Study material for the “Guidance and Concealing Program” for Kanos.

Filipinas who are issued a US fiance visa need to attend a week long seminar called “Guidance and Concealing Program”.   It’s country specific dealing with the issues Filipinas may face in that particular country.   Upon completion a certificate is issued that is stamped in to her passport.  Yes, the government takes it so seriously that without it she will not be able to leave the country.

Filipinas learn about how to get out of an abusive relationship with her Kano partner and how and where to get help.  They watch educational movies about the cultural differences and also stories about abused Filipinas.  They also do interactive role playing to practice how to stand up against an abusive Kano.  It is an intense one week learning camp.

But what about us Whites and Kanos?  As we all know there is a greater chance that a Kano will be abused and even murdered by his Filipina and her family than the other way around.  Why not have a similar course for whites who are about to start a relationship with a Filipina?  Maybe a collection of well organized material that is available online?  Let me ask you readers:  What movies and books would you recommend for this course if there was one?

For a starter I would recommend the 3 part documentary called Our Man in Manila.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
    Rice Ganda

    Most Filipinas already know that they can quickly file a fake domestic abuse claim once they arrive in the guy’s country on a fiance/spouse visa. This fast-tracks them for Indefinite Leave to Remain followed by Citizenship. Then they bring the whole tribe over free citizenship based on a marriage that never actually was. I can’t believe there are still so many gullible guys out there who give up their lives for what ends up being some short-time pussy. ‘Thankyou Joe for the golden ticket to your country. By the way, I’ve just told the cops and everyone that you’ve ever known that you beat me’

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    Rice Ganda

    Even more bizarre than this…. if a poreigner wishes to marry a Filipina in the Philippines, both partners must attend a basic sex education class and obtain a certificate ! So basically a fifty-year-old Kano who is marrying an ex-GRO who has had more pricks than a championship dartboard ,needs to sit in a room of giggling monkeys and ‘learn’ that a penis goes inside a vagina!! Bizarre country.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Basically its an effort to get more money. The girl is going to marry a foreigner so they know he can and will pay. Don’t forget there are many times before marriage you have to meet with a priest and have him give the OK.

        It’s just so amazing with the Philippines. They know there are better more advanced, efficient, practical way to do things, but they always insist on the most archaic, primitive methods for some reason. Then the common people simply take it like its not a big deal. Ever notice its the foreigners standing up to the corruption more than the Filipinos. Bunch of lazy fucks!!

    1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

      I was married in the Phils and had to attend one of these seminars. Everything was spoken in Tagalog so I had no idea what was being said and fell asleep twice. I also noticed people getting up and going outside to use the toilet and smoke. It was nothing but a rort and cost 4000 peso for a certificate we had to have to be able to get married.

  3. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    I married the child bride two years ago and had to go to the Australian Embassy and get a Certificate to show I was single, it took a day but the actual issuing of the certificate took 10 min. I asked how did you check all of the world so quick, the response was we did nothing just confirmed you are a citizen and issued the document. Up to me if I commit perjury or bigamy, give me 4000 peso.
    Now the next thing was now the child bride has to do that course in Manila so she can change her passport, this rule is only applicable if a flip marries a Kanoe and wants to change her name. The same certificate that was issued for migration only is now issued if you marry a foreigner.
    Keep you maiden name like we do in OZ no course, I have 7 brothers and sisters only one sister out of 5 changed her name when married.
    I told the child bride it was up to her.
    She was horrified that I did not want her to change her name.
    So old fashioned, but typical.

  4. Profile gravatar of carlosvander

    Don Quixote. Please stop using the term “child bride”.
    Dont know how long you have been in the jungle but the term “child bride” has not been used in Australia since the 1970’s.
    It just sounds really weird these days.

    The whole filipina certificate thing is a rort.

    Its their own government telling them they are stupid.
    Imagine an adult in any other democratic country being told they have to travel to the capitol then sit in a classroom to learn the dangers of foreigners and then pay for a stamp to be able to leave their own country.
    No normal person would take that rubbish.

    Yet the pathetic lab monkeys get sent out as OFW’s which is slavery most of the time, where they get beaten and raped or made to work 20 hours a day for about $15 a day.
    And that is good. Lol.

    Easily the most stupid people on earth.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      I’ve always known (or just assumed) his “child bride” is in her early 20’s. I can see how it can sound really creepy nowadays.

      The fact they just accept any bullshit some corrupt gov’t department makes up shows what a lazy culture they are. They can justify it somehow to their citizens, but to us it just sounds so stupid. Really? I need to attend a seminar to learn how to get out of trouble in a foreign country? So, in this seminar they teach me what police officers do, what immigration is for, and how to walk out of a house I’m unhappy/ being abused in?

