Steal from the poor? Why not? I’m Filipino!

And….we’re back!  Just a quickie here, but I just couldn’t help but say SOMETHING about how low they go here.  Not surprised?  Of course you’re not.  That’s why you’re here, after all.  None of this shit surprises any of you.  But since news has been slow, we’re going to have some fun with it anyways.  So, here’s the news article for today:

PNP to travelers: Beware of the ‘laglag-barya’ gang
March 8, 2015 4:28pm

Travelers may do well to be on guard against the “Laglag-Barya” gang, especially aboard public utility vehicles, the Philippine National Police said.
In an advisory, the Metro Manila police said this gang targets provincial and city operation buses, passenger jeeps, and railway stations.”Members of this gang drop coins or small bills near the victim. While the victim helps to scoop up the money, other gang members start robbing the victim,” it said.But in most cases, the police also noted a gang member will usually blend with the crowd and serve as a lookout or stopper when someone tries to run after the other gang members.

Now, some of us know the American business philosophy that states “You have to spend money to make money”, but this is taking it too far.  Setting up a victim to take advantage of their helpfulness is just a new low.  Now, maybe that person is picking up the bill to keep it, but even then, getting robbed over  jeepney fair is about as stupid as it gets.  But let’s just assume that the victim had good intentions.  We’re talking about coins and 20 peso bills here, easily perceived as someone dropping their fare, and the victim just wanting to be helpful.
What place on earth would conceive of this stupid little plot?  Well, probably people like this:

PNP warns public vs. ‘Besfren Gang’

March 7, 2015 8:51am

  Shoppers visiting open-air markets and bargain malls during their vacation may want to take precautions against the so-called “Besfren Gang.”
The Philippine National Police said this gang goes after the stall’s valuables such as watches, jewelry, mobile phones, and electronic gadgets.”A member stands next to the victim and borrows the item being checked, pretending to be the victim’s friend. The thief will quickly flee the stall premises bringing with him/her the said item,” the Metro Manila police said.But the victim will be left holding the bag, as the store owner will assume the victim is an accomplice.

In most cases, the PNP said the store owner will have the victim pay for the stolen item. 

In this case, you’re getting charged for someone next to you stealing…and you don’t even know the puke!  However, I think this is more a case of idiot Flips just paying this bit of extortion.  Anyone with intelligence wouldn’t pay the vendor for a theft some other idiot did.  Personally, I’d look at the vendor and DARE him to call the police.  While they’re at it, they can check all of those phones and see which ones are stolen.  One thing they just can’t handle is a bossy, noisy American.  They just have no mechanism to handle an intelligent person who uses logic like a boss.
And, as usual, the bottom line is this:  Flips are greedy little fuckers who like to pretend they’re loving and caring, but really will fuck over anyone they can for that next bowl of rice.  Still not surprised?  Good.  You’re one of the intelligent ones. Welcome home.
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  1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Hello to all.
    I dont think people who have lived all their lives in the western world know the depths to which these turds can descend.
    Most of us were raised in an honest enviroment and taught to do good deeds. The first these twats know is ”give me money”.
    I see where a filipino nurse got charged for stealing money off patients in California.
    Of course our politicians let them in for cheap labor and votes.
    SHOOT ME DEAD is alive and well

  2. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    I know of a similar scam carried out in a restaurant in Makati. A few filipino men came in, sat down and ordered a drink or two. A foreign man noticed a 20 peso note on the floor next to them. He got up, picked up the note and said “Excuse me, is this yours” he said. The filipinos thanked him for his help. When he sat back down at his table he noticed his cellphone had vanished.

    Note that in this case the scammers only ordered a few drinks at the restaurant, no food – these lowlife scum are always careful with their own cash but not as careful with yours.

