Stolen / Lost Personal Belongings

When i was a weeee lil lad my dad lost his cellphone at LAX, fell out of his pocket while sitting, accidentally left it on a table top who knows. Before my dad even arrives home we got a phone call at home from a stranger saying he found his cell phone. The stranger said “i figured it was lost so i thought i would dial “Home” and inform you guys, ill leave it with airport security for your dad to pick up later. Have a good night.” He said all these nice things while talking to a young boy (me), didnt even leave his name. i distinctly remember  this event in my life because when my dad came home he looked very sad, then he smiled when i told him about the phone call. This event also shaped me to be honest in cases where i find lost belongings. There have been dozens of times i find a bag or lost phone just sitting at a table in a mall or a coffee shop. I do my best to respect the owner’s privacy by leaving the lost goods with security or shop management.

In the the flippalines though, Lose your cell phone and its lost forever. Doesn’t matter whether its a smart phone or a cheap 300 php piece of shit. People here will go out of their way to steal your cell phone, i imagine relatives stealing from each other too. I hear stores of native pinoys that live in bedspace homes or have room mates, of having their cell phones stolen. This guy i know has had 5 of his cellphones stolen, 2 laptops and a desktop pc stolen. He lives in one of those bedspace homes but he rents his own room. While his sense of security is too trusting this is nonetheless ridiculous.

Another recent story in the failappines where a tenant was months behind in paying the rent and electric/water shares. When the landlord gave them the final notice to move out. The oldest son of that family resorted to breaking into neighboring tenant spaces and homes to steal cell phones and other goods. Then my back up cell phone was stolen. I used android device manager to locate the phone. It said it was less than 50 meters from my position then i gave it the command to make it ring at max volume for 5 minutes. I tracked it down to the offender and started knocking on their door. The ole lady smiled and i asked “that cell phone thats ringing why isn’t anyone picking it up?” then she walked back and brought it to the door. “This is mine, see? i have the password to unlock it” then she gasped and said “my son…” the son was arrested and the family evicted.

I’ve also made a post about sharing living space with flips in a past visit to the Philippines and it’s like all my stuff belonged to them. The rest is history.

When i was in school in my home country, i rented rooms in homes for 5 years. Often multiple rooms were rented out in these homes. Not once has there been an issue of stolen belongings. A few food bites here and there that were admitted to before confrontation and compensated with what was lost but that’s commonplace and courteous. “Hey i took bite out of your pizza ill buy your own pizza whenever you want later” etc etc. Then i would say something like “It’s cool there was no way i was going to finish it all” etc etc. Sometimes i leave notes on my tuppled food that roommates could help themselves.

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    Note To Self: Never have a Pinoy roomate. I may trust a very few of my pinoy friends to sleep over ONE night at my place if space is permitted, but even that ended pretty nasty one time when they totally raped my fridge of all the goodies overnight. They ate EVERY last candy bar that I had tucked away in my freezer, which I was saving for prizes of a presentation I was going to conduct the next day at my college. Yeah, I was pissed at them, and they knew it too. So I made them replace every single bar if they wanted to be allowed to come over again. Fortunately, they did replace them in a timely manner, because they KNOW how I am….. I don’t fuck around!

    But yeah, anything you lose in Philippines, don’t bother going to the ‘lost and found’ department, because it’s less likely to show up there. On second thought, do Philippines even have a lost and found/recovery department anywhere? It seems that everything that is lost, just stays lost. Oh well, fuck it! Just buy a new one….. even when you loan electronics or tools out to a Pinoy. Just automatically engrave it in your mind to consider it as lost, and buy a new one. Don’t even bother asking for your item back because 9 time out of 10 you are gonna get some sorry-ass excuse on how they lost it or had it stolen.

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      Hahaha… I am a pinoy but I will not think twice sharing a room with a fellow pinoy. I only trust my significant other with regards to sharing a room. Privacy is a “big” thing to me and pinoys are very good at drilling/hunting privacy related issues… and I really hate that!

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    Phil Doh

    I recently saw an article on a Flip site about how a passenger in a taxi found a lost cell phone on the back seat and passed it to the driver. It then started to ring, so he answered it and assured the worried owner that once he dropped off his fare he would drive to her and return the phone. This was big news apparently and is now going viral on fb and twitter.

    Jeez, Stop the press – two honest flips found within one square meter. Anywhere else in the world this wouldn’t even get a mention online, but because they even expect their own to be thieving dishonest shitforbrains everyone loses their minds and thinks it needs sharing with the world.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      On the rare occasion that a Flip does something right, it IS big news. That is the opportunity for all the flips to shout out PINOY PRIDE to the world and claim that one person’s decision to do the right thing.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        Rare occurrances are usually celebrated. I wonder what happens less often; a blue moon, or an honest Pinoy? I really don’t know the answer to that and that’s sad 🙁

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      I remember seeing that story. I was thinking, “that made news?”
      You know things are bad when returning a lost cellphone by a taxi driver makes national news.

      1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
        Phil Doh

        There was another one today –

        I actually came across it on facebook, and this bit made me laugh –

        “I wanted to jump out this 3rd story window to my death. I barely had the phone for a month.”

        Over a lost phone??? 3rd storey, you probably would’ve just broken your legs.

