Because as I have always said, the Filipinos words SELDOM EVER match their actions.

The Filipino is so quick to DEMAND respect, yet incapable of earning it with his/her behavior. They demand trust, yet betrayal is the norm for them.

I start with 100% respect for anyone I meet. Now it’s up to you to keep my respect. There has not been a single Filipino I have ever met in my entire life who maintained 100% of my respect. Every single one of them has lost some level of respect at some point in our acquaintance or friendship or association, through some kind of betrayal or despicable, pathetic behavior.

If the dumbshit Filipino spent half as much time EARNING respect as he does DEMANDING it, maybe this blog would have no reason to exist.

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  1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    All you have to do is walk out your door, get in your vehicle and begin to drive anywhere and you automatically find out how stupid Filipinos are. Automobiles have been around for over a hundred years and these morons still haven’t figured out the proper way to operate them. Not only do they not know how to properly operate a motor vehicle, these fucking idiots don’t even know the proper way to walk across the street or down a road. They are just plain stupid. They are so stupid they can’t even figure out how stupid they are. I just returned from a nice vacation at the beach. It was 500 kilometers away. When I left I was in a very good mood because we had a real nice time. But after I got home after 17 fucking hours of driving with the most idiotic people on the planet I was no longer a happy camper. I swear. Driving here is like driving with a bunch of mentally challenged people that just escaped from the mental institution. Oh well. I made it home safe. My good mood is back. But I know when I walk out that door the stupidity will come rushing back in waves.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      I know exactly what you’re talking about @heyjoe

      I honestly will NEVER understand the Filipino’s complete failure to behave in any way that could remotely even resemble common sense, consideration, cooperation, or courtesy.

      You have an entire nation of idiots who behave like they are the only one on the road, and think they own the road, and nobody has a right to be in your way.

      The risks they take to attempt to overpass another by going into the opposite traffic lane and come INCHES from a head-on collision is mind-boggling. They have no concept of safety practices, nor do they have any concept of distance, speed, or time.

      I used to watch my neighbor trying to get out of her carport. For any driver with a brain, it would require a simple two-point turn. But this imbecile turned it into a 5-point turn. She would pull out, turning the wheel to the left, and stop like 5 feet from the pole, reverse, backing up about 2 feet when she had 8 feet left, forward, reverse, forward, reverse like 5 times, each time leaving 5 or six feet, as if she only had 5 or 6 inches. It was always a barrel of laughs watching this brainless turd trying to get out of her parking spot. I think she had seen me facepalm a few times. LOL

    2. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
      Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

      I had a car here for about a year. I sold it when I became aware that it was just a matter of time until I really lost it with some worthless fucking imbecile on the road, and got out of the car to engage with them (physically). My anger levels were huge. I decided that I just didn’t need the grief.

      Now I catch taxis (always a scary proposition in Manila). I regularly tell the imbecile, piece of shit drivers who pick me up to “slow down” and “stay in this lane”. If they bitch, I threaten to get out of the taxi and not pay them. I sometimes get out my phone and start photographing them, muttering about the LTO. They invariably slow down, and do as they’re told. I hate the cunts.

      You just can’t fix stupid – and there is nowhere that Pinoys demonstrate their inexcusable ignorance and unrelenting stupidity as as they do on their roads. It’s more fail in the Failippines.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        lol,,, thats good muttering about the lto,,, i will do dat some time when they dont turn the meter on,
        one twat did not reset the meter,,,it had 140 pesos on it,, these dipshits will try anything

  2. Profile gravatar of Tapusnako

    Geez Filo, you trumped me! I’ve started compiling a few more words for a (shorter) version of My Filipino Dictionary, and I have a definition of 3 point turn. Minimum of 7.