  3. Profile gravatar of filosopher

    Hi all,
    I have been reading this blog for a quite a while now, and I have to say (sadly), that I agree with many of the sentiments of all that have contributed. I have laughed, nearly cried, and also commiserated with the lot of you. I live and work in the States, but in the healthcare industry, and guess which nationality I predominately work with? You guessed it! For years, I have been looking for somewhere to share my thoughts, frustrations, etc…. regarding these people. Never in my life have I seen such blatant stupidity, such malicious back stabbing, purposeful deceit, that culminates into such a tornado of shit. And it happens just steps away from my office door everyday. I have to say, there are striking similarities in how a flip conducts themselves both in their native country and abroad. Most of the flips I work with came from wealthy families, most have degrees, licenses, and other hard-to-get credentials in the States. However, I am not particularly fond of their country’s women. How they manage to land white men and keep them for any sustainable period of time is beyond me. When I first began working with these people they seemed harmless enough. I was truly the idiot back then. Everyday, I received lots of smiles, yes ma’ams, compliments, jumps to attention when I walked through a unit. I wasn’t paying close attention- hell I thought these people were being friendly. And then I learned, slowly but surely, that all of that was just bullshit covered in more bullshit. They were grooming me for their next phase of how do I fuck an American out of their money? I discovered this when I was approached with the dreaded Paluwagan- the most moronic way of saving money that I have ever heard of. Basically, for those of you who have not encountered this medieval form of banking or “savings” as my coworkers call it, it involves a number of employees, no more than 12 in this instance, who are assigned a month. At the beginning of your assigned month, for example, it is May, you get a check for a specific amount of money, let’s say $100, from each of the Paluwagan participants. So that is $1100 in May, provided everyone pays you. Then in turn, you will have to write out a check for $100 to each of the participants for remaining 11 months. What fucking nonsense is this? Are the horsemen of the apocalypse racing on horseback, tearing through neighborhoods, threatening to burn down homes in the middle of the night in their quest for pesos, so therefore, I must move it around between some of the most untrustworthy individuals I know? I don’t think so. The first day I was approached to join, I was met with smiling faces, and all kinds of loud voices and over-excitement to be a part of some special sharing bullshit, I politely declined. “Okie, dokie Ms. Beautiful.” was the response. Day 2 comes around, and there is more talk of the Paluwagan in the break rooms, more pressure to join, “Oh you should try! It’s like having surprise money! Then you can spend on something big for yourself.” Surprise money? What the hell is that? It was my money to begin with. I politely say nothing and go about my business. My coworkers (all female in this savings and loan gang, as in you give us a loan and we save by never paying you back) then start asking other white people, who seem more vulnerable and approachable, and they also start harassing a male coworker of mine who happens to be filipino (and the only flip I an truly trust around here). He declines as well, but they really dig in with him. They even say they will text his wife and complain that he is not a good coworker, or better yet, they will just have the wife write the checks out. He is defeated, right then and there. Day 3 comes, and they figure they will try to sell me one last time on the idea, at which point I am now getting really pissed off. I respond with common and sound financial advice, “Why not just put the money in a personal savings account, earn interest, save myself the cost of checks, and know that I have access to my money at any time, and not have to worry about collecting money from other people?” Makes sense to a person of average to below average intelligence, right? Not to the Filipina. Oh, no. Now I am labeled the nasty coworker, and the one who doesn’t “understand”. I have been told they are also calling me a racist behind my back in Tagalog. If I go to HR, I know this group will lie through their rotten and crooked teeth. They were successful in recruiting a white female staff to give up her money- and guess which month she got in the Paluwagan? That’s right, December. And guess who ended up with hearing excuses when it was her turn to collect, yep, the same sucker. She heard every excuse, “I had to buy my kid’s Christmas present”, “I forgot we were still doing that, are you sure that is still going on?”, “I had to send money home to my family for an emergency”, “I thought I already gave it you”, blah, blah, blah. And with all these excuses, “I’ll get the money to you later, okay?” It’s March, she still hasn’t seen the money. Next time, I will delve into breakroom etiquette, and the lack thereof.

    1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      That’s a fantastic comment. I think it deserves it’s own post here on the site.

      I had never heard of paluwagan before. I immediately texted my filipina girlfriend after reading it. I told her to never join one of these stupid schemes.

      To my dismay I found out that she was ALREADY a member of one! Apparently all her colleagues have signed up. I tried to explain about the benefits of earning interest on her money in a bank account etc…but looks like the paluwagan has won again!


    2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      Asked the asawa if she knew what Paluwagan was? She said her parents were in one but never were picked from the raffle, but you will get your money back at the end of the year anyways. Her aunt is doing very well in it because of the raffle. She said she didn’t really understand it, but it is a very good way of saving money. She’ll get more details on how it works tomorrow. Paluwagan isn’t a scam. Her aunt is proof of that. I can’t wait.

      Smiling Assassins…

  4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Regarding the scam with the vendors and the victim having to pay:
    I think this scam can run two-fold. The vendor might actually be in on the scam and the “thief” is actually an accomplice. If the victim immediately pays to avoid hassle, they win quickly. However, since they know the victim might protest, they would probably have it pre-arranged for a police officer to get a cut. Most times, these pinoys are all related one way or another to someone in gov’t so they use it. Meaning a vendor has a cousin in the PNP. So if the victim protests, the police officer will threaten the victim with jail until he does pay.

    Pinoys put more effort and attention to cheating and scamming than actually working.