      Like I said, they are such lazy fucks. Notice how it usually the foreigners who don’t put up with the bullshit and fight back while the Filipinos are saying, “no, don’t do that. you’ll make trouble”. They want things to change, but they don’t want to do anything and they don’t want other people doing anything either.

      1. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

        “no, dont do that you will make trouble”. The amount of times I have heard that line. Like when the wife cousins rock up and drink all my beer and smoke all my cigarettes. One guy is sitting across the table from me smoking my cigarettes he denied stealing 2 minutes earlier and I cant say anything because “I will make trouble”. Who is making trouble? Such a fucked up culture. If only Duturte would pay the teachers 100k a month instead of the police. The whole culture needs to change and it will take a few generations, but to get it going it needs to start in the schools with discipline and education on what is right and wrong. .

  5. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    Filipinos are naturally immature. Then you’ve got these naturally immature people in positions of power making up idiotic rules to treat stupid people even more childishly. They’re doomed to forever be children in adult bodies. I’ve been through this whole crock of shit and actually paid triple the price of the retarded marriage guidance cost to attend for only half a day rather than the whole weekend, Only in the philippines would you be expected to attend such nonsense and then have the chance to bribe your way out of it.

  6. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    70’s when was that ????????? I seem to remember that term from a radio show about a prickle farmer and his trials and tribulations.
    But due to the age difference between us I will refer to her a the child bride.
    The course my mates wife did when she married a sepo was for one day, I haven’t heard anyone talk about a week long course,
    But by the time you go to Manila and get back in reality it takes three days.,

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      The bride is booked in for a three hour course/seminar, that’s it.
      Still haven’t seen anything for a week.
      But from Subic she is going from Wednesday to after the weekend.
      FREEDOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AC here I come. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Whats funny is how they hail these Filipino department heads as the ones who are against corruption and willing to help. However, those guys are the MOST CORRUPT and been doing it that whole time. Corrupt fuckers now pretending to be crusaders.

    1. Profile gravatar of Attila
      Attila Post author

      I agree. It’s nauseating. They are corrupt also but since Alfred Lehnert got some media attention and playing politics with them (friend of a Cardinal) and going a little bit native (or pretends) he is able to get some result. However it seems he is not able to change the system. If your neighbor can claim without a witness that you made anti-Filipino remarks you will deported as a undesirable alien. Simple is that. He doesn’t have to prove it and he can do it without any retaliation for making it up. There are a list of easy tricks. All he can do is just keep calling this high power connections to get someone out of the jail of from the deportation list however he is not able to go after the culprits and can’t change the system.

  8. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Its so hard for me to watch this. I finally finished the 3rd video.
    Basically anyone who does not like you can simply make up something and have you illegally detained? So why would anyone want to invest here? I did it as a dual citizen. I definitely had my share of troubles and I cannot imagine this BS hanging over my head as well.

    The fact they don’t go after the ones making false claims just shows what a stupid society they have created. The cheater has everything to gain and nothing to lose. What a great deal and no wonder the people are so crooked. Try making a false claim against someone in the USA. When they sort it out and find out you lied, do you think you can just laugh and try again later? They will penalize you immediately and your word will never mean shit in the eyes of the law ever again.

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      99.9 times out of a 100 a filipinos will take the side of a fellow filipino over a foreigner (unless money is involved), regardless of how ridiculous the claims might be. I once heard the story of an eighty year old expat who had been accused of rape by his housekeeper. It didn’t matter that he was too feeble or had been impotent for 20 years to commit such a crime. After 6 months in jail he paid his way out of the country.

    2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      That is what I mean, they don’t have any penalties for making false claims so there is no risk at all.
      For Filipinos, make a false claim, get the guy arrested, and locked away. The ones who are supposed to be impartial and prevent stupid things like this from happening then decide they can get something out of it for themselves so they are so eager to put the person in jail or threaten it just so they can extort some money from an innocent guy.

      There was a story about 4 years ago. Some Canadian guy in Cebu had a shithead, arrogant neighbor. The guy was a doctor and did not like the expat so he was making up all kinds of BS to get the guy tied up in the court system and harass the shit out of him. He even sent thugs to the expats house to threaten him. The expat kept pleading to the authorities to do something cause he was being harassed and had to keep going to court to defend himself for doing nothing. Of course they wanted bribes, did nothing, and just took the side of the Filipino without even looking into the case.
      So finally, the expat had enough. He went to the next court date with a hidden gun, then shot the false accuser and the accusers lawyer. Both died and finally he was killed by security guards. I wish he would have made a video confessional of why he did it and how corrupt the system is. At least he took out the assholes who put him there. Serves them right, but also this is what happens when a system is so broken.