  3. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    I love the picture of the cops by the tour bus where 8 Hong Kong tourist were killed. Maybe the cops actually think they did something good. What a total cluster fuck that operation was. It was viewed for hours by people all around the world. It ended in disaster because the Philippine govt is totally incompetent. The whole world got a chance to see how fucked up the Philippine govt and police force actually are. They actually don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. Then the best part is when the Hong Kong govt ask the Philippines to apologize for being incompetent idiots and the Filipinos actually say they didn’t do anything wrong. They actually got angry at Hong Kong for asking for an apology. If this isn’t the best proof that Filipinos are total idiots but will never admit it even when then whole world has see their ignorance on tape and has proof that they are morons then there is no hope that Filipinos will ever get a clue at actually how fucked up they really are.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      it is a good tape on how not to stop a hostage taking… I bet all the roads were plugged up solid from massa taking pics. no way to get ambulances to the hospital…
      the massa walking all over the crime scene. nobody trapo in charge,, all were hiding out someplace.. nobody in charge.

  4. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    They demand more respect than they deserve, I have been scolded one time for not addressing someone here as their title ‘Doctor’ who is also a complete idiot. Oh wait, that’s right, it’s my idiot professor….

    As for the hate vs stupid part, I can fully agree on that. I can love someone and still agree they are stupid, no hate wouldn’t be involved at all. I somewhat love my Filipina idiot wife, but as you all know, I would be the first one to admit that she is fucking stupid. The fact that I address her as my ‘Filipina IDIOT wife’ is just to show that I can expose her stupidity, minus the hate.

    I am automatically assumed of being hateful whenever I show any signs of frustration, like how one idiot from my class once asked me, “Why are you angry my friend?” when I was only grasping my head and nodding in frustration. I once made a point about the ACTIONS of these people, and I was later asked the same thing in a comment about why am I angry? If they read my fucking Facebook status, they would UNDERSTAND where my frustration is coming from and there wouldn’t be no need to ask me that stupid-ass question. Well anyway, I’m enjoying my vacation while it lasts, just 27 more days until my next major headache.

  5. Profile gravatar of CebuBear

    Ah yes, the tourist bus fiasco. I posted a clip of that on one of my blogs, followed by one of the German police dealing with an identical situation in 10 seconds flat with the only casualty the gunmen. Gunmen, not gunman. Germans were in the bus in seconds from both ends, classic tactics. The PNP version was classic Keystone Kops.

    As for the driving, I just returned from driving around Malaysia and Cebu and Malaysia is far safer and far better in every respect, not just on the roads. The idiots in Cebu were beyond belief for my companion, an Englishman who insisted on driving sensibly and safely, hence it took us forever to get anywhere but we got there. Me? I drove like a local but a local with professional training in evasive/defensive driving (Military Police) and years of rallying and racing and it was a ton of fun. No way would I try that at home!

    And finally the hope someone calls an ambulance. What ambulance? I have said many times before, especially in Cebu where there are nine million nursing students per square kilometre… how come I have never, ever, not once had anyone beat me to an accident victim and give them first aid? I have saved at least four lives by applying simple, basic first aid and two by stopping Filipinos literally tossing the casualty onto the filthy floor of a jeepney and racing off to get them to a hospital in time to be declared DOA. Sadly I lost one kid to drowning that should have been a near-drowning but would they listen to me and simply tilt the kid’shead down to drain his lungs? Nope. Hugged and held upright in the back of a trike and off to his death. And that was the ‘life guard’ at the ‘resort’.

    They don’t offer any help for fear of being blamed for the death or injury. Dumb mentality posits that if you are involved then you are at fault, even if only trying to save their life. If you are a kano then you should pay for their hospital bill, too. Even if dumb shit ran in front of someone else’s car and you stopped to help. My wife never wore a seatbelt when we first married and lived there. She figured in an accident it would slow her down from jumping out of the car… Then one night a car drove out of a gas station and into the concrete wall that ran down the middle of the 6 lane South Cebu Highway. Dumb. Dumber was the unrestrained woman that went through the windscreen. I stopped them throwing her into a cab for the hell ride to hospital long enough to control the bleeding from her lacerated forehead (with sanitary napkins!)and clear her airway and get her breathing again. I guess she made it as no one came back to sue me. The wife, however, has never driven or ridden in a car without a seat belt since. Her driving instructor slept the entire ten hours of her instruction as she drove around Cebu. She was 6 months pregnant, we had to drive 3 hours to get to Cebu for the lessons and idiot instructor wanted her to do them in two lots to get them out of the way. What a waste of time and money! When we came to Australia she could have just converted her Phil license but I insisted she take lessons and do the test and she passed. Without that neither of us would have had faith in her ability to drive safely here. She refuses to drive in the Philippines.

