☭ Stop Trafficking Our People

IMG_0131Every year I see protesters at the Filipino Independence Day Parade in New York holding giant signs saying Stop Trafficking Our People. They are the largest, the loudest and most obnoxious group wearing communist red shirts and holding up flags of the Anakbayan and others. They are giving the impression that Americans are the culprit.  

As you may know Anakbayan is a popular Filipino Communist organization with a huge fan base in the USA among mostly young Filipinos.  They are known for their Anti-American and anti-Imperialist stand, basically blaming the USA for the ongoing legacy of colonialism in the Philippines.

I’m from a former Communist Country, I’m from Eastern Europe and my family was the victim of communist persecution, my grandfather was killed and our land was confiscated, we were called (labeled) as Kulaks.

I was curious about these young commies.  I was shocked and astonished to see them the first time on such prestigious holiday.   It just looked surrealistic to me and I felt I had to confront them, so I did.   I walked to them and I said to them: You don’t really believe that Americans are trafficking your people? You must realize that is your own Fellow Filipinos who do that. They started booing me and yelled back at me that Americans and Filipinos both trafficking Filipinos. I said to them they should worry about China grabbing islands and marine territory away from the Philippines instead on being fixated on the USA. They said “We don’t have a quarrel with China”. Then I noticed I was surrounded by 2 young Filipinos who started pushing me away. I said to them look I’m from a former communist country and my family suffered from Communist and you are making a mistake of embracing such an evil ideology.

All of the sudden 5 or more Filipinos grabbed me and pushed me further ways from them while loudly cursing at me. I just gave up and waked away. Shortly after that I was able to talk to the person who is responsible for the parade, one of the top guy on the Philippine Independence Day Council. I happened to know him personally so I had hopes. I told him what happened and asked him why such hate group is allowed since this is a prestigious holiday and this is the USA.  He just smiled at me and did not say anything. He changed the topic and started to talk to some other Filipino guy next to him.

I was deeply disappointed on that day. My wife explained to me that many Filipinos passively sympathize with the protesters, they believe there is still a legacy of exploitation/colonialism inducing trafficking going on.  That’s why no one challenges them and they are invited to participate in the parade.  They don’t care about facts; they already had been indoctrinated. They don’t really understand communism either they just blame whites/imperialist for everything. She thinks there is not much of a difference between many American blacks and Filipinos in that sense.

She also added that many Filipinos only like America but without the Americans.  They like American product and money but if given a chance they would love to have the country only for themselves.

I learned a great deal about Filipinos on that day!  That’s when I lost respect for (most) Filipinos.

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    Phil Doh

    Filipinos themselves are the worst perpetrators of human trafficking. 10 million and counting – mostly into slave labor – brainwashed by their own government into thinking they’re national heroes and the church telling them they’re god’s gift to the world. Instead of protesting abroad how about fuck off home and pressure your own government into providing a better standard life for people who are not vulnerable to “trafficking”?

    Always looking to blame others for their own shortcomings.

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    I think Filipinos are mostly confused by human trafficking and don’t truly understand the word. If someone travels of their own free will to seek work in another place, that is migration and not trafficking. A lot of migration is economic by nature, but that doesn’t make it trafficking. I myself was an economic migrant for many years in the UK, I traveled there of my own free will to seek work. Many Filipinos would believe I was trafficked.

    This situation is encouraged by many NGOs and even the some US government Organizations who are happy to blur the distinction between trafficking and economic migration. Just because the economic opportunity may not be very well paid in other peoples eyes, undesirable or in a hostile location doesn’t make it trafficking . Most human trafficking in the Philippines occurs within its borders.

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      Your right about most of it occurring within pi borders and they have a hard time understanding the difference you mentioned. I read where a pinay living in Manila went back home to visit kin on a different island. While there this other pinay kept asking her for a job so she took the pinay back and gave her a job inside the house. No problem right? It’s the philippines. The worker went to the police and filed charges against the woman who gave her the job. The charge? Illegal recruitment! This has to be the only country in the world where you can give your neighbor a job and they have you arrested for giving them the job.

