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Failapinos can’t do business.

About 3 months ago i decided that i would highly enjoy having a magnetic charging doc specifically for my smart phone. What i thought would just take 1-2 visits to a Sony or Xperia store. However that was extremely folly of me to expect convenience in finding a product, instead it turned into a never ending quest.

I always encounter flippyfailapino floor sales children, that truly don’t know their trade continue to direct me to the next Sony or Xperia store whether its located in the next mall or on the otherside of the City, many of times they direct me to where i JUST CAME FROM. To further add frustration to my folly quest, EVERY TIME I ASKED, yes i have to fucking ask, IF THEY COULD CALL THE NEXT SONY/XPERIA STORE FOR ME TO ASK FOR STOCK, they simply cannot, they do not know the number, they don’t know how to dial an outside line, it’s for emergency uses only. I feel like slamming my head through their showcase display. Are all these kids trained by the same entity that makes product shopping infinitely more difficult? Or is it just the same blue screen “i don’t have a proper answer” that these flip heads spew out of their unprofessional ass for a mouth.

Upon searching myself via the world wide web for numbers and addresses for potential hits on my quest objective, i first made a visit to the official Sony Philippines website. Almost every number that was listed was invalid, disconnected or promptly picked up and then hung up on, of the 3 places that actually picked up and answered the phone it was a repeat of my usual folly, however limited to sound only, in which case i was pounding my face into my desk throughout the whole ordeal as i was able to 100% accurately predict what words the fliphead would say. It’s like a terribly designed quest from an online game where they use NPC’s with different names but the same damn script.

After 3 months of searching on my free time, i finally decided to give in and try a 3rd party source, it turns out they actually have it. A jewl of a 3rd party Retailer called widget city located in the heart of university(kindergarten) street, Taft Avenue. However It turns out they are closed on Sundays. Which is today, and today i’m attending a baptism of my good friend’s first born which happens to be 2 streets over from WidgetCity. So in the end it’s not Sony Philippines selling me their own proprietary accessory, its a decent private vendor who probably imported it from a nearby country. The irony of corporate ridiculousness in this country never fails to blow my top off.

Just when i thought i was going to put this quest to an end, i get slapped in the face by the usual Nation wide no business on Sunday stigma, probably the best day to make sales, commute, and encounter as few failapinos as possible. It’s almost as if there is a natural occurring force in this country that makes electronics shopping as inconvenient as possible. I dealt with similar circumstances when i was trying to find a rugged laptop to replace one that got damaged in a crossfire between looters and security personnel in visayas.

Until my epic journey comes to an end i will continue to slam my face on hard surfaces in hopes that the greater pain incurred frustration will subside.

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      L. "Dead Man Walking" K. Post author

      Its not that exciting at all.

      My team of good doers arrived 24 hours after the typhooon Yolanda passed(6 days before national police and the pinoy army).

      We have a security contractor element with us. We have rice canned pork and beans we have canopies, tents and blankets, axes and lanterns for search and rescue. And a bunch of handy portable simple water distiller kits.

      We set up shop, first pinoys that greet us make a mess of things and try running out away with one of the distiller kits and a bunch of food, security tell them to stop, one of the looters turn around and opens fire with a handgun. They shoot up my backpack that was sitting on table, security personnel put him down with a stun shot from a shotgun and taser him on the ground, motherboard is pierced along with the cpu. I ended up ordering one through US military exchange. Turns out the armed looter was a corrupt national police lackey for a local post.

      Looters and rioters were a huge problem in the first months of disaster relief. Looters and even some rebels would interrupt search/rescue and food distribution every day of the week except sunday. Fucking amazing job to the pinoy media on keeping this nonsense on a low profile.

      Today the death toll is still unknown, but from my unbiased estimate i would put it a 3,000 killed by the typhoon itself 5,000 dead by starvation or plague, 2,000 from violence.

      Today customs and DFA are giving my company a lot of bullshit with shipping building material and bringing in charity workers to do good. If you havent seen my rants on documentation corruption on other posts ive made, These pinoy bureaucrats feel they need to take a cut of the pie before sending charity efforts on its way.

      1. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

        Why you bother to risk your and others life by providing your help since they obviously don’t want to receive it? Otherwise they would aid you instead of stealing, destroying and making it as difficult as possible.

        I really don’t understand unless you make shitloads of money.

        Based on this article only 3.7% of the P100 billion was used and only 50 houses built. How can you help when locals don’t want you to.