    Forgive them, they are teenagers at best and 9 year olds on average but I do love them.

  6. Profile gravatar of Richard aka Dick Head
    Richard aka Dick Head

    “The Filipino is so quick to DEMAND respect, yet incapable of earning it with his/her behavior. They demand trust, yet betrayal is the norm for them.”

    Agree, they are so quick to demand respect. Worse, some even want it served to them on a silver platter.

    Legions of Pinoys don’t do their thinking themselves, they let other people (movie actors, boxing stars, famous politicians) do the thinking for them. Take the tagalog movies for example, they learn their values from these crummy actors. To correct a wrong, how to court a girl, fix a problem, they just might take their cue from a movie by FPJ or ERAP or Robin Padilla. Some wretched souls would follow Manny Pacquiao ala Pied Piper to the ends of the earth if he asked them to march with him. Stupid voters keep re-electing a politician into office because the crook gave them grocery money on election day enough to last for three days.

    The worst is, majority of Pinoys don’t want to be told their mistakes. They always have a reason, they rationalize, they finger-point, they feign ignorance.

    And the words “PLEASE” and “THANK YOU” gets low priority in their list of commonly used words. Just yesterday, I did a small favor for a neighbor in our apartment compound. I was on the way to a payment center and he asked me if I could pay his utility bills for him since he couldn’t leave the house. Later I texted him that I barely made the cut-off because of the traffic but that the bill was paid on time. The text message I got back : GUD. Not even a word of thanks.

    1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
      Marius O.

      And why do they have to do that misspelled text-speak thing? If you type the four-letter word ‘good’ then the T9 prediction will select the right word for you. Typing ‘gud’ will just get you ‘hue’.

  7. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    Can someone please summarize to me WHY Filipinos are so Fucking stupid? I can’t manage to leave my house without fucking stupid happening, and it seems like there is at least one NEW act of stupidity occurring every month, like a new form of stupid that have never been observed before. I hate how they are extremely forgetful and dangerously stupid. Which are two main factors that affects me on a daily basis. The worst part of it is that it’s a cultural aspect, therefore this tradition of stupidity can be expect from the majority of the population here.

    Before I realized how fucking stupid they were, I used to love this place. I used to love Philippines. Everything about this place was almost perfect. All the mistakes I have encountered here on my previous 9 visits were thought to be an honest ‘Once in a blue moon’ mistake, and they were easily forgiven, especially being that my past visits had never lasted longer than a month. I was too busy trying to enjoy myself by splurging the thousands of dollars I saved up for each visit that I didn’t even bother to pay attention to the stupidity around me. I was in a dream state those past 9 visits. All of those $10-$15 (400php-600php) taxi rides didn’t bother me, because it felt so normal paying the same price for a taxi as I would expect to pay in America. So I never complained about the overcharging taxi services before, and it’s hard to complain about everyday fuck-ups when I had so much money to blow to keep me preoccupied on the fun I thought I was having.

    But now I have finally awakened, and it took me this long visit to finally realize that. On an average steady income, I can finally see my money being unfairly drained. Those daily mistakes I have encountered those short visits, is actually everyday shit I have been experiencing throughout the entire year. It took me a year to travel to many other parts of the country to realize that I wasn’t just living in a shitty area during my previous short visits, I was just living in a shitty-ass country where every area on the island is shitty, except for Boracay and Puerto Galera (resort places). Same with the beggars, they wasn’t just in that one area I was staying at with my wife those years back, those little fuckers are everywhere too! This 1 year stay has truly been an eye-opener here, and I’m certain I will not return to this shit-hole again. I’m thinkin about getting some iphones on a plan contract in my last month here, pay the first month then get the hell outta Philippines with a HUGE debt under my name in this shit-hole, just so I am blacklisted, that way I am certain not to come here again. I don’t really give a shit if I have a wife here, even she is not worth coming back here for 🙂

    Wow, I really should’ve made this a separate post, and not as a comment, but didn’t feel like coming up with a title.