    2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      “Most human trafficking in the Philippines occurs within its borders.”

      Filipinos can not be trafficked if they don’t want to. Most are simply coerced by their families to leave home, usually teenage girls sent to work as maids or “waitresses / cashiers” to support their parasites back home.

      Attila, you should have asked those demonstrators that if they loved communism so much, why are they living in America? You should have told them to fuck off to Russia or China. I wonder though how many of those people are real communists and how many are “rent-a-crowds”.

      Filipinos are like Dragonfruits. Red outside but white inside. They loved anything and everything from the west. I am not sure how long communism has been around in the Philippines, but I was told it started post world war II. So, 71 years post world war and all they can gather are rent a crowd to demonstrate in front of the wrong embassy? Strange also that the Chinese are now permanently in the Spratley islands, but they are demonstrating over a few US ships temporarily docked in Philippine ports?

      As usual, Filipinos display their hypocrisy even down to their supposed political and social ideologies. I bet none of them has even read Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital. And I mean the original book, not just the extracts. If Filipinos were serious about becoming communists, they would have become one decades ago. But no. Filipinos loved their Louis Vuitton handbags and Versaces anything too much!

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        There were filipino commies in the pi even during the war. Up on Luzon there was the Huks. But what I find intersting touches on something you said. Here are these commies saying how great communism is but live in one of the freest countries on earth. Now why is it that the biggest supporters of communism have never lived in a communist country?

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        Attila Post author

        “..you should have asked those demonstrators that if they loved communism so much, why are they living in America?”
        I did ask that question from another group of Filipinos I told them you are in the wrong country if you think the USA is so evil. The come back lines were usually about how this country owns Filipinos and they earned the right to be in the USA. I heard stories about stolen gold and how the USA took the riches and still taking it from the Philippines. It’s hopeless.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Deluded and in denial, just like the rest of their kind back home. Hopefully they are working in the US and are paying their taxes! The least they could do for the US giving them a better life than what they would otherwise get from where they come from.

          1. Profile gravatar of Attila
            Attila Post author

            Hopefully paying their taxes? Don’t count on that. I know some of my wife’s friends and and they pay almost nothing courtesy of a Filipino tax attorney. Many of them are getting government benefits and Medicare. Oh god many of them or over-stayers too with entitlement attitude. they never ever would praise America or would give credit for. It is always their glorious achievement alone.

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        “Filipinos can not be trafficked if they don’t want to. Most are simply coerced by their families to leave home, usually teenage girls sent to work as maids or “waitresses / cashiers” to support their parasites back home. ”

        I remember one documentary about bars and prostitution I watched not so ong time ago. 3 Australian ex-cops went here to fight against traficking and pedofiles. To make the story short they went to one other Australian or American that owned a bar before where one pedofile was living in that time. They asked him some question about the victims. He just said ” Victims? Thats a strong word.” Which is true. Some also some other where the “victims” was angry at the police since they lost money because of them. In PHthe TV they are talking every time that the “rescued” the girls, but how can you call it rescued if you dont want to be rescued? I was trying to make the sentece to make sence but I failed. Anyway hope you understood it 😀

        1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
          Phil Doh

          I’ve seen a few of those shows where they rescue the “girls”. How many joined that life of their own free will? How many were pushed into it by their families? Probably most. But “victims of human trafficking” makes for a better story I suppose, and it gives the impression the Women and Children Protection Division (WCPD), Regional Public Safety Battalion (RPSB), Regional Anti-Human Trafficking Task Group and representatives from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and police look like they’re actually useful for something.


          A good read here on the reasons behind the girly bar/human trafficking raids. As usual in PH it’s motivated by money http://www.stickmanbangkok.com/ReadersSubmissions2013/reader8219.htm

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I can’t find that about the UN catching BI trafficking kids out of the country. But do remember reading it in a newspaper, maybe another member remembers that.