      Btw, for such a Catholic country isn’t bearing false witness a sin?

      1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
        Phil Doh

        I remember that story, Johnny. Although tragic, you can’t help but laugh a little. The charges against him were having illegal firearms, yet he takes 2 guns to his court case. They’ll have security checks at a shitty little restaurant or cinema, but don’t check people going into court?

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          I’ve actually been to a court house a few times. They do the little pat down and look into a single pocket in the bag. So you just need to open the empty side and put the gun in the side they don’t check.
          The airports all have x-ray machines and metal detectors,,,, however most times they are broken despite the P100 – P150 terminal fee. Typical Philippines charging fees for services they don’t provide.

      2. Profile gravatar of Attila
        Attila Post author

        I just read about this in the Inquirer. It was fun to read some of the comments blaming whitey. There are some wackos out there who really hate white people for sure. These are some of the comments: “As if you’re still are not aware of Filipino attitude toward whites. Filipinos risk everything including their lives to give Caucasians anything they want, anything including anything illegal, to impress them that Filipinos are their only loyal slaves in the world… They have no utang na loob, so Filipinos please change your attitude toward whites! Stop acting as their excitedly voluntary Tsinoys and Tsinays!”
        How about this quote:
        “Why he was able to bring guns inside the court house? Of course, he was a white god, entitled in the Philippines to a winner take all privileges. So, Filipinos wake up, and stop putting yourselves down or so miserably low, behaving like slaves to whites.”

        1. Profile gravatar of Attila
          Attila Post author

          Same Filipinos are so deeply jealous of us to a point of hating us to the max. It’s called “white people on the brain” disease.

      3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        And what about the American who’s been in a Philippine prison in the last 5 years, when he was accused by a 48 year old Filipina of rape. Now, if this Pinay accuser is anything like our Aussie super model Elle Mcpherson who still looked drop dead gorgeous at aged 48, well maybe I can understand that. But in the Philippines where most Pinays past the age of 30 (and sometimes earlier) are showing signs of wear and tear, and where young women are a dime a dozen just dying to bed a Kano?? Here’s the link to the story for anyone interested.

        1. Profile gravatar of Attila
          Attila Post author

          nothing going to happen unless some big shot gets involved. Just like in the case of Alfred Lehnerd: Kanos need to go to the top and hope they will shake the tree for the victims. The culprits will get unpunished after all and the system will stay the way it is.

      4. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        I thought the canuck got out of it alive?????????? Not much of a canuck if he only take out 3 people. I have shot that many moose in less time… Also,, i would have climbed to the highest point and done a postal on them

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Anyone heard of the Dutch guy who had to exit the Philippines via Palawan to Malaysia because his Pinay ex accused him of molesting their daughter? He lost the lot, house, land, money and daughter, he was not even allowed to see daughter. So he left the Philippines via Malaysia with a vow to return and bring his daughter to Holland. This happened about 2007 – 2008, but I have not heard anymore. He used to write a blog about his experiences in the Philippines. Anyone heard of this case? Hope he had a happy ending to his story.

  9. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Study materials for Pinays going abroad?? And what about “caution” signs for Kanos marrying Filipinas? Education sessions for Kanos marrying Pinays should also be offered. It doesn’t have to be compulsory. Kanos should be warned about the high possibility of “Pinay malfunction” down the track. Exampele: tampo, bad temper, stacking on the fat, abilities to cook, clean and provide sex “breaks down”. Maybe a 10 year warranty should come attached for every bride that’s attending those education sessions.

    I wonder how much education they give for Pinays heading to the mid-east to work as domestic servants?? Judging by the number of Filipinas seeking refuge at the Philippine embassy, obviously not much!

    1. Profile gravatar of Attila
      Attila Post author

      “..stacking on the fat, abilities to cook, clean and provide sex “breaks down”. ”
      That happens real fast. They promote themselves to be in the ruling class and the Kano will be demoted in to the serving class. Being equal is not in the culture.

  10. Profile gravatar of JanIIISobieski

    Need to fucking comment on this. Me the wife and our daughter will go out of the country soon, so I wanted the wife the get my lastname. Here is some bullshit that they learn here over there:

    -MRT or Metro is free of charge in Europe
    -Most of the foreigners are pervert
    -They will make a tuberculosis test in every European country
    -They though we have Euro in Poland
    – Thats she should not where she come from and agree with me how much money we will sent to the pimps

    Bulllshit. Their own government think about them as a hookers. The girl that was making the course for my wife was teaching her without knowing her Poland is. Well maybe thats the reason why they didnt allowed me to go inside. How can they talk about Europe without knowing the difference between East and West Europe and the cultural differences? I till you why. Because Europe is an country. Attila will know what I mean.