    1. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

      I’m moving back to Davao and can’t wait. It’s the only decent small city I’ve visited where I actually feel happy. The rest of the Shitlippines can stay in Hell. Move to Davao and I’ll show you that not all Filipinos are born with retarded genes lol 😀

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        I’m going to the Mindanao Province in the first week of June, but only for a week. Being that it was not my first time in Mindanao, I have yet to come across any smart Filipinos there either, yet alone my idiot wife is from there. But you are primarily focused on Davao and not the entire island of Mindanao. I will give you that consideration that some smart Filipinos may possibly exist down there, but it still doesn’t change the fact that MOST Filipinos Are Fucking Idiots since MOST of them live here in the Manila area.

        I just wish Mindanao wasn’t so primitive, so I will be more willing to relocate down there permanently. Lack of technology, occasional BLACK-outs (What the fuck is a Brown-out?), and less access to MURICA-made resources makes it very unpleasant to live there, especially in my wife’s area. (Agusan Del Sur)

        1. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

          If you decide to try visiting Davao, I’ll pick you up from the airport dude. Davao is the only city I feel at peace here. Plenty of places to hang out and the neighnoring island of Samal is paradise 🙂

          I primarily visit areas in Davao del Sur due to my wifes fam, but also have visited Davao del Norte, Davao Oriental, and General Santos City. Plannin a visit to Surigao to check out some waterfalls in July.

          Life is good when I’m away from all the demons in Manila.

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            Which apart of Davao or Samal Island is good for jetskis, nature or wildlife, farms and no karoke, noise?
            We want something 3 star resort
            , with aircon.
            I think if we went just outside of Manila, we would meet up with same fools!!!!!!

          1. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

            Go to Samal for jet skiing. I stay at Paradise Island or Blue Jazz resorts. Both have nice beach areas with great food and entertainment. Just PM me if you need cost details as they can vary depending on what you want to do.

            I normally just go for a day trip and head back to the house at night, saving pisos that way.

      2. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
        Hey Joe

        I’ve lived in Davao for 5yrs now. Please !! I beg you show me. I admit I know 4-5 people here that do in fact have more than 2 brain cells, as for the rest… dumb as a post savages is all they are. I envision 99.99% of the locals as running around in a loin cloth with a bone in there nose swinging from tree to tree. I’m not that far off… It’s like the stage actor that is told to see in your mind you’re audience as necked. Makes me feel somewhat better

        1. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

          Ok ok, most are dummies, I definitely have my rose-colored glasses on when in Metro Davao. The reason is that Metro Manila is literally like visiting a pit of hell, making Davao seem like Heaven in comparison.

          While in Davao I just don’t run into the rude, idiotic, and me-first attitude folks in Manila seem to have.

  8. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
    jimmy smith

    Yeah they want respect those pinoys. And they want it because they are pinoys !
    So when a Group of nations went to Iraq with the US to stop Saddam Hussein then
    pinoyland under former president Arroy (now in house arrest accused of corruption)
    send drivers to be part of the coallition of willing nations. But when 1 guy was presented to the tv as a hostage of some militia Group then what happened ?
    My countrymen went there to fight and many died, the US and the British lost troops.
    But here we got a driver, married and husband of 8 kids. A pinoy !
    The corrupt president then pulls out of the war, gives in to terrorism and screw the rest of the coallition. Fuck them ! Let them die, we are pinoys, the pinoy is worth dying for the old 500 peso bill says. Worth dying for !!!
    Still they want respect, they want foreign aid, that president wanted to flee to the US with her stolen Money. Same country they betrayed because of 1 useless pinoy.

    Another example was in Afghanistan, a pinoy faked his own abduction and tried to get what the pinoy news called “Copenhagen Contractors” refuse to pay because they beleived the pinoy was lying. They made that guy into a hero ! and my nation they made look like we were cheap bastards.
    Same with the pinoy WHO got caught drug trafficing in China. The government want the pinoy released. Another maid in Singapore was charged with murder and she got released to pinoyland and there got a singing career !
    They accept large funds for typhoon destruction and they get it, then when the World WHO donated wants to see what happened wih the funds then they get upset.
    My people are starting to see it now, and not many are fooled anymore.
    A day will com when Pinoyland is truely left on its own. Earthquakes, typhoons, volcanic eruptions and all the disasters come tumbling Down and not one dollar or one sack of rice reaches the land of morons.
    If/when that day comes they still wont look at themselves, instead they will see a World WHO “hates” them. and they will say we “hate” them because they are the best !