            Speaking of raids, here’s one regarding drugs. I saw where there was a drug raid on pot farms up around middle Luzon few years back. TV showed PDEA and PNP with packed pot that was seized during the raid but no arrest were made. Well there was also a newspaper article later that covered it and went into a little more detail. The raiders would contact the farmers and tell them when the raid was going to happen. The farmers would pack up their supplies and leave some pot for the raiders. So the raiders come “close down” the farm and seize the pot left by the farmers. Then the raiders would take a some of the pot they seized and hold a news conference about the raid and sell the pot not at the news conference. The farmer telling this said the pot left was the payment the raiders wanted for not catching anyone at the farms. Also said it was a regular thing.

        2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Of course I understood PK. I just posted in reply to FHPS’ post. But yeah, the girls often go back to the bars because that is all they knew. Not to mention the pressure from the family to send money (especially if they’ve left behind babies back home) ASAP, which of course they can not do while they were in jail awaiting the outcome of their charges.

          I think it was 2011? An American by the name of Joe Bogo was charged with human trafficking for filming cat fights of teenage girls. He did not bring the girls to the location, an older Filipina did. I believed he was cleared of all charges last year, but it did take 4 years to clear his name and he was unable to leave the Philippines while awaiting the outcome of his case. The reason for the charge of human trafficking was the older Filipina brought 2-3 underage girls to North Cebu for the cat fight that Joe Bogo was fliming. Of course he pleaded innocent of the charge. I would loved to know if he eventually paid bribes to get his charged dropped though. 🙂

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    Funny isn’t it? Here they are bashing the U.S but they choose to live in the U.S where they have more freedoms than they do in their own country. Where’s J Edgar Hoover when you need him huh? I’ll bet that Uncle Sam is watching these people, it would only stand to reason right? I mean The New Peoples Army is running loose in the Philippines kidnapping, burning, extortion and so on and they are commies too.

    The U.S is trafficking filipinos? Ok, I’ll bite. Anyone see the news about 3 or 4 years ago where the UN busted philippine immigration for human trafficking? Sure did! BI went around Metro Manila gathering up street kids, they would then take them into DFA for the passport and if the kid was 16 they would get the passport to say he was 18,19, 20 or what ever he could pass for and then send them overseas.

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      “Anyone see the news about 3 or 4 years ago where the UN busted philippine immigration for human trafficking?”

      Never heard of that one, @oldnavyfart. Do you have any more info/source on that?

      Like any serious issues in PH it’s just another excuse to scam. Take the airport shakedowns by BI under the pretense “we’re just protecting you from the dangers of human trafficking” by offloading passengers who don’t have the correct requirements for travel. Plenty of stories out there where passengers had more than enough evidence that they were obviously not being trafficked.

      Most of the comments here are in tagalog but you get the gist:


      Got to feel for these suckers. Non refundable flights and hotels for the trip of a lifetime is no small change for most filipinos.

      1. Profile gravatar of FilamboredinthePH

        My GF is about to depart for Singapore in a few weeks and she’s already taken the precaution of uploading all of her credentials and documents to google drive because of the offloading bullshit the country does to their own. She doesn’t have a job there but she’s going to go for a month and throw resumes left and right. Lots of applications have already been sent through companies websites as well.

        I just find it ludicrous that you have to deceive your own government more than that of the country you are travelling to which will be more affected (possibilities of illegal staying, etc)

        1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
          Phil Doh

          @filamboredintheph, My wife got a fake job to leave – a friend owns a restaurant and gave her fake wage slips and a letter saying he had allowed her a 2 week vacation. It was the only question BI officer grilled her on at the airport – what’s your job, mam? Just another stupid filipino illogical policy. Most filipinos are leaving to find better jobs abroad, how does proof of a 250 peso a day job in the phils prove they intend to return? Fucking idiots.