        “As a favor, please share this post to let people know that there are good people in this country who are decent, honest, and noble.”

        An admission that these decent, honest, and noble people are hard to find.

        As usual the comments on Facebook are priceless. As such a good samaritan god is obviously about to shower this man with more blessings than he could ever hope for.

        As usual the comments are priceless –

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    Phil Doh

    And here’s another one –

    “Please share this post so we can at least let everyone know that we are fortunate to have come across such selfless and generous police officer. May his race multiply! I salute you, Sir Ariel! Thank you so much!”

    Un-fucking-believable. You’d think he’d saved a blind crippled orphan from drowning and lost his own limbs in the process the way they carry on.

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      Some deserves to be acknowledge(honestly) but here in my country it is difficult to distinguish the differences between propaganda(media… Pinoy Pride?!), advertisement, and just plain honest acknowledgment. I think the intention was good and again… The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

      It really is annoying when someone begs for repost…

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      L. "Dead Man Walking" K. Post author

      PNP has more than its fair share of corruption. This is a small drop in the universe of a good deed coming from the PNP.

      -I’ve been shot at by a PNP that was out of uniform, he was attempting to loot rescue rations from a private disaster relief group from visayas.
      -I’ve first-hand witnessed PNP accepting a cash bribe.
      -I have first-hand accounts of PNP setting up a gang-lord extortion system in a holding facility that’s been turned into a corrupt prison located within a PNP Headquarters. Said prison also violates geneva convention.
      -probably 8/10 PNP i see on the streets are not doing their job or in most cases making traffic worst by parking where they please in 1 of 3 lanes available.

      These are merely first-hand encounters. Can you imagine how many unpublished and unpunished deeds that involve the PNP?

      1. Profile gravatar of Samuel

        In 2008 I watched the PNP rubout a carload of students on the EDSA from my condos balcony in QC. Never got the full story but from what I did find out it was the wrong people.

      2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        My low-life asshole Uncle, unfortunately Mum’s brother is a senior ranking PNP officer. He himself has admitted that they do drug busts to steal money, that is if they find P2 million pesos, they’d only declare P1 million to the chief, who in turn would take his cut and split the other P1 million amongst themselves. And innocent me, I thought that his friend’s nice brand new D-Max was bought from the sweat of his brows!

        Uncle also admitted to participating in framing up a paedophile Kano who had sex with the maid’s daughter. The maid agreed to bleed the Kano for money so they can build a house. Old Kano paid up, the case was never recorded and low-life Uncle took his cut. And oh, this Uncle goes to church every Sunday.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          I hate hearing stories like that. I cannot understand how they can justify religion with all the scams they pull. I swear the Filipinos have zero ability to feel shame or guilt.

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    They do suck. We were robbed in Olongapo. My wife was explaining it to them, as she is a Filipina. They were just whispering back and forth like they didn’t believe us. We lost a lot of money and my wife’s PNB bank card, which they were able to use before we got it shut off. We went to one police station, they took us to another one, and these idiots refused to look for the guys, as we knew what they looked like, as it was done on a jeepney just a few minutes before the reporting of. They tried to use the ATM, according to the PNB rep we got a hold of. We asked if they could go there the next day (the incident took place on a Sunday), and look at the ATM camera footage to see if they can be recognized as known gang members or something. Oh no, we can’t do that, they said. They all just stand around laughing and hitting on teenage girls. Totally useless.

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    I have been on other websites about why Filipinos are so ignorant and stupid. A lot of comments say it’s not their fault, the govt’ wants to keep them that way, etc, etc. it’s their upbringing…What a bunch of crap. So just because you saw daddy and uncle, and Kuya, and every other useless male role model growing up pissing on the walls, throwing garbage down on the ground, even, in some cases when there is a garbage can 5 feet away, doesn’t mean you cannot change. Many will admit it is wrong, but they use that excuse. That’s the way we were brought up….ok, well, be a man and make a decision for yourself and make a damn difference.

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      So sad, there really are no good models you will find in this country. Even pinoys that went to industrialized country also exhibit pinoy traits(some in worst degree).

      I already accept the fact that pinoys are lazy and become much more lazy as they aged. I really hate saying it but this is the fact. No matter who is being elected, it is already a pinoy’s trait.

    2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Hey James, your robbery incident did bring sadness to the spot where my heart to be, now it’s just a void of pure blackness filled with evil, but I do understand the pain you are going through completely man. A transexual had recently attempted to rob me last night (Tuesday night Nov 4th), but it didn’t get what it wanted. It’s tough being a foreigner here since we are often targeted by these filthy writhe-wrath called “Filipinos.” They are clearly the world’s poison, and my stupid ass country is the only thing stopping the rest of the world from bombing the shit out of Philippines! I extend my apologies to you because America is stupid enough to protect a worthless piece of shit country for god knows whatever reason.

      Philippines is the world’s slowest progressing coutry just due to what you said right there. Instead of being in the right mind of learning from the mistakes of their pinoy ancestors, they decide to continue the mistakes of their ancestors, and not ONE person stepped in to tell them that their ways are wrong, destructive, and immoral. What a foul state of self-inflicted misery they brought upon themselves, it must fuckin suck to be extremely stupid, corrupt, and disrespectful. I’m glad I have the ability to leave this shit-hole, it’s just not time yet.