    I heard a long time ago a joke going like this :
    Dont argue with idiots, they will take you Down to their level and there they will beat you with experience. And that sums up the Pinoy in my opinion.

    Even if they drive like humns, even if they cleaned their mess in the streets, even if they became socially responsible and took care of their poor. Even if they stops the “lets populate the World with pinoys” project. Even if they started acting like civilized people. Even if ALL those Things happened, then inside they are still pinoys and that Means the set back is coming ! They cant keep up apperances !
    For them to think that one sentence “its more fun in the pilippines” changes reality is absurd and borders to mental perversion and honestly its a slogan thats
    really far from the truth. For that to be approved by their tourist department and
    praised as a “catchy slogan” is just hillarious in a mentally disturbed way !

    I was told to piss off. W unwanted there. Why? bcause I had ideas and experience to
    help them get on with life easier. But no ! The easy way for a pinoy is getting some Money from the “kano”. Work ??? you MUST be joking !
    But if I can become manager then I will Work !
    They say that because its wellknown that a manager in pinoyland is like the guy sitting in the street with nothing to do. Difference is the manager gets paid for not doing a damn thing. While the guy in the street needs to come up with a sad story to his Family or relatives so he can sit another day drunk smoking cheap cigs.

    Its hell there, its a greatplace to visit if you are in doubt if your own country is fucked up or not. Go there to the pinoyland, Pearl of the orient, see and meet the smartest people in the World. swim at the greatest and cleanest beaches in the World. See all the Wonders of the Philippines, thy got so much to offer and it all starts and ends with a “siiiiirrrrr” !

    1. Profile gravatar of Richard aka Dick Head
      Richard aka Dick Head

      “Same with the pinoy WHO got caught drug trafficing in China. The government want the pinoy released”.

      I hate it when the PHL government tries to intercede when PHL nationals get caught smuggling narcotics across borders. Makes some people think the PHL government turns a blind eye to these crimes.

    2. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
      L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

      “I heard a long time ago a joke going like this :
      Dont argue with idiots, they will take you Down to their level and there they will beat you with experience. And that sums up the Pinoy in my opinion.”

      Except that they dont take you down at all, they just continue to look stupid in the eyes of individuals that have experienced the stupidity of Flipland. If anything we just stand there and wait for the stupidity to subside, many of times we end up waiting forever.

  9. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
    jimmy smith

    some Miss Earth candidates guested in the local TV show, Wil Time Big Time. Later on that day, this was seen on the wall of Miss USA Nicole Lynn’s Facebook account:

    “I hardly made it to manila and we already attended a ridiculous tv show. So annoying!!! These people want to touch you and be with you all the time!! I can’t understand a word they say. I can’t wait to go back home. This country is so dirty and noisy. I’m scared to eat!!! What a mess. On a lighter note I don’t see any real competition. Will keep you updated my loves”

    Pageant fans immediately reacted. They said Miss USA should be sent home for posting a very negative comment about the Philippines and the Filipinos. But according to Nicole, her Facebook was hacked and she was not the one who posted the said remarks. She immediately deleted the post when she was informed about it.

    Now her are some selected comments :

    1.It will only be hacked if she’s using a public computer or in net cafe’s. It will really be lame for a MISS EARTH USA going to Philippines and using our 3rd world country cafe’s. T_T LAME! SAHME ON YOU MISS NOCOLE LYNN! YOU HAVE NO RESPECT FOR HUMAN RACE! YOU DESERVE NOT TO WIN! RACIST!


    3.Oh well. I’m a Filipino who was born and raised in the Philippines, who now resides here in the US. And unfortunately, what she posted about the Philippines and the Filipinos are true. Maybe she could’ve worded it more nicely instead of bluntly, but nevertheless, it’s true. So instead of badmouthing her, maybe we Filipinos should start taking care of our country so we would not embarass ourselves from those visiting our country

    4.Hahaha! Liar liar, go back to ur country!