    2. Profile gravatar of Attila
      Attila Post author

      The only way Americans could traffic Filipinos if they are Filipino Americans or FilAm. If you look at cases in the US the culprit are all Filipino Americans.
      They usually bring someone from the Philippines and slave her and keep her prisoner in the basement. Sometimes they kill her. Typical Filipino style ruthlessness. I noticed that Filipinos absolutely love slaving each other in the name of utang na loob. They must get high doing it. I also read news about Chinese slaving Filipino maids. But so far I haven’t read a case where white Americans were doing the human trafficking of Filipinos. There maybe some but It’s not typical at all.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Check out Yahoo comments and other web sites and you will find two things out.
        1.) Everything is the fault of the U.S.
        2.) Everything is the fault of the white American male.

        1. Profile gravatar of Attila
          Attila Post author

          Correct even in some of their recent movies they love doing that. You just gave me an idea of a new post: How Filipino movies portraying white Americans. I have some really juicy examples of their distaste for whites.

    3. Profile gravatar of Attila
      Attila Post author

      “they are bashing the U.S but they choose to live in the U.S.”
      They are also braking the law of the “Communist Control Act of 1954”
      Being member of a Communist Party and supporting a communist party is a crime in the USA.
      The Philippine Independence Day Parade Commission is violating this law when they are giving a platform to the
      Anakbayan and allow them spread their Communist agenda. Not to speak of how distasteful it is to allow an anti-American organization to march in the USA.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        Well I suppose they wouldn’t do those things if they had any comprehension whatsoever of hypocrisy, dignity, or… any understanding that intelligence requires substance.

      2. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

        @attila That’s one thing that pisses me off about these type of people Mexicans/flips etc.. They wave their damn flag around and protest like us Americans are treating them badly. Imagine if all of us got our flags out and hit Edsa?? We’d be in a mindanao prison right after their lunchtime.. Yet they soak up in the American system and collect welfare /food stamps. that shit really irritates me

  4. Profile gravatar of Nik

    as we say in russia about all those people who miss soviet union and want stalin back: they want him only for the neighbors, but not for themselves. it’s just some childish misbelief in some superior entity which exists out there somewhere, fights inner enemies (kulaks yes), defends you from outer enemies (america and allies). this is so sick. it can be understandable when it’s about 7 years old and santa claus, but not when you’re 20+ and have so called “education”, which i guess includes some history lessons too.

    so in case of pinoys it’s all the same, they just dream about some good guy with iron fists who will make it all right. actually after years here and after working with these people i conclude that can be the only way to progress here. people need to be trained, pushed, forced, punished. and they actually eager it. life is much simpler when you don’t have to think or take choices.

    1. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

      Dreaming of the man with iron fists is pretty much universal human nature I think. it does two things, gives the losers some sliver of hope that things might change and it allows them to put the responsibility for fixing their society’s problems squarely on someone else s shoulders so they can go back to watching Dancing with the Stars and sports. Things are fucked up in the Philippines because the people are too timid to do anything about it and too stupid to maintain any ground they might have made back during the People Power movement.

      1. Profile gravatar of Raiders16

        @provider-of-nosebleeds you’re statement is 110% accurate. I’ve never been around a culture full of excuses and people unwilling to change. The Filipino people make the Mexican and El Salvador people look great.. At least in those two countries they try to fight back corruption better themselves . They acknowledge their place is a dump that needs to be fixed .

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    Trafficking – lol ..
    Filipinos ignore a big sore .. sending thousands of girls from Samar and other parts of the country to it …and thats ANGELES, SUBIC etc bars.
    Are they that fucking serious about trafficking ?

    by the way .. the most fucked up bit of hypocracy was a conference in Cebu i saw on human trafficking …
    and yep, they were talking about bars .. but did goggle eyes themselves drive past bars along maxilom ave? mango where women
    hook and prostitute themselves nightly for pesos? yep! you betcha!

  6. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    EVERYTHING – READ … EVERYTHING YOU READ in the media in the PHilippines is driven by something

    the sin taxes were driven by a WTO ruling that had to be passed in 1 year.
    but the “rescues” are driven by NGO’s and also stats.
    you seen the rescues and rescuing bar girls figures who are tafficked are put into a social statistic which goes into an overral country rating.
    think – moody’s .. etc .. they give the country ratings.
    Ratings mean you can borrow money and also mandates of companies to invest in the country are governed by ratings.