        1. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
          L. "Dead Man Walking" K. Post author

          Shit load of money. Most of all

          …I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for… …anyone…

          I have extensive experience in hot zones and when i passed up my career to pursuit a more laid back venture in charity relief i found the right compromise between danger and doing good. I am also a trustworthy accountant.

          Anyways i could be in Africa, but Philippines is much more desirable with the occasional bullshit from the government and contract based pinoy businesses.

          If you ask me this country is long overdue for a revolution. If only the people knew the good that can come from civil war.

          1. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

            But I guess the good that can come from civil war requires the good material to take over… and I’m not sure if this country has it. It’s not actually improvement if corrupted politicians are replaced with other corrupted politicians 😉

            …or maybe the result would be few fucked up countries instead of one 😀 😉

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    thanks,, that could have been u instead of the motherboard,, typical government officials,,, their own people are suffering and they have take a pound of flesh.. PINOY PRIDE!!!!!!!!

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    Marius O.

    “Looters and even some rebels would interrupt search/rescue and food distribution every day of the week except sunday.”
    If this wasn’t so sad it would be funny. Because you know what said looters/rebels/all-purpose asswipes were doing on Sundays? Going to church.

  3. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

    Philippines, disconnecting people is my motto when I try to contact someone. Usually either contact information is wrong or then lines are so bad that it’s impossible to hear the other end.

    Today I tried to call Philippines Immigration to verify if I can get my ECC-B clearance from airport but ALL contact numbers on their website were wrong. One was to Development Bank of Asia, two to some individuals and trunk line asked to leave voice message. How difficult can it be to a)keep same phone number or b) update it in case it changes. Apparently impossible, so Philippines fail again.

  4. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    just when u get the immigration or any other gov’t agency figured out,, in comes another political appointee and changes everything.
    They have their own little power center and nothing and nobody can touch their power.
    as for these kanos expecting service,,, hmmm,, these idiots have to maintain their 3 wives, drivers, houses in gated communities. (heaven forbid, they have to associate with the massa.)
    they set up satelite offices to serve these deluded 4einers, then you spend the time traveling through trashy streets, bare assed kids, smelly, dangerous and noisy jeepneys, polluted air that smells like a garbage dump on fire. just to hear dreaded words ” sorry sir, we do not do that here any more” You will have to go to XZR main office.(with no airocn, long lineups, mountains of paper work,)
    WHY do kanos come here??????/

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    Went to Pizza Hut yesterday. Had a special. Buy one get one free. They offered 5 different types of pizza. So I ordered two supreme pizzas. Sorry Sir. You can’t get two of the same pizzas, you must order two different kinds. Why I asked, what difference does it make what two pizzas I want? I was told she didn’t know but if I go back and read the sign it will explain that I could not get two of the same pizzas. They have to be different. That just makes no fucking sense. So I went to McDonalds instead.

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    At least your guys knew their products if not the current stock levels.

    This is how it always goes with me:

    Me: Show me the cheapest water cooler

    Sales agent: This one sir.

    Me: How much is it? (I can see the price already, I’m just about to make a point)

    Sales agent: 9000 pesos sir.

    Me: but the one over here is 3800 pesos. Isn’t 3800 cheaper than 9000?

    Sales agent: Yes sir, that one is the cheapest.

    I dont tell my friends back home about these stories as I really do not think they would believe me and would think I was making it up.

    This experience is replicated everywhere.

    I wanted bed sheets and again asked to see the cheapest ones. I was again shown the most expensive ones.

    I needed a microphone as I was doing some recordings and the sales agent presented me with a Philips model. She said something like “it as XLR sir”. “What is XLR?” I asked. She replied “I dont know”.

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    Random Numbers

    What amazes me is the fast food joints running out of Coke products! I mean, it’s the highest profit margin item they sell! I went to McDonald’s in Makati on the corner of Makati Ave. and Jupiter at the end of Holy Week, and they were out! If I wanted pineapple juice, I had to pay extra, even though they were the ones who were out of what I wanted, so I went elsewhere. I was at the S & R place in Abreeza mall in Davao last week, and they were out of Coke products, so BOOM – off to another restaurant! I hate tea in any form, and the iced tea here has as many calories as Coke, so why should I drink that crap? A few weeks ago I was in Jollibees in SM Lanang in Davao, and they were out of Coke in fountain drinks, so the manager actually made an interesting decision – (s)he (not sure if man or woman) had staff go to the SM grocery store and buy 2 liter bottles of Coke products! At least the manager kept the customers happy, but so much for any profits that night!