    5.What do you expect from a WHITE TRASH from Florida? A STUPID DUMB BLOND!
    She doesn’t even know the whole point of being Ms. Earth— AN AMBASSADRESS OF GOODWILL AND PEACE, AND TO RAISE ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS!

    TYPICAL BRAINLESS IGNORANT WHITE AMERICAN BITCH! Who just wanted to win pageantry to gain slutty notoriety in Hollywood and will end up in Playboy. Bet she shows her breast on Girls Gone Wild on Spring Break and make out with women! And that’s nothing what she’s gonna do later because she has NO BRAIN! TYPICAL!!!

    6….MISS EARTH-USA, there are things better left unsaid, in this world.Don’t you know that? well, “breeding” is something you cant cook overnight.Obviously, you do not know the reason why you were in that pageant,”MISS EARTH”.Such an empty shell!!!

    Consider yourself lucky that you were able to leave that country, alive

    7.hey USA.. we Filipinos are not stupid! “hacked”??? better think of another good reason… why don’t you try to go to other part of our country?! for you to see the real beauty of earth… Imagine you joined a contest called “Miss Earth” but you are sensitive with the environment. we are just hospitable and happy people you should know that. don’t you know the meaning of RESPECT??? shame on you better to finish your studies before you compete with different people. you better shut your mouth for the sake of Filipinos’ feelings…

    8.It’s ironic that Miss Earth is suppose to promote peace and tolerance when obviously this dummy chick is just ignorant and hypocritical. She was careless and her words came back to bite her on her flat ass! And you idiots backing her up are just as stupid. It’s all in perspective, you can’t blame the average Filipino for how the country is, no matter how dirty you think it is, Pinas and Filipino culture will always be beautiful to me! MABUHAY!

    9.Americans are really damn racist. I remember my former job as an AT&T representative. Majority dislike talking to anyone but an AMERICAN and demands an AMERICAN supervisor. Nicole, you should have not said these words. Your FB account has been hacked? LAME excuse. Now the whole world hates you. the so-called filipinos who keep on saying Miss Earth-USA was “just being honest” and “there’s truth to what she said” … SHAME ON YOU!

    1st, she was talking about manila. then she generalized what she saw in manila as the whole country. dirty and noisy ba sa palawan? sa camiguin?

    2nd, she said she can’t understand a word filipinos say. filipinos are among the best english speakers in the world!

    3rd, she doesn’t see any real competition. THIS STATEMENT ACTUALLY PROVES THE FACT THAT SHE WASN’T REALLY LOOKING. had she REALLY looked, she would have seen the beauty of the philippines, the warmth of its people, and yes, Miss Ecuador!


    And there it is….All the comments you need to see what we are dealing with when dealing with the smartest people in the World. All that anger and Work writing against a beauty pageant. Imagine how much could change in the public debate if only they had brains to see their country for what it is and start talking about it. But if one of the bright pinoys do that….Then there will be hell coming for that person and his or her Family…

    Crab mentality ! KING OF THE HILL !!! Its me the NeXT 10 minutes ! and I shall live on those legendary 10 minutes where I was the KING for the rest of my days.
    Oh back in the days when was the king…..

    1. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
      jimmy smith

      Notice comment number 10. A Classic “you are almost out of the pot” case and then this guy makes sure in his own pinoy way to give shame to those WHO says she just said the truth. For every 1 pinoy willing to stand up and say “yeah we are doing this wrong, lets change the country and make it a better place”, there will be 100000 or more saying.
      “shut up and leave if you dont like it here !”
      And they say this to their own countrmen !!!!