    Sin taxes are part and parcel of social statistics
    Therefore when someone is rescued .. filipino politicians must lick their lips and think
    GO GO GO … A+ RATING from moody rating agency
    that will open the flood gates for overseas companies to come here and invest
    buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…. ba-doing..

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      point being … going for rescues and paid raids by NGOs that ICATT do = promotes corruption
      and people paying each other off
      ICATT PAYs cops to raid
      cops will be paid by crims to avoid raids
      in end .. the rescued ones tend to be the ones that havent paid the cops enough and the cops couldnt give a shit
      in the end
      did you know that the girls that are rescued
      yep the so called trafficked ones are also shoved into a jail cell ????

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Heard rumors that IJM (International Justice Mission) pay the police to rescue the girls. But it is also common knowledge that the girls willingly go back to the bars anyway, because that is all they knew to make a living.

        Lots of Aussies has been arrested on allegations of human trafficking in AC But we never ever hear of the outcomes, unless they die! Ever heard of Ken Graham? He was the 72 year old Aussie arrested around 2011 or 2012. His case dragged on and on till he died in 2015, unable to clear his name. He spent most of his incarceration in hospital though, due to poor health.

        Maybe the Aussies don’t pay enough bribes? It seems the Korean owned bars are somewhat untouchables. Ever heard of a Korean bar being raided??

        1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

          Yes @sarahfin IJM paid to raid bars. One bar I know the owner, was off the main street, paying the cops P25,000 a month. IJM paid those cops money to raid.
          The IJM (ICAT) rely on local knowledge, and as you know, I know local “intelligence” is corruptible.

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        I know. When they do a raid on a place, they are so proud. They don’t say, there are about 100 other places surrounding the one they just raided. I’m sure everytime they raid a place its to let the others know to always “pay up sucker”.
        If a place has underage girls working there, then by all means shut them down. If not, that is harrassment, bribery, and rights violations.

        Next, do these places actually like to hire girls under 18? As a man, there is no appeal to me to go to one of those bars and see any kids under the age of even 20. Is it so hard for those bars to only hire over 18 y/o’s or do the police make up the charges? I’m sure its got to be a 30/70 split right?

        If the girls (over 18) are working there, that is not trafficking either. It’s working if they have the right to quit, go home after shift, and earn a wage that is above the mandated cap.

    2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      ” sin taxes were driven by a WTO ruling “, to be fair, that is true. WTO is pushing for higher taxes on cigarettes. To counter that Pinoys are going along due to greed is this fact: The taxes on imported alcohol in the Philippines is forced lower (LOWER) then what the Philippines wants, and this is due to a case started by the USA against the Philippines and that other countries became a party to.

      Check out the price of a bottle of Jack Daniels in the Philippines, then check out the price of JD in the different states in the USA, except for 3 or 4 states JD is actually more expensive in the USA than it is in the Philippines, in some states a LOT more expensive.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        yes, as you know, What happened was US companies like Jack Daniels etc. wanted to import products and compete with local product, took the Philippines to court, both US and Europeans were pissed at the fact domestic product was significantly cheaper and got a ruling which meant the Philippines had one year to comply (increase taxes substantially). The other thing .. rice, potatoes, etc. imported like US potatoes are taxed at 40% duty so it’s not a level playing field. Don’t the US know that dealing with Filipinos will never be a level playing field, so again, there are other products that may have issues about importation from overseas and again there’s other cases going before the WTO
        some wines are still cheaper in the Philippines than they are in their home country

      2. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

        Be careful over there, some enterprising baboon might steam the seal off the cap, drink 75% of the booze, then carefully glue things back in place. Remember, NONE of those smooth-skinned baboons can be trusted. I even heard of pignoys taking used water bottles, filling them with tap water, then using super glue to carefully reattach the cap to the inner ring so it will make a snapping sound when removed just like the real thing.