      Just imagine that as a European or American. One guy speaks up in public and half the nation is ready to expell the guy !
      I guess my people still have to evolve alot before we reach the high standards of pinoy moral, ethnic values, understanding of the World and tolerance towards other opinions…

    2. Profile gravatar of Maamsir

      Nothing gets a Pinoy angrier than anything that is remotely negative about them
      They believe they are the “best”, and anyone offering a counter opinion is shouted down with comments like “hahaha, liar liar”

  10. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
    jimmy smith

    Another thing is this beauty of the Failippines. I been around, I still have not seen this beauty. suddenly not in the architecture, not in the city planning. not in any of their “parks”. havent seen it and I never will. Its out of stock I am guessing.
    Just like everything else is out of stock. Intelligence, common sense and honor in performing a job thats considered well done. (dont need repairs till NeXT week)

    More fun in the Philippines….YES !

    If you are from Somalia, North Korea or some other worse off country !

  11. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
    jimmy smith

    Been reading about some of the maid cases where pinay maids been stabbing kids or drowning them. The ones WHO got executed for their crimes went home to heroines welcomes. Buried with full ceremony worthy of a fallen general or something.

    A pinoy can per definition never be perpetrator, only victim.
    Its because of the working conditions that they killed their employees and the kids they were hired to take “care” of. It is yet another excuse, they never run out of them. Even their government tries to get the murderer released.

    Imagine 1 pinoy being killed say in germany…Dont matter how the pino dies, the reaction will be extreme from the pinoy Communities and the government.
    While at the same time 5 tourists gets robbed/raped/killed in the Philippines and what happens ??? Nothing…

    Do you want to complain to the so called Philippine government ???
    Answer will be “if you dont want problems then why come here ?”

    Again let me set their catchy slogan in the perspective here….


    1. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
      Pearl Of My Ass

      I googled “Filipino – maid – murder” and the amount of cases and articles and story is astonishing, whether in the Gulf in Singapore, it’s impressive, I did not know so many Filipina maid murdered their boss, their boss’children, their own compatriot, what a bad habit ! I will never have a Filipina maid, I would be too scared 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of jimmy smith
        jimmy smith

        hahahaha Pearl ! WHO in their right mind hires 3rd World Labour to care for 1st World Citizens ???

        Hide the knives, Lock up the chainsaw. The maid is arriving soon !

  12. Profile gravatar of Maamsir

    2 recent cases about Pinoy greatness
    1) A nurse who taped a newborn’s mouth shut as he/she was crying. A good thing the victim was Philipino as well otherwise you would see Pinoys rushing to defend the nurse

    2) A horrid accident in Dubai killed 15 people. There was a video floating around showing graphic pictures of the dead victims with awful injuries, was a paramedic at the site. There is a 90% chance he is a Philipino based on the type of English used in youtube/liveleak.

    1. Profile gravatar of Eric

      I saw this on the local news (ABS-CBN) last night and was horrified. When the mom asked the nurse why the FUCK her son’s mouth was taped shut –> “your baby is too noisy”. To be clear what I was horrified about was the total NON-REACTION of the members of my household to the report. I was looking around my living room for SOMETHING…some movement or reaction to this unbelievable event. I got it when Vice Ganda’s commercial came on for some bullshit tv show or movie and they all started laughing. Where AM I???? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE???

      1. Profile gravatar of TheBlankStare

        Mother fuckers. Seriously, all of them fucking mother fuckers. If I had a dime for everytime I want to slap, punch their dumb fucking faces every time when they stared blank at me for a terrible incident (which as we all know is so many goddamn times), I’d be a BILLIONAIRE!

  13. Profile gravatar of TheD

    Ill repost my comment in part from another post.

    it is worth noting that while searching for “Intellectual Pinoys” these were essentially the results:

    1) Anti-intellectual attitude a roadblock to Philippine progress

    2) Helping Pinoys with intellectual disability

    3) Flagellating ourselves: On insecure Pinoy intellectuals

    4) Pinoy elites and the fallacy of crab mentality

    5) Noynoy Aquino’s supporters: are they anti-intellectual?

    6) The Net community: unleashing the Filipino’s intellectual

    7) GMA Facebook: Do you agree that all Pinoys are gullible?

    8) Noynoy Aquino’s supporters: are they anti-intellectual

    9) Pinoys to show grit in Special Olympics

    10) Da Pinoy Chronicle: Anti-Intellectualism is More Fun in The

    So in the first page of google, the most relevant page of all search engines, there is no mention of a SINGLE INTELLECTUAL pinoy!