        Be careful…be very, very careful….

  7. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    They have zero idea what trafficking is. They think some Filipino taking a job in HK or Saudi as a maid is trafficking. They don’t know the difference between girls being coerced, threatened, hidden, or secluded without any pay or contact from their family is trafficking. That is 99% of what a Filipinos do to other Filipinos in that underworld. They trick girls to going to Dubai, HK, or Saudi under the promise of a good job. ALL of the trafficking in the Philippines is done by Filipinos.

    The problems of the Philippines are very simple. Yet, they refuse to admit anything, blame someone else, or make-up something completely stupid which has nothing to do with the original issue.

    1. Profile gravatar of Attila
      Attila Post author

      Well I happen to be white and I hate their closet racism. The way they wrap it and hide it under the narrative of the ongoing legacy of colonialism.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Closet racism? They are blatantly racists, ageists and sexist! Ever read some of the job advertisements in the Philippines? “must be 5′ 5″, fair complexion, must have pleasant personality”. Pleasant personality being if you have strong, Malay features, don’t bother applying.

        Being Kano in the Philippines is a double edged sword. You get admired whether you liked it or not, but you also get ripped off at every turn. Think “skin tax”. Ever been to any resorts with your Pinoy family? They get charged P50 per head to use the facilities, but the Kano gets charged P150. You ask why and you’re told “foreigners are charged more because they are not locals”. Of course they don’t put that notice anywhere else and it’s not advertised in any of their tourism promotion.

        1. Profile gravatar of Attila
          Attila Post author

          That is why my wife is my bodyguard. We pay the skin tax and also being blamed for prostitution and and exploitation and so on. We don’t have a good reputation other then making mix babies and paying the bills.

  8. Profile gravatar of Alex Azar
    Alex Azar

    I asked my UPS deliver guy that comes to my warehouse which happens to Japanese that is it true a lot Asians love to karaoke because these filipinos and he cuts me off and says they are not Asians . We do don’t consider them as Asians that’s like insulting to the us. Do other Asians feel the same way as the Japaneses ?

  9. Profile gravatar of Catabisis

    I knew many Filipinos back in the U.S. Most were in the medical field. They saw themselves as patriotic Americans. Good thing. I would have been seriously pissed if they were carrying on like these protesters.

  10. Profile gravatar of JudgeDredd0621

    If these Anakbayan loudmouths are real “Commies”, why are they allowed to slander the very country that they managed to call “home”?
    Shouldn’t the INS round up these arseholes and jail (if not deport) them???
    What balls – protesting against US imperialism yet wearing Levi’s and Converses – no doubt made in China for AMERICAN companies.
    Let’s see how brave they are if they protested barefoot and wearing nothing but G-strings….

  11. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

    The “rescue industry” is one of the most vile, immoral con schemes on the planet. It is a multibillion dollar set of predators from State Department officials to “nonprofit” NGO’s to corrupt police doing kidnap for ransom with bar girls, third world politicians taking foreign aid bribes, journalists taking direct bribes to write false “rescue” stories and then these kinds of malicious cowards marching with signs.

    There isn’t anyone, including these demonstraters, who believes their own propaganda. The cops know they aren’t rescuing the bar girls who are spitting on them, kicking, and swearing. They release the girls the moment the bar pays the ransom. The politicians know the truth, but foreign aid depends on your human traficking status. So they let the raids continue. The State Department is run by gangsters like Hillary Clinton who couldn’t care less about the real victims like the Boko Haram kidnapping girls for sale into slavery. Because those people have guns and will kill you for interfering. The journalists know – that’s why not one article they’ve written quotes any of the “rescued” girls.

    The people marching in the streets are exactly like the feminist cowards who make up imaginary crimes to bash white males with because our government protects them. Not a peep about Muslim women in their own countries who are effectively slaves of the men who own them. Anywhere that men actually repress women you will not find feminists or rescue industry parasites doing their evil work.